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The speakers discuss Attica, a woman who wants to stay within her own heart and not attend to others. They emphasize the importance of dedication to worship and not trying to be distracted by others. The speakers also stress the importance of avoiding luxury and living in a fixed earth car to achieve happiness and achieve the "will." They recommend reading the Quran and listening to others' thoughts to see if they can change their behavior.

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah are early or CIBJO SLM net hamdulillah Hina Hamad when is the ainol and stuff util when our that we lay him in Shiradi and fusina was the Dr. Medina yeah de la for LA Mola OMA Euclid Farah de la or shadow La ilaha illa Huwa hula Shetty kala who eyeshadow anna Muhammad and Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam and my bad.

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Tonight Al Hamdulillah. I wanted to talk to you about the relationship between

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the heart and atty calf or the place of the heart in our at Caf because the last 10 is coming up. And some of us are going to be going into a decaf. So I wanted to make this relevant in terms of what do we expect? When we go into Attica? What should we come out with?

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What is Attica all about? Right? So, Attica, you know, you know very well it's not a new concept to any of us at the curve is the idea where we come to the masjid in the month of Ramadan in the last 10 Days and nights of Ramadan while fasting of course, and we stay in the masjid, whether you stay the entire 10 or part of them that's also acceptable.

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And we do this following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because it was habit, his habit, every Ramadan, to make actigraph in his masjid.

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And who knows? What was the purpose of that Attica? What was he seeking?

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There's one thing that he was seeking.

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Make it I can make it easy, but let me see. There's what's the one thing that he was seeking? What's so special about the last 10

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Laylatul Qadr yelled them is really that al Qaeda and explicitly, it was said he ultimately sued Laylat al Qadr. He is seeking Laylat al Qadr in it. So this is the hidden treasure in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We don't know which night it is. The scholars have opinions about it could be this night or that night. But the most accurate opinion among all the opinions of the scholars is that that night moves. So it could be the 21st the 23rd the 27th 25th 27th the 29th so the odd ones, but not exclusively the odd ones as well. Because it's could happen that it could be an even night as well. So it's more likely to be an odd night. But it could be in an even night.

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Last 10 nights from Rodon definitely so the last 10 nights but now within those lifetime 10 nights which one we do not know there are signs to it. But most of these signs happen or you will discover at the end of it right at the end of it and some of them are subjective and that it is not a hot or cold night like sometimes you don't know I mean is this a hot night is this a cold night didn't really really know it's like not definitive,

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peaceful nice, not definitive, but neither the real real sign which is that the sun when it tries is it prizes week.

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Meaning it has no race. Let us share Atala this kind of happens at the end of it. So you can wait for that, to discover that what that night was later to whether or not

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you know was seeking later to gather in his attic? If

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so, I think what is it as a calf is to simply and physically be in the masjid. Like physically I'm in the masjid within the walls of the message and that is Attica. Obviously not that's not the purpose of it. What is Attica? Attica is for the heart who's which is inside the body

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to be

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focused, dedicated on the worship of Allah Allah azza wa jal

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avoiding distractions

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because when you are outside the message, you're distracted by the dunya by other duties by other activities. Why do you seek to shelter yourself within the house of Allah azza wa jal and to stay within? What's the focus of it? Because you want to focus your mind and your heart on one thing and that one thing is your relationship with Allah azza wa jal so you're a Bader becomes more sincere and more intense and more dedicated. This happens because the heart is supposed to be also more focused and more dedicated, and it's worship of Allah azza wa jal with an ethic If so, the ethic if you physically bring the body into the masjid, because you want to bring the heart to Allah azza wa

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jal, that's the purpose of aitikaf to avoid distractions, and they say and this is a good analogy

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to understand what aitikaf is supposed to do. They say ethical is like what

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decaf is like you going in. For instance, let's suppose that you have a need. And you can only get that need from this particular monarch and King. See you go and you camp outside his palace

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waiting for him to come out or waiting for him to give you the opportunity to talk to him and you say to yourself, I'm not going to leave until I get this need fulfilled and until I am listened to, until I at least I present my case. So you stay you camp.

