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We discuss three elements we put into our body and noticing how we consume them, and how they might affect us. We also practice taking five deep breaths before each meal.


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Peace be upon you around you. And may there be a sense of peace emanating from within you run sisters, much welcome. We're going to continue with nourishment in our second installment. And so with this episode you've been if you've seen the previous one, it is the question, What are you hungry for? And I believe in that, we've gotten to the fact that all of us, or at least a majority of us use food for other than nutrition. And a great book for you to check out is what are you hungry for by Deepak Chopra, a wonderful book that will really lay out a lot more detail than we did in that short video. But today, we're going to take a moment to discuss

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three components of the food that we do eat. So our brains are hardwired for three types of experiences. And food are three types of food, sugar, salt, and fat. Our tongue has a way to recognize it, our brain has some amazing experiences happen when we have sugar, salt, and or fat or a combination of the three. Now, you might say, well, what's the benefit of understanding this? If you don't know how your body reacts specifically to these three things, then, let me tell you, if you don't look into it, food companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to find out which way you are going to consume. It's sugar, salt, and fat. And whether that's the way the salt is, is

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shredded or broken down, we can talk about that more. But these three components are going to be a key factor in our food journaling. I want you to to point out after meals, I'm really craving sweets. I love the pretzel. I love the soda. I like the salty taste. And some of us have never actually thought about fat as a taste. Because if I say, Does it taste Fatty, you're like, yeah, that's nasty. Except when you have a nice view of a fresh bagel with nice creamy butter on top of it. That butter when you're biting into it, that's fat. We can't necessarily deem it to be a, I can't tell I can't explain it to you. But I could say when you bite into it, you feel that wetness.

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It's a and it's more than

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the butter, it's the fact that it's going to sit and then you're going to get that very nice feeling. Now the body wants you to hold on to it, your body wants you to have

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to have these experiences because you need sugar, salt, and fat. But if you aren't putting the attention into it, food companies are going to, they're going to take advantage of it. It's going to be a dopamine shot every time you have a sugar, and you're going to crave salt and the different types of salt, green salt, shredded salt, powdered salt, fine salt, different levels and gradients of salts. So this is something I want to start working on right now. So these are the seeds I'm leaving for today. And yes, I don't want to give a book every time we talk. But there's a book called sugar, salt and fat by Michael moss, we'll start to talk about that more. So anyone who's

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really wants to dive into these experiences, I'll tag in the books that were a part of the research. And yes, if you're catching my NutriBullet in the back in the coming in coming episodes, I really hope that we are using a different methods, not specifically making shakes or smoothies, or using a NutriBullet. But we're using different methods to consume food for nutrition, not consuming food for ritual. So I'm planting these seeds in the background right now. What are the ways you consume sugar, salt and fat? Can you label that down on your food journal and say, Hey, just write the word sugar, salt and fat on the side of your food journal. And you'll start to really quickly recognize,

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wait a minute, you know, the foods that I crave are along these paths? So if you would, that's what we're working on right now. And immediately. Let's make that shift. What did we say we were going to work on as today's activity is if I'm going to begin to control my mood, right? If I'm going to be going to identify, then you might have to look at the CMS supplements proportion for this. But what is it that I'm craving what emotional emotion emotions are not being satisfied? Did I not feel unconditional love and I hope this doesn't offend anyone who's who just catching the nutrition part. But let's get a little bit deeper on one side

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Is there an unconditional love that hasn't been met? Are there characters? Are there models of anger? Have there been models of anger that you have been shown that make you aggressive and in that inability to deal with angry situations, food becomes an outlet. So love and anger or something, I want to push that over to the summer supplement side. But let's start dealing with that. Because on the other hand, if you're like, well, I am eating for nutrition, then let's talk about it. And that's the activity for today. But those are the two little seeds I'm planting deeper inside you is? Yes, it's great for me to say what are you hungry for. But when you get through this book, and I'm

