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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The importance of praying for spiritual health and fulfilling one's life is emphasized in these segments. Prayer for spiritual health is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal health. The success of Facebook has driven a lot of money, and the importance of praying for spiritual health is emphasized. Prayer for spiritual health is emphasized, as it is crucial for personal health.
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A lot

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In Alhamdulillah

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indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala now medu who, so we praise God on a star in Oahu, and the greatest praise that any other creature can do is Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah but the greatest praise that this creature can do is Allah give me a like give me a lot I need help a lot there's no one else who can give me except you want to start you know on a stone feudal and what is the greatest help that I can ask a law We ask Allah forgive us not forgiveness as I'm sorry I took your parking spot but forgiveness of I broke a wall in this mustard Hall. I broke a hall and I said sorry in such a way that I called the contractor fix the wall painted over it and then had it

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look exactly the same and then the mustard said, What hole? What are you talking about? nothing ever happened to my love on a stone futile who I mean Obi Wan Otto.

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And that's what I believe that when I say I'm sorry Allah, it's like it never happened again. Allah isn't like an old relationship that she keeps bringing up what you did yesterday. When my God says it's okay. It's like it never happened. One Note me no v one tawakkol Allah Allah

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I lay my head, I rest my head on a pillow. I sit on the earth, trusting that I carry no burdens. I carry no darkness in this heart and I carry no sin. Because when I

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when I mean he'll be he was not a Waterloo LA. I asked you, what do you trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. When are also Billahi min Cerulean fusina and I single handedly, I on the individual level, I seek refuge from the evil that's in me, young gaadi, arrogant, quick tongue, maybe letting myself get ahead of what's meant to be said. I asked a lot to protect me from laziness from being a coward. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala from saving me from being cheap, with my time with my love with my attention to detail.

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I mean, say, Dr. Molina, I asked a lot protection from the human characteristics. I'm 50%, light and 50% physical body. So when I hear words like this, my inside starts to jump up and down and says Jana, Jana. But you know what, in 20 minutes, you got to go to work. So half your body says, oh, Allah, I wish I could feel like this. Always. I could always be elated, enlightened, I could be licked from the inside, but I gotta live here. So God saved me from what makes me human, and the effects of my bad deeds. Some of you came to the hood back on time, by scolding your wife by saying, I gotta get going time for Juma. Gotta get to Allah. Click. The irony is we did these things to

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please who one are also Billahi min. sruti and fusina. Woman say RTR Molina, and some of us in the hood, but eight minutes into the goodbar thing, but this guy doesn't know what I did yesterday. What movie I saw yesterday, what I put in my mouth yesterday, what I saw yesterday, so these words don't apply to me. Well, I mean, when I was a Billahi min, Shuri and fusina woman say, Dr. Molina, if you sinned, I say bring it. You don't know how to sin in the comparison to the mercy of Allah, your sin is pathetic. In the in the front of my Lord's mercy. So stay with me, maniac de la fala mobile Allah, one minute Lin follow.

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Allah guides in a suit often missed a theme. A lot of guides in a suit often with stuffy and a lot of guides Allahumma in acetal, often was stuck team alone mechanic newbie merasakan, a robotic Li fi loofah yaku lava badly behaved, you don't know need to know what it means. You need to know that I know what it means. And that I want it for you more than I want it for me. And that is the responsibility to stand here and to remind you, with my sins in my hand,

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I say to you, there is no God but Allah,

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and that God wants to guide you. And there is no guidance other than the guidance of Allah. And if you are not guided, there's no way for me to make a plea to you. Because we think if the hood was just good enough, then we would be guided. But we black out the windows of a heart with 50% tint. And then we challenge someone to see what you got. This is what I have one a shadow and La Ilaha Illa long, wanna shadow Mohammed

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when someone says to me, what team do you ride and die for? What jersey? Do you wear? What's tattooed down the side of your soul? I love to say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that's why you came to Juma to feel this right? This is what you couldn't get anywhere else. I promise you wherever you partied last night, whatever you who God or whatever you did, it doesn't feel like this. So see to yourself a shadow, a shadow, not not shadow, my love. Not all of us believe in a law but you single handedly say I don't believe in that guy's God. I believe in my Allah. And I'm going to meet you at the

