Waleed Basyouni – He became Kafir, Alhamdulillah!

Waleed Basyouni
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hamdulillah who wanna stay in who wanna study he wanna stop hero. When I will be learning surely I'm Pacino. Missa tee I'm Anna. Maria de la, la la la, la, la la, la la la la la la la sharika. Or shadow no Mohammed Abu rasuluh. Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku? La haka. tokachi. What a tomato 11 to Muslim yohannes taco Bakula de Hanukkah comin FC wahida. Mahara caminhada over salmon humare Jalan kathira one Isa what taco la la de de ser una Viva La ham in La karnali Kumara peba. You Yeah, you have Latina Amman, Taka la waku Colin sadita useless la comida como la comme de novo come up la hora Sula, hufa defesa, frozen Avi ma about, or praise do to align His praise and blessings and

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peace be upon prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger.

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I titled My hope but today

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he become Catholic and hamdulillah.

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They already got some people interested in the title of this reminder to talk today. And the title I got it from a story

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that doe de la had he once was debating someone.

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And in the moment of the debate in the heat of the debate, they would have already said something. So the other person said, You sing such and such cafaro to Al Hamdulillah.

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He said you became Kaffir Alhamdulillah hos you're not only i'm i'm here to prove that you're wrong about your opinion. Now you're even became Kaffir hamdulillah cerca de de la la hora de la bella and Jasmine Farah, Huckabee kufri.

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How can you be so happy that I said, or I did something that led me to be a captain, how can be this something you said hamdulillah for

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you know this attitude of being so happy by finding other people's mistakes, pointing them out speaking about them publicly, and putting them on your social media. And it became your main focus in your life circles basically, centralized around other people's mistake, it's a big problem.

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And it is

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very damaging to your own soul and damaging to the community damaging to the society at large. And today in the world of the social media This is became

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unfortunately, a common thing that you see online. And people love to speak about others when you find yourself so hobby to find a mistake about your brother and to expose your brothers and sisters or you expose your employee or you expose your friend or even your spouse and your children. And it became in my opinion it's it's an attitude of a person just so happy to catch us doing something wrong.

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And sometimes it became basically part of our personality and that's something we need to get rid of it because it's not a good it's poisoning you and poisoning the people around you.

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or may not as a matter of the allow an earth metal deadline is the halifa is the person in charge society. Kayla and Jenna I'm in an SV who Nick Szabo, Nakamoto and Omar as if we're while we're in after him, the moon cannot. Earth man was told about a gathering a party people party. So he went and when he went he found this party finish and nothing there for our own cousin sorrowful for him in the law, and now the moon can be done.

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Well acapella daddy caraga

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he was so happy that the evil ended and the wrong thing practice ended by itself and he didn't need me to involve and he was so grateful to the loss of Canada and hamdulillah that this is stopped and changed.

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That's different attitudes then someone who's looking forward to point out your mistake. I remember seeing one of the do add to visited United States where

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overseas. And he's one of those people who always like to point fingers at others talking about others, classifying others. And he was telling me

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you know, I know you what you're doing is good teaching me the manners building community, but also we need people like, you know, like Kevin hajer. We need people like the scholars of Hadith, who criticize the narrator's of that Hadith and point out who was liar who was authentic, we need those people. And that's what I do.

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I said to him his skin, I said, Where in the world do you find the demand hands up didn't do anything but talking about people haven't had your rod over almost almost 100 books, one of two of them talk about individually of NARRATOR But the rest was what was building the oma is the founder of the modern science of Hadith.

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I just it's the attitude is that thinking and looking at someone from one narrow angle and you thinking that this all what you do in your life that is nothing like this. There is no one in the history of Islam ever reach an Imam, a 15 foot balcony and no solitary Santa Anas. There is no ever someone how to respected status in our history in our religion, just because he was so good and pointing people's mistakes.

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And that's all what he does. Or she does.