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hoping you get a chance to read it, you start to say, yeah, I'm eating to change my emotional state. And there's something lacking in the emotional state, you got it. So that lack that whatever you're doing to fill the void to numb yourself, we have to figure that out. So that's, that's a different story. We'll talk about addictions. On another in another episode that we Suna supplements for now, let's get into the three ritualistic meals that we believe we have to eat, you don't have to eat because it's a certain time on a clock. But we're going to take our time with that before breakfast, lunch and dinner and any other snacking, I'm going to try to just you're fasting. So I'm assuming

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that there's not so much snacking going on. But if you're not in the state of fasting, then before breakfast before lunch, and before dinner, I want you to start consuming the nutrition from the air. Because you know what you're trying to get from the world around you is oxygen and water. And both of these are made up they're so they're so bound together. So we're going to talk about this coming in an episode or two but I'll always love foreshadowing it. That is living waters, having sat consuming, eating our waters, so that I left that out there. You can definitely talk about that and look up more on and consuming living waters. But the exercise and we've bounced around it is now

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before breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm going to take five deep breaths. Now in our last episode, we talked about taking mouth breath and that was advanced.

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And my chest isn't rising. I'm just filling the air holding it and then cycling out that air for five.

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chin down, pull the chin down. There you go. Now this cycle is a little advanced to get to so today I want to start with something simple. Pull the air from the furthest part of the room, the furthest part of the room

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and pull it in through your nose. You're holding that for five. Now I want you to walk that air out.

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Hold it at the bottom, bring the air from the furthest point of the room.

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Chest isn't rising holding that air in the abdomen feeling it circulating it means digesting it out for five.

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Hold it at the bottom, bringing air from the furthest point.

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Hold that air at the top 5432 and cycle that air out.

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last breath from the furthest distance.

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Pulling it in drawing the air to yourself holding it pushing that lower abdomen down. You feel a little gassy, it's okay and then fold it out.

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Deep breath and take control of your air. This is your opportunity before each meal.

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Now, go to your meal. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy just as you enjoyed those five breaths. Chew every bite of food as many times as you can more than 10 possibly 20. Chew until you can feel the food breaking down, tell your body I feel you I'm going to take care of as much work as I can over here and I'm going to have mercy on you my stomach. I'm going to have mercy on your tummy. I'm going to have mercy on you my intestines. So nourishment is going to have a lot to do with the I don't want to call it detox. I just want you to start loving your body. start loving the organs loving the intestines loving the gut. That's what you're doing when you're fasting friends

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Five deep breaths, whether in through your nose, or if you're advanced trying to, you're trying to open up that throat center.

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Yeah, you can do it from your mouth. But otherwise, these are the five breaths, you'll try to take them, hold them for five, circulate out, like you're like you're squeezing a sponge or pushing the airway, putting it back from where you took it for five counts, and then go on to your meal. I think this is where we really wanted to get started. This is where we wanted to ask questions. Talk about diet without the concept of losing. This is about gaining. This is about nourishment. It's about you feeling fantastic. So if you can get my little NutriBullet set up here for us, we'll talk about it with my krones it's a great thing to have it for my digestion. So it's up to you. People find it

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gimmicky it worked for me for two plus years, if not three years, constantly, but two years nothing but and it did tremendous things for me. If I can get you to find what works for you. That'll be great does aka Lago Plato does a quick shout out they did not give me this T shirt. My kids go to camp Salaam. It was something wonderful. And I don't know if they'll even know this, but I wore it today. I thought about them. May Allah subhanaw taala provide a healthy way for all of our kids to spend the summer. And if you know what, I'll connect this back, you're doing nourishment for your kids, for your family for your future. You're bringing nor light but aka kale and greeny leafy,

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leafy foods in not just for yourself, but for your kids and everyone going forward. May Allah bless you all tremendously. I'll catch up all with all of you soon. Peace be upon you, around you. And from within you we're still catching up to those last 10 days, friends. Let's make the best of it. I'll see you on one more episode of nourishment and then let's go postures of prayer.