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crossroad of your belief. And I guarantee my god is your God. But I want you to believe in that last single handedly alone. My God is my God. When a shadow a number hamedan are boo hoo what a pseudo and how do I know Allah azzawajal loves me. I know

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asked for his help. I asked for his forgiveness. And I trust in that forgiveness. I trust here that I am free of all sin. And when you leave here in 18 minutes and go back to work and press the centrifuge that spins the blood or clicks the X ray machine, or fill out another insurance form, know that you have been forgiven too. It is your choice to worship your sin. It is your choice to say, but he doesn't know what I did yesterday. That is your God, my God is Allah. And how do I know Allah loves me? Who will levy our Salah Rasulullah who will further I mean, do I even have to say, Who is your Nabhi? Who is your Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad, everyone talks about

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inner peace, right does skia salam in the inside? Except nobody says they're all seeking to meet the light of the universe, right? That's what enlightenment is. Friends anytime in this room, you want to do the same exact thing that Allah azza wa jal is doing does and will always do what you need to do. Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad, God, can you send some peace and blessings and Mohammed, on Jesus Underwood on Sulayman on a tube and on musala Sonam Oh, God bless Jesus. Oh, God bless Well, I'm under a suit of la sala La Jolla. So guess what friends even if you didn't pray fudger will your supplication prayer be answered? better believe it so now that you've got Allah

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saying yes to you about 50 times a day you think you could sneak in one of those a lie? I got some pills. Your slave got some bills. Your slave got some communication issues. Yeah, Allah your slave got some some status issues. I don't feel as right. As energetic as I am y'all I don't feel it. Say to yourself now Allahumma. Him. Rosh Hashanah, Allah inspire me. Bring me back to inspiration. And if you say that word to yourself, and you ask how do I know Allah loves me? How do I know right now that Allah azza wa jal in the multi universe according to metaphysics in this moment, Allah loves me Allahumma elohiym na, rush, Donna, how do you know? Do you remember that time you met Allah? You

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remember, wait, that time that Allah asked you, and as to being on recoome? Am I your Lord? Do you remember that part of you that said,

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Shahid and

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I met Allah,

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Allah touched some part of the essence that is me. And that back pain you feel in your back, disassociate from it? Because you aren't back pain, right? The body hurts but you are enough. You are a soul that met Allah. So when Allah subhanaw taala asked you, Am I your God? Did you say Allah? Who else could be Who else could be you Allah? No, you said shahina like a college student looking at his dad in the face going, my son Don't forget me when you go to college, and the kid goes, Dad, how am I gonna forget you? You pay my tuition? You give me food? How am I gonna forget you? We looked at a law your wife never asked you You love me. And you say, Bella, of course. What's the

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answer to do you love me shahina Allah call me on this promise. Remember this? You told a lie Jaco. Allah remember me? And then you came here and said, Oh, I'm a sinner. I don't know if Allah loves me.

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I love Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah loves you, loves you and continues to love, but you worship your sins. Why don't we all just take our phones and open our internet browser and pray to that? Because I watch *, or I take drugs, or I'm a bad liar. Why not? Why bother praying to Him? And then say a shadow on Laila. Hi, Lola. How do I know Allah loves me? I'm inspired. I am the light. That was the day that met Allah. And so for you people in this world, I'm out of my mind. I am so glad that I left the mind and I entered a voice a long time ago. I'm very glad to be insane. And in this insanity, I reveal to you the ayah that came to our Nabhi to tell you why I loved you who won

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Lavie Otto Salah masala, who Benin Buddha, this insane out of mind. person tells you, God sent you a messenger not so you could dress like him and talk like him. Not so you could wave a flag in the background and be like go to Mohammed so that you could recognize with guidance. The greatest Nur in the universe in our universe is who Muhammad sallahu wa salam. Now I don't know where you fall on this discussion. He came to make you recognize that you are light

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You are energy. And as long as you try to rationalize what I'm telling you, you could sit down here with all the same people. But when you ready to transcend My love, get aboard at SpaceX flight and transcend this world and say yeah Allah, the Nur of Allah subhanho wa Taala his gift to this world was Mohammed Salah ism no one disagrees with that. So why did my Navy just come to tell me how to live as a human? The first could but ends with one thought.

