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AI: Summary © The importance of small and small deeds in life is discussed, along with the need for a strong attitude when facing challenges and the importance of creating a culture of caring about small things, such as decorating. The transcript also touches on a video about a woman who caused chaos at a hotel and the importance of creating a culture of caring about small things, such as her actions and words. The segment also touches on the impact of small things on people's mental health and relationships, and encourages them to be consistent with small things and not give themselves too much attention.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Mala Nebia by the Hoonah Vienna Muhammad sinuata early or Sahibi was salam, ala Houma to Sleeman, Kathira and my bad, all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the Day of Judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, enjoy the little things in life.

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For one day, you will look back and realize they were the big things.

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When I read this first time, this code and the first time it really stuck with me. And the more I think about it, I see it makes a lot of sense.

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These little things in life, when you look back at it, later on, you will find them that they are big things and meant a lot for you. So matter of fact, it's interesting. When you usually try to remember things, you always remember small little things like a moments, you remember a specific incidents, even the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu sometimes when they try to have a moment of nostalgia, they will mention little small things. He held my hands on alladia salah, he put here basically patting me on my back, Salah is Allah He came in, he hugged me from behind me, these little things meant a lot to them that after decades, they still remember

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come. And in many different areas. This issue is not in one aspects of life.

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And I want to talk today about how important it is to care about these things. That might be called small or little but indeed they are not. They mean a lot and they can add up to be something very great. Come out in a salon Romina Zulu boom, rotted Zulu either to man Allah Allah Abdul Malik Anna who come up call and abuse or Salam. For in us Allah Iran Hassan Assad, either terminal Illa Abdi and Jaina who yarmulke Yama as the small sons and minor sins. When you collect so many of them the prophets are solid said it will take you straight to hellfire.

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And the other hand also we understand from the same Hadith. We understand that also these little small good deeds that you do every day and you accumulate them it will save you in the day of judgment and it will raise your level in Jannah pile individual Salam Elif Lam Meem be Cooley how finacially Hasina la Apollo Alif Lam Meem health well I can elephant health when I'm on hard for me human health eleff Law mean that's 30 Hassan uses small things but it matters it adds up quickly. So when Yeti is Hala theme Apple lab, Imam

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Hubbell Abdullah hidden Mr. Ghana the Allahu wa jal mandala Raju Anna healthier

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for Sinatra who Sinatra to hula hula halwa, Robert Northam got a poor person who's blind. So Robbie, his wife was making food and like some dessert or cake for him.

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Then Robert, when he took the sweet he started making sure it looks nice and fits perfect and everything looks good.

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For Connington Molotow who I am What are you doing his blind? Why do you care about decorating it so much? Paula kin Allah ha yes no era?

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Yes, he might not see but Allah does that little things, even to the extent that he making sure that this is presented in the most perfect way. It shows a sense of attitude.

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And that's why my brother and sisters success in general, is the sum of a lot of small things been done correctly.

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The true people who achieved success in life and they achieve excellence in big things are the people who develop the habit in little you know matters because excellency is not an exceptional Excellency and success is that he

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Zolt have the habit of caring about doing things correct and doing things in the best way. Developing that habit is so important. Having that attitude. It is so important for us as Muslims. And if we look at our religion and way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you will see that this is something that the Shediac cared for it so much, and it's very interesting. And we look at the model for us, which is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Look, for example, cannot eat an adult who Raju SallAllahu Sallam Lal Tuffy to La he suddenly Belial tivity relay he besonderer SallAllahu sallam. When someone called the prophets of salaam he will not just say yes like this and

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turn his cheek. He will turn his whole chest to basically be in front of the person and talk to him.

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A lot of things but it matters. It shows how much he cares salatu salam when some Salah Salem Shake somebody's hand cannula true Creator Rajamouli Hatay. Hakuna Willa theatrical Awada when you shake somebody's hand you will not leave somebody's hands until the person leaves first. Today you got lucky if you got even a shake hand you're lucky if you got an eye contact for you know three seconds. Yeah.

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And he's like already gone over to give you like the tip of his finger.

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It just not paying that attention to you when he gives you how many times the Sahaba said the first thing they saw the pros when they saw the process on him every time not one not occasionally not rarely, every time you practice him you smile at them so a lot is a limb when he speaks to someone Salah Salem and someone speaks to him he will never cut that person off. He will wait until the finish the person finished completely. And he said even to the gallery Dublin Marina which is for ANA the Luma pilot, I believe are you finished?

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Making sure that he's not going to interrupt the person in front of him. You're going to Ben gerade had Destiny APA

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and the who called in originally you had this in you will Hadith first me Rhoda. Who can you? Oh well Amara estimated Hadith. Well, Anna submitted to Coppola, Newland.

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I thought I'm gonna be on my back. And that's the Tobia of the companions. He's a student of an ibis. He said, a young man will come and narrate for me a hadith and I will listen to it so attentively, as if I am Yanni listening to it the first time I heard this hadith before this young man was even born.

