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A very inspirational and motivational lecture from Sheikh Waleed Basyouni. This guy is so underrated and not recognised in the same way all the other ‘celebrity sheikhs’ are, but he should, because all of his lectures are all about optimism and inspiration.

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All praise dear to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters.

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Success is the sign of Muslim and this life is a goal that every Muslim won't achieve in a Naja Shia Muslim, in the Naja shadow Muslim, will have a foofy howdy dunya. Well,

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it is our goal in this word, the life and the next. It is our goal in this worldly life. And next, we hear the call to success every day in our life, not once, not twice, actually, minimum 15 times a day. You hear it, and according to some other have some school of thoughts among the Muslim jurists jurisprudence, a jurist they will say 20 times in the UK than in the economy, hey, alfalfa, hay alfalfa, in the horn, Indonesia on tomorrow, Hamsa Sharma, Barack Obama in

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extra extra min Daddy, internationally in America philleo me well, even

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if this doesn't mean anything to us as Muslims, that we caught, we hear the call to success every day, to be successful in this life, and to be successful in the hereafter as well from an inadequate agenda for podfest, the ultimate success to be saved from the Hellfire and to enter Paradise, that will be the ultimate success that a person with can ever achieve. But also you have to be a successful person in your life. You have to be a successful student in your study, you have to be a successful spouse, when it comes to your relationship with your spouse, we have to have a successful family, we have to have, as we have to be a successful father, a successful mother, a successful

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child, when it comes to adultery and a son. When it comes to our family relationships. You have to be a successful Dahlia in your call. And you shouldn't be a successful employee, a successful businessman, a successful whatever profession that you have in this life. Success shouldn't be something shouldn't be something we strive for in all our life, in all aspects of our life. And in this hotbar I would like to share with you some principles for success in order for you to be a successful person and who want to be a loser

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mentality read only akuna hasura kulu.

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Lucky Naja, also

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he had the hidden agenda, these principles of success, if you remember them, if you practice them, if you start now, not tomorrow, now not later on, I guarantee you inshallah Tada, that success will be something easy to be achieved. And you will not be among those who feel that they are losers, they now accomplished much in this life.

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first principle, I want to have him Abadi in a manual massage. After that, when abandoned when in fact valuable fashion, less than a duel in Naja Bell who assign your own One more.

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One of the first principle we should know, we should realize we should learn that the challenges in life, the difficulties that we see in our life, the mistakes we make in our life. And even when we fail sometimes this is it never was the enemy of success. It doesn't mean that you're not a successful person or a person cannot achieve success. As a matter of fact, these are these are elements to help you to achieve success. They meant by Allah subhanho wa Taala to make you grow strong, to make you able to learn from your mistakes out of from your failure from your hardship and to learn how to do better in the next time how to meet your challenges in a stronger way and to be

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able to overcome them. That's part of our believers Muslim. Introduce me Akita to assume that you will gemera Futaba Qatari and Allah Allah, Allah and in La highroller part of our belief that everything Allah decreed upon us something we like or we don't something it will be make our life easier or maybe putting us in a hardship. It's intend for you to

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Be to tend to be good for you. Allah subhanho wa Taala is the source of all goodness, he never intended evil was shoveled a 100 rupee a day subhanak The Evil will never be attributed to Allah subhana wa Taala. So whatever calamity, whatever hardship that you go through it, Allah subhanho wa Taala intend through it to make you stronger person to make you a better person. I always give this example of the most expensive piece of rock in the face of this big rock, the earth, which is the Black Diamond, and also one of the cheapest rock that you can ever find on the face of this earth. It will be charcoal, the charcoal in Allah, Allah God

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must have soda while hustle Ha.