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So if you want something from Allah azza wa jal is similar analogy that you can accom and where are you going to go in the city? Like the entire city, which place is dedicated and designated for Allah

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Masjid of all the city and you think about where where can I go? What can I come closest to Allah if I'm going to move, it's the masjid This is his house, feeble youth in Edina Allahu and tutor for our youth Qaddafi has small it is in houses that Allah had permitted and commanded that they will be built and his name be mentioned in it. So you go into the house of Allah to be closest to Allah and say to yourself, You Allah, I'm going to camp in your home, in your house. And I'm not leaving throughout the 10 nights and days of Ramadan or whatever you can do

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any within those nice days a night. I'm not leaving until I get what I came to get. And what is it that you came to get? He came to get the forgiveness of Allah.

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For him of Allah and His forgiveness is your goal. So you came to the masjid for this goal.

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And you want to leave with it.

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So if you think about it now Attica if you know, so for some of us, it could be a habit in I mean, just used to tick off every single year. But it should not be a habit, or other people are doing and so I'm also doing it as well. And for some of us, it's a social activity, my friends are going to be doing a decaf. So I'm going to be in a cafe as well. My so and so best friend is going to be in Attica, so I want to be with them as well. It's good that your friends are pulling you into the masjid to be in Attica, but it's not enough as a motive, because you have to discover something else. Okay, your friends brought to you, your family brought to you okay, what comes after? Why are

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you here? So the first thing that you want to consider is that you want to consider what is your intention behind that aitikaf because your intention determines your goal, and your goal is going to determine gonna get out of this experience. So what is your intention behind that ticket, and by the way, the more that you have intention behind and for one single deed, the better it is, the more that you can think of intentions in your Salah. That single seller of mercury Aisha fetcher, whatever the more intentions you have for it, the better that Salah is and the more reward that you get for it. So in Attica if you have to think about what intentions can I have what is it that I

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want to get from this attic? If so, first of all, I will share with you some insha Allah you can think of others and if you think of other intentions, let me know. So one of them is what? Following the Sunnah.

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Okay, this is what the prophets of Allah Allah you it was salam used to do, so I'm doing it because he's doing it.

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And I want to do it the way that he did it, too. Okay, we'll talk about that inshallah. So not only that, I want them doing it, because he has done it. I also want to do it in a way that he has done it sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So one is following the Sunnah.

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Another intention that you can have is I want to seek Laila to Qatar. This will allow me the time, the focus, dedication, I'll free more of my time, rather than traveled back and forth from my home, be distracted at home with this duty or that duty. Or if I'm working, you can take some time off, or whatever things are doing and take some time off and you say, I'm going to dedicate myself to this worship of Allah during later we'll have decided that rather than be distracted,

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I'm going to be focused so I'm seeking later to I am dedicating myself to that. So seeking Leila to

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another one is to be and this is an important one to be alone with your Creator.

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decaf you know the word itself means that to be dedicated to one single thing, attacker for Allah che.

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He is dedicated on or to that particular thing and nothing else.

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So when you coming to Attica of the word itself, it means that you're dedicating yourself to one thing, what is this one thing that you're dedicating yourself to? Physically it appears to worship, but you also want it to be that mentally and emotionally. You're reconnecting with Allah azza wa jal, and this is the purpose of Attica. If, if you think about it, that you want to be in solitude, in communion in conversation with Allah has Zoda you and Allah alone as much as you can. You and Allah Hello.

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Avoiding distraction

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means avoiding everything else that can interfere. Because the dunya interferes and our other responsibilities interfere and they take us away. But during those nights and days, I don't want anything else to interfere with my relationship with Allah Zota I want to talk to him I want to listen to him. So solitude, solitude with Allah azza wa jal and EVC Subhan Allah and Islam, Allah azza wa jal offered this a balance. And the Prophet salallahu Salam through his life offered the balance, because sometimes you could be so dissatisfied with the dunya and so overwhelmed by it that you think to myself, you know, the life of our hip, a monk suits me best. I just want to run into

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the mountains run into the woods and just live by myself.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says Laura Hibernia to feel Islam there is no such life, monastic life in Islam. Islam does not prescribe and only does not prescribe does not permit a monastic life. Do you know why? You have an idea that Islam does not you haven't like an inkling of why Islam does not allow monastic life

