Ramadhan 2019 Reminder 5 – Self control

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A representative from Muslim Central discusses the importance of discipline in their training program. They explain that discipline is necessary for achieving success in their work and that they will be focused on doing their five daily practices, including repeating the five daily prayers. They also discuss the importance of being mindful of their behavior and not wanting to cause distraction.

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Another thing I want to say about Ramadan is that Ramadan, the whole month is 30 days of self control.

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What does that mean? That means I'm disciplining myself, I'm not gonna have any food, I'm not gonna have any drink, that's fine. That's one discipline. I'm not going to, you know, sleep with my spouse, that's another discipline, fine. But at the same time, I'm also going to discipline myself with my eyes, with my ears, with my tongue, with my mouth, with my hands with the feet with the whole body, it's an entire month of discipline, what's supposed to happen is it's like, it's like going for boot camp or training. You know, when you have certain teenagers, they go for a boot camp or something, you know, they were they sold themselves and suddenly they get to boot camp, and now

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they have to get up on time. They have to do something on time they have to do through discipline. That's what Ramadan teaches us. In fact, do you know that our entire religion is based upon discipline? Why do you think we get up for further? Why? Why is Allah telling telling us you know, before the sunrise is get up these days, we're getting up at like, you know, five o'clock in the morning for further 530 in the morning for fudger Why? Because it's like, I want you to discipline yourself. Why is Allah telling us that you got to, you know, pray a shot, why is discipline Why is the laws we are telling us that you got to take this much money out of your wealth and give it in

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this discipline? Everything is discipline, the whole religious thing? Why why why do you think we know the whole religion is based around when the sun is here do this when the sun is here, do this when the moon is here do this why is disciplined. Now Ramadan is another form of discipline, it's a discipline of the entire body, especially of the soul. So what we're doing is we're going through this training, so we're going to do our five daily prayers, five, we're going to have discipline of the night we'll have extra praise in the night. We're gonna have discipline of when we eat and when we spoke not supposed to eat, but during the day of Ramadan and the night of Ramadan, this was an

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extra discipline, which is to do with the eyes is a mouth most of the places when we sin is through this that's why when, when we fasting Rasulullah sallallahu said, when one of you is fasting, and somebody comes in argues with you, you're supposed to say, you know, you're supposed to stay quiet inside inside, you know, I'm fasting and fasting maybe that please don't engage me with the argumentation the time not supposed to even argue. While you're while you're fasting is a discipline. When you when you you know when you're hungry people get grouchy people people start to you know, it's time to start to argue fight whatever, when they're hungry, they do that. So it's

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another discipline to have several Ramadan teaching yourself when somebody is a massive lesson of discipline, okay, your eyes want you to look at something say look, I'm fasting because the reward of fasting is is taken down. Once you sin with the eyes when you sin with the ears when you sin with that with it with the tongue. So as soon as you've done that, then then you lose your reward. So this is not to do that. But why are we doing that long term?

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The main discipline is, as I'm going through Ramadan, I'm supposed to train my mind to think look, Allah is watching me, I can't do it. Allah is watching my content. So Allah is watching me I can't eat Allah is watching me I can't drink. Allah is watching me I can't you know, have the relationship I have with my wife during the days of Ramadan. Okay, Allah is watching me so I can't you know, have the habits that I have. Normally, you know of eating chewing gum or some people you know, inhaling wherever they have, they're not supposed to inhale that stuff anyway. But Allah, Allah is watching me so now I'm supposed to be careful of what I say.

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And I'm supposed to be careful of what I see. And supposed to be careful of what I'm listening to. So when this Allah is watching me, Allah is watching me Allah is watching me like this food, there's food in the fridge. I'd love to have that food but Allah is watching me, right? There's food or lying around on the table. I can't have that because Allah is watching me. You know I'm alone. I can have the food if I want. No Allah is watching me. You know this Allah is watching me Allah is watching me Allah is watching me. It's supposed to be so ingrained in the mind that when it comes to outside of Ramadan for the next 11 months on social think Allah is watching me, Allah is watching

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me. Allah is watching me, I can't do this. Allah is watching me. I can't do this. Allah is watching me. I can't do that. That's the main discipline we're supposed to have by the end of Ramadan. And that's what taqwa is. taqwa is that a person always thinks Allah is watching me. And because Allah is watching me. I can do this.

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That's the whole point of taqwa. And Allah opened the verse in Surah Baqarah. So number two and number one, a three. He says, you know, fasting has been prescribed, oh you who believe fasting has been prescribed on you and the people for you so that

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you can gain his mindset and his thinking that Allah is watching me. Allah is watching me, so I can't do it. I can't see Allah is watching me. I don't wanna go to hell fire Allah is watching me. He's gonna judge me on the Day of Judgment. And that's the whole point of fasting