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Rama and Mata Ki Bahama Mata Baba kimia a chemical is from a chemical perspective, they are exactly made from the same elements, the black diamond and the charcoal, the only different make this one is very expensive piece of rock. And the other one very cheap, is the structure of the Black Diamond different than the structure of charcoal, the structure of the Black Diamond made it equal to resist pressure versus the charcoal with any type of pressure, you will break it, you will basically destroy it versus the black dime. That's example exactly like you which one you would like to be, you would like to be to that one who resists pressure. So you will be valuable like the Black

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Diamond, or you want to be someone who cannot resist pressure cannot take challenges in life. So you will always live cheap, like the piece of charcoal, my brothers and sisters.

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challenges these difficulties in life, these mistakes that we do during the course of our life, if we take them in a positive manner, if we take them in a positive attitude, we will learn a lot from them, and would allow us to grow bigger and stronger, bigger and stronger. Once I read a story of a simple farmer had a empty well in his farm. And he had a very dear goat to him. It's like a pet for him and her for his first children. One day they got fall into the dry well, and it's a deep, quite deep one. And he thought that the goat is dead. So he decided to close the well and brought a lot of sand to basically bury the goat inside the well. And to put sand inside the wall solo and no one

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ever gets hurt again.

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And he starts shoveling with the dirt throwing it in the well. But the moment the sand hit the back of that goat the goat wasn't dead, was just fall unconscious. So waking up and realizing what happened that he burying the goat alive. So every time he would throw dirt on the back of that goat, the goat will shake it off, and we'll jump above the dirt and the same. And he keep throwing the dirt one after another and she shook it off. And she jumped over the dirt. Until all of a sudden he thought that he buried the goat. But indeed, he have risen the goat. The goat did not give up to that dirt that goes and fall on its back and try to bury their life. No, it actually used it to

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climb higher, and to survive. And that's the challenges of your life. If you let all these difficulties, all these problems in life, burying your life, you will be buried in the bottom of that well. But if you will take these challenges and use it in your advantage and use it to make you stronger to be a stronger person, I guarantee you, you will be in the top of your game. And you will be in the head of your life and in control of your life. Brothers and sisters, remember when you write when you write any airplanes, airplanes, they will never fly with the wind, the only fly against the wind. And that's what the only thing will allow you to grow and to fly high when you

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challenge these challenges in life and right these difficulties in life.

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Brothers and sisters.

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These difficulties as I said, it's always is an opportunity for us. I made one such short study about the most successful companies in the world. And there's one common factors between them. One common factors between them, actually, it can goes also to so many of the successful people in life. You will see that's all of them in the beginning of the life. They were born, they were initiated. This started in a time of difficulties in a time like we living in today where there is so much going on.

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Globally, so much going on in the world. And you think it's a very hard time to success for me as an individual, for me as a nation for me as a oma, as we talk about our community or national level internationally as a Muslim, but I believe there's so much opportunity for us out there. And believe me, Allah knows exactly how much pressure you can take. You tell a nurse Imani Allah subhanaw taala test people according to their ability to their Eman to their faith. Allah knows exactly how much you can take. And he gave you one step after another to make you grow stronger and bigger.

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So Principle number one, don't ever make the challenges and the difficulties of your life, a reason for you to quit, it's the reason for you to dig your heels in and to say I'll stand the course and I will push forward. Number two, success is based on what Allah have given about your ability to use what Allah has given your life. In manager.

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erotica is defined as a father to me and my wife. I met

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these talents that Allah subhanaw taala had given us Allah subhanaw taala said, What Allahu Allah Harajuku

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la, la Muna Shani. Gianna Kumu son,

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ADA, Allah brought you out of your mother rooms, no nothing, all of us equal to that.

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All of us. Do you think a person like me Mama Shafi or Mr. Malik, alima hanifa came out of his mother's womb saying Miss Ella, although Buhari came over from another mother room saying had definitely he came out of his mother's womb like you crying like you know nothing like you. Do you think almost successful people you name it in this world, in life or another came out of their mother rooms knows much they are we are restored exactly the same. What makes the different and what is going to happen next, Allah Subhana Allah said, I brought you out of your mother's womb, all of you knows nothing, I may give you the tools to acquire knowledge, I give you the tools to acquire

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success. I give you eyes, I give you ear, I give your heart I give you a sound mind. And it depends how much you're going to use it. All these talents that you have, are gifts from Allah to you, how you use it, how you use it, it is your gift back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. There are so many of us gifted, there are so many of us gifted. But unfortunately, so many of us, we have not opened our packages yet.

