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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of fear and how it causes people to lose their respect and fear of social anxiety. They emphasize the importance of avoiding fear and learning to avoid fear. The success of graduates from college is also discussed, with the advice given to avoid fear and take the lead in behavior. The speakers stress the importance of standing up for one's beliefs and not giving up on others.
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My brothers and sisters, I tried once to look at the concept of fear in our community, in our society, in our Muslims in general. And I found that there's so much fear, a lot of people raised in an environment and a culture of fear, you know, kids, the, from the beginning, they're always afraid of, you know, parents, the relationship between parents and children is not a relationship of friendship and love and respect. And it's based on fear.

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You know, I'm not saying you're not allowed, you should not prevent or B make it behave. But when it is about fear more than anything else, that's wrong. You know, a lot of our kids are out of our family members, part of our culture is B, you became so scared because you know, everybody around you can be very sarcastic, make fun of you for any mistake, you do, can easily trash and it became a fun, you know, give you bad nicknames. They make fun of you, that's part of the culture.

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And that's very bad, because a lot of people became afraid just to express themselves.

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You know, sometimes there is also these fairy tales, especially in October and Halloween, you know, we exposing our kids to so much things to so many things, scare them. Monsters, you know, and I remember when I'm a lot of kids,

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all these names of things that crawled on in every culture, not only Asian American, every culture, but this is so much fear, putting in the heart of the kids. why we have so many kids, they've very hard time to go to sleep by themselves.

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You know, sometimes even in our, in our schools, in our

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homes, there's so much culture of fear.

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Sometimes also because of misunderstanding of the religion, the commonality of things, which is not correct. Somebody sent me today, I had it which is a week heady. And salt has beta. In other words, As matter of fact, I remember visiting one brother who newly went

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and I saw in his house, a big, nice skinny frame, in the middle of it, there was a big stick.

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And underneath it the prophets of Salaam said, hang the web, or the stick in the middle of the house. So people don't behave properly. This heavy beside it's very too weak, heavy. It is this what it does, that this was the culture is

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yet another guy hanging on his wall, I'm telling you from something I seen it, not calling anyone, another guy have a big spanker and the kids you know, area where the play and it's called attitude adjuster. You know, that's how he adjust their attitude. It is it is something became this kind of excessive fear and using force against kids. It's absolutely caused that

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you know, number one,

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and Islam came to tell us that everything happened it is by the will of Allah. So you should not be afraid, everything by Allah, smart Allah.

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And everything happened, the fall of Allah according to the great wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number two, also snam have encouraged us to give us a way to make our model fun and monka to counter that social fear, social anxiety that people have. And it's time for bed to make fun of one another. And Islam order us to take all the necessary means for strength, you be exercise, you have a wealth, you have the money, you have all the means that make you feel strong, also, and Islam made us capable of always admitting our mistakes. And that's takes a lot of courage to say I'm wrong

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and make this as a felina as something up virtuous. Also forbade people to live by themselves or isolated from the society. Now, why is that you live away from people in in isolated places. You should be interacting with the people. My brother and sisters, if we don't counter this fear in our, in our society, what we'll have, we'll have a spirit of doubts that everybody fraid of everybody and always think bad about them. If we don't counter this spirit of fear, what we'll have, we will have very bad qualities in the society. We'll have people who lie because they're afraid at generation who lie a generation who are hypocrites because they're afraid a generation are stingy because they

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To give a generation that they will not stand up for the truth, and will not give support to those who need the support a generation who will just to look to the other side, when they see something wrong happening in the community in this society. If we don't counter this will have a generation and society and community. They have low self esteem, they have no confidence in themselves.

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We don't counter this, the spirit of magic and evil and all these kinds of things that it is true in its essence, there is evil eye there is magic and stuff like that. Yeah. And maybe in essence, yes. But the excessive use of it, that it became something controlling people live, it's because their generation is raised on fear. Finally, if we don't counter those will soon have a society and community and the spirit of

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the law. Yes, people giving up hope of change. That's the worst part of

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Farah the half,

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half only meaning a loss of power Subhana Allah telling the believers, don't fear them. Rather fear me if you're true believers, don't fear them referring to the deities and the gods and idols that the kofod used to worship and to pray to, and also refer to the jinn. And these beings that that kuffaar also used to fear so much, that they will submit to the will of those who claim that they are in contact with them. So if there is someone say that he control the jinn, he immediately would be controlling those people because of this, so much fear of the jinn.