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Glad timing to he who knows his own faults more than the other people thought.

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I asked myself why. Why would we people that's all what they do. I will never forget one of my teachers, Scala this teachers without going into names. I studied with him. I was I consider him a very knowledgeable person.

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very knowledgeable, and he. But anyway, so at one point in his life, he said, Call us for the rest of my reading with him as

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a Muslim Rahim Allah. Then he asked, he asked us why guys, he didn't ask me about the one Muslim. I said, I don't. I'm here to ask you about the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't care about homeschooling.

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Then he said, Why didn't you ask him about so and so person? I said, I'm not here for that. And every time in the class, that's what he asked us. Can you imagine he's the teacher, or the students. And he's not interested. Then he said, Oh, you might guys think I don't know about this stuff I know about what's going on. And I know, you know, but I really don't care much about these issues.

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And it became he became useless in a matter of weeks, we left the class

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and he said for the rest of my life and has nothing to do except to expose someone so person.

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Today, I see it happening again after decades, and my own personal experience in life

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with people way, way less status on the scholar

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and have nothing to do on the life except their focus on some individuals, focus on organizations for to some groups, and all they do is just to trying to pointing their mistakes out.

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And that's unfortunate, doesn't really help much to change. The thing that we all want to see change.

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Why people will do that for so many reasons. And it's wrong to think that everybody does that. It means all these reasons together. Sometimes people are looking for fame, you have to settle up in a hurry. He criticizes you he make a comment in the book. So her comments made his comments make him famous. You know, I refuse and that's easy. You want people to be attractive to you just talk you know, bad about others or nay I expose posed this tabloid type of, you know, websites and talks and as we said here, any

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sort of sophora these kind of talks, get a talk get attention. Some people have nothing better in life to do I'm an umbrella umbrella, some people have nothing really to build. They don't have organization to build, they don't have a community to build, they don't have classes to teach, they have nothing. They all they do is just doing those. So if he got busy with things that constructive and building people up, he would be you know, able to leave such you know, behavior or at least control it. Some people do this because they are sincere and they love the oma the worry about the mistakes of certain individuals or groups or organizations. Okay, I really care about them and I'm

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worried about the oma to be a straight. I do believe that some people like that, but

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They don't have any type of wisdom. And

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men can have an akuna alum and be my

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head even female, Hakeem and female

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one of the things that stood out to her gene and Gene some of the statement that we memorize or kids, when you advise someone you advise and you talk and you correct someone, it has to be based on three things, three elements knowledge, and it has to be you have to be wise and you have to be gentle.

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I think also, he had an FCM

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and abandoners young hammer human Islam. What a no yeah, and you Akito life and Leo

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Ahmad Hara Hara. Some people have a very weird personality. They think that they represent a lot on earth. And they are the one who allowed give them the responsibility to make sure everything passed by is checked or not checked. And he has to make a statement and comment on everything that does exist. He thinks that it is his responsibility in front of Allah, and if he doesn't stand up for and became his battle. And by the way, this personality produced a lot of weird things. Like I know one of the darat recently he's saying things

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that Yeah, and alarm me Yeah, lm

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lm haba

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and the average Muslim and understand that what this person saying is nonsense. Is have no base the basic Muslim understand that this is wrong.

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But I'm talking to him he said no shahadi a disciple and he think

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he thinks that this is the thing that I have to defend and he told me in sha Allah after I die generations after I die people who will speak about my position on this good to have maybe a light to move to what I had when I was a logic you have you will die on your kids barely can remember you know live that life there is no one of those great amount that you hear about today in his lifetime thinking I will be remembered I will be kind of mafia had been out and Emma Kenapa Hanif Allah chef at your home and no safe I will not be my five. Those amounts are their time none of them ever thought of himself. He will be the greatest amount of his time. It happened you don't make it

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So this kind of personality, that you know, that's what looked the person to say take a photo and hamdulillah that would lead a lot of people today making things making thinking of themselves that they are the defender of Islam and blah, blah, blah, and the Sunnah and all those kind of things

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Habibi, that's not naziha. That's not advising the oma and advising the community and advising the people know, see what means sincerity. And this means to focus on actions, not the actors, and not see how it is in private when it comes to people, the person's, you don't advise people and PR as a person on public.