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My brothers and sisters,

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one of also the verses that I like to always share in regard to this point, using your gift, what Allah subhanaw taala said about Adam, when the angel said Why would you create what do you put him in the earth? They will fight one another? What was the response of Las panatela to the angels? He said about you, about you human about us? He said in the moment, I know what you don't know. That's why I always believe in you. And you should always believe in yourself the ability to achieve great success in this dunya and that's what Allah said, I know about them what you don't know, I know that they can achieve so much, even though they might you might think yourself limited with so many

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obstacles or maybe limited with so many challenges of life. Number three, success is based cheer is based on a very important concept. We call it an exam in management permit on demand.

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You will need to do them that we need to do something not only good, but great. There is a big difference between the two attitude. I just want to be good. I just want to be a good husband. I just want to be a good students. I just want to be a good basically, businessman, I want to be a good must you want to be good or do you want to be a great.

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That's a big difference between the two attitude, success and depends depends on depends on your ability to do more than just good enough. The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. Now what if differentiate between success and failure in the law in our lives, those who have their son, Allah subhana wa sallam said in the law catabolic Santa Ana cliche. Allah prescribed a son to do things in a perfect manner, in a great way to do to the maximum of your ability. Don't slack

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Don't let things go Don't say you know, and I'm not gonna do it to be 100% 50% is good No, that's not the attitude of the Muslim and that not are the attitude of those who want to achieve success. A commit a commitment to excellence that will enable you to attain the success you seek my brothers and sisters. That's why even in salaat what a lot talk about the salon he put the highest standard. After the honeymoon and Medina home fee Salatin Hershey road, you achieved the highest level of assurance in the salaat.

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One of the meaning of being great, and a sign in your work, the ability to focus, don't be all over the place. Focus because that will enable you to achieve excellence in your work. One of it is to be specialized. That's super amendment mentality doesn't work in the madman exam at the hustles a turkeys alpha versus alpha Allah, Allah Dhawan

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also the ability to continue continuously doing the thing.

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And Naja Cardenas suburb,

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a suburb

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and a comfy MCI a suburb your typical walk, lit escape

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a suburb of Casa

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de terre Sora kameena, llama, Mota, ajilon, poseur another a server, you

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can use dd dd NTP will also in an incentive who's in the Latina moosonee hat, what are so will help What are also the saga

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in Amman, Nasir Masada, the prophets of Salaam said, victory will be achieved with sub being patient, while also the insanity of your host all of you losers except those have good faith, good deeds remind each other with the help and they remind each other to be patient. being patient will give you the ability to have self control. If you have suberb, it will give you the time to think before you act. If you have suffered, it will make you a person see the big picture not to rush to a decision in life. Just because you see, yeah. And you have a short video. A sub one of the meaning the beautiful meaning of sub it means your ability to adjust to the new situation, to adjust

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yourself to the new situation to love what's happening, if what you wish or you want didn't happen to you.

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brothers sisters, the next principle is has to do with your attitude with life. Indiana, Josh murtabak on Vittoria

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America man had, it all depends about your attitude towards life. The big things is not what happened. What happens to us in life, but what we do about what happened to us in life? That's the big question that you ask yourself. It's all about your attitude, how you deal how you deal with life, how you deal with the thing that goes or happen to you in your daily life. The most important question to ask on the job. When some brother told me shareholding I'm thinking about taking this job taking this career taking this path versus what do you think? I see. When you go to interview what you ask most of the people and think about job about career in life, they only think about what

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they're going to get. Okay, what are you going to be able, and I think the best things is not not the most important to us what I am getting from this career, not what I'm getting from this path or from this job. I think the most important question to ask yourself, What am I becoming? If I choose this path, what I will be if I choose this path, something to think about this the attitude of a successful people, I pity. I pity the man who inherit millions of dollars, but he isn't a millionaire. There is people that wealth grow,

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their information grow.