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You are energy, you are your draw. You are this manifest that a parent can do a bird can't do. Nobody in the universe can do this. So if you felt like wow, this guy's lit he has energy No, my dear. I woke up to the energy that you have inside you. And if you still are distant from the idea that you are made of light, and that you presently have newer in you. That's why you don't look at me. You look away when I say your maid of light, because God forbid that feeling wake up inside you. Just wait a few minutes the hood bow will end. And that discomfort inside you that is saying on Bana at me. milana Ronna that part of you that is screaming and saying, That's my boy, riding die, that's

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my boy.

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Because there's a light inside you God put before you pray fudger before you grew a beard before you wore his job, God put that light inside you. So when he said, Come when he said hey Allah, Allah, he knew that he wasn't calling you to success in this world. He was calling you to Allah. Is this just a figment of our imagination now guys? Is it fit in your rationale? I asked you use the energy that is inside you. Next point. The Quran has always been a miracle 10 people will get up here and do a magic trick and say Quran is miracle grind is miracle, but a none of us got time to read Quran. So today I will sit on one simple concept. So you remember the guy who yelled and remember Allahumma

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salli wa salam ala nabina Habibi, now Mohammed in in mostofa. I challenge all of us. If you can't read the whole Quran, it's okay. It's tough. There are 24 lines in the Quran that start with the word on Bana.

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And that not only is the words of God telling you, I'm going to use every word to offend you here so buckle up the magic spell the the words that you can say the mantra the affirmation, God told you the words to say. So you don't have to say Oh Allah, what should I ask for? Because if I told you wise there's no dua How many of you will be sitting there Bulgari Allah Mambo God de Allahumma. You know, you'd be sitting there Allah Golden Chain Allahumma Gucci. If God didn't tell you what to say you'd be asking for dunya but Allah gave you both. So I request from us today. I challenge you. These are the words of Allah and who said these words ambia. And here's the thing, do any of the

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robinus that was in the Quran have a halaal or harem? Like commandment? No. So guess what? Everyone up till now told you to come to God and Quran selflessly. I sit on the Hooda asking you to come to God selfishly

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and see what happens. You've been going selflessly in banging your head into a wall today go to God and say, I want it all.

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And the Bulgari? Why not? Then you got to pray for the insurance and a lot of things. I'm just telling you the truth. If you're going to pay for some exotic thing, please pray for their insurance pay for the note and no, no showing off note giver. There's a lot involved for praying for dunya when you ask God like give me millions and millions, and then you're like, Why do I feel arrogant? Why am I not talking to my family members anymore? You didn't pray for everything, my dear. So when I asked you to acknowledge one thing today, you are no longer human beings who have energetic experiences on the 27th of Ramadan no more. That's old. You are not a human being that gets

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spiritual, that does Allah Allah, you are a spirit that is having these human experiences and this is going to end. But from today, live from the Spirit. And when people say bro, you're acting out of your mind. smile like, Oh, yeah, it feels wonderful. I don't second guess anything as it for him. And if you like what I said, I hope I see you in paradise. And if you don't, I hope you go to Paradise. But for me, I hope that I wait at the gate of Paradise and say guys, we talked about this. Yeah, la misma ha de Mistura and when you enter the gates of Paradise, say

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mcenaney mirzakhani Oh alarm make me want what I have and have what I want. And that will be Jenna along my India's local Genova Makarova, la Hammond, Tony Rahman are also becoming a naughty Omar Abdullah la Harmon Tony Rama 20% of the room, doesn't know where we are 80% of the room knows exactly where we are. When I sit between the club, you know where we ever when I sit between the club bar, ask God, ask God, you're completely forgiven. Now start again, don't pray that you pray a lot and grow a beard you're missing the point. Pray that you live vulnerably genuinely pray as you live as a law created you to live. And then when you fulfill that need, and you fulfill that want of

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someone out there saying I want to see someone genuine, then Allah subhanaw taala will have used you on the chessboard of this universe. And you'll fulfill your life purpose is better than the Bugatti. I sat in one is great. But it's better than the Bugatti. And when I drove the Ferrari, and I was driving the Bentley Continental speed, and I was drifting, I promise I was like, Nah, I still better. It's pretty sweet. But it's better. All I asked from you is asked from Allah, this dunya and he'll give it to you, and then experience it for like a year. And then you'll be like [email protected] and you'll move on with life and say, I want to do something more as I sit on the hood. But when the