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I think sometimes people do that. Because they want to make themselves feel good about themselves, that they have sense of accomplishment. They feel so down, you know, in some fashion.

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He doesn't have much of success in his life. So what he does he start pointing finger at the successful people. Oh, look at this business. He does this he this and he talks about your mistakes in your business and all this kind of you know what, because he couldn't do a good business like yours. He is pointing finger at you as a die or the community or a method or a center or a theme or a chef, just because he couldn't he couldn't. He couldn't make it or that one that was very successful and very effective. And all what he does he just feel that I cannot do he see himself not accomplishing much. So what he does is start talking about people and pointing finger to them. You

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there is a study was made in a university in Dutch University. And the study was made to over a 70 students. And they found interesting like 90 or something or 80% of the students who actually constantly criticized others. They have themselves failure. They have no sense of they have very low self esteem. And they don't have any like they're not successful in their studies. That's why they like to make jokes and being sarcastic of others and talking bad about others.

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It's Pamela Yanni.

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It's been rated

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that any think of dilemmas you'd said you've sort of identify who ends until

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any you see the hair in the person's eyes.

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And if you have like a big chunk of wood in your eyes, you wouldn't see it. But you can see the hair and made but you can see that big thing on you. You know it shows you the personality of those people who feel like you know

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that's make give them kind of sense of you know, satisfying that you know what I'm Kurt says name and if I'm done, I'd done something, I can build something. So it's easy for me to destroy something that does exist or built.

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And also, some sometimes I found that those people they do this because of their personality that is some personality very negative phenos Selby musicology and negativity can manifest stated in two ways a Serbia our Jan? Number one is you only see the mistakes no matter what not no matter what good I do, you don't see. And somehow a lot you find this like to you know, I've been learning this by force because this has a many different manifestation. So I teach my kids at home, you know, doing online, so they will bring me their homework

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and I'm fighting myself when I look at their homework, I should not look at the mistakes

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I should look at what they have done good and their homework pointed out, then I can mention the mistakes but obviously it's human nature you just look Hey, this is need to be capitalized This is wrong. This is not correct. What this doesn't make any sense. You know what you don't really build anything.

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You putting people down just this is how you act. So some people have this is a process of human beings, sometimes nature which is a form of a vulnerability upon Allah in who can have a lumen Jolla shipment of kibble in San that's why it needs to be fired, but some people have this too extreme. So they become you know, almost looking into pointing the finger

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and the other form of negativity or salvia, salvia, and then in San Jamar of Allah, Mohammed

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that he always inter interpret your actions and the worst format

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when an island fee Dena, we have to always interpret people's action according to the best you know, to have a good faith and other Yeah, you ready in a minute tenable Kathy Romine of one

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avoid most of the suspicious most of these negative thoughts in your head?

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Somebody today came to me he said, Did you see what he

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did today? I said no. He said calling an angry installer. He said you know he was an a protest. And he did the ritual of putting water on the ground. And this is an African ritual to their deities. And they do this as a form of ritual doors. How come she does that and he is part of with you and Mr. Holloman he's your friend and your talk

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and he said to him I'm sure he doesn't know what that means. I don't know what that means.

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If you asked me to pour water on the ground that was just a waste of water. But I would never think of virtual I'm sure he doesn't know

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why would you always think oh no he just started tried to kiss up for you know those liberal people around him blah blah blah.

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I'm sure if you pick up the phone send him I'll ask him for me to ask him.

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I know Bashir for a very long time.

