Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 6

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Episode Notes

To Get Closer To Allah Swt

Daily Reminder Day 6 – The closer you are to Allah swt, the more your heart is at rest. To be close to Allah swt, you have to go into Sujood.
Let’s reflect on this for a moment , what do we feel when we go into sujood? Some of us simply do it because it is a part of salah; others because it is where we can make Dua, but really how many of us actually feel the humility of the soul, as we put our faces on the ground, in glorification of God?



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like the Alibaba capital This is Riyadh was as he will come in here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017 day six so how's it all been doing with you it's already almost a week now.

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And we still live in with the names of Allah and we're still trying to learn about these names and how to implement them in this during the month of Ramadan we're still talking about the name of Allah curry near

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you know sometimes you you live with certain people or you know you go to school or you go to work and you you know you work with certain people you see them every day. There's certain people that you live with every day. So they're so close yet you feel like they're very far

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so close yet you feel like they're very far. But a lot of those is the needs of Hannah.

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Sometimes you may come at a you know, a mistake or you know towards someone, you may come at a center where someone or harm someone, and then you realize and then you know that you've done something wrong. Because you have wronged that person, then you go to that person to try to ask them to forgive you. Or you try to do things to try to ask for forgiveness. Yet those people that person refuses to forgiving, too very hard for you to be forgiven, yet. The name of Allah is Chari subhana wa tada in Nevada methyl La Jolla. kalibo mina mazzini. The Bahama of Allah the mercy of Allah is Karim Karim in everything Subhana Allah is so close in everything is Karim in his forgiveness, his

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courage in his mercy, his courage and his generosity. So how nahata Allah

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I want to live with this name. I want to practice this thing you know in my in my life every day, there are many ways to feel that closeness and to earn that closeness to Allah subhana wa Tada. In fact, the prophet Mohammed ra Sufism says it is important by Muslim

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acabo Maja Kunal

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he was asked the Prophet Mohammed Assam says the closest man can be to his Lord is during the SU shoot. She wants to feel that closeness to Allah increased from the salute and associate means the Sadat the closest you can be to Allah associate is when you're up in you know, prostrating in your room in the sun. Especially now this is this is the map of decisions, this is the map of the CM. So, this is another opportunity for you to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. of substitute in fact, and the health is afforded by Muslim every search that that you make.

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For every search that Allah will elevate you one rank in heaven and give you a good deed and erase a bad deed for every search that you make. Again, this is the month of social and Allah subhana wa tada in this very beautiful Hadith. You know that the Prophet Mohammed also said when he says either what happened to his father, when a man stand in Salah as soon as they say he says Allah Akbar, Allah subhana wa tada tells the angels, it will show you the veiny webbing that rays remove the veils between me and my slave, you become so close to Allah. As soon as you stand as a sannyasi Allahu Akbar. Allah says the angels remove all the veils between me and my servant.

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until another episode talking some more about this beautiful name of allah Karim. I say a salaam aleikum wa salatu wa wabarakatuh