Mufti Menk – Outdoors in Uganda with the Youth – Ethics, Morals and More

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a balance between work and personal life, avoiding negative comments on one's behavior, and praying for oneself. They stress the need for everyone to pray and keep working hard, and offer advice on how to empower others. The speakers also highlight the importance of praying for oneself and not giving up, and encourage individuals to use their own experiences to empower others. They end with a reminder of the upcoming "has a great day" event and a video about "has a great day."
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And I don't want to talk too much in front of him about his goodness but may introduce you to my dear friend share. Dr. Mufti Ismail Ming

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Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was so happy here Jemaine. Yesterday when I arrived in Entebbe, and we came through to Kampala, I was worried that today all my brothers and sisters are going together at this freedom grounds at this wonderful, beautiful more than a century old Macquarie University.

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And I was thinking what will happen it's going to be hot, we are going to sweat. Oh Allah make it easy for my brothers and sisters. So as we were coming today, I saw it started raining, I was asking our VC here that what is going to happen we will navigate through the weather, but by the will of Allah look at how those few drops that came have actually cooled us and calmed us so much that I can speak up to 8pm and it will still be okay. Right? May Allah make it easy and grant us goodness and

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open our doors, my brothers and sisters, I am so delighted to be in your midst. And I am seeing beautiful faces filled with light and known as Dr. Muhammad and brother wa l have said, and I can feel the hearts filled with love. But you need to know the love of your Creator should be more than the love of anything else. And everything else. No matter how much you love your hair, for example. You love Allah more than that. So you will not do anything with your hair. That will displease

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Allah. You love your clothing so much, but you love Allah more than your clothing. So you will not wear that which will displease Allah. Is that right? You love so much so many different things. Everyone loves wealth, who doesn't love money, for example, because it's something placed in the heart where you have to love nice things. Everyone likes nice things, but we love Allah more. So we will never get to those nice things in a way that is going to compromise our relationship with

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Allah. If I love you Alhamdulillah it should be for the sake of Allah. What does that mean? It means I love Allah more than I love you. That's it. I will not do something with this love that will end up in Haram because I know that my love for my maker is more than that. I appreciate in Allah you are a good brother, you are a good sister. We have a good connection. I pray for you. You pray for me I will remind you where you are going wrong when you see me when you meet me you will remember

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Allah because I will remind you of Allah and vice versa. That is called Love in Allah and those who love each other for Allah Allah says, you will earn the best of this world and the next you earn a rank in paradise that is very, very high. So remember this, as much as all of us want to see success in this world as well as the hereafter. The two are connected in the sense that you want true success it has to be that you do not forget your hereafter what's the point of having so much money

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but you stole it? What's the point of having old nice things but you took from someone else you cheated someone you deceived another person in order to get it is that success

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you will never succeed today I'm seeing young faces young brothers and sisters I just noticed those right at the end of those in the tent on my left on my right those at the back there those who are right behind me here the sisters May Allah bless you and give you Jana to dose you might be behind there but trust me you have a place in the heart that is one notch higher than those who are in front because they can see us Mashallah. I'm sorry about that. I have to acknowledge it for them

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their patience is more. I am standing here and wondering inshallah I will speak to you

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and we will share some good words by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala but I want to tell you something interesting. My worry as I'm sitting here, I'm noticing some of the people right here mashallah the young boys, the young

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yours Alhamdulillah and I'm thinking how am I going to get from here? To go back to my vehicle? I think I will have to just live in Kampala.

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Please allow us when the time comes to live respectfully, we love you inshallah. But that does not mean we should hurt and harm. Going back to what we were saying you are young. Trust me the future is in your hands, how the world will move how your family will move, how your community will move, how your country will move, depends on how you encourage one another to do the right things. If you do the right things, inshallah it will progress forward, it will develop it will grow up but if you

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are going to spew words of hate from your mouth, they are as good as seeds that will germinate into into trees that will bring about destruction. The cactus that which is not healthy does not provide shade and so on. It's a see what your mouth when you talk about one another.