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It is ridiculous. Not only that someone accused a die with that what is more ridiculous is for people to believe someone that I know for all these years and all these years and all these years

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something like that

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it's more ridiculous in my opinion.

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You're gonna go pay him national law. Women a national

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you're more about federal we are a faith apartment in San ambrogi here a mo

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Hagia Cathy roominess. Yes ma'am. In

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fact, I forgot what I call her What a tuna Cebu for either a soft button or Kalimantan our water who who am I you know Cebu ha, for Giada kita who wanna holiness.

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Allah said, some people like have the attitude of pigs. They like to eat the filth. They like to focus on the filth. They like to stay in the filth. They don't like to stay in the clean place. They don't care about the clean. So some people deceive from you many many good things, but when they see your mistakes or fault

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Have you actually what if someone did something wrong? What if you're on

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So I said what if he did it? And he maybe he knew about it, and he noticed something and he did it thinking that it is okay at that time to do it because of rosabella shahadi. How come a chef will make an act of ritual like this? Yeah, Habiba. Sahaba the alarm on him. They said Jelena and Rob came to

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us having babies or salon. They said yeah, Rasul Allah, can you get us a tree to bless our swords? An individual Salam was angry at them said, How can you say something even a Sahaba did something that it can be it's an act of form of shirk.

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And it's a minor shirt and it may be so seldom corrected them. That's why

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we're designing for Indian father, Dr. Carmen

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manometer. So what are my use Tanka even good people can fall on things that it is not appropriate or correct, even if it's a form of minor shirt

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and the examples are so many and it's not about songs associated with so and so person is about the attitude it's this is the whole entire attitude behind the need to be changed there's a stop need to be made.

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Because I do believe that the main problem with all this is the lack of sincerity in what we say and what we do. Do not let your personal Do not let your you know your your whatever is there in the heart. Take over your mind and take over your tongue. We cannot tip the scale when it comes to you know against people when we see the doing something good. We just swept it under the rug and we don't mention it but when you see something wrong oh look what he did.

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Yeah, just remember what to Shafi Rahim Allah said he said I never debated anyone and man other than a Letterman NATO nuclear Allahu Akbar Al Hassan Isla de Sahni never debated anyone and he wished that I'm the one who makes the point I always would love that he makes the point he arrived to the right conclusion himself.

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When you see in someone, that that person is not fair and just with others, that's a sign of the lack of a class or the weaker class. When you see someone doesn't say the full truth alter the truth that's a sign of, of the lack of loss. When you see someone looking for excuses and finding and thinking of secure excuses to others. That's a lack of loss. When you see the person doesn't talk to the person on a personal level Hey, did you did this on this? Please can you correct that? When you see the focus on people not the actions commercial owner or teachers used to footbed us and if I say that he will not answer my question. If I mentioned the person's name I said chef so and so said

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this ketchup

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is an onion masala sauce and mozzarella. So I don't tell me so and so. Tell me what's the issue.

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Our issue is with the issue not with the person.

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We we need to learn when we look for faults. To look at the mirror, not to a telescope or a microscope or

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telescope it means he's very far to look to the people very far away from you, or microscope it means you are magnifying other people's mistakes. So both works. I asked Allah subhanaw taala in your final yummy Miss Amina

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al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva. To those who are happy when defined

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mistakes done by others when they found your faults. Those who looking and searching for your mistakes.

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Remember, and that's every one of us can have a little bit of us in their life in one way or another. Remember that this one of the quality of the hypocrites intimacy intimacy is compassionate assume we're into subcom say you're here for hooba remember that didn't the B cell allow you it was sanlam said about the believer. A reverse to basically versus the hypocrites. He said that movement will not believe until you love for your brother, what's your love for yourself? paddle portobay and that means that you will never be happy to see your brothers making mistakes or making any wrong in his religion or in his dunya Be careful.

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Be careful those who will bankrupt themselves with their tongue and through their social media.

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You can make your social media tongue make you rich don't make it make you bankrupt.

