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Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, I want to ask a question.

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Anthony's is thinking about becoming a muslim? And he keeps asking me, what's going to happen in his life? How will he change from?

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not Muslim, to becoming a muslim? What's the changes that will occur? And

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can you answer that? Yeah, you know,

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when a person makes a decision to become a Muslim,

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it is something which

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begins with the heart, you know, that they go on a journey, that somebody is looking for the truth. And a lot of people before they make that decision, sometimes are put off, if you like,

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about becoming a muslim, because they say, Well, you know, you have to make so many changes. The thing is, whatever changes happen in your life, if you know that you're doing them for the right reason, then it will be an obstacle for you. You know, becoming a muslim, is something which, yes, on the one hand is life changing.

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But also, it's life changing, and it is very natural for you to make that change. Because those changes that you are making, you know, they are the right decisions in the first place, you know, that, you know, you want to become a Muslim, to serve God Almighty to serve Allah. And, you know, Islam is the truth, because that's why you want to become a Muslim, because you, you know, Islam is the truth. And everything that you find in it, is in line with your natural state. So many people I've met, that when they think about Islam, or, or, or thinking about becoming Muslim, that

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whatever changes, you know, come about in their lives, it's always a natural progression, it's always a natural change that comes within themselves. So it's not something to be afraid of, it's not something to be hesitant about, any changes that you will make will be completely natural. And you know, that you're doing it for the right reasons. Would you say that? You?

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Have you been a Muslim all your life for me personally, no, I haven't been a Muslim all my life. I became a Muslim. Approximately 21 years ago.

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I was born of a Catholic.

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And then I came.

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And I wasn't necessarily looking for religion.

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But I found somebody who was a Muslim, and I liked religion myself, to some extent. So I started to study religion, for about a year.

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And, you know, like I said, the changes that

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were asked of me, were completely unnatural. So what I was going to say is that since being a Muslim, would you find Did you? Would you find that things are better for you? Or will you know how changes been

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made that personally, yeah, there's, there's not a day that I regret the decision that I've made. Not at all, from the day, but I became a Muslim.

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I've just found everything that I ever wanted

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in life, and I found a source of happiness, which

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there's no money involved in it. I don't need money.

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I find that all the people, the new people and experiences that I've had in my life are something which

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no day I regret. I know from you know, when I became a Muslim, it wasn't just a phase. It's a life decision. In fact, the decision that I made, it wasn't something that I thought to myself, yeah, no, do I want to make this change or not? When you realize, and you find the truth, it's something you feel yourself compelled, is the only way that I want to live, I don't want to live any other way.

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So you got a big decision in front of you, I'm sure.

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But I'm sure that you know, anyone who who wants to find the truth, who is looking for, for true happiness in their lives, they'll find it in Islam.

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Because there's, there's answers for everything, nothing is hidden. Everything is based upon, you know, logic, you know, natural way of living, there's nothing strange. And anything that it asks you to do is something which is completely normal, or to live a clean life, to live a good life, to be good. To be a good example to family members, Muslims and non Muslims. You know, this is the way to live.

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And the internal happiness and the internal relationship you have with Allah is something which you can be anywhere on Earth. And you can have you can have absolutely nothing. But still, that relationship you have with allies, is something that no one can take away with you because it's something direct. You don't go to any of the creation. You don't go to prophets. Yes, you take example from the prophets, but your relationship in terms of worship is something pure, and it's between you and Allah. So you're saying that

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You have a direct link with Allah we've got That's right. And that's something that Islam is unique in. There's nothing like it

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on Earth, that you have this relationship with Allah, which requires you, as part of you of holding your your faith to Allah is that you don't associate any partners with him. You don't have any

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equals to Allah, you don't, even though they may be the best people that you've met,

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these people are learning it. And of course, the best people we know are the prophets. But yet we don't worship them. We have to respect to them and to love them. But it is Allah whom we worship alone. That question you asked me the other day, and he said to me, If God is merciful, why do we have to follow Him?

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Because He will ask me, yeah, again, you know, as Muslims, we know that.

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Allah has as many attributes.

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from these attributes, we know that he's merciful.

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And we know that there was there is no more mercy, that no more No more merciful than Allah. Allah loves His creation, those who serve in a worship Him. And so his mercy is shown to us in different ways. So when you look back on your life, and you think, you know how things could be so much worse, you know, that Allah is being merciful to you.

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So regardless of your situation, regardless of whatever's happening, you know, that Allah is being merciful.

