It’s Faster Than What You Think, Are You Ready to Meet Your Maker?

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam, ala Nabi about the hoonah Bina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman kathira about all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings be upon a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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first before I start the hotbar, yesterday, last week, a couple of people talk to me about some of the attendees, they take their mask down, they put it under their nose, you know, and they don't respect the fact that there was a lot of people around them. And it makes them very uncomfortable being here, while people not following this rules, and I know mask, I hope by now we kind of get used to it. But

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I hope that you bear with us, especially in the place in a closed indoor place like this, that we keep our mask as long as we are in the mustard, especially when people around us

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because this is by far a common recommendation from people who are specialized on you know,

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our the people who we seek their advice when it comes to the this pandemic and how to transfer between people and so forth. And also, as I'm sorry also for the inconvenience for some of you when they are in chairs or higher chair or lower chairs. Just take it as a rule of thumb, you cannot have any objects and people's way out when it comes to the exit fire door. It just for your own safety, It's for your own no

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for you for your own good. So I'm sorry that we keep saying these things but to shala we kind of you know, if you want the chair you want to set you can put it on the side and we'll make sure also the people who organize the place for Salah to ensure that all chairs on the side of the mustard.

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You know my brothers and sisters, this is a very interesting year.

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It's a year where we lost so many scholars.

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And so far we lost over 40 scholars and this year not only scholars but also friends, community members, relatives, peoples the death today we hear about the death every day it just became a number in 2000 2500 this and those and the number keep growing May Allah smart Allah protect all of us. You know death does not differentiate between a scholar and an A person who not educated, young or old. We just bury the two young men lost yesterday in their early 20s

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rich or poor, men or woman righteous or non righteous Muslim or non Muslim death has just happened to everybody couldn't do neffs in the EPA to remote each and every salt shall taste death in nubby salsa lamb said to Mohammed Solomon is the best of all humanity in a coma yet we're in Houma you tune, you're going to die and they're all going to die. And Nabi sallallahu Sallam jabril came to him and he said Dr. Mohammed I had mentioned for initial

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valuable yeah Muhammad love whomever you want whoever you wish. At one day you will leave that person. You will be a part department from each other. Allah Subhana Allah Allah said

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I would rely upon a regime in mo

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to do Niala boo boo was enough to water for whom by Nina Kumar, Taka

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chemists and the only thing our job can confirm on two thumbs

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up on

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me no more

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woman has to do Nia

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know that the life of this world is part of measurement and divergent, amusement and divergent

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and a dormant

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and boosting to one another, and competition, an increase of wealth and children. Then I'll give the exam so that's what this live is all about.

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Then he said people give an example of this live while you're so busy seeking these pleasures and fulfilling these desires.

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Allah said like the example of the rain of a rain

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who resulting plant growth pleases the tellers or the farmers when they grow the grass and the flowers and plants grows.

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It dries and you see it turn yellow, then it becomes scattered de breeze. In no time, the cycle of the lot the lifecycle of plants and flowers are very short. And Allah subhana wa tada but after that the problem was with death is that leads to the next line which is the hereafter and in the Hereafter is severe punishment and forgiveness from Allah and approval. And what is the world they live except the enjoyment of delusion, or manhyia to dounia illa Moto,

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a dounia Dada syndecan lemon sada. This life is a place. It's true for those who are truthful. Or Donna Jatin, lemon fahima. And it's a means of surviving for those who understand the nature of it without a Zenon limonada minha. And it's a means of increasing and growing.

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For those who will take advantage of it dounia Mahabharata ye la he masala MBI in this life, the prophets of messenger lived received the revelations worship Allah subhanho wa Taala while he met Jebel Ali a and it is their place where people that Olia the righteous people, basically able to increase their ability to increase their goodness so when we meet a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah will be pleased with them and you know that line said that

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was at Secretary multiball health of your our job at Sakura will have to be remote.

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Allah subhanaw taala said ultimately, with the truth of death will come the truth or with the with death will come the truth. This is what you were trying to escape or Jad sacramental multiball healthy danika contaminated. It comes with the truth. When you see death when you see the Angel of Death that's the ultimate truth. When you see the angel of death, you will know the truth of what Allah Subhana Dada promise you. When you see the angel of mercy you'll need the truth of Allah subhanaw taala is mercy. When you see the angel of punishment, you will know the truth of what Allah subhanaw taala warning warned you when you see your grave as a place from den now for Hellfire, you

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will know that what Allah said to you was the truth. When you see your deeds in your grave, waiting for you, you will know the truth of what Allah subhanaw taala promised you that what you're trying to escape that the thing that you try not to think about. Rahim Allah has already busted apart alamode who only Aquino led Elijah COVID he had, everybody knows that they will die. Yet we all treat death as the most doubtful thing. Now Kenosha cola de la eukanuba Kela Isabel

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therapy, Rocky lemon rock, tequila man rock,

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rock taraki

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rocky lemon Rocky,

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man rock, Hunter Caro, who

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are women?

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Allah Subhana. Allah said but but no, be aware of the day when the soul reach the collarbone.