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I mean in the era

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and mindfulness, the one will come in the day of judgment on a Lost Planet. Allah will take away all what he collected. And today will be run out of all assets and the assets is the good deeds. Why? Because of the lieben Dyneema the gospel. Be careful

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if telecon OBL synergy como por una de la sala cambiar el

00:25:26 --> 00:25:33

buena who here no who are in de la Halim? Talking about people is not an easy thing.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:43

to who we believe enough Sabina hardy for one word can lead to the whole fire in a B cell A lot of Southern warned us to disease you have to be careful

00:25:45 --> 00:25:46

Be careful from

00:25:48 --> 00:26:00

inhibit those who are looking for other people's mistakes and focusing on it remember what a be versatile eslami said that the Navy so solemn nada he called upon us had a smile

00:26:01 --> 00:26:51

even woman in the house heard his voice was very loud. Yeah Mashallah, man. I'm gonna be sunny while I'm here, man. Those who believe in the book by saying words by their tongue but not by their hearts. Lots of terrible muslimeen Why not a tabula rasa him don't back by the Muslim, don't search for their pulse on mistakes for a moment that he Muslim, the tabula rasa, those who look and search for people's mistakes to expose it allow will expose their mistakes with that. Arata yes bajo fijo vbg waka Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by Bernie more at Jelani Rocha to whom after dunya two things Allah will hasten the punishment for them in the dunya What are they? lol belly

00:26:52 --> 00:27:26

being back to your parents, and being unfair and unjust with people. Be careful. Man I yarrabah hadn't beaten Benny para hola obey those who are happy to see their brothers and sisters on wrong. You know what? Allah subhanaw taala might free them from that and test you with it. It's my mama daddy leggera Lima medic Rahim Allah Khan, a drug to be had the hill Belda and in Medina he said when it came to Medina, in this city, I remember people

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acquirement lambda kulambu they had no mistakes or false foreverness but they start talking about other people's mistakes and wrongs doing quite a facade at home or you

00:27:43 --> 00:27:52

were a drug to fee her a woman can UCLA Whom are you? Second to Andrew bidness for cetara Allahu la mas la home.

00:27:53 --> 00:28:01

And I have seen people in the city have a lot of problems mistakes, but they did not use to talk about people's mistakes.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:07

And later on, I just wanted to cover them and change them. That's why I brought him

00:28:09 --> 00:28:10

in Nila oroshi.

00:28:11 --> 00:28:14

For them not only mean it be in the Mahabharata and

00:28:15 --> 00:28:26

sometimes they see things that is bad by people I have not talked publicly about it. Because I'm afraid if I do a lot well basically test me by making me fall into it.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:45

Be careful, well honey a cubanas fanatee Allah will do him or Allah monastery him illa hassall sanity, what lead to the Hellfire the portal sometimes if you're heading to Germany is your tongue. Your tongue is the one that control and lead you to either to Hellfire or paradise.

00:28:47 --> 00:28:54

The worst of our faults is our interest and other people's faults as well the mandala set

00:28:56 --> 00:29:41

I wanted to say to those who Allah subhanaw taala tested them with those who are constantly attacking them or journal about the combat Hello Jana Baba come live out in fitness. Guru amasa we made some people test for you to see if you're going to be patient or not. So follow santella test you are such people. Be patient. If you have someone in your work in your family members, some cousins, relatives, even spouse constantly criticized, you know what, be patient. And it doesn't mean patient knows nothing and being patient. That's number one. Number two, make sure that when you hear this kind of criticism is to review yourself, no matter how bad it does. You ask yourself what

00:29:41 --> 00:29:54

I have done wrong. And if there is something I can correct, I can correct. There is something that needs to be changed and something needs to be changed. And that's in the level of individual community, society, country and so forth. As well as

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

we need to respond and what is good ability as

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You have to have a good respond. Don't go to the level of your, of the other people. But also I have a message final message to those who hear such things.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:35

Number one, it is our duty to protect the honor of our brothers and sisters. And we say that's wrong. That's wrong. We don't argue. I don't want people to engage in media, but you should focus on that's wrong. That's not right. Number two, we're not allowed to be just enjoy listening and sharing and gossiping about it. Who did you hear? What

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did you hear this, or in gathering people talk now you can just be sitting there.

