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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of makeup and its age limit, while also addressing questions about reward for designs and hotbar delivery. They emphasize the importance of not making up for one's image and avoiding certain elements of one's body. The conversation also touches on the use of hotbar delivery and the importance of being aware of hotbar usage. The host encourages viewers to deliver messages to neighbors and avoid disservice, while also discussing practical advice for dealing with anger and the potential outcomes of certain actions.
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Some of the ideas is to you know, when you want them or you send them on a you know, you send them down the river without a paddle for example, as the saying goes that you asked him to do something and I think what am I what was going on? And then you must you've mocked them. You kind of stay away from these things. You have to be really careful when you do you do think be very tactful, but those who are tactful and those who don't lie and do it halal, there's always the best jokes and shouldn't haram then you know these blamed problematic radical love Each year hundreds of publics which we have which I'm gonna have to show you the for to shut off just in case you might want to understand

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in Sha Shan so the first question starts with Salam Alikum when I will do when I do my will do and I read my salah after masala when my night slippers on my feet for the next salah I do will do again but I don't wash my feet I take my slippers off and wipe over my feet. Is that valid? Please advice and this is the slippers we're talking about the nice slippers they want to wipe over there not to wear it and take it off on any wipe over the feet.

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So often after wearing socks, are they No? No. Okay, well explain this. So

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the viewers are thinking I want to see what they actually

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it's just like an open slipper now it's just an open slipper homes the slippers Yeah, the fabric one Yeah, that's why so this kind of flip it doesn't cover your ankle it doesn't so I can open it up see the top of your of your foot. So if you've washed your feet and

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you then prayed whatever you prayed and then you go to sleep in the CIPA they say no, we'll just put the night just right so then so for the next salah they will perform will do again. Yes, they broken the will do. Yeah, but you'd have to take that you have to take that off that slipper. You take it off, because that's doesn't count. It's not considered a sock that you can wipe over. Sure. So you'd have to wash your foot, you'd have to shuffle so you have to wash it, you have to wash is asking, can I take my slippers off and wipe? Oh, no, no, you can't do that. You can't do that. Okay, so if you were wearing socks now, but if this is your barefoot, then you can't just wipe over you're

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barefoot under any circumstance. So

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by Baraka, lotic chef and our next question we have Saramonic Warahmatullah wabarakatuh just want to know if there are any ruling on makeup SOCCOM Lau Hara

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says yes, I mean, it's a very amusing, right, like it wouldn't be a lecture on using makeup, the makeup is if sisters want to use makeup, for beautification for the right time, then no problem. And Jonathan, it

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is good to be more specific with it with regards to the makeup. It's okay. Not long ago, I think I was reading about makeup itself because we start getting this question a lot in the show. And that made me think twice and I thought I need to know more about it. The reason was, how did makeup come across in the first place. But for my obvious we can't say it on our show here. But it started in a wrong way. There's a real there's a there's a reason behind.

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It is not just to beautify somebody, there's a reason why the beautify and in certain places.

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So I think from that side, so the use of Mekhi. Okay, fair enough. So the use of makeup is is permissible. Was that based upon? Okay, well, you claim that's permissible. was the last one this year Felicia and Eva that the origin of things is is permissibility. Okay, unless we find evidence to state otherwise. Sure. So wouldn't find anything prohibiting the use of makeup if it's used in the wrong way. And then when you go on to other issues Sure, if you're using makeup in a way, which as I mentioned, like I said, Why you covered what I just said using it the wrong way then yeah, you're not allowed to use it but other than that, it's allowed you to use you know, sister's views

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to make up is the age limit Islamically

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again, there's not something which is it's not specified as to what age you're allowed to use

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makeup but

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there's a time that you know, amongst themselves respond I mean parents and things that they would understand

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culturally what's acceptable for you know, using makeup so if if you find they go to parties and things like that they would use makeup, we have to be careful and you know, you should also bear in mind the, the element of being bashful and not you know, not

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gonna say the word letting yourself go in terms of what you're going to wear but we don't want to put too many restrictions but you know, people shouldn't be responsible. You know, Lord, by the philosophy shift. The hell we have a cooler shall let's take the first caller of the day is set on ya Ken, welcome to ASCII man.