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it's not exactly it's not it goes against your nature. It defeats the balance that Islam wants to achieve in this life. So I when people came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, asking him we want to do this and we want to do that and it did resemble a monastic lifestyle. He forbade that and he says, No, this is not allowed. My sunnah is not like this. I fast. See the monks fast but they fast excessively. He says I fast, but I also don't. And monks, they may just pray excessively, but he said, I pray and I sleep and they marry, and I eat meat. So you felt you find that the prophets Allah wa sallam who is the most devoted worship of Allah azza wa jal did not choose or prefer that

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lifestyle. As you said, it goes against your nature, if you've tried to force it, your nature will rebel against it.

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So here I personally say but I want that solitude with Allah, I want to let go into the woods and just be alone with Allah we say yes, Allah had offered you that opportunity. And that opportunity is where in Attica, Allah had offered you that opportunity you have those 10 days and nights, where you are with Allah azza wa jal alone, if you wish, because your attic AF could be as great or as modest as you make it. But you can just be so dedicated in the worship of Allah zodion And Allah knows that that is enough for you, if you put the effort, so solitude with your Creator. So focus on those moments in Attica when you're far away from everybody else and you're just with Allah azza wa jal,

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whether you are reading the Quran, whether you are making dua, whether you're making vicar whether you are inspecting your heart, whatever it is, you're alone with Allah azza wa jal, so solitude with your Creator. So it also talks about dedication for worship, that you're coming here and saying, Why am I here? I'm not here just to talk. I'm not just here to take a break from my family.

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To take a break from my kids. Maybe the food is better here in the masjid, so I'm going to eat better food here is a vacation

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granted, and it could feel like a vacation because you need somewhere else. It's exciting. Bonus when gave to you as a bonus, but not the main reason. What's the main reason? I'm here for worship? Okay, I'm here for worship. And when you're here for worship, and you hear with that attitude, you will be ready for it in shall not telling you 24/7 You're going to be worshiping Allah, you have to take breaks. And you have to realize your nature and what you can take and what you cannot take and you have to vary your worship. You move from this to this and this to that but at least you're coming with the attitude I'm coming into the masjid I'm entering the house of Allah azza wa jal

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imagine yourself going to Mecca. Just going to Mecca to shop Okay, okay shop on this site. But you're going there because you want to worship Allah so did see you go there, and he worships you entering the house of Allah because I want dedicate this time to worship and I added and reflection

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and reflection, those solid moments of solitude when you're alone, when you sit and you ask yourself, what is the state of my heart?

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Is it a being affected by the Quran? Do I understand what I'm reading? If I'm moved by it if yes, Alhamdulillah Bill Allah mean and you keep going, if not why?

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So maybe maybe I've accumulated a lot of sin. So you start asking Allah for forgiveness, cleansing your heart and removing that since he could feel the Quran. Otherwise, what's stopping you from listening to the Quran and reading it and following it? So you know, start cleansing yourself? And then you may ask yourself, well, what type of sins that I have that are stopping me from understanding the Quran and reacting to it? external or internal sins?

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External sins? What are the what are the bad things I'm doing there?

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are taking me away from Allah and distracting me. And you inspect yourself in your life 1234 Then now you know, now can I stop these things? Can I can I resolve in Ramadan? That I want to ask Allah azza wa jal that he would help me stop 123 and four, talking about external sins? How can I stay away from them? Can I make do can I make Tober so this is that moments of review that has taken place,

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holding yourself accountable for what you've done, and trying to improve, but you don't stop with the external sins, you move into the internal flaws as well. And these are the basis of the external flaws. See inside you ask yourself, what type of person am I? Am I arrogant? Do I have Kib? Like whenever I see someone, I always think that I'm better than them.

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Am I envious of other people?

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I always envied Google the things that they have. I don't wish them the best but the worst? Is that what I have in myself? Do I not trust Allah? When when it comes to my risk? Am I always in doubt whether he's going to give me or not? Always in doubt whether I'm going to be provided for or not?