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founder of Facebook and the billionaires of the world reached the gold toilet and the fifth private jet, what did they start doing with their money? started giving it away? Because they said there was something greater about our purpose. They only have billions. You have Rabbana use this Rabbana to shift reality, our reality that we live in. It's kind of crummy weather the court of law he

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you're still in a state of do our pray for your parents prefer the oma pray for those souls who are not as comfortable as you are right now. Pray for those people who don't have the hijab that you were ironing this morning. And the the coordination it doesn't match. catastrophe you had this morning. There's some girl in in Syria who doesn't have that problem. Pray for her today. Pray she has trouble picking which job she should wear. Pray that the people who are suffering right now in Burma and around the world have the problems we have. Oh man which job should I wear today? Which goofy matches with my socks? May Allah subhanaw taala give that to those who are in difficulty. I

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asked you to pray for a release. cancers are a malignancy. Brother Usman, his mother in law, let's just say our mom has a malignancy in her body. All of our parents hold on to things that we have done to them. Pray that there's a release on a cellular level. Pray that we all experience cellular Salaam Salaam on the internal mitochondria level. May Allah subhana wa Taala revive within us the healing capability the body wants to take care of us. We direct our doula to this man and his family and his mother in law a lot more fit what I want the hater I mean, I only request six minutes to sit up in your energy center. If you could sit in a posture of dignity as if you wanted to show a law

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guide to me give fill this vessel with guidance. If you sit in like this and a lot pours a diet into your heart is going to pour out sit with other talamh sit as if a law azzawajal heard this whole show. Right? That's all this is to get you to like me right? Or maybe Allah hurt us. Maybe you gamble on that. And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah you know

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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Allah He was lucky enough Pavan Oppo Hedy Allahumma anta Salam warming Casa de Baraka del Jalali on a

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hyena. in Dar salam, may we all experienced this feeling in Paradise, and then when you trip and you're like, it feels just like that Friday, bro. Was it like October and some Angel will be like, as a matter of fact, it was the and then you'll chuckle and say, that's how it was supposed to feel? Not some far off clouds where we're floating. It's gonna feel like I'm sitting next to my brother. It's gonna feel like I see my green shirt be like, yo, you look beautiful like you did in the dunya it's gonna feel like that. How do I know? Good llama Hua Zhu minha Moosa Montes.

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The people of Paradise will stroll into Jenna. Just kind of feel the ambience of Jenna you know when there's a light breeze but it's kind of moist. You can feel it on your body. You don't feel on your face, your whole body feels it and that lightness someone will come to them and say do you wish to eat something? And they'll be like, Well can I eat in January the dialogue? What could I need, and they would say, please just have this little it's a cracker with fish liver. You don't have to like it here. Maybe Don't, don't be like I don't like fish liver. The fish liver is kind of on a cat A on a cracker, you will put this cracker in your mouth. And I just want you to imagine between the paste

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of the patty, it's like Magus, for those of you who are looking for texture and the crack of the jannetty cracker. You will say to God,

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mean some Arathi this car, this tastes like dunia. This is not some religious feeling, this tastes like Like for real. And then you will say By Allah, I am satisfied. Upon hearing that you are satisfied. Only one will ask which one will pull the curtain the angel keeper of the curtain between us and Allah with one will be told pull the curtain, Allah will say, Are you satisfied.

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And I imagine that every cell in my body expanded to this height of 60 feet tall will become able to hear and every one of the 50 trillion to 70 trillion cells in my body will hear a law. Then after 70,000 years of absorbing that sound. I believe every cell in my body will then be able to speak. And it will only say that only to biLlahi raba. I'm satisfied. So for those of you who are running around and watching our world go crazy.

