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hamdu Lillahi wa hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy woman WADA woebot All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters are Abu Huraira Terrell the Allahu Anhu Annie Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the who call Let me kill them for the MADI Eleuthera ratha a sub memorium Warsaw Hebrew Jurij what can draw you June raw Jhulan Vida

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what can it tell her the Salma attend you saw the fee how it happened. That interview SallAllahu sallam said three people only spoke while they were still infants and among them Jurij al Abbot and Rachel Abbott was an avid worshiper during the time of the children of Israel, who have an isolated place where he goes and he prays and he dedicated his time to prayer and to worship. Then one day I tend to move Oh, you will suddenly find out that for whoever solid god you're a be oh me. I'm sadati

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you're a boo me I'm salotti fella. Mujib, how a criminal salata fund sort of it for the majority in Nevada to a whole solely for Karla Rob Omnium. Sarathi from YouTube. His mother came to him one day and he was praying she call him and during the Salah, he said, Oh my lord, should I continue my salah and answer your call? Or should I answer my mother's call?

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And basically break the salah. He didn't answer her. She left second day the same thing. She got mad because every time she looking for him, she found him playing games now he was found him what? Praying, okay, and he's not sleeping. He's praying so she was so angry at him. And she said, Allah Humala to meet her tambura ADA will do Hill movie set. You're up here like so did he get in like this and he doesn't want to see anyone make him never die and tell he see with his own heart with his own eyes, the

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and he did with them.

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That's supposed to be any very strong throughout.

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Today people download app to see these which faces

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to follow them and to follow their lifestyle for you to see the faces in the live and the people of indecency and the people of fascia, Heather adapt 15 vivatic

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So anyway, she said this against the masala Nazjatar Karuna fie wa ne Qalamoun efficient and Ey by dirty Hector Bella vida. Alikum Ratan believe in Beni Surah

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Furqan Toluna Jurij. Aveda, left tienen Hulagu

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talking about how avid worshipper he is is a very high reputation. So a woman who is known to be a prostitute and she is very beautiful, attractive. She said oh show you. You think that this man is untouchable. He is like so dedicated to his Lord Asha like any other man I can take over his heart.

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She came to him in his isolated place in his play place of worship. Without Allah level with a cache of it. She tried to show some of her beauty she started like revealing herself trying to seduce him to call for Allah Hema at the hijab on her ambition.

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I don't know what's this man is a human being on on rock, no feelings. She was so frustrated because everybody was laughing at her after she came back disappointed. She couldn't do anything to him. She couldn't seduce him. And he told me he told you. Then she went and she fornicated with a man

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and she got pregnant. And when she delivered the baby, she intentionally did that. Because she wants to claim that she did that with July July but and this is his boy.

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And when the people heard that about him, she came crying. She said he raped me. I came

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to counsel him or whatever, you know, I was with him and he raped me and now this is his baby.

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I basically accused him and unfortunately, there's so many lessons in the story but I might focus on one area only. So anyway they were so angry at him for holy boy Allah Allah Muhammad tuba Zina harder wallet, Allah de manera Eman for her musoma Atta who wa Baraboo for Karna Masha Nukem they drag him out the beat him up, he doesn't even know what's happening. This is why you're doing all this and they burn his place of worship. Because you're like, you know, bad example for those who claim to be religious, but they're using their religion to you know, fulfill their desires anyway. Then they said you did that with a woman and this is your child.

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Why would she lie and people saw her coming to your place that day. thing he said call that Rooney Salyer A B before you kill me or do anything to me, hello universe. So Lily Laura Catherine Avila coalition. He prayed to rock out with that Allah fie celerity and you'll be the hula. He prayed Allah subhanaw taala in the Salah that Allah save him. Then after he finished he said show me the boy. Kinda alone is sabe Fatah NFE Jim de Bihar Surah TBS by Wirkkala hula men a book for Colin hula abou your OB arrive when done.

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It came to the boy and he tapped the boys sides with his finger and he said Who's your father? And the infant is newborn spoke and said my father is so unsettled the farmer.

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Father yoke up below Nahuatl masu in a bit, we will come to an end who originally they start crying and regretting what they did to Dr. Jill Abbott and he kissed his hand or to kiss his feet they said we're gonna we know what we building it to your back your place of worship, and we put a dominant top of it made of pure gold to honor you. And he said no, Kala only to have the hubba can redeem your balloon samatha Carla I do happy and and can mechanic. Just put it back the way it was. I don't need anything from you.

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A solid

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is the one thing that you turn to in a time of calamity

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and a time of hardship. When you seek protections, when you seek help. When you see when you don't see a door open for you. When you see things tight.

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When you want to be truly connected to Allah, a Salah is the thing that you run to

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and that's something known among the people of faith through generations. And definitely something well established our religion as Muslims as it Nabi SallAllahu Sallam himself is the role model for us can either hazard or who am hella in a solid when things of concern to the Prophet SAW Salem, who were rushed to the Salah, sallAllahu wasallam

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a solid, something so valuable and it has very high status in the heart and the mind of Muslims that comes before everything and above everything and before everything

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in their lives

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and that's how it was

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a Salah something so sweet. So beautiful. A protections a refill of your Eman an inspiration a connections a purification.

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See the Tamala G.

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the ordinary man once asked I shall have the Alana So Anna geven interesting question. cannula Isha had defini and JB che are at fie salata. nebi salah,

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he said Yeah, can you tell me about something so unique, something an incident or something happen, any when it comes to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in relation to Salah. Something that you witnessed and it was very special incident.

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For Beckett. She start

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her talk

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with tears coming down from her eyes.

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And you know that what's coming is heavy.

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You know that what's coming is something so heavy for her to start her talk with with tears it'll be alive. I know a lot of law.

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Forgot it can be so solemn in Delaila he was with me and that night and we were cuddling next to each others on the bed.

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be Johnny be happy hour in any

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mob j

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where we saw the

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from Minerva Salim Khan. Khan

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Rasul Allah. He does

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he's leaving the bed then I said come on let's just sit down lay down key let's continue cuddling and you know, being next to each others.

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Carla Isha

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parlodel Eenie, their uni at Abu Dhabi. Let me go worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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call to Lakin you Allah he or she buco Rebecca whether Kinney Hibou my you sir rock

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I love for you to be next to me.

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But you know what I love more I love more the thing that you love the most

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and I know that what you love the most is to pray

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what a wise wife

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and mother alone I know

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and that shows you what a Salah means to Mohammed Salah masala

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kinda to Allah Allah kidney Hibou mindset rock the thing that make you happy

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Karla for karma for Tata Hara for Salah for masala ki till kelela toughie salatu he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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call it Hector Bella hedgerow Bella Bella our ability bein academy

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that specific that night specifically, he was praying so much

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and he was ALLAH Solomon tears that it's not only made His cloth wet, that even the sands between his feet were wet and in front of him are wet because of all the tears that coming down from him SallAllahu Sallam

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until Bilal came and he called the process subsidiary Salah fetcher time, had the job Ilan you then will be solid.

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Further Mara and the BSR Salah MyBookie Julissa Bilal and Ababa

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Yep, key he came in he found the process elements such status tears so Bilal couldn't hold himself and start crying

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and just sat right there at the door.

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Kind of up Caleb Okay, okay Allah so Allah I just saw you crying and tears I start crying

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from Mikado Salah tip Cuba de la for Allahu Allah come at the moment them become

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your Salah, you crying, and Danny all your sins already forgiven. Whatever you did in the past and whatever you might do in the future, all forgiven yet is still in tears.

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What these tears for what's the reason behind it?

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Takada afara, hakuna evidencia Quran

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shouldn't be

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grateful servant to my Lord. Look at unzila to Allah year Leila Ayat why you Lehman? Cora Hoon Willem de Barone waha, the lady apama Sahoo, Salah Solomon, Russia, the Minister of Tadelakt Ali Mustafa, and you Camilla GNOME, bad not have had an ayat which are to Kabbalah and Uri, they love your Rashi right before he went to his bed he received several verses from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And he said tonight I received verses from Allah,

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it is not appropriate, not acceptable, not right for someone to know about these verses, and will not reflect upon them will not pray with them will not recite them and focus on them.

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Then he recited

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the verses from 190 to 200. And Allah Imran the end of Allah Imran

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in FE rupees, you will all do your dealer fee lately one.

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Alerting is the guru and Allah happy yeah Mo Oh, boo, boo. Boo, be him.

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That Allah Subhana Allah says in the heavens and earth there are Signs for those who have wisdom for those who have a sense of understanding for those who are wise.

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Those who mentioned Allah Subhana Allah while they are standing while they're laying down while they are sitting

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And also in all situation.

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Those who

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reflect and contemplate on the creations of Allah subhana wa Tada and they will that reflections and that contemplations and these reminders that they see around them will lead them to say, Rob banana had up their head about the law. You have not created all this for nothing.

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Probably not either, but now protect us from the Hellfire

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Rob burner in common to the silly naraba

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or better and then I said, Man, I'm gonna do United Imani and army noburo become an Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala says that the verse I will recommend you to look at the fifth 190 all the way to 200 Read it and read the translation of it and try to reflect upon the point is, that didn't be sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He basically when he recited them, he was so any moved by that you Jaffe, up to you Jaffe Jember who unfair Aashi either stiff colored Bill Mushrikeen and Mavado a satellite Jana Jacobina motor the brain of the mean lambda solid, according to Mostofa la Hollywood

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and hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Mandela via

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my brothers and sisters originally a salad was ordained 50 prayers a day

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50 prayers a day then it was reduced to five which we have today.

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That means every Salah if yours is supposed to be equal to what? To 10 The question is, is your salary equal to 10? Or to 10th?

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Is your salary really in its value in its essence and its focus equal to 10 Salawat.

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When only a 10th of your site is the one that worth called Salaat

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or fourth,

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or fifth

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or whatever percentage it is.

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Colin Nabi SallAllahu Sallam comes from and be hidden

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the Humaira Eman in the hull Jana.

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Five things if you commit yourself to them with Eman you will enter Jannah the five daily prayers with its with who are the humps who Salawat Mourinho in when what occurred hidden no so do the hidden no I'm RPT hidden

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and also fast Ramadan had jailbait and give this a cat and Adele Amana and basically fulfill the trust this era Salah what's the trustee said last little Janab to take a shower from Janab sexual impurity either because of intercourse or a dream.

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For in Allah Azza della Mia and then Adam Allah she in mendini Ira it's a trust between y'all Nobody knows if you have Janab or not Allah subhanaw taala the only one knows, nobody knows if you wash yourself perfectly or not. A lot of people ask me this question why there is so much emphasis on Genova in the modern days, we don't see the big deal because it's so easy to take a shower. But in the old days, it is so hard to get a water it's very far and it's costly. And it's

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certainly tested for the amount of Saba well, it doesn't tell you read and yeah, and of course if you had to lay over Euro for Canada, you should didn't maybe Salah will do it to the hotel Carmen will Allah couldn't hydrated Matt modality in cos

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Ajay, general loosen. The point is that in the old days, that is very small amount of water. I saw a lot of people they might cut short, their Geneva's loosen because they want to save in the money. They don't want to go all the way back and come you know, it's like I don't know if that's even applicable in any form or shape. But today sometimes when you don't have your heater on, and the water is so cold, and you don't want to take the shower, you know, you might cut some, you know, parts of your body and you just I don't want my whole back to be touched with the water just quick and get out of it. Or you know, it's some it's not very applicable in modern days. But it can be

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applicable to other than us today that people try not to fulfill their Geneva their hustle.

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My brothers and sisters

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use of the son of Abdullah Abdul Salam and what's called use of by the way, in the business alum named him uses Abdullah bin Salam, the famous Jewish scholars who became Muslim he brought his son to the process Allah Minister della Sala, I got a boy the name is

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Salem basically prayed for him and he called him use of anyway, using Dillard and Sam traveled to where to Damascus it'd be like a sham

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for the Magette vida de sham jetted out of the Allahu Anhu out of ah. He came to Abuja on the Allah Anwar then a Buddha Allah Who yeah herder in you could have a lot Nila fat for me nurse it's my time to die so call people for my but the I had no the left until the all gathered in his house and outside the house

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for you but then use of came back and said next time then he said

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young men what brought you

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kinda into who can have been abused or been a cassava?

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Me my father and you were good friends. Then he said Who's your father? He said Abdullah had and he said um, he remembered now who he is because he was young. He never saw him. Maybe when he became older.

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Then he said well the Allahu Allah.

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Allah big societal KGB heavy.

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This is the worst time for you to lie right before to die and to meet Allah. Yeah. And so I talked about

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Carla, can you read her data concurrently nasally stoma and

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he gathered everybody in the city to tell them this important Hadith right before he died.

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So the worst thing to do is to lie right at this moment.

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And Allah is my witness. I heard Muhammad salallahu Salam saying Mantova bar for us and then we'll do the mahkamah fasula contain, you see movie hints, the Crouwel Huzoor the master of fear Allah, Allah for Allah who Allah

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that anyone will pray to rock house after this person perfect the will and ask Allah forgiveness Allah will forgive their sins.

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Allah will forgive their sins

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Luca riff This is in Syria in the shower. In Iraq, there is mataram sitting in Kufa or bustle

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California fora CanAm anisocoria issue with people question they saw this man praying

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and maybe this actually, when he was in Mecca, I'm not sure right now. But it could be in Hejaz before he it wasn't in lira but in the positive Rahim Allah He lived there anyway he saw this man you saw ego muscle Do you saw lucid he pray pray pray that people around him they told him or like this man I don't know. And this night, he will enter Salah with eat with Scheffer or water. He prays so many kind of criticizing him. Then will Tara said let me talk to him. Then he went and he said yah yah yah yah yah yah your old man. I saw you praying too many are you keeping count of how many protocol you pray.

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So you know, you're going to end with Richard or chef

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who suddenly has Solokha heltah and chef and I'm with Ron Sutton. Hibiya salata, Cal tarrif comes to light. Carla in controller AlFalah Huya Arif, if I don't count how many I don't remember how many Allah knows how many I prayed

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when Akina nebbia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akash but the process Salam said men Citadel Allah He said the Khattab Allahu Allah who will be here Hassan will have to be here and who say yeah, one of the one of our who we had Raja condom authoritive feminine and partner up with

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kinda Faraja to ilus hub you're called to sell jewelry

00:24:03--> 00:24:05

to Mooney Illa Sahib Rasulillah Salam

00:24:07--> 00:24:51

Li Li arogya. Fahad Bhima had better be here without without him the Prophet, the man said of the process, I'm said anytime you make such that ALLAH, ALLAH forgive one of your sins, reward you for it and raise you one level agenda. Then no matter of said who are you said, I'm a Buddha, the person companion and he went back to the group of people who, you know, yeah, and he asked him to go to talk to this old man. He said what a worse company you guys are. You have forced me to call and pick on someone who is a Buddha the process alum famous companions. But anyway, he told me this hadith and had narrated the Hadith to them. And the story of Mr. Lehmann Muhammad Rahim Allah, my brothers

00:24:51--> 00:24:51

and sisters.

00:24:53--> 00:24:56

Just to end the reason I'm bringing this up because this is the summer

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

this is where our many of us have

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

much time and their hands make sure that this time will not ever let you to miss your Salah

00:25:09--> 00:25:42

if your residents are traveling if you're busy with with with fun stuff or not a Salah is something you don't mess and you do mess with salah and the beginning of a time it will ensure that you pray all the time salon Gemma AND CONGREGATION I told him in the messenger it will ensure that you will pray Don't ever say I'll pray later. No pray now with the process Allah when he have some of the Sahaba they align them when they have their they're working and they have the like Like let's say a blacksmith have the hammer up when you hear that and he will let it go

00:25:44--> 00:25:49

you know what if you're playing games or you know just pause it watching just leave it

00:25:51--> 00:26:07

make sure you centralizer schedule around the salah if you're planning to go to watch something you're going to go to attend something you you're going to a pool party you go whatever it is you go shopping you go mall you go to wedding, make sure that salah is the first thing how I'm going to make sure that I'll pray on time

00:26:10--> 00:26:11

enjoy your Salah.

00:26:14--> 00:26:18

Focus on your Salah. Understand the value of your Salah

00:26:19--> 00:26:25

make sure that you have people at home help one another don't give up on reminding each other of the Salah

00:26:26--> 00:26:34

learn the rules of Salah especially if you're traveling a lot of people miss Salah because they don't know that they are allowed to do this or not allowed to do that

00:26:36--> 00:27:00

like for example one sister told me she I don't pray I said why she's because you know I don't wear like this things over my clothes when I go outside. I said okay you can pray she said is your outer cover she said yes but you know I'm wearing a pants like not a tight pants for loose pants and I said you can pray you still can pray with that your Salah is valid. What is not valid is not to not to pray.

00:27:01--> 00:27:06

To Allah Mecca salata Baba Nastia into me for him hot there answer how to solid

00:27:10--> 00:27:20

that's why I hope this will be an inspiration for us to focus more on our Salah and to take it more serious and to be a role model for our family members.

00:27:21--> 00:27:37

Make sure that you regret you feel bad and you make yourself feel bad if you miss a lot. You ensure that does not go okay. No problem. No you think about it. That's a major major sin to miss the salah intentionally.

00:27:38--> 00:27:44

That's a major major opportunity I missed if I miss my salah unintentionally

00:27:48--> 00:28:27

having this mindset will make you deal with the salon a different way along and make sure you make the out of the journey Makia masala to Maria Dr. May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who are always committed to the salah. May Allah smart Allah make us among those who enjoy the salah who fulfill the obligations of the Salah May Allah Subhana Allah Allah make a Salah is one of our best and highest priority in life. May Allah Subhana Allah accept our Salah and guide our children to pray on time, guide our family to pray, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive whatever shortcoming happened in our salah, or ask Allah to forgive us whatever Salah that we miss, and we always keep us

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on the straight path. Along with the humble Mina salata, Anna was Yamuna pm and oh, sorry. Hi, I'm Melina LA who Michel Kurata in an ephah solat Allah Marina behavioral jalla wa Karim Allah humara bene Jelena with React Tina Mookie masala Tareq ever done yah yah yah KU alarm in an Oracle Huda took our FF our Lena, Atlanta the Newbern our life and our Sierra Nevada Jalali Crump also Lila Humana Mohamed Salah to hammer home calm Allah

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar bottle