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But that's how the Tobia that's how the etiquettes that how that the care about these small things, and indeed or not. So surely I said when someone gives you salaam, it is in Islam, it is an obligatory on YouTube, and total Debbie Metheny how Asad Amina and he somebody said What's why the Allah Subhana Allah Allah above his throne cares about when someone greed you how you respond.

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He said you respond equal or more, not less. And if I said to you As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah you can say welcome. Some

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have to say why they come with cinema Rahmatullah or you add or Baraka. That's why sometimes they get a little bit annoyed and email somebody. I said, I'm on a coma Rahmatullah what I got. Now I have to write.

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It's too long to write. take too much time. But I have to

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that so come up with a technical Asara masala Anisha manpower.

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So the point is that Allah cares about this that's to me that's making sure that we care about these things. On a Nabi SallAllahu Sallam let Anna Justinian do natality Huma became Leia isn't that even Massoud was say when three people together they should not to have them talk to each other and privately and the third person left out why because that will make that person feel bad

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and matter

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and it's a sin

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and it's not just an easy thing no a Sharia have ruled about it.

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Kind of newbies or sudden them either during your time, or put them at a hotel I'm Leia Eboo. Aveda

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he will never criticize the food that was made for him or brought to him.

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And, you know, I don't like it. It's bad. That's our kids. Unfortunately, we not caring about even these little small kids and older. Making these kind of comments. No, the person would never criticize the food that provided them either Shehu Akella were either LM yesterday Tanaka if he desired you will eat it up

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Otherwise he will sit down I'm not interested in eating

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you according to visa Salam either at Ah ha

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ha d mu B plan

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for Illa mutually Suma fell you now will look mutton oh look methane video via for inner who who are lady, while you're Hawa who had Hana or with HANA. He says also, if you have a servant who made food for you and embroider to you, either you let that servant sit and eat with you, or do you give him some from the food and the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and in the narration in southern New magia. He said, because that servant is the one who cook it, who dealt with the fire dealt with the heat, and with all the effort at least give him some see that thing should not go unnoticed. Even though he's your servant.

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That you make sure that you give the person you share with the person the food

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and maybe salsa lamb praying. And he said, I will pray and my intention to have a good long prayer. But I hear the child crying in the back of the Messenger SAW will make the solar so short.

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Why? Because his mum worry about him because the child is looking for his mother.

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A little boy he passed by and he said Yeah, I bet my father knew what happened to your little bird to your pet. He cared not only about him, but about his pet. And what happened to his pet that he cared about these small things. So Allah they were it was salam

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Minal Agia Hadith Abdullah he was featured in episode

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three Muslim and then Nabil Salah Salem can either can the Abdullah and Mr. PBT told Mr. So something very interesting notice something small but meant a lot that he documented this for us in the Sunnah. He said I invited the person to my house so I brought him food and I bought them date so while he's eating we eating all of us have like one plate of date any more fee

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for Canon Nabil Salam when he takes the date and he want to spit the seed How would he do it so Salam can call up the Lord for a two year Noah commission it'd be they would for you it Allah Allah hurry Eddie Yajima obaidul Gustavus Ababa yet I don't know how they have that the problem when you take the the seeds out, he will put it in the top on the back of his two fingers, the middle and the index finger why? So he when he will take it with his tip of his finger like that. Then he read put his finger to the date that will be not something you know, acceptable by the people is to for the hygiene to making sure that his whatever to touch his saliva or mouth even though it's the most

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purest, lacking he teaches the Ummah the etiquettes.

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Caring about these small little things, I'm delighted Mr. Set, then we give him food drinks and he's also let him drink water then we me and my father walked him out and he said yes Allah make dua for us and he made dua for us.

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Canada visa my father he met up with Aisha Mara, and Ashima had been nebi Salah Minaj actually they've never seen anyone resemble the prophets of salaam more than Fatima has daughter. But look at the small things Otakon when she comes in, he will stand up for her and he will hug her kiss her and he will let her sit

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in his place. Yeah Gumi below.

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We would love to have you mechanic

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shuffle ECAM live into Salalah is just make her so special.

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When he got something a gift

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Sallalahu and you will do the same to him selasa

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that means a lot to your father that small thing but it means a lot to your father to you learn from both sides.

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She will kiss her father she will say no you said to my place that my spot

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Yeah, Muhammad. He got a gift like a nice piece of cloth cloth. And he said what is allotted allotted This is a lot of girl OTBI moolah was carried and in maybe some brought her and he said he put around her she said Oh that would be nice thing for your mom to make a dress for you. It has like Red Lions and green lions and it was colorful. Then he said to her how the Sanaya Omaha pilot gave her a nickname and he said said

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Now what Cena means center is not an Arabic word heavy Kenny muhabba Shia mana Jamil. It's an pacinian language he said this is beautiful. Why? Because a Muhammad this little girl born and raised in a Persia on the Sahaba were an embassy Nia so she's she knows that's her language. She knows it he's speaking her language that she can relate to

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these small little things makes a huge difference and relationships

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huge difference with your family with your children with your wife with your husband, with your community

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at work you know even the little things like there is a study shows when people go buy a car you know what most people look for a car A study shows that most of the people will buy the car after the see the malls the smaller the things the cup holder the light that comes on the change of the color you know, the word doubt looks like this no small things make a big huge difference. More than the engine

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and the safety feature sometimes, you know, even in decoration small little things matter.