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I said I'm on a call while Equus Allah says that your life and ask you man, what is your question? I just want to check with a chef. Like when I fasted like yesterday, Monday, sooner day, and 20 minutes before breaking my fast. I see my menses just 20 minutes before breaking my fast

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before my trip and I say my menses, if that is

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if I have to make it up or is it counted and is this the month of Ramadan or just generally no general sunnah fasting mashallah Baraka law if you could you have any other question or even if it was Ramadan one to do absolutely no worries

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about a calligraphy. Thank you for

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loving so today the Christian chef and he is in regards to this is the performing Huston fosse which is Monday or Thursday, and 20 minute before she breaks up fast, she realized that Tamela Mann has gotten so she What did she do? Yeah, so this happens. My sister's fasting and during the day, no matter what time during the day that the menses starts, that then invalidates the fast

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so the day doesn't count if it's just a sunnah fast, it's not something you need to make up you just wasn't able to make it up if it's there was a day that you making up for the month of Ramadan then that they would still remain in your account for you to make up in the future. And you get the same route.

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No, there's no reward because you didn't complete the day. So the door or the day is you know needs to be made up.

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The medical officer for now we have another question here.

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Salam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh as Muslim Can we buy and sell logos that

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restrict us and wearing as a Muslim when it comes to Salawat? Yeah, with regards to the logos and things like that, maybe we can answer that after the break but just to the previous question, if you don't mind. I mean, if a person has done most of the things that will or Allah reward them Allah knows best I can't say there's no reward for you. We hope that last point we may give you something

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because it's I was gonna get into it because obviously the 2020 minutes she's mentioned particle optics Jana for clarifying that because this is please join us after that break inshallah for more of ASCII man, so hopefully inshallah brother brothers and sisters, you've probably heard me asking the question before. Now before we actually go for a break, and that's in regards to awareness of logos and logos. Join us after our break in sha Allah worship will be able to answer for me the chef and out set on what he can what what Allah he will buy cattle

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La Romana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Madiba says Welcome back to your show ASCII man, province This is electro man you shall have the number that you need to call to call into the studio. Hey sha Allah is Oh 235150769. And as for you to pick up your phone and call us live here and ask us your question, but it nila, and for those of you brothers and sisters who prefer to pick up their phone and send us messages, please remember the details that you need to know whether it's via email, or suddenly send it to details, all you need to know Sharla is on this left hand side of your screen of assistance.

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If you're living overseas, if you want to call us live here as well, you can always use our sub number in sha Allah and you will see that on your screen be eating Allah. But before the break we were asking in regards to designing logos, that is not permissible. It's not permissible as in Islam for us to wear or to wash you will have on aware when we are performing Ocelot what is Islamic ruling in regards to that

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sort of talking about people this specifically is in regards someone who designs logos, okay? So anything that would have

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things that would have a soul like drawing pictures, you should avoid anything or signs of which will be contrary to Islamic teachings

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this is what comes to my mind other than the no you're free to design what you like, I mean, what are the things that you should stay away from

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are restricted, you know, showing pictures as I mentioned things that have a soul, human beings or animals stay away from that Gothic, Gothic czar things which represent

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things are contrary to Islam. So things that are to do with shape and and things like yeah, obviously stay away from that. Right, okay. Or symbols that are known to be contrary to Islamic teachings just stay away from that. But some might argue we don't know how shaytaan looks like what he believes in and should not I mean, like, because now we have this picture in our head that shutdown has got to hold in his head is red, and he's got a tail. So Jeremy, so all this type of ideas that we have, or the perception that we have Shayateen our beliefs. It's not exactly what we are seeing illustration. So if somebody creates something that he believes it's a gothic look, would

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that be sinful as well?

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I'm thinking so yeah, I mean, that's fine. That's good. So what I would say is

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if a person is a designer and they they're not sure if something presented to a person of knowledge, they can have a look at it for you Chantal and maybe give you the red green. I'm gonna

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come to you tomorrow.