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Be careful how you talk about one another. You differ with your brother. Watch out, speak respectfully. In Islam, we know there are so many different sects, there is this masjid, that Masjid these people that move to the other mufti, another move to this council, that's Council, another Council, all of these, they are part of the Ummah, watch your mouth when you are talking about one another. If you don't agree with someone, disagree very respectfully please, because we are worried

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about the future of the ummah. If you don't agree with someone, you can disagree, but disagree with respect. Don't lie, don't cheat, don't cause problems, don't swear each other. These are people, everyone makes mistakes. And everyone does sometimes things that are not right. They need to be guided with goodness, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He loved us so much that when someone came and said things or did things that were not correct, he always corrected them in the most

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beautiful way. You know the story of a man who came in urinated were

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in the masjid not at McKarrick grounds. He urinated in the masjid. What do you think you and I will do, I don't even want to say, but to be honest with you, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, spoke to him so nicely, so calm so beautifully, because the idea is to build the Ummah, to build the nation to build the community and society. If you are going to swear that men he has his small group of people perhaps, or he will be insulted to the degree that he won't want to associate with you

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anymore. Rather, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told him, You know what, this is the house of Allah, it is not fit to be urinated in it is for the remembrance of Allah, it is for prayer, it is for Quran and so on these things, we should not be doing them here. He was so happy with that advice. Similarly, when we have differences amongst us, be careful how you talk to others, those who don't belong to your faith. Be careful how you talk about them. When you disagree with something

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someone else from a different religion is doing. Be careful how you talk about it. Be respectful, even if you disagree, disagreement is okay, I can disagree with you. You can disagree with me. That's fine, that is human we will not ever agree fully with one another. Even if we are brothers from one mother and one father, even if we are married and we are lovers we love one another so much. But we can disagree on certain things because we are human. But the reality is, if we don't

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know how to navigate through that disagreement, we are going to cause major problems now. Moments ago we heard about tick tock, a lot of us are on tick tock, there is a good side to it and there is a bad side to it. Unfortunately, the bad side is very quickly spreading. And the good side. A lot of people don't really interact much with it today. I want to invite you, every time you see a good message on tick tock or Instagram or wherever else it may be. When you see a good message like it,

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comment and forward it or repost it. You will get a reward and what will happen we will begin to change that particular social media platform towards spreading more good than bad. But sometimes you have people sitting there they don't know anything. They don't work hard. They just sit there and talk bad about everyone else. So they speak bad about this one. This

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Big bad about that one. They speak bad about the other one. They say evil things and they're just sitting there. This one is like that. That one is like, you know, there are so many like this. Be careful. Don't allow yourself to become one of those. And don't allow yourself to be impressed by one of those because they are not doing the real work. They are just sitting and pointing fingers at those who are working hard. May Allah subhanahu wa taala keep us strong.

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You need ethics and so do I. What are these ethics there are so many things we can talk about to be applied to be a hard working Allah wants us to get up for prayer. When the first prayer is before,

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before the sun.

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Before the sunrises, why? Because Allah wants you to get up and work hard. Start your day, very early. Breathe a beautiful fresh air of the pearl of Africa, and you will notice something really amazing. Brothers, can we just wait for one minute we just wait for one minute Yeah, few minutes I will give you an indication. So what happens we breathe the fresh air of which place

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of which place

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of the pearl of Africa look at the spell of Africa beautiful green trees, so much of oxygen. So much of beautiful air I was sitting here if some of you might have noticed me taking deep breaths because there was cool beautiful wind coming and I was looking at these trees as though I am breathing pure oxygen mashallah pearl of Africa. Mashallah, Mashallah. So Allah wants you to get up early. So please get up early, your day will be successful. Work very hard. Don't allow laziness to take over.