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You say no, I object and you'll leave.

00:30:46 --> 00:31:04

If it's a gathering, I leave this gathering, if it's it's a dinner, I don't participate in such thing. If it's a Facebook, I, you know, I'm prescribed myself and follow myself. I'm not going to tolerate that. Those people only feed on numbers of people who follow them.

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that this is important that you we know that we do not allow this to come on. By the way, if you keep listening to the poison, it will poison your mind and your heart.

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And also, finally, the Help is help no matter who said it. And what is wrong is wrong, no matter who did it.

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And that's a case should be very clear to all of us. Those people are so dangerous because they can divide the community. They bring us back to keep arguing, talking, not acting it dividing us and raised doubts about our leaders and about community and about the progress that we make. It turns the community to hate one another instead of advising one another and reminding one another. And soon this kind of attitude will lead to the door off pointing people to get them out of the fold of Islam today he did a mistake he did this tomorrow you'll be cafard after tomorrow he will be no his blood will be spilled

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my brother and sisters

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being happy with people mistakes

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it's a such a bad thing. And make sure and I want to make sure that my last final point to something that we all share because we have family make sure that you don't ever be happy when you see someone of your family member made a mistake and I mean by be happy two things. Number one, don't be happy by pointing it out and making them feel bad about themselves be happy when they do something right pointing out. But what's so weird than some culture that people are happy when literally happy when people did a mistake not because they are angry they did a mistake they are proud of their mistakes.

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And it's such a such a weird thing. And a saying this because it was gathered in a gathering once and somebody has kids said something bad words. He said a bad word.

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I like that's a bad word. How can you be happy that your son said bad word? How can you be happy that your son know about this song or this movie or this things? Which is very bad? How can you be happy that your son didn't act which is appropriate ACC? How can you be happy with that too, as another angle with completely different than my talk but that's also something to keep in mind. stakes on mistakes can be addressed in appropriate way. And I'm not promoting that we don't address mistakes. We don't educate, but I'm against that to poison people, not to educate people. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. When you know Yakutia fusina We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the best of manners and to protect us from the evilness of our souls and our deeds and to make us always sincere to make us always

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stand where the truth is. And we ask Allah spirit Allah to forgive whatever wrong that we have said or done to forgive us and to our brothers and sisters and Eman in Islam. A subtle lyonya for the notary one in a dentist's appointment a man allegedly revolutionary Latina, Aminu nessa la la vida de na ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma.

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Ma Ma. Ma. Ma Ma Ma. You know as Virgina, Makino Elina, svitolina Birmingham, Alabama for Latina satin, our dean and our Marlena yolonda economic arena. Serrano sola, Miranda Vienna Mohammed Ali. Satya hum como la because we do the announcements still on before the Salah. Remember to donate to the mustards.

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My class will start next week we're having a break. We have a new chapter in Sharla. Tara will be about mannerism, which is actually actually is interesting.

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also useful knowledge with shift command McHugh will be live streamed on Facebook tomorrow Saturday 7pm sR random and Luke journey with the poor on 2pm on Sunday voting reminder as we say if you're older than 6065 or older or unable to attend make sure that your request for melon balance. We do have also this weekend

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a barbecue and it's also my reservations and I know that with the social distance and it is if you've never haven't seen it yet and the outside is a structure was made for a barbecue area, you can have a look at it and inshallah next one you can reserve it as well we'll have different slots, time slots with different families can come trying to gap that distance, social distance that we have by gathering together while we keep the physical distance

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