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Do I trust him when he makes gives me makes promises that I read in the Quran? Or do I not trust him? See, inspect your heart do I love Allah? Do I really love Allah? What is stopping me? Is it that the love of the dunya I love the dunya a lot more than I love him. Why is that the case? What's pulling me in that direction and away from Allah, see, you sit and you inspect yourself internally and externally, and you need those moments. And this could happen after you read an idea. It this could happen after your car if this could happen after you read a book. And I'm gonna recommend that you insha Allah read is not only that you're reading the Quran when you hear but you read the Quran,

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you read some Tafseer as well.

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Okay, whether it is Subhanallah I mean,

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English or other languages it doesn't matter are available here or online, but you read a Deaf seer of the eyes that are going to be read in tarawih in tahajjud are the idea that you are reading are part of your recitation of the Quran but you want to also understand some of what you're reading and some of what you're listening to. So you can also understand react and follow.

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So, moments of reflection, insha Allah and so make that one of the reasons why you are coming and staying away from haram and distractions. Also, that could be an intention that you can have

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distractions, even if they are halal distractions, but they could still be distractions. So you say okay, I'm going to dedicate myself here. And when I'm here, I'm not going to have these. That thing that comes in asked me to do this thing or that thing or this cleaning or that cooking, or whatever, no, I'm just here. I'm not doing nothing else. But as much as he can accept worshipping Allah azza wa jal moving from one worship as I said to the other, and definitely staying away from haram because you're in the masjid, less likely that you're going to be exposed to haram. Less and less likely that you're going to be exposed to have that as an intention. Allah rewards you for that

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intention, as well. And add to it the mere blessing of being in the house of Allah azza wa jal, the fact the net amount of simply being in the house of Allah as little outside of Ramadan, it's an atma even outside of Ramadan. If you're in finish your Salah, and you're waiting for another Salah you know what, what happens, what reward do you get?

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It will be as if you're in Salah.

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We're waiting from salatu wa salam or where it's as if you are in Salah. And as long as you're in a state of the hara, the angels are making dua for you.

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The angels are making dua for you. So you're getting the dua of the angels while you are sitting in the masjid.

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And you are counts as if you are in Salah.

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So Subhanallah in addition to your fast, in addition to the other a Betta that you are doing in the masjid, just the fact that you're staying in the masjid waiting for our salah, you're in Salah, and the angels are with you making dua for you. So have that as an intention as well. You will be in the company of angels.

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And they will be making the art for you. And that is going to affect you shall if you have that in mind,

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cleansing and fix and fixing the heart we talked about that. And also the last one turning away from the dunya and its luxuries and towards the Hereafter. And that's an important part of it the Gulf. In fact, one of the pillars of ethical path is this, that you're turning away from the dunya and all of its attractive, attractive features, because now you are moved removed from it. And you're staying here

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in what typically is a modest, simple place in what typically is a modest simple lifestyle

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While you're doing this, what are you preparing yourself for? What are you looking forward to, is the hereafter so you're distancing yourself. And again, it reminds you of a monastic lifestyle. But it's not exactly. It's the Islam, the prescription of how you can cleanse your heart with balance.

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So you are moving away from the dunya by not eating and not drinking, and moving into a house of worship.

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But you're still eating and drinking, okay at night, and you're still allowed connections to your family, to your friends, right? If you need to take care of, you know, some important affairs you still need, you can take care of them. But most of your time is reserved for Allah has his origin and for the worship of Allah is. So you keep that in mind. Because when again, as I said, when you have that as an intention as a goal, you're working towards it, I want to come closer to the hereafter, I want to be more happier with the hereafter than with the dunya.

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I want to be able to gel at one point in my life, that if I memorize a page from the most half or understand the page from the most half, I consider that better than $100 or the $1,000 that I just got. You know how happy you are when you get $1,000? Bonus? Unexpected? And here you go. Yeah, and it's natural, right? Something you know, from the name of Allah azza wa jal, but can it be? Or can we reach a stage where I'm happier with one page of a must have than $1,000? How can this be carried? How can this happen? None until that I favor the hereafter, then the dunya die, you see that why accumulate and get from the Hereafter is better. Because $1,000 If you think about it, it

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can come and can go, it's gonna go,

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it's gonna come, oh, I got it. Good, great, man. Now you will spend it, you will have to spend it. So it's gonna go away. But that one page of the most half, which you have memorized, or understood, or both stays, and it doesn't leave you and it stays with you when you till you meet Allah as the hotel and it raises you in Jannah. So you say this is more valuable than that.