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Sometimes, you know, we are human beings. We love the bed. And we love to waste time, sit on your phone and just flick, Flick, flick, Flick, flick flick. Nowadays, they are making it cheaper and cheaper and cheaper to flick. And so what happens you become counterproductive. You don't produce anything, you are not productive in any way. You are contributing only to the warmth of your bed and nothing else. So one young boy told me at least you know heat is energy. When I'm sleeping in my

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bed. I'm generating energy. I told him Come on, come on. How can you talk like this? Those statements really have a failure. A person who wants to convince himself that I'm doing something meaningful when he's doing nothing sleeping, telling me the heat is generating energy La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah I wanted to tell him, why don't you connect a battery to your ears so that at least when that hit, you can use some you know, some of that energy to recharge your phone. He

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started laughing at me as it you are laughing it means you are talking a lot of nonsense. May Allah forgive us. So you must get up to fight yourself and your bad habits is an act of worship. You know your bad habits. You know what they are? Some are involved in really bad things. Look, I'll give you an example brother while Ibrahim

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my colleague from Perth, Australia, he is here today. Do you know before he used to be a singer singing songs on a stage like this with hectic music that was blasting from the left and the right. And he was one of those whom you would never have imagined. today. He's a chef sitting here and telling you in LA he were in La vie.

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If we saw him before, we would say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah him Ali love him. But today when we see him we say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We are happy to have him with us because he has experience. He has already tasted that life. Similarly, he is a professional in dealing with behavioral addictions.

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People who are addicted to *, the number is big. Don't lie. You don't need to put your hand up. We are not here to shame people. I'm not going to say those of you hooked on to *, put your hand up because you know what? That's not up to me to know who exactly it is. But it is up to me to help you. You are my son. You are my daughter. You are my brother. No matter what bad habits you have you have an addiction, get help. Please get help. If you are addicted to

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the bottle, you are an alcoholic. You are a drug addict. We don't hate you. We hate your habit. We don't hate you. We want you to come back to produce something good. You can still come we need you for the future. This is why we have a team of people and our brother is specialized in that go and listen to some of his videos where he reminds you that you know the temporary pleasure the temporary pleasure that he

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is derived from that which is futile. That which is sinful. That which is an abomination will never ever give you success, it will actually do the opposite and it will bring you failure. So, if you have a bad habit, work on it, work on it without you working on it, you are going nowhere. If you are addicted to drugs, you need help. You need to understand reach out for the help. Don't be shy. If you are an alcoholic. If you are addicted to adultery, some people are addicted to adultery. Do

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you know why? We are living in a hyper sexual age, everything is about *. Every thing you see around you is about *. Like our brother said earlier, they are showing you movies sometimes and the people there in the movies in most cases, they are not going to teach you the beautiful way of involve your father, involve your mother. Go respectfully get the proposal done. Get a good marriage done live happily with your children go to the masjid go to the to to Allah Almighty and try and

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connect with that doesn't happen in movies. It doesn't happen in movies, because the movie is seeking to pull the strings of your desires and lust so that you can watch more movies. When you see a movie where it is teaching you if there is it is teaching you that which is brilliant connected to your maker with beautiful morals and values. People will say this is so boring. There's no even kissing in this movie. Yes. And the minute there is a scene of kissing, or hugging for more than

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that. Everyone says Wow. Did you watch the movie? Was it good? It was good. When I was young, they used to say no and at when someone is kissing, it was written in the movie no under 18. Today from the time of birth, kissing is okay what is kissing? Kissing? They say what? What's wrong with kissing. So you see how we have gone from Alhamdulillah to a star Viola. Rather than going from a starving Allah to Alhamdulillah my brothers and sisters, you are my children. You are my brothers.

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You are my family members. What I'm telling you today is only because we care for you. We care for humanity. These are good habits build yourself you are not useless. You are not a waste of time. You are not incapable but rather the opposite is true. You are capable no matter who you are. I was seeing a young boy here sitting in front. I offered him water

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and he took the water and I saw how beautifully he was seated so calm so quiet as young as he is what is in my heart. Love. I see a young sister sitting here mashallah covered in niqab and sitting quietly trying to see and what what does she wants? She wants to listen, she wants she has come here to get something good. So it's my duty as I see your faces many of you I acknowledge you. Am I right or wrong?

