Ali Hammuda – Signs of God within Marriage

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various signs of Allah's existence, including signs of marriage, signs of rain, and a symbol of creation. They encourage listeners to practice these ideas and find comfort in their own experiences.
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Allah says I mean it from the signs of Allah

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and Allah Allah commune and forsaken as Vijaya that he has created from yourselves spouse's latest como la ha so that you may find comfort in her

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* VENA goo calm. My Word that Anwar Rama and he's placed between you affection and mercy in the fidelity Keller team. They call me at a karoun There are indeed signs in this for people who want who think.

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Rewind, and take this idea bit by bit.

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Allah said what mean it and from the the signs of Allah signs of what from the signs of the Oneness of Allah, from the signs of the power of Allah, the capability of Allah and your legit Allah, the sovereignty of Allah Jin legendado from His Signs is one

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that he has created from amongst us spouses. And I find it amazing

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that this higher that speaks of marriage, as being a sign of Allah is wedged in the middle of a series of ayat that speak about huge things. And then all of a sudden you have the topic of marriage that appears as another one of the signs of Allah IGE when you think about it, demonstrate the idea before it What does Allah say? Well, I mean it and halacha come in to rob to me either and Dunbar, Sharon tanta Sharon, from the signs of Allah is that he created you from the earth.

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Then you became human beings, scattered on the land, this is a sign of Allah, something mighty. And then the idea after our idea, what does he say? Well, I mean it he concludes somewhat, he will not have enough was, you know,

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from the signs of Allah is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the different languages that you speak and your different colors. These are huge signs of Allah, the eye after it I mean it humanimal can be lelee When the heart from the signs of Allah is how you sleep during the night and day, the eye after it, women at your ecommerce Barroca how fun Wattana from the signs of Allah is that he shows you lightning causing you hope and fear while you as you go Minister now imagine and he brings rain down upon you signs of Allah will mean it and Takuma Santa who will have to be angry from the signs of Allah is how he maintains the heavens and the earth by his command from the either

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the outcome that what I mean a lot of either and tune the Kuru June, then when he calls you from the earth, one calling you will emerge.

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So sign after sign after sign that all indicate the Oneness of Allah, some speaking about the heavens and the earth, some speaking about lightning and rain, some speaking about the resurrection and some speaking about our creation. And then all of a sudden you have from the signs of Allah is marriage. He Subhanallah because it is a sign.

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It is a miracle that is no less in magnificence than the other signs that you just heard.

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