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AI: Summary © The speakers advise the caller to make a decision as soon as possible to become a "verbal" and find the right person to ask questions. They share their experiences with Islam, Christian hadn't been a part of their religion, and their desire to become a universal religion. They also discuss the importance of recognizing and not giving back to anyone who has been the victim of their own actions and upcoming classes on Thursdays and Saturdays.
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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, what I would like to say to you brothers is, as an advice is the company that you keep, is extremely important.

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And I know that you're at the beginning of your journey of being Muslims, you know, Praise to Allah Hamdulillah,

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you will go through a number of challenges if you'd like, because becoming a muslim is a life is a life decision. And there are certain things which you know, becoming a muslim will require of you. And if that kind of conflicts with the life that you previously had, you have to make a decision. So having good company is very important. The environment that you you're in is also very important. And the fact that you've said things like, you know, that you had used to go to the pub and things like that, maybe that's not the best place to find good company, for a Muslim because there's lots of things which

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are contrary to Islamic teachings, you know, things like alcohol,

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maybe the language or the kind of environment they're involved in. So, you know, there's a couple of classes that are happening in the local Masjid on the first day on a Saturday evening.

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Just around the corner from here, just around the corner from Fulham Broadway station, you just have classes on Saturday nights instead of me going out, as I mentioned before, we're on our way to meet friends at a pub. Yeah, you guys have classes and so with other, I would have couldn't imagine putting the Muslim Brothers Yeah, because that way, there's a better more productive way to get over to stay away from such an environment, and to be in a

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meeting my friends and pubs and whatnot. Sure. So is wrecked on a regular consistent basis? And every Saturday at 730? What do you guys do mean? Like you sit around you do what exactly? Well, you know, the Imam of the masjid he gives it gives a lecture for about half an hour. And then usually after that, you know, the brothers they there's a restaurant around the corner, okay, they go for some food and you know,

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I spend time with each other wish that we should go bro. Yeah.

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You should go man. Sometime, you know, we lose our time doing, you know, different things that is very important. You know, we at least we learn about Islam. Yes, it's very good. And you know, you get to meet new people. What else benefit up to offer other than on a Saturday night? I mean, even if so, for example, because my work is somewhat erratic. Sometimes I'm working two days a week or seven days a week mean like

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other other things going on in the Mosman. Like, it wasn't just on a Saturday night. Now there's also the class on the Thursday night as well, if you can't make the Saturday

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class back to classic classical Arabic maybe or I know that a bit I'm not sure if they teach Arabic there or not. But they do like all the classes are in English. And I think there may be there's brothers who are from whom Arabs are going to spend time with them, you learn words, you know, you pick things up over a period of time. So that's another benefit of I'm good company of the brothers are Arabs. And you can learn the Arabic a bit of Arabic and things like that.

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You spend your time more beneficial. If you don't mind me asking.

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How did you first hear about Islam? I mean, how for you to accept Islam in that place? How did that happen? It was just working in being curious, working, you know, working from the nozzle traveling and working in different kitchens and whatnot. And there's always different cultures and different religions, whatnot. So these guys are always very open to talk about things. And, and then when I went on my travels, I got more and more intuits asking you about it following a bit more. And also like, because I wasn't a religious in the first place, and like, probably would have come in eight years. But this isn't didn't quench my curiosity. And I looked a bit into Christian Christianity.

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Even Buddhism, it seemed it seemed a bit. Well,

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it didn't seem to make sense. contradictory, you must believe in this person says, looking for something more fulfilling? Yeah, more fulfilling and more concrete as well? Sure. And what a beautiful thing that I found when I was coming into Islam was that they, these they couldn't they couldn't have moms, the guys who the leaders have a prayer, they encourage you to question which is beautiful, because in Christianity, I didn't quite get that same feeling, let's invite. So when I was going to the mosque and whatnot, and I was talking to these guys, and they could see by my facial expression, perhaps that I wasn't quite understanding what they were saying. Yeah, they would

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encourage me to question and then they will also encourage you to go out and talk to somebody else or to use the internet. And you can go back, and the conversations will pretty much pick up where we left off and so on and so forth. Pick it up again. I basically it's quite the same stories happen to me, you know, I know. Many Algerian brothers. Yes. And then I have a friend of mine, the Italian guy as well, then that he become Muslim around five

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years ago. Yeah. And because of him and the other brothers, you know, the talk to me about Islam. And because I was very religious person at that time as well. I was searching about, you know about Gods? Yeah. Because every night I was praying, sure, look at the moon and see, you know, if you exist, just guide me in your path because I went in many

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evangelists church, many different religion and then I didn't feel nothing, you know, yes, I do have nothing against them, I respect them. But I didn't feel that in my heart. So because of these brothers, they show me a baseline. And they talk to me about Islam, they treat me very good. Yes, you know, and they give me space to search about it. And they give me one book, which is talk about the science of Islam, you know, and then I read it when I read I was a bit shocked about and then I researched myself in internet, youtube. Even a scientist is scientifics doctor, or people they talk about the book, you know, when they discover many things,