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We have another question. Here's a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Is it haram to hit the face?

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The prophet Elisha told us that they should fear you should not hit the face. So he is not allowed for us to hit anybody in the face. But what about if you are going for example in training and the teaching self defense class

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that being the case because moving to next topic of boxing and things like that it's not allowed for you to hit the face? It's not enough for you to hit the face

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by the prophet editor said don't hit the face. I can't sit here say yeah, go and hit the face for certain circumstances. You can't hit the face

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for Exactly Okay, another question is Shala. And that's This is regards to Salah, probably Salah shahada insha Allah sauce, sauce wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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If I enter a message it

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says if I enter the masjid animal saline are performing salata and Gemma and I want to create the hatred message would like put a priority for us to hit the masjid or the gym or the the Prophet Ellison said said this in the sound authentic hadith either OB Mata Salah if the karma is made for the congregational prayer, further salata il MC tuba, and that there is no other prayer that should be prayed or established, except the congregational prayer. So a person enters the Masjid. They do not pray anything else, except that they join at the gym. I

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If and if a person enters the masjid and they're praying Sunnah prayers or they're praying tied to the masjid, this is Farah for soon. This is yeah it goes against the Sunnah of the Prophet Alessandra Salam. So a person should be advised if they do that maybe they don't know. You know you say in a nice way advise them in the best way. But when a person enters the masjid in the congregational prayer is established. You join the congregational prayer immediately, but BarakAllahu Shahana next question. We have salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How long is the

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the editor or the waiting period for a woman?

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It really depends on the reason for that. There's not just one

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there's the read of a woman who has been divorced and she has a menstrual cycle. Then her her ideas fell off and then she has to complete three menstrual cycles. If she has no menstrual cycle, maybe she's reached the age of past menopause then

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her there will be three months

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if a person a woman who has her husband has passed away then her ID will be four months and 10 days according to Islamic calendar. And if a woman who has requested the hola dissolution of the marriage and the husband agrees to that hola then her will be one menstrual cycle so it really depends

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I'll please do just because majority of yeah oh there's another as well. Let's say a woman who is pregnant and while pregnant, divorce happens husband and divorce her then her dad would be until she gives birth whatever duration left in the pregnancy until the day she gives birth that will be the length of her divorce has fallen to check his birth

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date wasn't accepted no no no if a woman is pregnant then divorce can occur Yes it can. And her it will be until she gives birth by Parker lafay Shahana next question we have is in regards leaflets in Santa Monica Warahmatullah this leaflet with images allowed to come inside and massage it

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okay so leaflets with with people's faces on it.

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I would say if at all possible to leave them outside the masjid in a in the you know the what they call stack well what do they call it the Reception Reception area or an area outside the masjid they initially tried to keep pictures outside of the message okay? So

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leafleting is important to you know, to display people's different projects and so on. And if people want to you know, distributed amongst the masala Lina people at the masjid then you can do outside but you know, it's better not to distribute if at all possible that with the pictures inside the masjid

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I agree Baraka la Figshare. I've got another I've got something that I'll maybe I'll ask a question in regards to certain massages I've been to. And you see, for example, a sign that says fie exam. And you see people they go to the extent of coloring the figure. Some of them, they will cut the neck. Some of them do scratch the top head, waist Islamic ruling when it comes to mean we all know fire has a sign is a master we should have. So Islamically Are we allowed to tamper with it? Yeah. So

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because there's a silhouette, which is an outline of a person, that this doesn't constitute a detailed drawing of human beings. So therefore wouldn't come under a prohibition because it's just like an outline. Right? So there would be if it depends on what you're praying with the masjid if you have some exit doors, which happened to be at the side of the masjid, for example, there's no need for you to start scratching it or damaging it or, you know,

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sounds really kind of

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extreme sort of decapitating sort removing the head slot, but there's no need to do that. Because this is a silhouette. Sure. And

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the more saline or the the people in the who attend the Masjid. It's not their responsibility to do things like that. If a person has an issue, then they should contact the the administration of the masjid and raise that issue with them. And then the administration can then

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seek advice or people of knowledge has to go what do we do? And you know, if you were asked me this, there's no need for you to do anything really. You can just leave it and then you informed the muscle lean. Because maybe the muscle lean thinks or your joint you're bringing pictures and Datamaster maybe people don't know, right? So then you can give them information and then they can become

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BarakAllahu li Shahana we have another question which I've come across before that I wanted to show you. What advice can you give the Imams who give hotbar well that were in a coffee.

