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Wrong Attitude About Sadaqah And Zakat

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Waleed Basyouni

Channel: Waleed Basyouni

Episode Notes

2017-06-24 – Ramadan 2017

Episode Transcript

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah among the common

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my opinion, wrong attitude during the month of Ramadan when it comes to sadaqa that we feel we doing a favor to the person who were donating to or we giving this account to. And the reality as the seller used to say when they see someone coming to them to take that as a card or taking their soccer they said madhuban bility jr scillonian Dino be welcome the one who comes to cleanse me from my sense, you know, they used to say the poor person, basically what you do to him and what he what he does to you is very different. What you do by giving them you fixing their dunya and then accepting your sadhaka they are improving your alpha which one is more valuable, no doubt the one

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who improve your alpha has a higher an upper hand. May Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us to make us among those who enjoy giving sadaqa