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They never grow themselves as people. They don't grow as humans.

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That's why positive positive mental attitude is one of the most important element and success in life. focus in what you are good at, not what the thing that you don't know how to do it good. focus on building not destroying, focusing in providing solution not only criticizing the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us about this he said, Man, Allah Allah canice for who

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were very

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lucky or unlucky. Yeah, and he the first one it means if you all people bad, you the worst

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The Prophet sallahu wa sallam, and if you say all people bad, you really make them back. It's all about your attitude how you see life how you see people.

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One of the principal also, I would like to remind myself on my brother and sisters about it, that success will not be achieved by words. In manager

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Lenny de la bitterman

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amiata Faria isolator, Lenten, Jin Amira and Naja success will not be ever achieved by your dreams, by your wishes, by your words, by your thoughts. success comes before work only in the dictionary. success comes before work only in the dictionary, not in the life, real life success will only achieve after hard work. You have to be brave. You have to be very brave, you have to challenge yourself, you have to trust yourself. Always. I always tell those people who said I'm not have that courage to talk about, I always say conquer your fear, by your actions by your action

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to just what others say you can do. And you will never pay attention again, to the limitation that they put for you.

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Just two days ago, I went to the friend here in Malaysia, to one of the islands managing when we like in the boat go into the island was asking myself where we going I lost sight of the shore. And it's just an open ocean. And finally we arrived this beautiful island. Beautiful place. And I said to myself, if people like me in the beginning, always afraid to lose sight of the show. We will never discover new places we will never discover beautiful places can be a destination for so many people to go into themselves. Those who speaks a lot and talk little those who only cares about the outside those who talk about titles and they don't care about real actions. How do I live enough

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ethically Monica Tirana, aka Lena

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Dunham annual aloha serene,

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as a matter of me

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mean Matter of fact, this is disease in Islam, defined clearly in the Quran as a hypocrisy, hypocrisy.

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brothers sisters, you cannot ever build reputation in what you are going to do. You can't you only build your reputation on what you have done. According to Mustapha law

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at hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Milena be about the whole that

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I know this audience there are so many young people, students pursuing knowledge.

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And that's why it is very important for you to know what are the principles in life

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you know, in universities, we study then we take we learn then we take tests, but outside the wall of the universities, we take tests then we learn in real life,

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success in their life, in real life,

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or success in life in general. Based on your ability to plan very well. at the table Jade,

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our Milena Jacqueline Hart, good planning, it is something very essential to achieve success

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and good planning it means you know where exactly you want to go. What exactly you want to be. Don't waste so many years of your life and you don't know what you want to be. It's about time now to pause maybe after this look but say what I want to achieve. And in order for you to know where do you want to go? You need to know where you stand. There is point A and point B I notice in my life a lot of people they don't know where they stand they don't even know what's point A

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and I'm not even talking about point B yet. Then after that you need to define how you can achieve point B

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good planning it means your ability to give yourself multiple choices how you achieve your goal a little j yet Ahmed Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah

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Allah Allah Felicia terracotta wahida attempted to say, Allah Masha, Allah boo.

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All this principle your ability to put your priorities to be clear and have a clear vision, the right timing console

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thing will allow you to plan perfectly.

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brothers and sister if you don't know where you are going, then most likely you will end up somewhere else. As easy as that as simple as that.

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Look at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam planning for planning for his data. You want to be successful even in your relationship with the Quran you want to enjoy ramadan ramadan is coming soon.

