Omar Suleiman – Women Itikaf At Mosques Or At Homes

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the technical etiquette of the Prophet's rule on women watching their home, which involves seclusion and not being able to fulfill men's needs. The speaker also mentions a hadith about the importance of seclusion in the Prophet's realm and how it is rewardable for men and women to observe their behavior.
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But can women observe late can they observe atsi calf in their home? There are different forms of etiquette. There's the technical etiquette, which is decaf in the masjid, which is for men and for women by the way, if you're Majid has the accommodations for sisters to be able to do that, then then it's as soon enough for women to do as well. So the wives of the Prophet slicin used to observe it calf as well and some of the Sahaba but again, it has to be the proper accommodation. All right, I don't we don't want any funny business happening and then being getting blamed, right? So if women have their area and men have their area, then Auntie calf can take place inshallah for both men and

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women. That's the technical etiquette, which is seclusion in the masjid of the Prophet of the prophets, like some or any other Muslim. Now, as far as the spiritual meaning of etica, which isn't the technical way, right, which is basically just isolation, and you know, secluding yourself from people and secluding yourself in a bother. That's also rewardable. And that's also something that's blessing and it's also something there's a hadith where the Prophet seisen says, What the asaka beats, that's your house. I mean, I don't even know how to translate that properly, but find comfort in your home basically. Okay, and we find, you know, different narrations of different sellers have

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been studying or the law of Thailand Hakeem, Allah had her own messages basically in her home, right where she would go into seclusion. She wouldn't come out except to fulfill her needs basically. So yes, men and women and by the way, you know, if you're not doing the air t calf in the muscle suit, all right, then pm as a whole is better at home than it is in the mustards. So pm aside from air t calf is just it's better at home than it is at the masjid anyway, so if you can find those moments alone inshallah, I mean, at home and seclude yourself and pray and do whatever you're going to do that is rewardable and that is a way inshallah tada of observing Laila to the Father.

Virtues of Laylat Al Qadr – Women I’tikaf at Mosques or at Homes?

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