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they speak in, and they say, you know, these things is already in the book for Iran. So I took the Quran as well read Quran, I asked many questions to the, you know, demands share. And the scholars Yeah. And then they give me exactly the, the, the answer to me, which other people, other religions, they didn't, they didn't be able to give me these answers. And because of that, you know, one day I fell in my heart, I said, you know, I don't know what to go and see the mosque, how they pray. And then I went to the mosque with my friend Alexandra. And then he said to me, want to pray with me. I say, okay, so you don't say to nobody or no Muslim, because you're not allowed to pray. But I said,

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just pray with me and then see what you when I start to pray, you know, it was in Seoul mosques, you know, and so on. Yes. And then I'd say they were a concerts, kind of rock concert, you know, which is the opposite of the religion. You know, it's like devil stuff. And so, I in the same time, when the mommy said,

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God is great, Allahu Akbar, you know, I was hearing the musical side. Soon as he said, God is being is is great. Allahu Akbar. You know, I feel something inside my body come inside my body, like yes, I don't know some energy, you know, I feel very, very good. And then I was feeling the center in thinking, look, these people they come in prey in this area, which is a bit you know, our we call it perversion. Because there is many bad things. And then I say at the center, they come and pray they don't mind what is outside. That intention is outside, you know, when is the time to come remember Allah subhanaw taala. Gods, they come to remember it. So I felt something my heart and the day after

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I decided to go in the mosque and talk to one of the share one of the scholar, and then you know, as soon as I see the big picture of Mecca, which I didn't know what it was before, yes.

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I saw the picture so many people, they go in Saudi Arabia to do the pilgrimage, to the hatchery, drainage, Hajj, pilgrimage, sorry about my,

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because I'm Italian, so it's okay. And then

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I felt something say Maha say, look how they can be many people by 5 million people go and pray there at the same time, which the most of them they are know from, from Arabia, the goal from

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Saudi Arabia. So, you know, I felt something my heart says to him, you know, I want to I feel to be a universal religion. Sorry, it's a universal religion. Yes. The Universal religions, right. I took my Shahada with the show, and the day after, when the again, and I took in front of the other people, they really, they open them, or you see them arms to me, they hug me, you know, and I feel like abroad and shipping is religion. Everywhere I go, I feel Islam everywhere, you know. So that's why I choose the amazing story. Yeah, it's amazing, amazing story. But there's many other stories that comes in my life. So a lot of stories. Believe me, I hear a lot of stories. And

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that's right up there. That's an amazing story. And, you know, guidance, ultimately, is from God is from Allah. And if somebody is going to be guided, you know, they can go through

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an amazing amount of trials, and they can face so many things. And their own personal story is something which you couldn't imagine you'd go through. You couldn't write it yourself. It's only when you look back on it, you say how amazing it is how, how God and how Allah guided you. So you should always be grateful. So

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It's very important that

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you give back and you recognize what Allah has given to you. To be with good people, to be in the right places, and not to lose

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what you have been given.

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And the day that you accepted Islam, never forget that date.

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Never forget that day that you testified and there was no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is his messenger that whenever you feel as though that you're feeling a little bit weak, or there's a test there's a trial

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remember the day that you accepted Islam and that you decided that you want to be a true servant of Allah

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and that that's the most important thing and you recognize that and don't give that up for anything

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and you will be tried and you'll be tested with many many things

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but just ensure that you never forget that day are you No sir I can say only one thing with my heart that Islam is the only religion that I don't have to believe only the brothers that they talk to me they tell me things about Islam Yes, but it's the only religion that when I have question I cannot I cannot sleep question to the demand or to the scholar that's right which I call the people they have knowledge but I can even research with my my by myself that's right and then when I research by myself I can find the the the answer on my question that's right but in the other religion when I give Christian many people they can wants him many times you're told don't ask any questions. Don't

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ask just believe just have faith. Yes, Islam no hamdulillah it's okay for you to ask questions. Because it hamdullah you know that there's always answers for everything there's nothing to hide. Yes, that's

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why I think your height hamdulillah and it's very important also

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that you always look at Islam.

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You always look at the religion don't look at sometimes the actions of people Yes, actually other people can be big problems. You know, always look at what the message the pure message. And you know, it seems that you you made their own your own

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your choice to look at Islam itself the message.

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And ultimately, if a person looks at the message, the pure message, there's no reason why they should reject it, because it only calls for things which is to lead a natural life

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Okay, brothers, we're just a few minutes away from the station. Reminder that we have those classes on Thursdays and Saturdays. Okay, so if you find any time that you can, pop by

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Inshallah, we'll thank you very much for you. You're welcome to

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just like

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us, we appreciate you welcome. I love this

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