When Good Is Not Good Enough

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number one mother

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mother or so

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in LA more

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hamdulillah the whole salatu salam ala Mala Anna via by the Hoonah Vienna Muhammad Anwar early he was so happy he was so let me let him into Sleeman Kathira mvat All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, His messengers, his followers and all the messengers and their followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, as Ramadan approaching us, I thought it will be appropriate for me to remind myself and all of us have a concept that it is important to keep in

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mind that as we are approaching the month of Ramadan, a month where there is many opportunities for the believers to come much, much closer to Allah, and to receive so many of Allah's bounties and gifts and breaks. The month of mercy, mercy month of rewards month where the gates of paradise are widely open and the gates of hell are closed, unlocked.

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And not acquired from the person to have the attitude of when good is not good enough.

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When I strive not just to be good, but to be excellent. And that's attitude. It should be your attitude and life in general. And many people will have this attitude when it comes to worldly matters when it comes to money when it comes to wealth, you know, but also we should have that when it comes to our relationship with Allah with our relationship with God. When it comes to doing good and we compete with one another in goodness. You know, we have in our own here community, we have seen people take an opportunity not to just watch and contribute and do good job and helping our brother and sister for example and Aza

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and what happening in Palestine. But do you know what that is other group volunteers put their lives in risk and went out over there to serve doctors and medical staff who put their lives on risk just to help the brothers and sisters over there. That's you know, going above and beyond what is comfortable, convenient or obligated. You know, when you go beyond what's obligated.

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You know when you go beyond just five daily prayers and you pray extra prayers beyond fasting the month of Ramadan when you fast more when you recite more of the Quran when you give more of charity when you volunteer your service when you go out of your life out of your way just to help others having the zeal to do more to work towards high level goals in all aspects of life. That's when good is not good enough. It's a questions are you striving for good or excellency? When you make the choice between good or great

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you know, between just surviving passing by or thriving and accelerating

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Making a living or making a life.

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You know, it's about my resume and my what I gain in this life or what, what it is about what I give and the legacy that I built.

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That extra mile that you take is so unique. As someone said once there is no traffic jams on the extra mile, and very few people take that steps and go to that extra mile and will always appreciate such people. Allah subhanho wa Taala says about Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam called for either ferrata fansub ferrata, Manish frog terminal Ibadah Jota, could hire two law firms Libya, any state actor friend Eva, Allah told Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, who his life was completely dedicated to God, to serve Allah and to serve the community and to serve the people.

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Allah says to him, so when you have finished your duties, then stand up for the worship and do your Lord, to your Lord, direct your longing. And another word, exhaust yourself in the worship of Allah. Do that extra mile take that extra step? That's why when I started Allah and I was asked how the process of Uppsala kind of women mean commutable salata, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Who among you can pray like the Prophet SAW Selim. Look at Kenny OMA Lael hated the fact that

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he used to praise Allah, Allah Islam and he's the one who all his sin forgiven. He's the one who Allah said he will go to Jannah he's the one who guaranteed that none of us guaranteed that. Yet the Prophet SAW Salem as I shall describe him, she said,

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you know, he will stand up in prayer till both his feet or legs swelled from the long standing

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and installation Behati you know, actually Allah I know she said, the person will recite 50 Verse 50 Verse

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And while finished 50 Verse while the process of making prostrating or making record or bound and record

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comes in either one of these Salah masala rock can

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save How long is record is

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bang and prostrating 50 verses from the Quran you recite and there is also I'm still making sujood prostrating before his Lord Abdullah Agnes Rudy's a young man he said I prayed with the Prophets Allah Monson the night kind of Apollo pm had the Hammam to be Emery su p one I had a true coup, Wofford Minister right.

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In the middle is a young man. He said I prayed with the processor LeMans and his prayer was so long that I almost did something terrible, awful. This is what you were about to do is you know what about just to quit to leave the salon the middle to leave the print of them and I couldn't it's too long for me to heart.

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Not only in one area he takes that extra mile and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a woman from an unsub nessa de la Who tilba She saw the process of them wearing a clothes is not the newest is not the most good looking one. So she decided to make a fresh beautiful handmade shirt for him Salah listen so she gave it to the press I'm a newbie so salon was happy with it that you can tell him his face he was so happy when I appreciate the gift to the extent he went inside he put it on and he came out RU l for Rafi Raji levy so salam for the halal bait Well, let me suffer me so then he come out with this new clothes wearing SallAllahu Sallam for God Allah hurrah Judo mineral Ansara ik

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Sunni heroes Rasul Allah,

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California kalila

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a man from Ensenada said Yara Salah that looks so nice. Would you gift it to me?

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I'm not talking I'm a person who has like you know 10 Extra shirts. As the only sharing he got new. He said hold on. He goes inside he tell us why give me my old shirt he put it on he come on he give it to him. Fella Maha Nez people said to this man, he said does not appropriate and you saw how the process was so happy with it. You saw the whole thing in front of your eyes.

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He said kind of Allah Hema Ara to Julio Alba who Allah Allah bestow.

