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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss Alayshi wa Sallim, a book on Islam and modern technology that describes the relationship between Islam and modern technology. They also talk about a woman named Hope and her relationship with a man named Moher, as well as her struggles with discomfort and hesitation. The conversation also touches on the confusion surrounding Islam and the importance of affirming people's beliefs and bringing them into their own experiences. They mention upcoming summer programs for children to study the Quran and receive prize for their work.
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Now 100 Allah and Muhammad who want to stay in or who want to study who want to stop Pharaoh, when I will do will love him and surely I'm pushing him and so yeah Dr. Molina yeah de la HuFa la mambilla Wanna you will follow her the other who are shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who the hula Cherie Cara wa shadow no Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he will be he was salam Allah whom Mehta Sleeman Kathira about are praised you to align his praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is

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the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, this book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Allah have sent to us as mercy as a healer, as a reminder, as a guide, who, uh, who doubt what I, what she felt, when or who will be

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will who are

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The one that you use to distinguish between falsehood and truth.

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And if not ambassador, the Allahu, and when he described Iran, he said something interesting that I want to reflect upon today in my talk on my husband, Kyle who a Latin called the Agia, Abel,

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Yanni it endless number of amusements, and this book, every time you read the Quran, and you think about the stories of the Quran, the commands of the Quran, the legislation's of the Quran, the way Allah describes themselves in the Quran, it's make you always amazed by the quality of this book. And no wonder because it is Allah speech of Quran who are Cunnamulla and Daraa, Giotto, mandala Jetty la Halle Anna who suffer tremendously Verity, the quality of this book, it is equal to the quality of Allah Himself because it is his speech is one of his attributes that he speaks Subhana wa Tada. And among the thing that he spoke is this book.

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And today I was just thinking before Juma about some of the reflections that I want to share with you.

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And these are random reflections, but leads to one conclusion to an open invitation to each and every one of us to read Al Quran more and to read in the books of Tafseer. And to listen to lectures and talks about Al Quran more and more, because there is more to be found more to be learned more to be inspired by

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Quran tells us that no

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doubt OMA who to me I have seen Santa

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you can relate to him will colway drew him in a Najat

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factorial Hara.

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Weatherill Helen Ana tomato Wahida

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it a Safina for ug buena who illan Najat.

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This is interesting how new hair a sedan called upon animals one time to ride in the ark and all accepted the call while he's 950 is calling humans, his people to ride that with him.

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To accept Him and to follow Him and refuse.

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You know sometimes and by the way, the people of Noah used to say, well man Allah tobacco Illa levena humara de Luna by Dr. Rai, the people of Noah used to think of themselves elites, educated, smart intelligence. Yeah, any tobacco cola body or raw anyone? Record. We are intelligent, we are smart.

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And Allah Subhana Allah made the animals smarter than them.

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Sometimes that fitrah

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had Hilary's to Salima

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Amphawa have an alkaline body

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it is more beneficial that pure fitrah than a twisted,

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sick, disbelieving mind and intelligent that lead to the disobedience of Allah

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had either a Munna

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national fee humming cooling

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Minco Liza Jane if knowing

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what Ilam and serverpilot He'll code woman M and OMA no matter who illa Allah benowa Best feminine.

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Allah says that the people who follow him from his people only at with their families and children, and another generation 10 people, that's it

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to unmuffled Quran,

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you look at the stories of the Quran, and you think about it. And I come across this verse that I always read the story that we all know we all know

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that Imran around the wife of Pharaoh

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who lived in the house of the biggest Thalia

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the worst of humanity, frown, that dictator and disbeliever

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still hold firm firm to his religion and to her deen and she found the light of guidance.

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While the wife of Lupe and his salaam

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lives in the House of Lords was a prophet

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and the wife of new who lives in the house of a prophet and messenger and from O'Neill asmin Rasul. Yet she couldn't find the light of guidance

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yet, she is a disbeliever and she betrayed her husband

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and worked at least a bit further. So many times. We think that where I am living, or my circumstances are just an excuse for the situation that I'm in. No, it's not, especially when it comes to faith and Eman.

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new Halle Sam

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tried to gift life to his son,

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Ira Dan yamna, Hill, Herat

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and he refused and he rejected his father.

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While Ibrahim Ali salaam

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who offer death to his son,

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Ibrahim told his son I have seen that I'm sacrificing you.

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Paula Verbenone verb from data

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when we bought our webinar, who they hired from Tanner,

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new as the son and he wanted to give to Sunlife to make him survive, so he can live and he refused. And he disobeyed his father

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while Ibrahim offering death and he said the I seen myself sacrifice view

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and he refused.

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And what's the outcome?

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No son died among the Caffrey and Ibrahim sons survive and he's among Elmo. Celine

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is married to his salatu salam

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that disobey his father

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to the level of arrogance. So are we in Gemini Yasuni mineral map?

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And the other one obeyed His Father with a submission to his Lord

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to the way that to the extent that Miki amused by that

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namaste by how many times I'll Quran 90 times in the Quran.

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If it's not more, Allah tells us in the hookah Darrell Arzak well bamana Highly healthy feedback tremendous innovation.

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With you know where you are hit your goal a che upon we are at Como

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Omaha dictated Manya shook we had seen them all there and we will be having more than one.

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If you're going to sign up, we will be fairly here Code Academy

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90 times Allah is the one who says nothing but the truth and the absolute truth telling us the tea will take care of your provision. He will provide for you he will replace what you spent and shape on one time he promised you poverty if you give yet you see through actions. People believe that one time statement of the liar which is bliss, the Satan over the 90 times that came in the Quran from the most truthful ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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I read the story of Musa

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and I see how many evidence have moves abroad to frown

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one after another and each one of them is an amazing miracle.