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Okay, so

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with regards to the hotbar

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delivering the hot tub on a Friday, it is a very special honor.

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You are fulfilling what the prophet Elisha Salam began the very beginning of Islam and delivering the hotbar and he has

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There may be communities where if the Imam didn't wear the coffee or the coffee or the hat, if he didn't wear that, then the community doesn't really have much of an issue with that. Because we're not talking about that whether your prayers valid or not. If we didn't cover your head, you're pressed or valid, of course, no. But then there may be certain communities who are used to the very they used to the when the Imam delivers the hotbar that he presents himself in a certain way. And it is upon the Imam to kind of be aware of his community if he's visiting a community for example, maybe in his own community doesn't wear one right. But then you go to a new community and you turn

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up not wearing one and upheaval double Selena, like, what was this? It's like, he's not taking a serious, right, you know, so it's upon the visiting Imam to kind of find out what, what people are used to, and fall into that. So that you know, you don't create fitna amongst the people. Okay. So this is extremely important that you want people to be listening to your hotbar. And, you know, thanking you at the end for your hotbar and not coming up to you and asking you, why didn't you wear a hat? Okay, so as an imam as a hottie job, your responsibility to understand the community that you're delivering the sermon to, I don't know, is a big issue of the visitor back to that extent.

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But when not me, like Yeah, I mean, like, you have to think of what to wear before you go on. Oh, no, no. 100% Yeah, for sure. I mean, you know,

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a hottie is not just there just to deliver a sermon in what he thinks is he needs to understand his people. He needs to understand every the people that are sitting there and listening to him. It's important for him to deliver a message to the people that they will benefit from that for the week, not because maybe some of these people only attend once a week. So if you turn up on the member and deliver a message and then the people leave without being affected, then you've done a disservice to your responsibilities given to you by the calorific chef and I'm gonna reward you for assistance. Please join us after our break. You shall love more ASCII man. Please remember the numbers or two or

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35150769 for me to share for now, said Mr. Aiken. We're not going to lie or when

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Amanda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Madiba Welcome back to your show OS command. This is please remember, you could always pick up the phone call us here and ask us any question in regards to your Deen in sha Allah. We're going through so much the questions that we're going through in WhatsApp in sha Allah and we are benefit from the questions that we get from our brothers and sisters but will be nice to sha Allah for you brothers to pick up the phone and call us live and ask us your question but my brothers and sisters the reward that you get is immense for every answer the Shah gives inshallah we

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can all we can all get the reward Bismillah

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by Johanna we have a question here

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in regards to we do we have any question before we did actually before the break sir and like we said we're going to continue with

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after after our break right sorry I lost I think we there was no actually was we did we did the logo before there was

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by her inshallah Shana, we got more questions Shut up. But before I do that, Inshallah, let's take this cooler, so that we don't keep anybody waiting in sha Allah salam alaikum. Welcome, passkey. Man, while

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I can also say your life and ask you, man, what is your question? Okay.

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I just wanted to check if this can be categorized as backbiting or not, I'm currently studying counseling, and I'm at a stage in my course, where we do different processes, knowledge, we thought discuss the feelings, or sometimes I find myself having to share some of my experiences. Or maybe I have experienced someone or certain people, right and encounter with, and not necessarily, sometimes they are not necessarily pleasant one. So I always feel bad afterwards, because I'm not sure if it is, you know, categorized as biking or not. So I just wanted some clarity.

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Clarity myself, okay.