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I did not ask for it because I want to wear it or I want to keep it I only asked for it because

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I want something that the process alum like to keep with me. So I will put it to my grave. I want to be shrouded in it when I put on my grave. So when I resurrect in the name of judgment, and then Mr. Solomon said and remember me bite

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And actually he died and he was buried with that shirt, the man whatever the mere config if he or euro he Elijah be familiar tequila HRSA Hello, Tara who either to whom with the hell Leland can cater to you. He wasn't a lady who was you know,

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the Prophet SAW Selim was describing this poetry. He when you you see him so happy as if he's receiving the guests and in reality you the one who asking him for the gift any you see how happy you are when you receive that how happy he is when he gives sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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That extra mile extra step. That's how our Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam was

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when in the B cell Allah and SLM received this huge amount of word after the war a lot of rewards. Mineral Anna and life you're going to confession he received about 24,000

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Yeah, and he kennels 24,000 between sheeps and cows and

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seven is 24,000 Sheep 7000 from that camels and large number of cows 24,000 Sheep 7000 camels and you know a large number of cows if you calculate this in modern days that's millions of dollars literally today

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you know, it is a huge amount of money

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so in Ibiza solemn just receive all of us then in the visa Salam all the sudden he said to those who knew Muslim who just became Muslim, Carla in the mannheimia Yeah, you take 100 camels? You have a Sofia and you take 100 you take 100 You and he distributed all then heck even his arm watching? And he said others? Then he said what about you? Yeah. Hakeem, what would you like to have? He said, What would you give me that nobody saw salon? Lucas, do you see this valley? Is it Yes, filled with sheep. You can see the end of the sheet, the number of chips that are so large, he's into all yours.

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He came back to his people said no, no, no, no, this man cannot be just a man this man is a prophet. He gives in a manner that he knows he will never be poor.

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Highlight now that you're thinking about my lecture, even though the process animals not rich man.

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That man behind him something more powerful than just a beans which is ALLAH SubhanA wa Anton.

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And he said yeah, Hakeem. Yeah, de la he and Ilya Konya. Dukkha here earlier, for in any other earlier Hi Ramona. Sophia, yeah, Hakeem always give all I have the upper hand. The upper hand is always better. Hakim said after that incident, I never asked a human being anything. I always the one who gives.

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Allah says in the Quran, when he could only wish her two who are more LEA or you will get an end

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or you will get in and Allah Subhana Allah said, for each, there is a direction

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which directions you are walking towards, in which direction you are in, listen to the next word for stebic will highlight then Allah subhanaw taala said basically, then he said so race to all that is good. Are you among the one who took the direction of competing and goodness and taking that extra mile during that extra effort? As Allah subhanho wa Taala said, One lady in tune

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to Apolo boo hoo Margiela and now whom you know Robbie Mahajan

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you can use your own Fe lukhanyo ra to

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be Akun learn who can live on Epson il WUSA the in kita

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people Bill help well whom love your wall and moon and assaulted me noon sorted the bill the believers and the who gave what they give while their hearts are fearful because they will be returned to the Lord. It is those who haste into good deeds

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and they outstrip others therein.

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And we change no soul or we know it. And we charge no Saul, except with that within its capacity. And with us is the record which is speaks with truth, and they will not be wronged

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The Day of Judgment that made the Sahaba or the Allah and the believers afterwards copy the footsteps of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Jaco hacerle the Allah and manifestor COVID dunya vanefist Seville

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woman fsfe do any kind of office, somebody compete with you under legend and righteousness compete with and if somebody compete with you in the dunya compete with them in the Arca

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Hello Hey, in this society Allah spoke in Allah He had testified make sure that there is no one will be ahead of you in the Day of Judgment.

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Look at your colleagues if you have one of your colleagues who prey on more family members, somebody you know, learn more, dedicate more time to the Quran compete with them

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if Allah gives you the ability to do so,

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one of my favorite all was you know Hadith in this regard when Abu Bakr al the Alon heard that the process I'm saying the gates have a the paradise have eight gates

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and some people will be called from the eight gates of paradise.

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So what are the alliances are welcome to the ask Can somebody call from the aid gets invited to intergender from the old gates and every guard of one of these gates will say come to my come to enter Paradise from my gate

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what a question

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then in the piece of Sun yes and you will be the one you will be among those people who will be invited to enter from any gates of paradise of the paradise

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I was wondering any Abubaker knows that you're going to enter from one gate is not like a leg from one gate and a hand from my he's going to enter is not going to in and out and in and out it's going to enter it eventually from one

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but he's aiming so high

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he taken that extra effort to be called to be to excel every every day to present a good deeds and one gate for charity one good for fasting those who excel in this area. He wants to excel in all of them so he will be invited from all eight gates

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compare this to us

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and if and tell you intergender yeah share yeah Annie I don't care and chalet I'm entitled Bob and now let me enter data from the window threw me a slide man underneath the gate. I'm happy you know, as long as the Enter but those that's not how Islam Islam teaches when you ask Allah paradise you don't just say oh Allah grant me paradise you say Allah how mine Yes, I know can feel dos Alana. I aim for the highest level and Paradise.