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Am I right or wrong? Even I acknowledge the one day right in the corner Subhanallah Hera, Bill al Amin, and I can see him there Marcia put your hand up right at the top there. Mashallah. Yes, you Alhamdulillah. You see, to be honest with you, we acknowledge, so I am here to tell you, we need you, please. We need you in the Ummah we need you in Uganda, we need you to help and develop the community, the society and the country. And the way you are going to do that is by being the best

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possible person that you can develop good habits with bad habits. What are you going to do nothing. I see the young boy, I promise you when he grows older, he will be successful because he's already interested in people who are going to teach him goodness and kindness and love and caring for one another. You care for one another? If I have water and I see you are looking thirsty, I will offer you my water. Why? Because I'm a person who cares. We care for others. If I am something is

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happening to you if I can, I would help you Subhanallah if I can, I will help you. Yes. What did you say?

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You wanted this jukebox. You need to be a chef. Are you a chef? Allahu Akbar. You need to work for 14 years in the community without a Juba, then you will get a job by inshallah.

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Normally those who ask me, I don't give them but those who don't ask me I can give them so don't ask me and you stand a better chance right. Inshallah. This one, you know what? This one, it's my first time wearing it. It looks new, right? Let me tell you, because I want it in the Horn of Africa. I want to keep it for 10 years. Shama May Allah bless you all. May Allah bless you all. Well, Allah He My beloved children, I tell you so

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Something like I said, You are not useless. You are not a waste of time. But you yourself need to realize it. Even if you come from a poor background Wallahi you can achieve when you realize that Allah has blessed me don't have an attitude where you think, no, I am poor. I can't afford this. I can't achieve that. Whatever you have, work hard. Go out, try and achieve, come again. Try this and try that one day something will happen Allah will give you victory man.

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Whoever works hard and tries, they will achieve it by the help of Allah subhanho wa taala. The attitude that you have is very important. When you have a good attitude and a positive attitude. Don't complain. Someone says to you, how is Uganda? If I meet you in Dubai, or in Makkah, or somewhere? And I asked you say Salam aleikum wa salam, where are you from? You say Uganda? I say, How is Uganda? What are you going to say? Whatever you say, tells me so much about you, not Uganda,

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because you either give me good news about your country or bad news.

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Don't you agree? There are so many good things about Uganda. Am I right or wrong?

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But the people sometimes they only mentioned the bad things. You know why they say the bad things? Can I tell you? They want to justify why they are not there. That's why. So if you see someone in England or America, you say how is Uganda they'll say, Ah, it's problematic. That's why I'm here. Right? But the weather is better than Europe, the air there is the pollution here is nothing compared to elsewhere. I'm not saying don't worry about your pollution, we are youth, we are

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concerned about the future. We are worried about pollution, we will continue to look into ways of being more productive such that we can contribute towards the purification of the air. But we look at the positives. Uganda is a lovely place. We have fresh produce, which is non GMO. We have lovely communities of people of different faiths, who lives side by side in harmony in peace. We are contributing to our nation. Yes, we have a few struggles, but Alhamdulillah every country has

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negative every country has positives to

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You have a beautiful country, you Allah He you need to look after it. Right? You see chef, the chef there. He's so happy because he knows what I said is right.

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Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, may Allah bless you. So we have a good play, let's not complain, and then complain and complain. When I travel the world and I see people they tell me, I'm from Uganda first thing, I notice they're educated Allahu Akbar. They speak English correctly.

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Another thing I noticed when I see Ugandans anywhere and everywhere, they are hardworking.

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Am I right or wrong?

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So I am here to tell the youth to live up to that reputation and better it don't make it worse. When you grow older people must say you are hardworking I work hard. I met some three four youngsters just now at a restaurant that we visited. The father told me they are doing toughies

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I told them pray together and play together. That was my message is pray together and play together. Why? Because when you pray together, those are the people who are worth playing together. They will not play in something haram they will play in that which is okay acceptable and even that which is pleasing to Allah. But when you don't pray together, or you don't pray at all, you lost your connection with Allah let me tell you, today we are here housings of people. We have our phones,

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because we are so many the internet connection is what it's what it's down. Am I right? Internet connection is down. How agitated Are you? You want to put it on Tik Tok quickly today we show chef mink right? Today we saw Sheikh Mohammed Salah first time we are meeting while Ibrahim I want to put it quickly but my connection is not working. I cannot wait to connect right or wrong.