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Not only this, when you understand it, it will give you more satisfaction and happiness, and certainty and serenity, the dollars because sense that $1,000 can give you some happiness, but that's some time anxiety. What is that anxiety come from?

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Tell me $1,000 You got it?

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steal it. What can I keep it? 1000

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Okay, or if you're rich, you think 1000 That's not much okay. 10,000 10,000 won't gonna keep these 10,000 by a safe, put in the bank. And then you say, okay, good. I have it in the bank. safety deposit. bahala that's it. Somebody comes and asked you for soda ice. That's it, I knew it. The night gonna leave me alone, right? I got the 10,000 they want to take it away from me. Or you know, your family or your wife or your husband comes in he say I want this I knew it. Somebody's not going to let me enjoy this to 10,000. So it does bring you know, unhappiness with it. But not that not not the Quran. Once you get it, it keeps accumulating, who can take it from you? Who can take it from

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you? No one. And in fact, you can increase it, how can you increase it until you go to brother and you say, you know, I've learned this and this today. So in addition to the Hassanal that you got, you taught it to somebody else, you got more

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and add to somebody else you got more and he teaches it to somebody else who follows it, you got even more. So it keeps increasing. No one takes it away from you. No one can take it away from you. Unless you decide that you don't want it. No one can take it away from you. So

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how is this going to happen? Not until you favor the hereafter you love the hereafter you live the hereafter. You imagine yourself right there, standing before Allah zodia Allah Allah is asking people, What is it that you brought with you today? And there is heaven and there is hell and you find Imagine yourself that the prophets of Allah are standing over there and the nations are to follow them and the angels of Allah are coming and you imagine this scene of the Day of Judgment and you are in it, and all of this dunya has left you and none of it is with you. And the only thing that is with you are the thing that you are you have kept from this religion that you have done that

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please Allah azza wa jal and then you say to yourself, that's the thing that stays with me. When you imagine that scene that scene allows you to favor the hereafter and that you are really are on a journey to Allah azza wa jal

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INEC Acadia Honiara bigger get hand formula K you are meeting Allah azza wa jal, you're going to be meeting Allah sooner or later.

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So, with that intention, you stay away from the luxuries of the dunya

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I don't need to have the fun

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fanciest, and the softest and the most expensive things.

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Tell me?

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Why. Yeah,

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it's temporary first of all. Okay, so that's one thing they're not going to last second. Yeah.

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Only religion matters, right? So that's the thing that matters the most to third.

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So I don't want to I don't have to have the softest and the most expensive and the most luxurious things.

00:25:35--> 00:25:36

I can live without it.

00:25:39--> 00:26:00

Exactly. So one thing is that when you get that, you tend to want more and more of it. So if you if you are used to luxury, you want more of that, and more of that and more of that used to solve things you used to expect. So things you want more and more and more of it. So that is a problem. What else could it be lead to?

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It'd be accountable for it because the more that you get from it as the road is connected, you get that and you want more of it. So you're gonna work more towards this, not religion, as the brother said Young Brother said not religious matters, but towards the dunya itself because I want more of it.

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And let me add, when you get used to it, it's hard to leave it. So if somebody comes and gives you a choice between you either truth or this luxury, if you're too attached to luxurious things, you'll choose luxury over the truth.

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You follow what I'm saying? So if you use to best food, best vehicles, best clothes, best everything. And then if you were to follow the truth, you'd have to sacrifice for the sake of the truth or be hard for you to sacrifice.