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As it leaves and it will be said is there is a healer Is there someone can heal the person give raffia to that person

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or who will elevate that salt the angel of mercy or the angel of punishment and they deny person and the denying person realize it is their time to depart. Lucky rock woven unholster up while tougher this probably suck and then their feet are tied together in a shroud when you put the Kevin on the dead person and you tied the legs together. Well to fit this suck a lot of BK woman even Elon Musk.

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At that moment, on that day, they will be driven to the Lord alone.

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Just the Angela taken souls to the loss of Hannah with the honor to meet their destiny to meet the reckoning day. Their Day of Judgment men metacomet piano to Hakuna visa saga, anybody died their judgment day start.

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Allah Subhana Allah told us that each and every one of us has a moment when it comes there is no moment after that. So to fully be Kela yamapi Barbie Maria Eliza at in Lhasa de la cabeza, what equally

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agile for either

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wanna get stuck on the moon, and so knock it off. For each and every one of you for each and every community for each group. Ouma could means all of us, there is an appointment term. When their term arrives they cannot neither delight for a moment nor could they advance it. When your moment of death comes that's

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no matter where you are at a number two a coup de como todo con two people Raja Masha risotto Nisa, Allah Subhana Allah said, wherever you may be, death will overcome you even if you were in a in a fortunate towers pool in a mountain lady room and I'm in the room and have been up about the Sahaba because I'd be cared for in the home without the confirmatory Allah animal. It was Shahada unit convener kuntum Tama loon and sort of Juma say the death you are running away from, well, eventually come to you will eventually come to you, you run away from it by staying healthy by seeing doctors by having a good you know, health insurance, whatever it is, it's still at one point in your life,

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you might push it back you might that's the end of the day, you will meet your destiny, which is death of Dillard number of an asset and Debbie Solon passed by me, while I'm working with my family in my house than in the visa someone told me an emerald, Roman darrick. It is much faster than what you think. And it is much shorter this life than what you think the process alone was not trying to tell him. Don't worry about your home or don't worry about live Don't worry about collecting money, don't worry about working or studying hard. That's not the point. The point is, you cannot ever lose sight of where your destiny is. Nothing from whatever you are running after in this dunya will

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benefit you at your death except your good deeds, except whatever you have prepared for that day.

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You know, I give you a good example. After a good day,

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competition, a lot of good things in your day. Keep your money in jazz at a day when you accomplish so many things. You did a lot of good things. How do you feel when you go to sleep and the end of the day? So happy. That's how exactly how you will die if you're live like that day. Filled with compliments, filled with great things that you have done in your life. And in the end of your life. You know what I'm happy? When I look back, I remember all these great things that Hamed ally was able to do. When we look back and said you know what this young man dies a Muslim dies a movement that is a more help die as a man suddenly died as a person

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And who fulfill the obligations of Islam. He did his head. He did his own law, he did his account. She did her, you know, she fulfill the obligation that Allah Subhana Allah asked her to do.

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That's why that person who understand who understand the nature of this life, understand the nature of death, and those who don't understand what his life is about, they cannot understand what his death is about. I asked a las panatela jongno yakushima tiberian wonder Sakano yakutian katima Kala Masato mostofa la de la cumbre Stoker

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala la vida, as I said, Just last week, just last week, in one day for scholars and different places in the Muslim world died great scholars in drought. One in Saudi Arabia, one in Lebanon, one in Jordan, and

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one in Turkey. All of them great scholars and Hadith and, and etc. Here in our community, you know, shocking for so many young people yesterday, we have seen how the community you know, was shocked by the death of a young man may Allah Subhana Allah forgive all of them and raise their level and then

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you know, this is as I said, it's, it's something will happen to each and every one of us the main point of death my brother and sisters what Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in the Quran, and Lady holla pearl moto al hayata Leah Blue accom au compassionate Amira, live and death is about this Leah Blue accom so he will see who will respond in the best way.

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When you hear somebody die somebody born you think about your life you think about your death is what that how it impacts you. How can you react to that? How you will change your life accordingly? Have you noticed when we mix a lot of janaza and we pre select the janaza we say allow muffling hey you know I'm a YouTuber we start with the male love forgive the living one then the dead Selena kabiri no other than OSHA hidden Oh ebina along them and I hate them enough I hear on Islam, you make a lot of drop first for yourself and for the living one. Then the dead one comes after that.

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To me, yes, but the drought when

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you make all this drought for the living one, then the dead one comes later on. Oh law if you let us live less upon Islam, if Eman if we die, we die when Islam don't give Don't make us fitna after his death. Don't take our agile away from from this, it's all about you. In the beginning, then after that, just start praying for the dead person along mofetil. Our hammer after I knew I could have Newsela was awesome to be male, etc. Why because death is about first for you to reflect for you to benefit from it. It just not a moment of sadness. And just that's it doesn't really change anything in your life. a salesman wherever the lady was shipping money wherever the NFC, lucky one smart

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people who learn from other people.

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But those who are not smart, are the people who wait until the experience in themselves.