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Now tell me which connection is more important your internet connection or your connection with the one who made you

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know connection was the one who made you. You should be equally agitated when you are disconnected from him who made you you should be agitated. How come I didn't pray today? How come? I didn't pray for so many days. How come I did something which was wrong today you lost connection. If you lose connection, where are you going? We are more worried about our phones Wallahi then we are worried about Allah Rubble is that you will Jalan So my message is

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pray together, play together, work together, develop your nation together, contribute to the Ummah together and understand differences amongst us are normal. It is normal and human to have differences. But how you deal with those differences is what makes you or breaks you.

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If you know how to deal with each other, you will be able to help each other. You see someone you say, You know what, this person has a business just like mine. He is my competitor, but he's my brother, salaam alaikum. How is everything? All good to say? Yes, yes, all good. But he also has a store exactly like mine next door to mine. So what he's my brother Allah will provide. But when I have a dirty heart, I want all the things that are good for myself. And I don't want it for anyone

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else. If that's the case, I will lose

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my brothers and sisters in our communities. If I tell you

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talk to me about the negatives of your country Wallah, he, you will count five or six things, not more. Try. Try now in your mind. How many things do you think in your country, perhaps are negative? Someone might complain about economy while the whole world is complaining, including the big nations. They are complaining about economy. Someone else might complain about this or that about something here and there. People might complain let me tell you, you only have five or six

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complaints. But if I tell you tell me the good things about your nation Wallahi the banana I ate this morning sweeter than all the bananas of the whole of Africa

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Yes, the banana I do you know that? No, you don't. Do you know why you didn't taste the bananas in other countries? I'm telling you. I look at the fruit that the pineapple you have is natural. Am I right? Give you injected for it to grow like that? No, you are eating food that others would pay heavily to eat and it's growing in your backyard. Come on, you are living in the pearl of

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now you know, make sure they don't call it the banana of Africa.

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Mashallah, imagine if the bananas are so nice? How nice are the pearls?

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We need to see them still. I want you to realize this, I want you to really work together with one another. Solve your problems. If you have a problem in your family, those who invest in solving problems are true leaders. They are true leaders.

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Those who invest in solving problems or true leaders, when you have a problem in your family try try again try again.

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See, there are three things to try to solve a problem or to leave it where it is or to make it worse, which one do you want? Solve it. So to solve it, an effort is required give and take, apologize, sometimes you need to solve it. The same applies in your community. The same applies in the masjid, in the Muslim ummah, the same applies in your country. If there is issue, you will notice two leaders they want to solve the problem. Those who are not leaders, they will create to

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two problems out of one, how can that person be a leader. So you need to lead in your own circles first. Another thing jobs, jobs are scarce. Don't give up looking for a job. And in the process. Try to do something buy and sell, buy and sell try entrepreneurship there is baraka and blessings in that. So sometimes you don't have a job because Allah wants you to get more than the 200 $500 you might get a month because he wants you to do your own business right or wrong.

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So you can buy and sell you can do a deal. Another deal, a third deal. By the time you do five deals in the month, you made 10 times more money than the guy who has a good job. I'm not saying don't look for the job, keep looking for the jobs. But sometimes Allah has chosen you for something else. Don't complain, work hard to find the solution. And don't ever give up. Don't what?

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Don't give up.

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Just like when you have sinned, you commit sins and sins, Allah tells you don't lose hope in my mercy. Don't give up come back to me. The same applies if you have failed in this world, and you are going backward and you are losing things. Don't give up. Keep keep trying. Try again. Try here, try there. I know one brother who told me I applied for 45 jobs. 44 they declined me 4051 They took me in and he says I worked for two years. And I became a manager and I am now earning 9000 US dollars a

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month. Imagine, but how many jobs did he apply for 45 jobs 45 job how many have you applied

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for four or 510 times less, what are you going to get?

