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The segment is a recitation exercise for the evening. The participants are instructed to complete a series of four pages, including a series of recitation questions, and then they will be asked to complete a final countdown for a newsa. The recitation is exhausting and requires everyone to get into their GI.

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Salam aleykum friends fourth page for the evening we're going to be wrapping up on this page and this weekend's recitation will end work will end here. So what is called Rob Booker little Mala iati in Niger a you don't feel rudely Holly if all who Dr. Luffy you've seen goofy wires we could dim our Anna newsa be who be hum DECA one Oh god this hulak all in ni la mala dollar Moon next time you see this you'll see a completed a Solomonic mark with a lot of friends below the night shooting each other page number four guys can they even see this? It's so meta right now. It is this is it friends. We did the page today Alhamdulillah he LADEE now for full pages are complete all the

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processes. I guess you don't really care what I have to say let me just recite something for you. But then I'll call them all Muroc b He can Eman to five Fatah nanny in Who Who are the wobble Rakeem but what are kinematic Fatah de What did the Malay Islam say to God? And you see that I in surah? Al off abana one

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for Santa well 11 toll feeder Lana, what are hum nah Lana Coonan Miami no cost 18

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was the last time yeah, that's

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not enough

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in the world,

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and the idea is if God didn't want if God was so mean and angry and why did he teach us to say sorry, right? So either my son is from the tree his wife, he's from the tree too. They come down to the earth XYZ if God wanted us to live in anguish and guilt and and just remorse, why did he teach other Monday, salaam Rabanal banana and for Santa which were the key first Rabbana in the whole grind if you guys are into chronic supplications Mufti Menk, check out my series on it, and grinding supplications all the way saying how there's the the action and the recovery.

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The recovery, right, I think I'm going cross eyed right now just looking at a screen all day. I gotta tell you truth. I am. You know, I'm always worried that my I look tired. I don't care. Today. I do. Okay, like, it's exhausting. But this is the thing you want to be exhausted. Like, if I go home, the kids are like, Papa, you're tired. I'll be like, I am and I'm rightfully tired. So, guys find something that makes you tired. But if you love it, it's like, you know, you go into the gym or you go to the bar, you go into the tournament. Leave it on the floor. Yes. They wouldn't get it though. Y'all need to start rolling a little bit. Come on, you guys got to start. We first told them

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to work out we're still figuring out if you guys are going to the gym. We want you to get you into your GI. Let's just roll around a bit

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later on. Sorry. It all