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Remember, Allah wrote this script. I love his movie. I love watching his movie. He wrote this script and he made me a hero and him a hero. And if you hear my voice, you're a hero in the story too. So before we begin the Salah, the performance, the celestial dance that we would do in front of our Lord. I asked you to identify the points of your body because Allah doesn't need namaaz Allah doesn't need the mass. But I do. So when I pray and I hurt my back like this. And I kind of slouch like this. What have you ever gone to the circus and the flipper is going kind of sideways? Like, I don't really care about this. You ever been to a show where the ballerinas like, huh? Think about

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that. What are we about to do? If these words meant anything to you and my vulnerabilities and weaknesses and insanity was for something for you to hold. I asked you to remember the words of mine to be in the second clip of Salah to miss the whole Jana. Salah is the key to Jenna blah. Everyone knows that. But what does a key do? it unlocks. We all have pain in our body. unlock it in the salon, turn your toes in, turn your toes and find the crest of your hips, turn your shoulders over and stand in front of God highlighting this space within you. I don't care where you put your hands or if you don't put your hands at all. This is the cradle. I want you to create because here is

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where my soul is. And that's the only thing that's real in a lahoma into who use lunala nebby. Yeah, oh look at you all turn red. This is where we shine in a law How am I law II gotta Who? You know Na

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Na vi who's NaVi? NaVi

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Manu swallow Allah. He was an EVO Lima Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina Muhammad, you could do it in English. God sent Peace and blessings on Muhammad sallahu wa sallam. God send a fleet of horses more beautiful than a Bugatti Veyron to my Nabhi May God send with sweets and baklava and little children with balloons doing cartwheels to pass in front of my NaVi Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Wahhabi Bina washa Fianna Muhammad Ali Mustafa in the last 30 seconds when you just made Salawat a train left from here to Mohamed Salah Sam right, whose Salawat was also on that train. Allah you did what God does. If that doesn't Ignite Energy in you, then you are already dead. And we

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should do not we'll pray the janazah for your body later, but those of you who are alive robina Atlanta neurona God complete the light that everyone in this room just acknowledged everyone who's like a light It's me. I'm back. Allahumma Antara be Allahumma Antara be Allahumma Antara be said in my last 10 seconds your God

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You are God you are God because you know who you're talking to Allahumma Antara be Allah Hama anta Robbie? I know it. I finally got it in a lot more to be lovely. Well, yes, Danny, what is it? orba wion ha Anil fascia, you will monkey elbow.

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God is enjoying just this. Be just yourself. If you felt something today, be nice to yourself. Just say I love you and just love yourself. That's all I'm asking maybe two light law laws. Maybe one more no more. That's it one salon. But for those of you who felt something, take this love out on your wife. Take this love out on your kid who did bad on his test today. Take this love out on the guy who cuts you off. Take this love out on the person who said at the airport. Oh, I didn't know they let Ben Latin get on the plane. Take your love out on them. Not on me. Please come to the Salah. There are beautiful points for your body to be able to heal. I promise you if you bring your

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cancers, your early Manila malignancies and the early mutations of your cells, I tell you from the radiology perspective, we can show you the cellular transformation. If you just bring it here. That's all I ask from you bring your pain, your suffering, your anxiety, and your depression. Bring it to the must Allah, Allah azza wa jal has entitled me enabled me to lead you in the prayer. lead yourself lead the 50 trillion soldiers in your body to heal you. And your Eman will scream La ilaha illAllah La ilaha illa Allah, what are the Kuru la? La Jolla?

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Allahu Akbar Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Allah Chateau La ilaha illAllah shanwa La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Rasulullah Muhammad Rasulullah IE Allah so Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah palmata sala de Palma, de sol, la la, la la la, la, la la la, la la

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is to make straight lines, leave no gaps between your shoulders. Please accommodate each other. Let everyone free. Give each other room

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if an angel told you you were forgiven, how would you pray this prayer?

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other brothers in the back? Ready

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accommodate each other?

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Please turn off your phone.

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A long one

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hamdulillah he on being

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a young Ghana?

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Yeah, canister me.

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Dino slim all.

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slit longquan levena.

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I'm not sure

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for either

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00:34:52 --> 00:34:52

a law

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Send me a long hooni man Hermida.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:25

Oh, what

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a long haul.

00:35:46 --> 00:35:47

long haul.

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Ma Li ke

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D young kana boo. He yeah canister he

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you know slit all

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slit on one levena

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what Dini was saying.

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One pony see me? Wha Ha.

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Me lampada holla

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some Adana who asked

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for my yoga.

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Send me a lot.

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