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And also it could also refer to those who engage in such act of worship. Any don't fear the kuffar, don't fear their deities don't fear their practice their belief, rather you fear me? So this verse shows us that there is a type of fear we should have, and a type of fear we should not have.

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It's natural to have fear. Allah Subhana Allah made the human beings made of a combination of multiple things for au soldati, Masha, Allah Cabot, he put you together. And one of the meanings that Emma said, Yeah, and he put together a body with a salt. He put together combination of emotions and feelings inside your heart and mind, you're a combination of multiple things work inside you. So if this is the case, it's natural to be afraid. But this fear is also controlled. Like any other feelings that we have, like any other emotion that we have, it should be something that you control not to be controlled by. It's a big difference between the two.

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And the sherea Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and in Islam came to help the human being to be in the best form. And when he leave the teaching of the profits or salami goes to the worse. When we look at the concept of fear in the Koran, and I'm not talking about it from psychology does my areas not my specialty, but fear is a serious illness that is about 19 million Americans walk every day they suffer actually from mental illness related to irrational fear. 19 million people, one of us could be one of them, or why it's easily to find this is a common thing between people. You know, a lot of people have

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phobias, different type of phobias, and this is one of the manifestation of this fear. phobia related to specific, like, people have phobia from snakes, cats, stuff like that. phobia related to places people don't like high plays, you know, title is the devil phobia. Sometimes phobia can be related to any any type of thing that you connect to it.

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But again, that's not where I want to take my discussion. I want to look at how Quran and Sunnah spoke about the concept of fear. One of the interesting point that I found out Musashi is Sam is the one that his name was connected the most to the concept of fear.

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It's amazing how many times Allah mentioned about Moosa that is always afraid, afraid, afraid. He has failed in his heart, in many verses, him and his brother, yeah. musala to have Moosa, don't be afraid in nilaya house.

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at the elbow salute, my messenger should not be afraid. Then again latter half in any monokuma asthma era, he telling Moosa and her own, don't be afraid, I am with you. I'm hearing and see. Then, again, Allah Subhana, WA Tada. And in many verses for how to German ha ha afonya taraka. He run away from Egypt, with his heart full of fear, when he after the incident of killing the Egyptian soldier, so many verses like that, but in the end, when you see Mousavi Salaam accepted the revelation of a lot, and he became a prophet, and basically, he carried the message. And one of the most fear, any position that you can ever think of some of you are, if you can't be afraid, you're going to be

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afraid at that moment, which is the moment when you reach that and reach the seat

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on his cell phone and his soldiers coming towards them. And guess what, he doesn't have weapons, he doesn't have a place to hide. And all the people with him are any

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basically hopeless, they can defend themselves, because he told him no one allowed to bring so weapons, and also not at the top of that he all they all carrying their jewelry and their money. So they are really a good target for that army.

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At that moment, he told his people something shows that we have completely different personality. When they said, What would we going to do the sea in front of us and the enemy behind us? He said, Kela No, no, no fear in America, or A, B, C, or D. Don't be worried. Don't be afraid Allah with me. And Allah will guide me. This change of personality, it's something should let us look at how this is an very interesting concept that Islam doesn't want the negative type of fear to take over the heart. While Islam encourage us to have a positive type of fear, which is to fear a loss of control to honor and to fear his punishment.

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That's why it is one of the foundation of tawheed is to fear of loss of Hamadan and to fear him because of his nature and to fear his punishment as well. In a half a mil rabina, Yeoman Agusan company, we feel the Day of Judgment a lot smarter said about the believers, while him and half Mr. amaravati Madhava. Nakamura de genoten, those who fear the Lord

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the Lord, Allah promised them to gentleness. And so many verses praise those who fear Allah subhanaw taala like the prophets, yet the ruin and Robin wa haba. They pray to us where their heart filled with fear and hope. So here you see that this is something as shitty as ordered. But he mentioned something very interesting about the fear of Allah. He said, The fear of Allah not intend for itself, versus the love of Allah, the love of Allah intend for itself, you love Allah, Allah for the concept of love, but you feel a loss of Hannah with data because of what can leave, but you don't feel a lot because you know, that is something terrifying, you know, because you don't want to lose

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his love. You don't want to be prevented from him. You don't want to be exposed to his punishment. That's why you fit our last panel, what anyway,

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going back to my concept, so that means that is something else that is something shitty, I want us not to fear something to add it to this field, replace with the strength, with tranquility, with peace with the strength, as I said, and that what we call an Israeli law. Meaning that's that, that the the might the power, that the strength of the believers that it should be in the heart of every single believer.