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They say

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aim for the moon because if you mess you're going to land on one of the stars

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that's how you should be always motivated. And when you look at oh my god Allah and Abu Bakar on Earth man unbelievable

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stories about them

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even outside of the Allah and his wife on the line and on the cinema and others the XL XL the Alana she was reference to all men in Medina when it comes to the knowledge of what the prophets of salaam life looked like. And Abu Musa actually said I found that anytime the Companions debate over an issue and they couldn't solve the debate found an answer they go to Asha for edge or in the hijab Baba wager in that Elma they will find an answer without Aisha it'll be Alana. And she's just a young woman at that time.

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And that spirit carried generations after generations one of her students is named Miss wrote.

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She sent in Nikka min Abner, you like one of my children.

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Mr. Roque named his daughter Aisha can lie and lie upon

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had been to Ash has a daughter is take like, I don't know if this is the right firm right way to say but like, favorite daughter.

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I don't know if there is a favor son or daughter but if there is That's his favorite one. Never said no to her. Upon his death. He was fasting. So the doctor said recommended to drink some water hydrate. He said no. He feels that that's at no point.

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When she came, he knew that she will ask him to break his heart. His smile and she said she smiled. She said you know what? I'm gonna ask you that. He said I know but why would you want me to break my fast?

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She caught it early drift Kavik

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Cara Wallahi Nelson Tullahoma is a new reader riff Kirby

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100k for Honda Pilot and kinda entity regenerative kabilio RIFF kabhi film and McDarrah comes in alpha Santa

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I know you asked me to break my fast today because you will make it easy for me today.

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But I'm fasting today because I want to make it easy for me in a day which is 50,000 years along the Day of Judgment.

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Mental Sanatana give that zeal and strength to take that extra mile

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you know Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless our deeds and our souls Akuto masala to Mustapha Allahu Allah

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via Vadhu about

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the power to do hard work is not a skill

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is the best possible substitute for it?

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We need to develop this desire for going that extra mile

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and remain conscious of one's progress and growth.

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Especially when there is opportunities.

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Just teach yourself maybe you cannot do this all the time. But there is opportunity come to you. Grab it, take advantage of it.

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Said he was the chair but I'm worried to be exhausted. You know what, let's rather I rather run the risk of wearing out then rusting out.

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And that's what happened we lost out.

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Always remember that he word that motivates you to go forward. Remember that this life is very short. And you didn't know when you're going to depart

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and your time is limited.

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Remember what's the purpose of your existence?

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Always look at models model those who are higher than you better than you in religion especially

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being accompany people who motivate you who inspire you to be better. Always say Allahumma Indiana the critical issue critical history Baladi ya Allah helped me to perfect your worship, to worship you perfectly. And to always remember you and to be always grateful to you take advantage of time location situations, whenever you are inspired by something take advantage of it. Learn how to take initiative don't overwhelm yourself

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when a man said yes I want to give all my money he said no, he's in half he said no, he said 1/3 He said I'm 30 is a lot but if you insist

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it's not about it's about that you know fire inside your heart.

00:22:43--> 00:22:51

Make sure that you take means that remind you encourage you some people you know they have sometimes a reminder

00:22:53--> 00:22:55

one brothers I know he has in his

00:22:57--> 00:23:07

wallet, do you know just a piece of paper always remind him to give sadaqa so every time he does it, remind him giving sign up, give some charity

00:23:08--> 00:23:12

you know reward yourself when you do something exceptional.

00:23:14--> 00:23:23

When you do something exceptional reward yourself. So you keep encouraging or others be aware of arrogance or showing off

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you know be consistence May Allah Subhana Allah these some tips and points hopefully will help us to be you know, to be able to change our attitude towards deen and towards dunya. towards life and towards next life. The to always keep ourselves it's not about being good. It's about being great. Not about just surviving. It's about thriving. It's not to aim love to em to the high. Now Allah subhanho data bless you and bless your family. Malice medalla make it easy for those who are suffering around the world. And Allah protect our brothers and sisters are suffering around the world especially our brothers and sisters in hodza Lahoma in Minnesota gather data really calm and

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in depth alone behaviorally, and duckula home video I attic went to me not all it him one two until I store our it on top of your other homage to our heroes of our home until another artist so era manga Muhammad Ali him. Allahu Mather Gerardo Ikram, the whole minion Soto McDormand Hodeida homie other Jana Liberty Karim La Mina said okay, yeah how you yaka yo and Tara and total Helen Muslim either must have Wi Fi and if you could Lima can Allah Mohammed must have Wi Fi and Shabbat the interview clearly McCann Aloha mullholland Mr. Lai Vienna if you couldn't be McCann, la Mora Maccabeus one any other Gerardo Quran? What are natural herbal fitna activated Muslimeen, obeying an

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scrm Botania Mohammed Rahimi Allah Masha Allah Ravana what her mo Tiana offered Lu Ali Dino Anza Ralina Baraka Tech alum and then Ahsoka Alpha Afia. What am I thought that that in dealing with dunya are malleable earlier word when we come in Charlotte Vita and him

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Alcohol I mean how am I ballpen well Lena here on our national honor modulator Muslim unit human half of COVID Tokico Salam wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali Welcome To The Summit Johan Kamala