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Have no conclusion but to say that must be from Allah one after another

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but yet the people of Pharaoh what they said walk on whom Muhammad that Dena Ibrahim in tinnitus how on behalf Femen Nola can be more meaning whatever sign whatever miracles you show us. We never This is magic we never gonna believe in you

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does not tell me a prophet that Allah told us in the Quran that you have given him nine miracles at one skidder to show to his people.

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But I read in the story

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that the magicians

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who were so into q4

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and he came to support Pharaoh against Musa

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when they move when they saw that one miracle of Musa which is this, the king turn to a snake eating their snakes, just one thing,

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what they have done for Oltenia sir How to Sujatha Khan who

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will be on our moves, they fall on to sujood saying we believe in the Lord of Haruno Musa we don't even know his name yet that Lord they don't even know Allah's name. They said we just believe and Lord of Haruno Musa we know nothing about but we know that this is the truth.

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That miracle only comes from someone who was sent by God

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Bong Amen to lung carbon and then a comb in gabbiano como

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como se

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Brown said he must be the one who taught you magic even though frown knows his line because for our knows that Musa was raised in his house, and he has nothing to do with magic.

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And he knows that those magicians from Egypt and Musa was outside of Egypt before he came back.

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So he knows his line.

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And he threatened them and he torture them. And he cut their hands on the legs and he crucified them. All of them and they said Barudan Thea raka Anna magia and Amina lb Unity will lead the Fatah Rana FAAC be mountain top in nama tuck the hill here to dunya in Bella Denali, yella federal and a Hapa Jana Kurata nada humanists, Allahu Akbar. He said we will never favor you over what over the truth that appear to us.

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Do whatever you want. You only control this life. We believe in the Lord who create the Lord

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who have created us upon a man originally

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this the fitrah

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so Allah might forgive our sins and what you have forced us to do

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in Houma, yet Tierra whom would you remember the one who comes and meet Allah as a criminal for in who for in Nila who neurologia hidden for in Nila who Johanna mela Motoki how Allah will end and hellfire Wilma yet de Mina and the one who meets Allah as a believer, but Daniela Saudi, how did good deeds for without equal $100 Giotto ODA, they will be in a high level agenda. So I realize that the issue is not you know, a logic and magic and prove to me that this is correct and we waste so much time to prove them logically correct or wrong. Nana

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most of the cases it is about the heart. Are they sincere or not?

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Not what leads people to Eman.

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I read in the Quran. That how nice and gentle prophets are, how wise they are. They were how prophets and messenger they were so nice, gentle wise, the way they speak the way they talk the way they give Dawa falcoda Allahu COVID Elena a doula Sabina Rebecca Bill Hekmati. Well, my rebuttal Hassan were genuine humility I sent all these verses talking about praising the, the methods and ways the prophets deliver the mast. Yet Allah says, What Cavalli Kajal Nikolina be you and I do when shall be in an insulting Yet Allah says, Anders we have made for every prophet and enemy devils from mankind and jinn, not just enemy, they are devils.

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Another level of animosity

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to those kinds of nice people who use nice soft words

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Wisdom, peaceful, moderate balance. You name it all the nice fancy word you want to use.

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yet but there's enemy. Hey, realize that this moment that animosity will happen. No matter how nice you are, no matter how good you are, there will be people hate you for nothing but for who you are for the truth that you carry. They will be jealous of how good of a truth that you carry in Europe presents. Don't take it personally.

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It's not about you, hater don't hate you. They hate themselves and they hid the truth that you carry.

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That's why I never allowed negative people to turn to turn me into one of them.

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My brothers and sisters, I ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make us among those who reflect upon the verses in the Quran and to learn from it. Akoto Massimo Mostofa Allah you welcome Mr.

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hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Hobart.

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When Allah told us the story of the people of the trench,

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he told us about them that he can Faisal Kabir.

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Indeed, those who believed in the one righteous deed and believed and done righteous deed will have gardens beneath which rivers flow that is the great attainment and Faisal Kabir, the great winning

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I asked myself when I was reading

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has the only time in the Quran Allah refer to somebody or some group as al-faisal can be of the greatest winning yet I know that the people of trench all of them are killed.

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The people have turned they did not take over the any destroy that dictators or any they became victorious in this dunya No. And I realize that the true success is in holding into one's principles and the success of the hereafter. unfrozen Kabir antiche, with a Moute anima Baddeck helper.

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The great success is to live and to die upon these principles that you believe then it's easy. It's easy to have good principles in life. But what's really hard is to hold into them until you die. That's why Shahana Shabazz used to say, it's easy to live for the sake to die for the sake of Allah, you just die. What's really hard is to live for the sake of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala make this upcoming summer an opportunity for us in our family and children to reflect more on the Quran. And I highly recommend you as these days of summers coming along date is to put a program for your children, to enlist them to study the book of Allah to be connected more to the book of Allah to

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read more of the Quran to listen more to the Quran, to listen to more lectures about the Quran, we will have inshallah and msgid here a program in elm tree during the for five weeks which is there's a Quranic studies will take place. We have programs that offer you know, training and learning and basic tafseer that going on almost every week in the mustard here. Make sure that you part of that. Make sure that you grow. Make sure that you use all the tools that attend to make you grow your relationship with the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada during this beautiful long summer days in sha Allah to Allah that it's approaching us and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins in our

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parents Allah morpholino HollyWell Idina Warham no offline. Al Hamra Nene la minion hysterical who dealt with took our fafo Alina 1224 SEN. Wa and to the Kia antihero, Monza ca on to salute to salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Aloma to Sleeman Kathira OMA this