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When we look at our history, and we see how are our Muslim

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scholars or scholars and the companions of the Prophet, Allah, and Mohammed Salim before all of that, and all the prophets and messengers before him, they demonstrate this in the best format. That's how they did not fear someone more than a Lost Planet Allah. That's why they were never afraid to say the truth. They were never afraid from their enemy to the level that they cannot declare or to show their identity. They were never afraid of someone to the level that they will stop themselves from doing the right thing. That's why there is certain type of fear I asked each and every one of you today to take it out of his heart to rip it off of your heart and throw it away

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and the top of my

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Last, what Allah subhanaw taala said that you should not feel ashamed,

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ever, you should not feel ashamed because the shavon is much weaker than the believers. That's why Allah Subhana Allah said that he has no salon is no power over the believers. And also one of the things that people need to get out of their hearts, the fear of poverty, Allah Subhana Allah said a shame bond we are

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wired to build

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a ship on promising poverty who want to be make you afraid to donate afraid to give for the sake of Allah so what the SAM wanted to do to overcome that fear that's why he said some a lot is to be learned was a we who's a poor person, not very not rich man. He said to him amphibia villain Well, I mean, there are Shia colada. Yes year Belen, give for the sake of Allah, and don't be afraid that our last panel data will hold back from you. Don't let the fear of you know i don't know about the future. I don't know about my money stopping you from giving the fear that stopping you from making an honorable maroof

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mooncup the fear that will stop you from saying the truth

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is a fear that is not acceptable.

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That the fear of that stopping you from saying the truth is a fear that is not acceptable. That's why you never saw someone said, See you the Shahada Hamza, the master of the shadow Hamza, and a man who stood up in front of a tyrant or a dictator and he ordered him and said the truth in front of him. That's the type of fear that is not being should not be exist in our heart. It will prevent us to stand up and to say what we really truly believe in. That's why in the basis of them said Allah will never bless an oma lab could visit oma yanira Baraka, Toma, Leia.

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yaku, Matata, Allah will never bless a nation where an average person in this room can stand up and ask for his right.

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If you are afraid to ask for the right or to demand for your right, this touch community will never be blessed. So if we as the Muslim community feel that we don't have the ability to stand up and to ask for our rights.

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That is giving it's our inherent right and Herod's right that given us not by the Constitution, giving us by God by a lot of religion first.

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Then given us by the law of the land, if you feel that you can't stand up for an ask for it. And that fear prevents us from seeing such thing had communities not blessed, there's something wrong with with them.

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icewind Dale beside them also said about the Roman or that I said that that one of the quality that made them survive, that make them so strong in the nation. And m now NASA will mean

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that they will never let a king or a dictator to rule them. And to abuse them, they will always stop that such King.

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Also one of the fear of that too, so it's negative. And these are just random point. see which one that you can collect. What the most the fear from learning. A lot of people have this fear from learning anything new at fear from saying, I'm asking Sheriff what that means. She has you said this, and I don't know what it means. Our last panel data set for solo analytic, ask the people of knowledge, if you don't know, don't be afraid to go back to college. And I can. I know in my community people I'm so proud of that even the reach to the highest level of education, they have their PhDs, and they were not afraid to go back to seek knowledge again, and to learn a new subject

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and to learn something new. You know, I know people they have a struggle to find a job today. And the fear that's stopping them from finding the job, the fear is to go back to school, the fear from going back and studying the fear from being committed, and to an academic sessions and stay for two, three years to do that. That's why the struggle to progress, that fear should be taken out of your arm. The fear

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from showing your Islam, the fear to show your identity, that to the extent that Mohammed became move, and Abubakar became blue.

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To the extent that people will be ashamed to have their names and their religion

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to say I'm Muslim, the fear to put your hijab in public the fear to pry or to make that fear take over it just make you so scared that you can do it. I'm not saying go any challenge everybody but I'm saying that that fear that make you so feel less feel that you cannot present or to do

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What Allah Subhana Allah have given you that's a negative type of fear. Another type of fear that tell you want you to think about it, if you have it just to move on from that type of fear, which is the fear that prevents you from

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growing financially. You know why Elon Musk said that deja vu and why?