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That's why it's important for that slaves and servants of Allah azza wa jal not to live a luxurious life. The prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said said he said that er komatsuna avoid luxurious lifestyle or living in luxury for in a bed Allah He leaves to begin with an amen indeed that slaves of Allah or not those who live in luxury, you need to be able to not that it's haram but you need to be able to leave it when you have to. So when you're coming to the masjid, you rough it up a little bit. sleeping on the floor. i It's not the most comfortable someone is snoring right here in our evening really your food, you need to stand in line for the bathroom and okay, it's not, you know,

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it's not the always the most comfortable thing. But still you do it. So while you're doing it, because you say to yourself, Okay, I want to experience this. If I want to go on a path where I'm calling to Allah azza wa jal, a path of Dawa where I'm going to be where I'm going to be giving people Islam or sharing that with them or if I am to be tested later in my life, and be asked to leave this for the sake of Allah, I should be able to leave this for the sake of Allah. This gives you a taste of it, and what you're leaving it for, because if your Allah azza wa jal blesses you and you can taste

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the sweetness of Iman and the sweetness of this a beta in this month, you would know why Allah azza wa jal wanted it and you know why Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do it every single year, because he can close and very close to Allah as the drill in it and you begin to feel something, you begin to feel something a change in your heart, proximity that you're very close to Allah azza wa jal, a bad the Quran all this become part of you

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become part of you. And it becomes if you've whoever who has done a decaf here. Let me see. Michelle, so some, if you actually do it, Kath. And you especially if you do the whole period, that doesn't have to be the whole period. But if you do the whole period, by the time you leave the mess did, you will feel the difference. When you come into your back into your home, come back into the dunya you will feel a difference. And that a Betta will leave its impact on you. And you'll always remember the fact that you have done it, and you felt something in it. But it's important that we do it.

00:29:05--> 00:29:10

The way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has done it. And

00:29:11--> 00:29:19

when the Prophet sallahu wa salam would go into the masjid and in sha Allah were Maccabees with time 850 something

00:29:20--> 00:29:48

okay, if if the for some Shaolin about five minutes in sha Allah, Allah stop the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he he used to go into the masjid hit Cana UTRA Bula Habiba. Okay, there will be like a tent, a small tent that would be put for him salAllahu alayhi wasallam and he would enter that tent. So you would go he would go and he would pray and he would answer questions or whatever it is, if people needed from him, but why after that, what is he? What does he do? He withdraws back into that tent. Why?

00:29:49--> 00:29:50

What is he due

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

to alone with Allah azza wa jal to be alone with Allah azza wa jal. So this is the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made it guff now I don't

00:30:00--> 00:30:11

Want to make Attica very hard for you? Because maybe if we ask ourselves to do that exactly could be hard for some of us. But try to approximate that.

00:30:12--> 00:30:52

Try to approximate this that is unethical for you go into it, for instance, and you simply are busy with your phone, checking your messages and social media and checking what you see on YouTube online who sent you messages. And then you're sitting, you're spending the other time talking to this friend and that friend eating and drinking and coffee and tea. And if that is your ethical experience, you're simply just in the masjid. But that's not a ticket. That's you're simply in the masjid. And that's good. In one sense that you're in the masjid. But I want you to think about the fact that do is this why I came? Is this really why I came if my a bad that is ethnographies This is

00:30:52--> 00:31:28

why I came. It's not prohibited that you talk to other people that you eat that you drink that you socialize a little bit. It's not prohibited that you do this, but then you do some of it. But then you need to withdraw back and focus on the main reason that brought you here. And the main reason that you brought you here is for you to be alone with Allah azza wa jal. So you try to do as much of that as possible. When you have lost you can't take it, it's done. You can't take that anymore. You find yourself like I need to be doing something else go out and you do something else. I don't mean outside of the Masjid. But out of your solitude, you go out of the solitude and do something else.

00:31:28--> 00:31:49

Right, move around, do this, do that refresh, re energize, and then if you can come back again, because he wanted to have longer and longer spills where you are alone with Allah Azzawajal moving between different types of a batteries so what type of a Buddha can you do in Ramadan? And Ramadan and the aitikaf they'll ask you what types of a better can you do?

00:31:50--> 00:31:51

You share with us inshallah.

00:31:53--> 00:32:26

So Quran Okay, so one of the main reasons that you want to come here in the masjid is to be focused on the recitation of the Quran, you're listening to it, that we had 200 But now, it's your own recitation of the Quran. And you can have two sort of streams and reading the Quran, you can just read for finishing, okay? And see what best benefits your heart okay, you can read and read for finishing and Hamdulillah you find this as easy for you and it's working for you go ahead, inshallah. But then for another person, they don't want that it's not really working for them, you read for understanding.