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You know,

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I'm worried that some people are so terrified from death, that they experience death so many times before the real death arrive. The point is not just to be terrified from that, I think you should be balanced, you should worry about how you will die more than when you're going to die. You should worry about in what state you will die What you will become wish upon your death, then when my death will come. That thinking of death should motivate you to be good, to be better, to do your best.

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You know,

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because sometimes, we have to realize that death is not the greatest losses in our life.

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The greatest losses in our life many times are the great things that dies inside us while we live in or while we are alive.

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About a house in Canada,

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one of the great scholars among the time he needs to say look at anything that you don't like death to arrive to you while you're doing it and leave it

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anything that you don't want death comes while doing it. Leave it couldn't make it and to move a truck which it means he meant all the sins and the things that is none not beneficial.

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Death is not the end, it's a beginning of a new life. That's why we say death is not the inhalation of the soul. Actually, it is a transformation, you go to another life, which is the life after death. You know, death make you think about the big things, and overlook the thing that will not benefit you. The fight and the argument and the anger and the and the personal problems that we have. So you just leave it behind you that's coming.

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There's bigger things to think about.

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There is many things I noticed whenever we always participate in janaza, quickly from this week. And one of the things that I want to make sure that it's clear, is this issue of delaying the janazah.

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And it became so irritating, delaying the genocide. You know, there'll be some a lot SLM said, A Sri ruble janessa rush to Bury Your Dead. It's not when before you bury the person, that's not the time for lectures. Obviously not the time for fundraising. It's not the time for talking about complements, not the time to talk about people. It's it's as rushed as rushed to the to the agenda, bury the finish the Salah, take the person bury them. And it became so common to the extent that people add them funeral. at the cemetery, they delay the barrier because somebody want to give me a Habibi, if somebody cannot take lessons from this scene, your words are useless.

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But don't delay the person's janazah. Just because somebody want to give a quote, or just want to make up for the person, bury him, then make us do as much as you want. Play generous, and then talk as much as you want.

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And oh my god, you take like five minutes to explain something janessa, which is every, if we are in a community where there's a lot of like, new Muslims, or people don't at least make it very short. But not like so many details. And to delay the genetic I mean, to that extent of that few moments is not the right way to do.

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By chef, we delay it too, because sometimes the delay the salah and janazah, because you want larger numbers to arrive. Yeah, if somebody came late, they can play jazz on the person at the cemetery. If the hour after people finished the night generals and the still the generals on the ground, and he's in the back, he can pray the generals. If you arrive to the masjid, let's say you miss a lot. And you came while deferring the janaza prayer. And as I'm praying for after that, or after that, you can catch the dinner, but don't delay the Genesis and this is something you need to be, you know people more educated about it.

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And in that Genesis, I also noticed that a lot of people in the funeral when the bury the person, they start talking, giving lectures giving talk, read the Koran, whatever they do, the sin is to make the out for the person and maybe also said, Now he's asked he's been asked or questioned by the angels. So make dua for him, Do whatever you want, after but at this moment, what this dead person wants the most benefited the most to make draft for him not to read Quran not to give hope or not to give lecture.

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And I hope these two things can be clear and we can, you know, be aware of it. And the problem is during that incident and someone when you bury someone, you cannot open your mouth, you cannot talk because you don't want to have a fight in such a critical moment. So next time when you go someone, Hey, stop this * while he says no, no, you have to be smart. We have to educate people prior to the incident. Because inside that, or the time of burial, people are very hyper and emotional is very high. You can't you can't, you can't do stuff like that. Unless you're very well known scholar respected and you say something that people will listen. But this is something just for us to be

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aware of. Make sure that you have your car written. You know who knows what, when the time comes, make sure that you write your wealth. Make sure you put in your well something to be given to the camera, if you will, and allow a good amount of money. You know, not necessarily your kids will follow your footsteps, footsteps. You know, make sure that you put some of that for them for that setup it after you to put portion of it. As long as not more not more than one third of your wealth, and good advice for your children good advice for a family so they can reflect upon after you passed away. They can read that and they can reflect upon these words. And if you ever need help

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hamdulillah we have three machines here can help you in anything of that nature. To write something for your children to share with them. You know some advise that you want to leave or how to do your inheritance or something like that. We have host also some workshops and there's a plenty of resources

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exists to help you to do that well according to Sharia and also to be legal. And then they ask our last panel data to bring us all to take the best advantage of this life, to live and goodness and to die upon goodness and to live upon a man and to die upon Islam. And to live upon taqwa and to die as mohideen We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our end of life as the best of our days and the best of our deeds upon our death, or love forgive all those who passed away, forgive their sins and raise their level denatured name will allow we ask you to forgive to our parents and to raise their levels and gender and our family and to protect all of us, protect our health, protect our wealth, protect

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our community and the whole world from the evil of this pandemic and from all kinds of evil Yamato Haman yabuki now Lina Mussina with reality no one in a

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Salafi tanimoto Haram in Hama baton la Mindanao the becoming alarm in the know that we come in and hammy well hahnemuhle hacer de now do we care that gelato economically sharp now to become in a shorter e coli RG o RG leukemia and play the

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piano? Yeah the gelato econ Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam ala hamata Sleeman kathira como de Sala to him Kuma

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aloha Aloha.