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Salam aleikum, greetings of peace How you guys doing? Someone sent me this video and I want to respond to it, I thought it's very important. And I promise you, we can pick up some really good points on here some really good advice that can benefit everybody, Christian, Muslim, you name it. We're gonna watch this together. And again, this is not to make fun of anybody because there's a lot of people doing things like you're gonna be seeing this guy doing, you know, people doing jumping jacks for Jesus push ups for, you know, all sorts of things, in the name of God.

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I love you, God, I love you, God, for many people will benefit inshallah, from this, let's watch this. And then we'll go ahead and derive some benefits. Please excuse some of the noise in the background.

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Which is the word of God, Jesus Christ.

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we love you, God, for God.

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Okay, I think that's enough. I mean, the video continues to go on. But I think we get the point. Now, some people might be laughing when they see this. I mean, I really have a

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sad feeling in myself when I see things like this. And this is not putting anybody down. But these, this is the thing that I really want to leave you guys with the three components that are detrimental, that are extremely important that are necessary for someone to have success in this area of getting Uranus of getting closest to the creator to heavens and earth. One thing I want to mention is right off the bat, we love Jesus as Muslims, we love Jesus, you cannot be a Muslim Muslim, meaning one who has submitted his or her will to the Creator of the heavens and earth, worshiping one and only one God. Does that make sense. And a lot of times when you see this kind of

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stuff, you think, wow, this is what religion is about, you know, people, breakdancing, beatboxing, you know, doing these kind of things, because they lacked these three components. Now pay attention to these three components. I got that out of the way we love Jesus as a mighty messenger. But you have to know Jesus never said because that's that's the problem here people are mixing, you know, you hear him saying,

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you have God and then Jesus, but now they're mixing the two Jesus called people to worship God, he didn't call people to worship himself. So people, many people are misguided in this area and are confused. So we're doing this to get people out of the confusion. So let me be quick, I don't want to stay too long on this, but these three points are important. One is the right intention, you got to have the right intention. And then you have to have another component, you have to have the right knowledge. And then from there, you have to take the right course of action. Now imagine somebody sitting on his couch. And let me push these points and home so you can understand better the person

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wants to get to Philadelphia for examine it. For example, now the person, male or female, he or she's sitting at home, and they have a good intention, they want to get to Philadelphia, but they don't have the proper knowledge. So what's going to happen if you don't have the proper knowledge, and you get a ticket for Chicago, you might come see me here at the deed show. But you're not going to get to Philadelphia. So the person didn't didn't do the right homework and the right research based on knowledge and evidence to get the right ticket to get them to what to Philadelphia, now, the person might have the right intention. And they might have the right knowledge. But then that's

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useless. If they don't take the right course of action, you understand. So now they're sitting on their couch, and their feet are up and they have a will to get to God to get to the crater. Okay. And now they even how many people you know, they know, for example, that smoking is bad. But they continue smoking very simple example. So they didn't take the right action to get away from cigarettes. But now here, if you have the right knowledge, you got to have the right knowledge. You can't just expect to beatbox do push ups for God do in this case, the what's it called the pop locking and all this other stuff. You cannot expect to do what you like because you obviously like

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doing these things. So it's kind of like the old example, bringing a pound of sugar to a diabetic, right. I mean, what good is that for the diabetic? You know, why don't you find out really what for instance, you want someone to give you a gift you like you don't bring something that you like a candy bar and then the diabetic can eat it and then you eat it because you bought it because you liked it. So that's not being sincere, that's not being genuine. So we want to now take that to a higher level. You want to go and give. You want to find out what your Creator loves for you to do. What's beneficial for you? And that's what now the beauty of Islam, the beauty of Islam everything

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is laid out what the creator loves, what the creator hates. And all that is an act of worship. So now we had those three components, I wanted to leave you with the right intention and that intention is to what? To earn the blessing, the favor the mercy of God out of your deep love and reverence for God you do you want to worship Him, him and him, the creator alone is not a male or female. So you now got to get the right knowledge. And this is where people many people fail, you got to look for the evidence, right? You got to look. And right now today we have the living miracle, the ad and you have it everything tamper, pre tamper food, read the Quran, there's a whole chapter in the Quran

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named after Jesus, mother, Mary. And you have in this Quran, you have the whole blueprint for life, everything you need to know to be successful in this life and the hereafter Everything is there. Now once you get the right knowledge, you get the right knowledge. Now you got to act on that because how many people have accepted the truth but now they don't establish the prayer. For instance, in Islam five times a day, they don't pay this account, they don't fast during the month of Ramadan. These are all the things that we know 100% that this is what God Almighty legislated, that he is alone to be worshipped. This is the pure monotheism to tawheed that you don't worship anyone besides

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the Creator of the heavens and earth. And this is the same same message that Jesus peace be upon delivered in Moses and Abraham, all the messengers of God. They didn't deliver anything different from each other. It was all the same to philosophers can agree on one thing but these messengers did on the pure monotheism and a journey during Jesus's time, you have to not worship Him, no, wherever the Jesus claimed that he was God, the literal Son of God, but he called people to only worship the One God Almighty and Arabic Allah in Aramaic, Allah ha eloheem, the one God, and this is how you can be successful to start there. But all this pop lock, and breakdancing and all this stuff, this is

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not going to get you nearness to your Creator, you might like doing these things. And now you're trying to go ahead and throw this in the mix and right so we have to distinguish who Jesus was. And this is clear in Islam. Remember, Islam just means to, to submit your will to the Creator of the heavens and earth, Thy will be done. So right here this answer your question, it's not your will, because you might want to do these things. You think is fancy, acute feels good. You're going to the what the next man now going to the night club forgot the next man or woman, they're just making up things as they go and it becomes their way it's not God's way. It's your will not God's will. So

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this is very important. So those three points, very important that you have the right intention, that you have the right knowledge, that you know for sure, based on evidence that this is indeed what the creator wants me to do. And we have that in the Qur'an, verbatim Word of God and the authentic sayings, the tradition, the prophetic statements of the last and final mystery of sentimental kind, Prophet, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And then you got to take the action, you got to work. God Almighty tells you what to do. You got to do it, he don't need it, we need it. So I just wanted to quickly share that with you. And I and this is something that is

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tremendously important three these three points and we do this out of the love that God Almighty guides him you know, we pray for people like this for their guidance, and hopefully God one inshallah this can reach him and and hopefully people can really take the matter serious, and help us to really do what God wants us to do on his terms, and not our desires. Thank you very much. Subscribe if you haven't already, and hit the notification bell share this far and why support us on our Patreon page. And we'll see you next time here on the deen show. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum