Waleed Basyouni – The Rope That Binds Us Methods Of Rejecting The Sunnah

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the third way of attacking the Prophet Muhammad's teachings, which involves disputing his words and actions. The third way involves disputing thejoy of his words and actions, and the use of the holy spirit as a tool to reject false information and strengthen one's stance on religion. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the Prophet's statement, and suggests that the Prophet's opinion is not accurate.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. viewers, welcome to another episode on that robe which binds us as soon Now, while Jenna.

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Last episode, we talked about the methods of rejecting the sinner, which is the methods boy was followed by some individuals and groups through the history of Islam. And we are talking about to warn ourselves from falling in this

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trap or to fall on this

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path to end up rejecting the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim, which no one would want to do.

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We said that some people attack generators and they concentrate and attacking the Sahaba will they lie No, by even claiming that they're not trustworthy, or they're not even non Muslim. So, if you do that, basically cannot trust the whole chain of generators, because it will all collapse, we could just start from the Sahaba they allow and whatever. And also, we we talked about a little bit about attacking the text, and we said that some people will say we accept the narration of the narrator, but when it comes to the narration itself, you will see that they will say, they will use sometimes their logic their logic or or their mind to judge the text. So, whatever he will feel comfortable

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with, he will take whatever his mind will not understand or not accept, he will reject immediately. And some people said that

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we should refer all the Hadith to the logic and whatever will be accepted, logically, it will be approved, and whatever will be rejected by the logic, it will not be approved. The big questions here,

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which logic we talking about?

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Who can judge that? Any? Okay, I might see something from one perspective. And you see it from another perspective, when we say we refer all matter to be judged logically. I mean, the logic of people in America can sometimes be different from the people from the logic of the people in in Egypt, or in Syria, or in the the people in Africa, and so on. And the people 100 years ago, their methods, their way of thinking or analyzing things. It's different from people in recent days, and in some areas, and there is other URLs, which are called common sense between people all the time everywhere. When we talk about referring the howdy to be judged by the logic, which logic we talking

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about that the questions that I didn't know, yet anybody was able to answer it.

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Unless we talk about what we call common sense, even the word common sense, which is sometimes can be the translation of

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airport. Even this, these words are really not clear. You, you might say this, the common sense, I might disagree with you. So that's why this is not the right way. The right means to examine the Hadith to say, I judge the Hadith by this, that's what was not accepted by Allison Arjuna. And when people Open this door, what happened? There are so many things change in the religion, there is people came up with very weird ideas, it can predict even the basic beliefs of Islam.

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That's why part of our belief that we respect the logic that we use the logic, but we don't make the the logic, the judge over the textual evidence and we'll talk about this issue more in detail inshallah, in near future.

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Okay, let's move to another way of attacking the text and contradicting the textual evidence. I will skip the opinion now to go to the third on the cash. What I mean by the word cash, cash, claim, divine inspiration, divine inspiration.

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Through dreams, visions, that a person will say I got a divine inspiration in my dream or my vision. And he will use this as a way to judge the textual evidence. That's why some people used to say, the people who follow the Sunnah take the religion from the dead. But we take our religion straight from the one who never dies, who never dies, until the Odin, Edina come and Abdullah zap are amazing, amazing.

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Ladies de la, Rosa, this idea that they can take straight from God. And they will take that and they will use it as the source of their religion. And we might even reject the textual evidence based on a dream that so and so person. So last night, when he was sleeping, maybe in the night or afternoon, whatever time he was leaving, he saw that dream. And he came up with certain ideas, even if it's contradict what's been said, Now, he will leave what in the sun for his dream or for his cash.

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As for the third way of attacking the text, based on they will contradict the textual evidence.

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And they will reject it based on other in some people's opinions. And by the way, this is a new old, it's an old but it's still the same a new way and still exists even until today to reject so many of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, and even so many issues in the religion. It's a very old methods. Allah subhanho wa Taala has described in the Quran, how this method prevented so many people to benefit from the message of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, or even to benefit from the messengers. Before the Prophet Muhammad SAW said,

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What is appealing to whom? It can be Roma answered Allah, Cordoba, Tabby, Roma, and finally,

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our elkana about

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Allah subhanho wa Taala, saying, and when it said to them, follow what Allah has revealed, they say, Nay, we follow what we found our fathers upon

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what our fathers upon, we will leave the truth, they will not accept what the messengers and the prophets saying, We will not accept the narrations because of other people's opinions or cultures or custom.

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You see in a book of like,

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saying, you should be with your master, as a dead person is with the one who was watching him. He moves him as he pleased with no objection, can you believe how they want you to be with that, with that chair just to accept anything he said, anything he will do? This is in the result, basically, whatever he says, it will go and whatever will work or he will say you have to follow on to accept even if it goes against some of this textual evidence that you know, are you aware of, unfortunately,

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our time is up.

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But some people even

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had the same view to some of the Muslim scholars, some imams great scholars in this Islam who came there for some of their followers, especially those who came late. Look at them in a way not proper to the extent that some of them said if our Imam said something contradicting what in the Quran and Sunnah. What he said is right, either because there is another verse or Hadith

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abrogated that text, which is contradicts our amounts opinions, or the Hadith is weak, or maybe he has some information that we don't know. So in this case, follow the amount and leave the evidence. This is not the way to treat the textual evidence. This is not the way to deal with the textual evidence, not the way of the Sahaba the law No, not the way that Allah and His Messenger wants us to behave and to treat the Quran and the Sunnah.

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My dear brothers and sisters, we were talking about that methodology of rejecting the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which has been followed by some sects and groups

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through the history of Islam, and it still exists until today, and some people practicing it. May Allah Subhana Allah to guide all of us to the Straight that

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you remember, we said some people might attack then raters

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and based on that he will reject or will oppose the sin of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by

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attacking the narrator's or attacking the text. And we said that some people use the logic, can you explain clearly that there is nothing in shediac contradict, a correct logic or common sense. And also some people use the divine inspiration that they received through dreams or,

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or visions. They claim it's a divine inspiration, and we call it cash, because cash and they will use this to reject the signal to reject the message or whatever Allah His Messenger sallallahu Sallam ordered them to do. Also, I mentioned that one of the most common way of rejecting the truth since our last panel to Allison messengers, and prophets to people's is by other people by people's opinions, either because whatever he see, he or she in the center contradict what their fathers, their grandfathers, their countries, their culture, their customs, may be a country. In this case, he will leaves within the Sunnah to follow what he used to do or what he believed that his father's

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or grandfather's doing as correct. I mentioned several examples of that, through the history of humanity, as Allah subhanaw taala mentioned it and the Quran also. Some people they have chosen certain imams leaders to follow, and they're those imams. They give them a very high status and those imams they have the power to even abrogate the Sharia or to that they receive a straight information from God from Allah subhanho wa Taala from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and the considered them as a source of religion and they will take their opinions or their

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statements even over what been reported and authentic narrations, others, they said you have to have a chef and the chef is became your guide. He guide you in your life and you take from him everything. To the extent some of them said that you should be with your master, as a dead person with the one who watched him

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that he moves this dead body left and right. What he will do to the state party, whatever you want, without any objections, to the extent some of them said, If you object even with your heart, on your share or in your master, he will never succeed.

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They said when you sit with your chef, he should sit with him as if you sitting in the salaat facing Allah subhanho wa Taala facing a Lost Planet Allah, I remember once I read a statement by one of those extremes, people saying that

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the sin which is Allah will never forgive not the shirt as Allah said that and Salatin he saw clearly that Allah will forgive all sin, except committing shirk worshipping other beside him subhana wa Tada. No, no, he said, the sin witches will never be forgiven is to is to forget about your master for a moment or a second, that you should keep him in your mind and thinking about him all the time.

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This is unacceptable. But unfortunately, even some people who are related to this related to the knowledge, some of them, some of them, a few of them, were too extreme. And their love to the Imams to the scholars, to the extent that they will not hesitate not to accept anything goes against their imams or their shares opinions, even if the textual evidence are very clear. I remember once I was teaching

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a group of students that chapter of solid, and I was teaching them how the prophets of Salaam used to perform his prayer. So one of the people who were attending was an old man attended to the class with his grandson, I believe or son, I'm not sure now. But anyway, that old man in the end of my class, he told me, You have mentioned so many things that I don't do. And the salaat there's not the way I performed my prayer. I said how you do it. He said I do this and this and that. I said, it's okay. Because this is an opinion of some scholars, your prayer is acceptable.

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This one and that one, maybe you need to change it because there is no proof to support what you are doing. And the salaat uncertain points anyway. Then he told me immediately, no. Do you think that so on So imagine, he doesn't know about everything you say? Then I asked him a question. I said, Do you think this Imam knows every single Hadith? He said yes. I said no. He said yes. I said, No, it's impossible. Nobody claimed that. Nobody claimed that. Anyway, that person was not ready to accept any honey just because he loved that amount of that chair. So much so much.

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lmm abdelkarim Rahim Allah when he was writing his comment in a book written by a great Imam is nimal Holloway, Holloway. He said, Allah we have been working in LA. He said, alloro he is a person who I love. But I love the half the truth, more than a Halloween, more than that person. We love the cinema and the Koran more than anybody else. We have so much respect to every scholars, to every Imam, to every righteous Muslim, to every individual who we respect everybody's opinion. But when this opinion, contradict the textual evidence, the authentic hadith, or the verse from Quran, in this case, we said no, we stop. We follow what Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, In

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the time of the Sahaba, the Allah and Allah once had been a bass or the Allahu anhu. Allah said to the group of young tambourine, young tambourine, the successors, he told them,

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Allah might punish you by sending a storm from the heavens to destroy you all. If I'm telling you that the prophets of Salaam said so and so. And you're replying to me by saying that what a Baba

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Have Said or that whatever Omar said.

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He said because leaving what Allah and His messenger said, just because he know the opinion of Abubakar and Rama, he said, This is my lead, that a storm will come and will destroy you have

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stone you to death. So what about my brothers and sisters, leaving the textual evidence for sometimes my own desires for my own desires? No doubt this is not acceptable. Here. I would like to move to another point. What's the ruling concerning one who rejects the sun rejects the sun.

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No doubt that the person who don't believe in the sun as a source of religion is not Muslim.

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There is no doubt they've been hasn't wrote. If a person says we only follow what we find in the Quran, then he has become an unbeliever, according to the consensus of this nation of islam of Islam. And this not the opinion woman has him. It is there is a consensus among the Muslims. And from the time of the Sahaba all the way today that if a person doesn't believe in sin at all, as a source of religion, he will not be a Muslim. And also you see here the statement of a great Imam Mohammed bin Nasir al mar was he when he said anyone home a Hadith of the prophets of Salaam reached him. And he believes in its authenticity, and then rejected for no reason has became a Catholic or a

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non Muslim or non Muslim.

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Why? Because in this case, he doesn't believe in the Sunnah a source of religion. It basically he doesn't believe in Mohammed Salah Lao Ali or your seller just doesn't make any sense to believe in Mohammed Salah then you don't accept what he said. So he doesn't believe in the subnet in general, or we don't believe that the Prophet has any role in this Deen and this religion part to deliver the Quran is not Islam. This person he doesn't believe it in a shadow under Mohammed Rasul Allah, I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, this the position of the hypocrites of the character of the of the father of courage of the disbeliever of Quraysh. When Allah subhanaw taala

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described the hypocrites and the kuffar with that all for instance, our last one that I said in Surah, four, verse 61,

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way dakila home care Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, what in Allah soon right and whenever you can also do an anchor. So dude, and when it is said to them, come to what Allah has revealed, and to the Prophet, the ups the the messenger, you will see, you will see the hypocrites turning away from you with turning away from you, and they will not accept to come to listen to what Allah and His Messenger salam wa sallam has to say. And Allah subhana wa tada Allah said, obey Allah and His messenger. But if the term back then surely Allah doesn't love the unbeliever, Allah COVID unbeliever will appear law however suited for in our love in Allahu hapeville Catherine surah three

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verse 32. And there is so many verses and a hadith to support this mean, but here we have to remember the following whoever rejects ahaadeeth because he thought it is weak, fabricated or enter burst it to have another meaning based upon another evidence or thought it was abrogated by other evidence or based on she had based on she had in this case, this is will be acceptable, this is will be acceptable, and it will not be even considered a sin that what you call it he had. So if he rejects a hoodie, because he thought it was abrogated, or it's weak, or he has another meaning for it, and based on other evidence that he had. This is his opinions based on evidence and it will not

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be considered a sin. it's acceptable. But whoever a reject ahaadeeth are don't believe in God. Because he thought it's weak or abrogated, but not based on knowledge not based on other evidence.

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Based on desires, or based on false information, this will be a form of, it's a form of sin, and it's following the desires, but it will not reach to Kufa, it will not reach to the disbelief it will not take the person out of the fold of Islam. The only thing will take the person out of the fall of this now, if he doesn't believe in the sin at all, if he doesn't believe in the Hadith he know that's what the prophet said. But he doesn't want to accept it from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because in this case, he contradicted the basics believed, which is his testimony that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. With this, we come to the end of our episode. I'll see you

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shala in near future or salamati Kumar.

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