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Allah we ask you why your names and attributes to bless us to bless our families to bless our wealth, to bless our health and to bless our community. Yeah Allah we ask you to forgive us our sins you forgive our sins y'all I'm forgive our sins, not forgive whatever we did in public or in secret, whatever we did in the past, or it might happen from us in the future. You're up we asked you to protect us from our sins and from the evilness of it. And the evilness of our souls Yara, we asked you to protect for us from all evil. Yana we asked you to protect us from this pandemic. Allow me to personalize your question protect our homes ourselves or wealth from each other generally, it can

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bring a quick and swift and complete relief to the world from A to camera human yard of the other general economic the outcome of it is better for all of us. Yeah, Allah we ask you your law not to punish us for what ignorance among us have done. There are law forgive our parents, your law, forgive our parents, raise their levels and do not to name make us with them. And for those Illallah Muhammad, Allah who made out of our parents and four grandparents and all our relatives, our spouses, our children, our offsprings your allow, we ask you to forgive all of them, our relatives, our in laws, or friends and family members, and those who ask us to pray for them, or those who have

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rights upon us who have done favor to us, Yara I asked you by your names and attributes to forgive them and to forbid the Hellfire to touch them and to touch RCR Amara I mean yeah Allah we asked you to heal the sick and to shower the dead with your mercy yeah Allah have mercy on them and on us on we are on their place. Your Allah we ask you your hammer, rahimian yada yada yada yada, yada Crump to help us to witness little cuddle. Your help us to worship you and to remember you and to pray to you. And to do all activities only for you, your family. Your help us against ourselves. Yeah, to help us administer ourselves. Yeah, help us against ourselves. Yeah, yeah, you can you Yes.

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Yeah, make good deeds easy for us to do. Yeah. Make faith and righteousness, something loved by our hearts. In the hearts of our family members. You're not like me, and make sense and colorful and shirt and hypocrisy. Something hated by us. Something hated by our hearts in the hearts of our family members. Y'all come along, I mean, protect us and all of them from the Phaeton from the bad trials. Y'all. Let us hold into Islam until we die. make the best of our days, the ends of our days. make the best of our deeds, the last deeds of our life. Make us the best ever day in our life. The day when we meet you, when you are pleased with us. yamawaki mean, make us among those who you will

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create the mood center in the day of judgment and did not deny your the company who sell Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. lahoma we know that our deeds are not that great. But we know that your mercy is the greatest. We know that our deed is not more sufficient. We know that our sin has so many. But there is nothing is too much for you. There is nothing it's called too many for you. You already have the biggest and the widest and the greatest mercy of all. So you're showering us with Your mercy on me. Shower us with Your mercy on me. Lamarr McCabe no humba no autopsy on

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me long enough to know the becoming enough. Jennifer dounia Hassan Hassan Hakuna now. Salaam was eliminated