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So on this issue, if a person is seeking counseling on an issue, and somebody wronged you,

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and you're in a position where you are going through,

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you need to get over or get through the situation that has gone happen to you. Now, if at all possible, you are you able to explain the situation without mentioning people's names, then that would be

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that should be the first point of call, not to mention people's names.

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If you can describe that, you know, the so and so did something to me, and I feel I feel I was wronged I was treated badly. Maybe I responded wrong to the the point of the what I'm saying is that there is there was there was a goal behind mentioning the situation, meaning that this is what happened. And this is how I reacted to that situation. And the view or your intention is to,

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you know, to better understand what happened, or for you to, in future have a better reaction, or how you're going to approach that person in the future. There's a positive, there's a positive reason for mentioning that. It's not just negativity, just mentioning news that happened for absolutely no reason. If it's part of once treatment, go through counseling, and there's no other there's a positive outcome

00:28:45--> 00:29:01

or there's a positive objective, then that is not considered backbiting. As long as you have the hadow the boundaries of the shady you you're not mentioning things unnecessarily, no mentioning people's names if at all possible.

00:29:02--> 00:29:05

Whatever you know, if you take this approach then

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then it's fine for you to mention what is necessary concerning situation. Psychological church regarding scholars Shala est Nicola brothers, salaam alaikum. Welcome to ASCII man.

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And second, sorry, and I just had two questions keep watching one was a question about legal and the other logistic clarification but this is to ask about dentistry.

00:29:30--> 00:29:39

So I think she asked regarding I'm not dissing Islamic opinion, but I think she asked about showing your sleeves and I'm actually a dental student myself. And I just want to say that

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

you can actually get sleeves that you put on over your your clothes so you can have disposable sleeves and they should provide where she's studying or any kind of hospital environment. I know a lot of sisters don't know that you can get sleeves to coffee on or come off. You can be on the road you Shala sister for sharing this because obviously this is the purpose of our show is sha Allah is

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

first to benefit one another because obviously, certain things that we do not know the answer to, obviously, because we give it a generic answer with Islamically or not. But with this type of things, obviously, because you're studying that you're more knowledgeable in what way you can actually get this stuff from medical law, Vicki for sharing it. But what's your question? The first one, sorry, someone else, my mom that you know, when you're doing was?

00:30:19--> 00:30:29

You're washing your feet? You're saying? Do you have to use your left hand or your right hand to do it? Or can you refuse any? When you're doing she wrote a question mark? Hello, Vicki. Thank you.

00:30:33--> 00:30:40

In regards to when it when you make a window, and you're washing your feet, do we use your left or the right or doesn't matter?

00:30:43--> 00:30:52

So concerning washing your feet, do you have to use your right hand for your right foot or your left foot? Or your right hand or your left hand for your left foot? Or can you use one for that?

00:30:54--> 00:30:55

It's up to you. There isn't

00:30:56--> 00:31:10

any specific specific way that you have to do that is underrated. That the Prophet Edison would use his small finger in going in between his toes to ensure that the water would reach all parts of the foot. Okay.

00:31:12--> 00:31:21

So it is not a must for you to write for right, left or left? If you wish to write to do both or left for both, then that's up to you. And when it comes to the small, small thing, it doesn't,

00:31:22--> 00:31:54

it doesn't matter. Okay. It doesn't matter, either. Because I've seen pictures as well, right? That when you're going through the toes on your on your foot, do you see numbers 123451? And this is the audit you're supposed to do this has has no basis or not. So he does there's no order? No, there's no specific order as to which toll you should begin with. There's nothing authentic concerning that. Sure. Okay. So whatever, even if you put all four fingers like this, in between your toes like that, that's okay, as well, just to ensure that the water has, has reached all of your football.

00:31:56--> 00:31:59

Like, how to cut off excess. Next question.

00:32:00--> 00:32:06

Sit out Monica, what amatola Catherine, how can we talk without getting angry?

00:32:10--> 00:32:12

So just imagining with four fingers like this.

00:32:14--> 00:32:19

But yeah, I mean, with regards to anger, it's it's how do you not become angry?