00:32:28--> 00:33:07

Okay, read for understanding and following it. And here that is where I would recommend that you'd have a book of tafseer or at least translation but I really recommend a book of Tafseer on the unit of serum Luca theory that somebody summarized of serum Naga theory in English so online, PDF online, so you can access all the sources access all the is sort of stops you what a lot of seeing here what's what's behind it, what's the reason why it was revealed, how was it received, what does it mean? How does connected, go and read? Okay, they will make a difference, you'll understand it a lot better and it will impact you a lot more. So this is one reading the Quran, but also reading it

00:33:07--> 00:33:21

still see it and understanding it and hopefully inshallah with the intention that if you find something there, I'm going to follow it and teach it Okay, so see the intentions we're adding insha Allah Okay, so this is the Quran what else can you do

00:33:25--> 00:33:47

Zack Aloka This is a given right one Salah after the other one salah the other after the other. And your intention in sha Allah as much as you can. Any the first line if you can, right because you here already, if you can, if not is fine, but I mean at least you know the first line if you can. Okay hamdulillah Good. What else can be done?

00:33:49--> 00:33:51

So we talked about Quran we talked about salah.

00:33:52--> 00:34:27

Sorry, at God Wonderful, wonderful. So the earth car this is a great opportunity for you to remember Allah zodia The fixed earth car and the general Earth car. So your fixed earth car, the one right after salah. Now we have time now I'm sitting I'm not going anywhere. Read that card after Salah. So after each Salah you reading your ADKAR the morning ADKAR and the evening ADKAR. So between us and mercury. Always remember you have those evening at God. Find the time for it and do it. After you pray your Fajr before you go to sleep again, or you have your morning as Garcia read those Atka

00:34:28--> 00:34:50

but you have the general Earth card. And here it's also good for you to choose a time and it can change and can shift but choose choose the time for you to sit and remember Allah has his origin. You are reading the Quran. After some time you find yourself tired, hella sick and is not going in. That's the fact it happens. If you can't read anymore, stop.

00:34:52--> 00:34:56

Move to the remembrance of Allah azza wa jal start seeing a stock for Allah for Allah stuff.

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Allah Allah in

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Hola Hola sharekhan Allah will call out hamdu who Allah coalition but the La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah you say which one of these should I say they say the one that moves you

00:35:10--> 00:35:41

the one that moves you you say this one say this one see well this one and you find your heart moving with this one say more of it. So the one that moves you and similar are the ultimate have said the thing that moves you okay is the best type of a better for you at that moment. So they're saying for instance that reading the Quran is the highest form of vicar, the other car, okay are below it. But if you're finding yourself are being moved by these Earth car more than the Quran at that particular moment to go with the earth card, because this is better for you at this time,

00:35:42--> 00:35:57

and then later, you can go back to the Quran, so ADKAR okay, and that inshallah will teach you and make you of those who remember Allah often so of God What else can we do? So we said about Quran Salah Africa

00:36:00--> 00:36:05

the NFL Zack Allah here voluntary prayers before and after. I shall What else

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

do Ah, yes. Do I take the opportunity then to make a lot of dua, especially at night. And again, this is a time to eat and this is what I say move between different types of a bar that don't stay stuck you know, don't get stuck in one. No, you've made the earth car for okay now I need to move somewhere else start your DUA. Okay, and keep asking Allah azza wa jal ask Allah forward. ask Allah for Allah to ask Allah for forgiveness. Ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to fix whatever is in you. Allah if I have a flaw within me, internal or external, help me to fix it. Ask Allah for what you want to achieve in the month of Ramadan, but also what do you want to be outside the month of

00:36:47--> 00:37:07

Ramadan? So keep asking Allah zodion Ask Allah azza wa jal recognise also the netmeds that Allah had given you and thank Allah for them and to make you among those who are thankful. ask Allah to save you from the flaws of yourself. So don't you you don't admire your deeds, but you always think that you are

00:37:09--> 00:37:41

a poor person right any a very humble insignificant person who is always seeking the mercy and Rama of Allah azza wa jal and his favor. So do continuous. Okay, especially in his teeth, I take advantage of the accepted times in between then any armor, the last third of that last third part of the night, or whenever you find your heart, close to Allah zone and you make dua, and before you make Iftar that's also good time. What are the types of a better can we involve be involved in

00:37:43--> 00:37:44

anything else that comes to mind?

