The Greatest Generation #11 Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Amaro de la Juan, when he was the halifa,

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a man came to him all the way from Egypt. And he was Coptic Christian. And he was complaining that he was hit by the son of hon asked the governor of Egypt at that time, simply because they were competing in a race. And that Christian won the race.

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And this is why the son of armour started beating him up. And he say, you know, would you win the race against

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ignore Accra mean, like the son of the honorable ones? So when Omar heard about this,

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he didn't take it lightly.

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So he wrote to us, and He commanded him to come and bring his son with him, all the way from Egypt, to Medina. And when they arrived in Medina, he said, Where's the Egyptian, a Coptic Christian. And then he gave him the stick. And he asked him

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to hit the son of honorable us. And he did. And after he finished, Amato, the loved one gave him the stick again. And he said, hit the armor of the loss on his bald head.

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the Egyptian said, but it was his son who hit me and I did hit him back.

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And then

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Amara delana said,

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the reason his son hit you, it's because of the authority of his father.

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And this is why I asked you to hit him. And then he turned to us

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and his son, saying to them, matter Starbuck to madness, when did you start enslaving people?

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aka Mahatma Harada when their mothers gave birth to them as free,

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and I'm apologized and he said, I didn't know about this. And the man didn't come to me.

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We learned from this that Ahmad was the embodiment of justice. And we need to learn from him. How To be fair, not only amongst the Muslims, because we cannot do justice to anyone in earth, regardless of their faith, their color,

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their ethnicity, or their social caste. May Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on Omar, he really taught us the meaning of real justice.