00:32:25--> 00:32:43

This isn't strictly I mean, the prophet Elisha some helped us gave us some practical practical examples, that if a person becomes angry, what do we do? A person who's standing sit down, okay, if you're sitting down and you're and go to another place, change your environment, or go to make model. These are practical things that you can do, which will help you

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deal with the anger that may come to you prior to that, how to stop yourself and becoming angry.

00:32:52--> 00:32:59

You know, this is more of a kind of a psychological question, which I'm not, you know, it's not my speciality. But, you know,

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try to remember our last panel at all times.

00:33:03--> 00:33:16

You know, try to control your emotions and not allow situations to get out of hand at the beginning. These kinds of just kind of general advice I can give BarakAllahu shareholder, we have another question and said, I want to call up to LA. Can it be to be called Malik?

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Yes, you can.

00:33:22--> 00:33:39

Malik means is like, oh, no, no. Yeah. So, I mean, he's on its own. Yeah. It's, it's understanding in his ownership of, it's restricted. It's not, you know, MER Leakey, yo midodrine Allah is the Owner of the Day of Judgment, somebody's medication is permissible.

00:33:41--> 00:33:46

But how does medical ethics Shekinah This is another question we have. I think from

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we get this every now and then but obviously now we get in it more and more more often. In regards to Day of Judgment. Some people ask us a cinematic Warahmatullah wabarakatuh we know the size of the day of judgments are getting closer and closer and closer do we need to do a lot on the wife in prayers?

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Yeah, so

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not just because of your milky Emma coming closer, but I'll just say it's coming closer. The time our appointment for us leaving this world the life is by the minute by the second by the minute by the hour by the day by the week by the month but he is getting closer and closer and closer and closer. So increase in your burden no doubt increase in Noah fill in. Whether that's no awful fasts. Now I feel prayers now offer the sadaqa whatever voluntary acts of worship that you can that you can do, then do as much as you can whatever is easy for you.

00:34:40--> 00:34:52

Baraka Luffy shahada Is there anything as a Muslim so sorry, there's another question for salaam alaikum Is there anything as Muslim that we can do to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala for us whenever we ask Allah subhanaw taala for anything he will give.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

So, you know when we make dua, we must realize when we make

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

applications, more everything that you asked for, you'll get. It's not necessarily everything you asked for is good for you. Sure. So the Prophet races have informed us that when a person makes dua to Allah subhanaw taala, we fundamentally know that Allah, Allah, Allah, He is your DUA,

00:35:16--> 00:35:37

every single creature, every human being on Earth, who has a need, whether they say or not, Allah Subhan, Allah is fully aware of your needs now, but use an act when you raise your hand and you say, Oh Allah, I want this and I want that. Allah as the prophet has told us, that maybe Allah Allah, Allah will decree that metaphor you immediately and you get what you are asking for.

00:35:38--> 00:36:13

Or maybe Allah subhanaw taala will not give it to you because it is not good for you. So Allah Subhan Allah Ya Allah who want to monitor Allah, Allah knows and you don't know. So if you're constantly making dua, and it doesn't happen, you don't get it at hamdulillah Maybe Allah knows something that I don't know, for sure. Allah No, something I don't have. Or thirdly, that what you're asking for Allah subhanaw taala saves that for you on your multicam Allah azza wa jal delays, the answering of your supplication to the Day of Judgment maybe when you need it most. So okay, so it's important for us to understand the concept of when we make dua, these are the possible outcomes

00:36:13--> 00:36:28

for us. It may be the outcome as well that maybe there are I'm involved in some form of haram which is preventing my dua from being answered. So then I look at myself and if I'm doing something and how long I stay away from that and avoid that, so that

00:36:29--> 00:36:46

I can ensure sha Allah Tala my dua has been answered, Mullah Baraka law fixture for being here and may Allah Woods if every stick if they can to be here with us in sha Allah provinces. I'd like to thank you as well for taking part in the show for this backwardness of watching this inshallah Mina chef and now the next step, said I'm worried Kumar ACMA to lie overcut

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