00:37:46--> 00:38:28

Learning more, and somebody says sadaqa. So giving sadaqa Desikan Allah here, so give sadaqa whatever you can, that's another a badass, that is wonderful. Remember your cattle fit. Don't forget about that. And also learning learning more, this is why I also want to recommend Inshallah, in the within this month, pick yourself, you know, medium sized, small sites, middle sized, medium sized book or to one maybe about diseases of the heart or how to purify your heart and study that and implement it. So the diseases of the heart for instance, Hauer, envy, love of the dunya arrogance, admire on yourself showing off

00:38:29--> 00:38:58

desire and praise. So you read it, it's danger, and you inspect yourself, it's danger and inspect yourself. This one one topic I would recommend. Another topic I would recommend and I don't know maybe the bookstore has these books or not are there some of them are available online again, PDF format, names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal would with the names of Allah Amin. So you take each day, one or two names of Allah, and you understand what they mean. And when they understand what it means use it in your DUA.

00:39:00--> 00:39:10

Use it in your dark kienet with Allah azza wa jal now through a different name and different attributes than a different name, and different attribute. So growing in your aitikaf, not only with practice, but with knowledge as well.

00:39:12--> 00:39:17

And also, one thing that could be inspiring to a lot of us is also select a biography,

00:39:18--> 00:39:56

biography of a companion of the prophets, Allah Azza wa sallam is a biography of the Prophet you can do that they usually long but if you haven't done that, go ahead and Sharla and start it if you can't, you don't have to finish it, but at least you can start it. But if you've already ever done that, a biography of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam or some of the stuff that was alive during robotic Soufiane with God and Buhari because you will read in their life, the implementation of what you are reading in the Quran, is flawless dedication to Allah azza wa jal sacrifice, how did they and when you see how they've done it, they'll inspire you and you will Eman

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

will increase. So that also is something very beneficial.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

and it will keep you energized and interested and you don't feel tired.

00:40:05--> 00:40:09

Now anything else any other types of a bad day you think of that you can be done in aitikaf

00:40:11--> 00:40:13

thing we probably could cover some

00:40:16--> 00:40:19

downward yeah and of course dua to Allah azza wa jal Zach Allah here

00:40:20--> 00:41:00

and into Ambien, Nila Amin and I'll stop here in sha Allah and with dua, not only to ask for yourself but to ask for your family to have for your loved ones to ask for people that you know, brothers and sisters that you love and to do art for the Ummah altogether, right. So in order to be an all inclusive da, and you know, keep asking Allah azza wa jal, you know, to purify your intention to give you power and strength to continue to worship Him in that regard, and to do it the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has done it, and to avoid distractions. And Insha Allah, by the end of it, you will see its benefit. So again, in sha Allah just as a summary, you know, you are

00:41:00--> 00:41:08

here not only in body in body in heart, so don't only inspect or tear always say to people, the condition for ethical if you shouldn't leave the message.

00:41:11--> 00:41:39

Yeah, but also in the sale on a condition for a decaf. It's also your heart. Don't let it leave Allah zoodle as much as possible. And if this is you know, a little hard in the beginning becomes easier and sha Allah with time so not only that you should keep your body in. But keep your heart with Allah azza wa jal. And when you keep it with Allah azza wa jal, it's not actually imprisoned. You're not keeping it in prison. It's actually it's flying into the most spacious space is going to the hereafter.

00:41:41--> 00:42:16

So may Allah azza wa jal or Rahman Rahim Al Hamra, I mean, give us those types of hearts. There will be also an ethical half as our bodies as well and we ask Allah azza wa jal to help us to do this a bad the way that his prophets Allah Allah Azza wa sallam did, and to reward us for it, and to make us of those who will witness little coddle and to be forgiven on that night, and to make us of those who live on Ramadan with all their sins forgiven, and they will be as if their mother had just given birth to them cleansed cleansed of sin ammini Herbal Alameen is a common law Hara for listening Subhanallah lo and behold the eyeshadow Allah Allah he learned the stuff miracle

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