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And fuqaha talked about what's the best form of provision. And you will see the majority said his business. Why? Because you challenge that fear inside you, you risk your money, you risk your time. And that trust you get to work for because you risk it while you have trust in a Lost Planet Allah tala Quran, Allah azza wa jal. That's why it is an interesting point to think why you're afraid to start your own business, even if it's a small, and to basically partner up with someone and to grow, that fear that to prevent you, from being active in the community, prevent you from attending the programs of the community, because, oh, my name is going to be uncertain less, or if I donate to

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this organization, or the media is going to pick on me, that fear that that prevent you because you're afraid of the social environment pressure around you. It's unacceptable, that sometimes that fear that social anxiety, which is a common thing in our society, by the way,

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that social anxiety led people to live isolated from the community, we have an event, I can be part of it, you know, and people like this, they might need to see a professional help counseling my word just to encourage but some of these things need a serious therapy, to go to to overcome it. Also one of the fear that I found it so irritating. That's the fear from carrying a responsibility. A lot of people, we need their help, we need them to take the lead. We need them to be part of the work. But everybody say, I can't take the responsibility. Brother, I don't know if I can take this responsibility. That fear of carrying the responsibility. It's a negative type of fear. It's about

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time to get rid of it. And to stand up and say, You know what, I'll take this responsibility. Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah helped me to fulfill this responsibility. The fear of failing, it's another type of fear that it's needed to get rid of. A lot of people don't want to do many things because they're afraid to fail. And you know what, the problem is not to fail. The problem is to fail to stand up every time you fail. Because our success as as our success is based on our ability to stand up every time we found

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this never success is about never failing.

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You know, one of the

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fear which is very specific, it can lead also that to the, to the type of

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aggressive behavior and a type of Compulsive Disorder, which is the fear of making a mistake in the ibadah. To the extent that you became what was that I'm afraid my was not correct. So you repeat the vote again, I'm afraid that I didn't pronounce the factor. Correct. So I need to read it again. I'm afraid that my Salah is, and some people get stuck with that for hours and hours and hours, and just the shape, I'm playing with them laughing at them. If you have this problem, I wanted to know every time you repeat your although every time you repeat your Salah, every time you dwell in it, just imagine that she punches laughing at you. And you're giving him a chance. You know, in the visa

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Salam said you just say auricular strategy and move on Don't ever repeat your rule. Don't ever repeat your Salah you forgive it and seek a professional help because it helps. One of the things also a lot of people have so much fear from death. So much fear from sickness that it became a sick itself. That's this so much afraid of death and sickness that they isolate themselves or about their children. You know, that became sometimes very not natural like some kids like in a bubble just because their parents so paranoid and create this paranoia about their kids getting sick, you getting that?

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And it became limiting their ability really to grow

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our field from our enemy to the I'm not saying underestimate your enemy, but when you feel them so much. To the extent that paralyze you that's unacceptable when they read in the history that at one point in Baghdad when the tar walk into Baghdad, the mogul in this model Empire came from Central Asia and wiped out the city of Baghdad. One soldier will come drunk with no with no

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Sword, he will see a group of Muslims. And he will say, hey, you all wait for me here until I go get my sword and come back he completely drunk and he go get his sword, come back to this group of people sit stand sitting there, and he slaughtered them like the sheep's

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pets what can fear take over the hearts of those people that prevent them even from trying to protect themselves, even dying, trying dying anyway, this is because that much fear of the enemy, because the enemy became so big, you know, they know everything about you. They do this, they have this and became something paralyzing us. You know,

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sometimes it's said that fear for children, make sure just remember point, make sure that this fear about children will not lead you, you afraid for so much that they will go astray, they will not be religious, they will do this. And they will not be practicing fear to the extent that you pushing them to that direction of fear to the extent that you prevent them from having freedom.

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When I hear people telling me, you know, I said How is your home? He said My home is the last standing House of communism in our country. It's like communist

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country. It's not everything. No, no, no, no. It's you don't have freedom. You don't have anything. This is also not right. And mainly This is comes because of fear.

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you're afraid to go against the norm, the culture,

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you afraid to say yes, not the right thing. And that's happening a lot, an individual level and sometimes scholars they are afraid to say no and wrong. And I don't do that just because his mental habits people whose background is going to start because that's not the common factor, whatever. That's fear is not this position is not taken based on grants and evidence based because of fear.

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Let me just put it this way. Don't ever make a decision in your life based on just pure fear.

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As an advice from your butt, don't ever make a decision in your life, just because solely it's based on fear. Usually, that decision is not accurate. May Allah subhanaw taala to protect all of us. According to Mostafa Laurie stone

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