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People come to the message here and to me Sure, I love your message I said Zack Elia he said mashallah nobody leaves shoes at the you know, right at where we get out, but what about the footwear heavy

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Quran that's what I love the shoes. I love the bathroom. But that's that's true. A lot of things makes huge difference.

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And caring for it. It makes a big huge impact in people's life.

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Even little gifts means a lot

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many times more impactful and more powerful than big ones.

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mellowest hydrolase Xena Haluk I know your husband Elena, we're gonna hustle and hood up they will call you and analysts alone

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him that allows Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was the woman wherever

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I wanted to be more specific about small things matter

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in the messenger to

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smiling at someone passing by you.

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You know,

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not cutting someone out in the parking lot.

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giving someone an opportunity to go

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not pushing the parking lot guy on he said, Hey, please go there, even if you don't agree with him. But you know, it's not gonna harm me. But I will be you know, I can talk about it later. But I will respect that the line behind me just being patient with others not being wasteful.

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Also, one of the thing is, you know, means a lot when we have a guest, and somebody comes in he say when I traveled to muster, and somebody comes Hey, Sarika What's your name? Thank you. Your hope was good. I really benefited from your hotbar

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or somebody, Hey, you lost hope. Oh, by the way, that was very good. I learned this. I share this with my family. These things makes huge impact on people's

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And it developing a habit of goodness. And a good connection. Good attitude. Good luck.

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You know,

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last week, we had guests and the mustard

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coming from overseas, Muslims and non Muslims.

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And as much as I was so happy because they were so proud. They told me this is the best mustard we've been to and there's so many good compliments. As much as I was so happy with that. I was also in the pain

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last week,

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even though I'm paying with this for a while, but last week really hurts me the most. Because it's not only in house, this is now

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Afghani visitors coming

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in the salon, the salon, were amazed by how quiet you guys are.

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The moods that somebody got this turned to be like, you know, marketplace.

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Fish Market.

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And that's not acceptable.

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I am the same person who was talking in the member who was talking under microphone.

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I stopped my evil twin.

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That's me.

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I'm talking telling Hey, by the way they have theirs 123 You don't want to hear the announcement. It's up to you. You can go but he don't have the right to talk while I'm talking.

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That's more things matter.

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You don't have the right to be talking and the echo of your voice going wild. There's somebody trying to pray there sooner.

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That's not correct

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and I think that we need to be more responsible about these small things because that what's really sometimes shape who you are as a community

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is we care about not to leave a shoes I don't think somebody died if we're going to leave one single shoes in front of the masala but it does because we all do that it became look nice we look it's safe for everybody those who are you know want to get out quickly somebody handicap you know, same thing

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I would just want to make a rule that we all agree upon. There is no more talking raising voice inside the Salah prayer area after Salah you want to talk when you will reach to where the shoes area is, talk as much as you want.

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And here it is completely soft. Some people like me, I'm by nature loud person.

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So we try to, to minimize this to the minimum. And especially when the announcement make because it's really feel so bad. I wish

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I can do that. But I feel embarrassed. All the people always see them talking one day I asked him to do the announcement, you're reading and everybody's like

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talking or like not giving you attention.

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So these little things also matter in the mustard. And we cannot live like double life. We should be consistent in our

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these areas.

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Why little things matter? Because it means that if you care about the small things you will care about the big things. And also when you care about those things when it comes to dealing with people. It means that you really care about that person, respect that person. Things really don't matter what matters is people.

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So I asked Allah subhanaw taala to do was make us among, I'm not aiming for basics. I consider us as a community a role model. And I will hold ourselves to the highest standard. That's I'm very open about this and talking about it like this with you guys. And I will not get tired from reminding and I have nothing like 100 I love each and every one of you the most. I think we're the one of the best community ever seen in my life. But you know what, that's how it goes. We push each other and I will highly recommend you to listen to my list second hotbar online because of my alert my second football talk is in details about some of the evidence related to that issue of the ruling of

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talking in the mussten raising voice in the mustard and I highly recommend you to listen to it online.

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To kind of complete one another to do we have a shortage of Imam so I'm giving the two hookless 100 Allah Allahu molfetta Not him know if you know if I didn't know I could have Newsela now Allah Minister look at who doubt to our alpha for Rena, fill in our hand no Ivanoff I know I know Ali DNA and Muslim you know Muslim. I mean, you may not even know what I'm white or SallAllahu wasallam and Anabaena Muhammad Ali Surah


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