Ruling on Virtual Jummuah Friday Prayers Bidah

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The transcript describes a video featuring a massage scene where people are heard screaming and praying. The speaker explains that people are not present in their homes and cannot sit in their homes, but can listen to virtual football. They also mention that people can stay at home and not count it as a habit.

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Lately some massage it. They introduced the beta of virtual Joomla

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unheard of, you know where the mmm actually stands in an emptiness yet and he delivers a sermon and people actually would sit in their homes and no if you're not physically present in the masjid, then you pray over and listen, you don't have to pray Juma. during these times, listen, all of you are excused from Juma even men even, but there are brothers who want to pray. These are times when people you know strive to find meanness to Allah subhana wa the closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala And where else can you find this except in the sajit hub welcome Boubacar in law he fill out of the ILA law, massage in the most beloved places, to Allah in the face of this earth is the machines that

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don't deprive the people who want to do that. That's the thing, but you have a license to stay at home. But if you stay at home, you can you can listen to a virtual talk.

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There is no problem with it. You can actually listen to a virtual football, but you cannot play with them. You cannot count this as Juma you have to play Google for records for Rockers, Jackalope, halen brothers Mohammed Baraka Luffy