Hips Part 2 Of 2 – Postures Of Prayer

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Peace be upon you around you and May peace emanate from within you friends you must be

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probably catching this as a part two I don't mind when the phone overheats I don't know it's some type of some type of badge of honor I stopped doing that but here's what we ended on I might have got little like really starts to break up a bit when it right before it gets too hot what was the idea hanging from a poll is not about and anyone who just joined Peace Be Upon You Can you let me know what the last thing that made sense? Are you able to type that in the chat box? What was the last thing that made sense? If anyone could let me know that'd be fantastic you could type it out in a full sentence the idea of and wait a minute we're on another device so let's let's keep moving

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and I should I should point out I almost on the law roll over if you really want to get your ground game going I just leave these on your masala your Johnny mas you can put these on your Johnny mas prayer to heal thank you so much Begum and family these you just leave them on your Johnny MAs and you roll your feet over them. What are they called masala Maroc Matoba he will Barakatuh barkcloth ficam says German and family. Alright guys, so the last thing was prayer is meant to heal. So could you tell me Begum and family did this whole exercise work? The whole idea? Yes, there are lacrosse balls. There are lacrosse balls. Those of you who want to look this up on Amazon, just look for a

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lacrosse ball, a few dollars and you'll roll your feet out when I think there even is a video one of the vlogs is about this. But did this conversation makes sense that we're not doing exercise, we're hanging from the pole in order to identify and start unlocking the joints. And that's really what I wanted from everyone. I'm going to keep it within those 12 minutes. So friends, let me know if if this part one.

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whatever year it is, whatever phase of life you're in. If you're catching this in 2024 and beyond 2020 Make sure that you take the stop here and say look, I'm kind of into this thing. Now. I'm stretching. I'm bringing my feet to unlock my ankles and my shin and my knees are starting to open my hips. Take the pause here though, look around, see if life is changing and see if the prayer was meant for something greater. All right friends, I'm going to head into a full week this week is a week of Ibadah it is the last 10 days of rather it is the 10 days of Zul Hijjah. If those of you who are ready, I want to turn it on and make some Ariba

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Alright guys, thank you so much. Look on Amazon if you need to, for the balls, or secondhand store, physical therapist, you can get them a lot of places, Amazon, easy Walmart, I'll see you all soon. Take care and everyone have a wonderful day. If there's something we can do more in these postures of prayer

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episodes, let us know but I first want to get through the body. So we're up to the hip part one, a we'll do some more hip exercises, but consider part one of the body the lower half is complete and now we're coming up to we've built the base now we're gonna go for the crown jewel, which are which is your heart, your mind and your intuition, connection to the to everyone around you. So I'll talk to you soon I said I'm on a clock, the law Peace be upon you around you and make vibrate and everything you do today.