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Have you wrote what is our Have you have a plan for how this Ramadan will be different than any other amount in your life? Did you ever thought about dealing with Ramadan with this attitude you want to be successful Ramadan, apply this put a plan say I want to achieve in Ramadan 123 goals and I'm going to achieve them from one to three methods. Put applying don't just wait until Hey, tomorrow's Ramadan Mashallah let's go pray.

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And that's about it. You want to be successful planning to the thing before you act. Also, one of the things that helps you a lot to be successful in your life to choose a good role model.

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And there is nothing better than Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to be our role model,

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the modeling those who are already successful, it will give you the sense of

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probability. And it's not also a bad idea to have other role models. That's why the Sahaba role models, the NBR role models, the successful people will models for you in your life and so on.

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And also one of the principal I would like to say

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have self confidence, self assurance, the greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure

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to wish you or someone else this is such a waste, because you wasting the person you are you cannot be better than you who you are. That's why Believe in yourself, have confidence in yourself and walk with your head up Hi, no arrogance, but with confidence. My brothers and sisters,

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so many marriages I so fall apart because there is no self confidence in both sides. So many business fall apart because the person who started have no confidence so many students didn't achieve success because they have no self confidence.

00:27:31--> 00:27:36

And the last principle that I want to share and that will make 10 of them. I want you to know the success

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is a man or woman I mean a lot of soldier. Success is a is a bounty from Allah bestowed upon you. It's a gift from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to you will not be commitment in criminal law. Any success to achieve it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam, don't be like our own in

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India, I got all this wealth because I'm so smart. I'm so good. No, that's not. That's how success achieved success always by returning to Las Vegas and thanking him when in Chicago as he didn't know. If you are thankful to me, I will give you more.

00:28:14--> 00:28:22

brothers and sister turn to Allah, the One who grants success and ask him for more success to you for you and your life.

00:28:23--> 00:29:16

In the end, I would like to say, I really believe in you. I've seen your country I've visited so far part of your university and I see a shining face in this gathering beautiful faces Mashallah folding shala with the man. And I wanted you to know that me personally, I believe in you. I believe you can be the successful students that you want to be the successful spouse, that you should be a successful parents, a successful businessman, a successful engineer, a successful scholar, I believe that you will succeed in facing all the challenges that you're facing today in your life. I believe that you can overcome all difficulties in your life today. I believe that you can change things

00:29:16--> 00:29:59

around from today on. I believe the Can you can win the blessings of your parents. I believe that you can marry the one that you wish and you love. I believe that you can change your bad habits and quite the bad habits that you are entitled to. I believe that you can successfully memorize the Quran successfully be among those familia milele every night. I believe that you can achieve the success that you wish which is the greatest success ever, which is to be among the people of gender. What you need to do. Go plan for success. act towards it with full confidence in what Allah

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panna cotta Allah has blessed you with and remember that only dead fish swim with the stream

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alarm in your cell okay? You enter zocaloans

00:30:15--> 00:30:18

alarming news okay other generally will echo interferon as

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well Winchester on takahama farfara lamalfa Atlanta Napa Domino mahana melanoma, sadhana, oma Antara movie Mina until mocha de mas que la ilaha illa Anta sapan Akina kingdomino body me a lot of mania silica gel it will rock and

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rock metal indikatoren behala home what

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is one two of our Dr. Mori how to heal Villa de la que la jolla alarming Yes sir. Okay other jewelry calm. Hello lot of men Yes. Okay. Are you lemania siliceous medical personnel sabbatical ruler and

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a lot of my inner circle who de la Vina artina fusina taqwa was a woman's aka Antonio Mola Allahumma aka generally calm and toliara machine if you want to see

00:31:22--> 00:31:23

him physically McCann

00:31:25--> 00:31:27

from Alabama Florida Valentina.

00:31:28--> 00:31:46

Amata Alma FRELIMO Tana alma mater, Motorola, moto blah, blah, blah even walk to the Niger Delta lala land Jimmy amfi dunya la Sierra de la mirada Mohammed Mohammed k masala tada Ibrahima in Academy de Mogi Boku

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