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And if it is being merciful to you, then we know that he's deserving of being worshipped. And, you know, we should be grateful to, you know, to him. So it's important that we know, we know about Allah, we know his attributes, we know his names, so that we can worship him properly.

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Again, that's one of the unique the unique things and find

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out about life, you know, like, you know, why, why am I here? And who am I like, you know,

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what's my purpose, actually, for being here? And then

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dying, you know,

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was wondering, what was that about? What's it all about?

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Well, you're one of the chosen people who actually thinks for themselves in saying that, what is my purpose? How many people actually ask themselves that question, what's my purpose? So many people?

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They just live one day to the next not not asking this question. I mean, this taxi, it has a purpose. You know, it's to take people from A to B, where they want to go, everything has a purpose. And then, you know, unfortunately, so many people.

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They don't ask themselves, What is my purpose?

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When you look closer yourself, you think, yes, what is my purpose? What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? What am Why am I here?

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And when you you ask yourself this question, you find that it

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also answers all these questions and gives you direction. And all of these matters.

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See your chosen person,

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special person? Well, I'm looking forward to looking more into it. Now in trouble, I mean, I'm sure that the journey you're taking, you'll look back on this one day, and

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you'll feel very blessed.

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And I think is a good sign as well that you know, overshot is, is doing a good thing for you, taking you to the masjid. So that you can ask these questions. And

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just like that, you know, look at that, imagine us now,

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you're going to the masjid, wanting to ask questions. And you meet me in the taxi and you ask, you know, asking me these questions.

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allows the best of planners.

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So by the time we get to the masjid, you have answered all your questions.

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You might be able to teach the Imam a few things.

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Now, I'm sure if you have those questions that he will give you, you know, similar answers, maybe give it in a different light.

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But you'll find that, you know, one thing was things that things that I've said, there won't be any contradictions, everything will be, you know, in the same direction, I'm sure.

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Whatever, see what I like to ask the question. Can you tell Anthony that's thinking about becoming a muslim, about the Prophet Muhammad?

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And can you tell him some of the things that he brought to

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the world that we're living in now, as far as the Koran and

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the message, please? Yeah, I mean, you know, the president already told you that.

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Becoming a Muslim means that you will follow the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him Elisa to Salaam and he is a completion of all the prophets who

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have who preceded him. And believing in Him means that we need to believe in all the prophets that came before. We cannot reject any of those prophets. We have to believe in them all. From Jesus. For Moses, Noah to Abraham, David and Solomon, we believe in all of this

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Prophets, peace be upon them all. Now what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him what he brought, essentially wasn't anything new.

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Rather, he came to reconfirm to reaffirm the message that Allah sent with all of these prophets. And that is to worship Allah alone, and not to associate any partners with Allah, to ensure that your worship is pure for him alone. Of course, there are certain things which you find in religion in terms of like the law itself, that may differ from one time to the next because of the the different culture and the different people that existed in at the time of Moses and Jesus, you know, we're living here in United Kingdom, you know, 2000 years later.

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So Allah gave a law which you find in the Quran, and also his example, which we know is that the Sunnah, these author guides for us to, to live our lives. And there are certain aspects or aspects of the law, which maybe you only find in Islam, but essentially the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he didn't bring something new. And this everliving message that was the Quran for us is something that Allah will protect at all times, and will never be able to be corrupted, no matter what. And this is the, this is the case until until the end of time. So you can be assured that whatever decision you make, you have a message that is pure from the day it was revealed, and will

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remain protected until the end of time.

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So again, you know, this is something you need to bear in mind, which will help you in your your decision making. Yeah, just a question.

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I mean, you you.

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You talk about Jesus Christ. So it's one of those we'll see is how does Jesus Christ?

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Islam? Yeah, yeah, this is one of the things I read was A took me aback because I didn't know that Muslims believed in Jesus. And you know, Jesus is in fact peace be upon him as mentioned in the Quran, more than the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And it speaks about his life in great detail. So becoming a muslim is an acceptance of Jesus and acceptance of Jesus in the correct way. So you know, if you're coming from a Christian background,

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you know, becoming a muslim is reconfirming or reaffirming your love for Jesus in the correct way if you like.

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Time has flown brothers haven't been in that we've arrived at that arrived at the masjid I'll, I'll drop you here. It was a pleasure to meet you.

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You never know we might bump into each other again.

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It's great

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to see you soon.

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Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,

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boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Bob ba boom, bada bada boom, boom.