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MashAllah the sister here is telling me talk about prayer. Prayer Wallah. It's important. Ask Allah whatever you do

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ask Allah's help even if you are energetic for example, you know you are intelligent number one in the classroom before the exam I pray to Allah because he gave you the brain I know I am intelligent I know I work hard I know that mashallah everything is amazing. I'm everyone knows me to be sharp and intelligent. But before I go for my exam, I must still pray to Allah. And after my exam, I must still pray to Allah. And I must still continue to thank Him for what He has given me. So don't ever

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take prayer out of the equation. Allah will grant you goodness, I have a question. Are you ready to hear it?

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The clouds covered us from the beginning of our get together today, right to this moment, now that the sun is out, does it mean we should close our meeting?

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Can we close? We can carry on mashallah, you see that? Yes, that I have heard now. It is indicative of the fact that Allah Hey, we want more and more goodness, what am I doing? I'm encouraging you to do what? Build yourself, no one is going to care for you. If you don't care for yourself. You are alone sometimes. But it's short lived because Allah is with you. Allah knows you personally. He knows your name. Maybe I don't know your name. Allah knows your name. And Allah knows exactly your

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problems, who you are, what you are going through, he will help you. So with the world you might be alone with Allah, you are not alone. As you grow older, do you think a person next door who has a job is going to tell you sister since you don't have a job and I have a job, let's share half of my salary. Can they do that? Never. They're on their own, you're on your own. Even though you are the neighbor, they will know you are going hungry. Sometimes they might not offer you anything.

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So remember, work hard. If you don't care for yourself, nobody's going to care for you. Don't feel self pity. Get up. Allah bless you with your hands, your legs, your eyes, your noses help the others who perhaps don't have even that amount, or even that much. Some people in our communities they are challenged, they have disabilities, they have hardship. Some are widows and orphans. We are taught as believers that we should reach out to the widows and the orphans and give them some form of

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reassurance and help. Why so that we can build community. It means the downtrodden, we should try and help them but each one of those, we can learn a lesson from them because I have seen people without legs who are more determined than many of us who have both legs. I have seen people who are blind, who are working harder than those who have two eyes like you and I may Allah bless us. I have seen people who have no parents, they are orphans, but Wallahi they work so hard. I have seen widows

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single handedly the mothers raising children better than families where they are both parents. Congratulations to you. If you are widowed, or divorced or a single mother, today we celebrate you. Today we celebrate you. Your struggles are real. You are my sister. We know that there are people like you, you are going through hidden struggles. Congratulations, you, my sister are doing a better job than many of those who have both parents without the same condition of yours. today. We are here

00:33:45 --> 00:34:15

to tell you, my sisters who are struggling, never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah keep going because the day we meet with Allah, that is the day that you will be very happy. And even before that Allah will grant you goodness. I know one case of a widow. She brought up two children on her own. The landlord chased her out she couldn't pay rent. She said I stayed under the bridge for a while. Then she went from being homeless street person with the children to a little camp where they were

00:34:15 --> 00:34:16

keeping homeless people.

00:34:17 --> 00:34:47

She said one thing I kept doing is to send my little one to school we kept going, we kept sending my son to school. They came a time when he graduated from university. Someone had given him a scholarship because he was very intelligent, and he became a doctor. You will never ever believe that there was a time when he was in primary school when they were based under the bridge on a highway in their country. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and lesson from this type of

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

determination. This lady was looking at the future she knew today I'm struggling, but if I do the right thing, at least I will empower my kids. Look at her today. She's still alive. She's so proud of the two

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

uterine but we are more proud of her because she did not give up don't give up May Allah grant us goodness a nice month of Ramadan is approaching and quicker than the month of Ramadan guess what else is approaching

00:35:13 --> 00:35:15

the end of my speech is approaching

00:35:18 --> 00:35:35

so I want to tell you my brothers and sisters let's turn to Allah in this beautiful month we ask Allah goodness and ease and success I just want this brother to bring me this thing here if you can make a small space let's put it here on the side here

00:35:36 --> 00:35:36


00:35:38 --> 00:35:54

what I'm saying this month of forgiveness month of charity month of goodness month of closeness to Allah month of fasting month of determination mashallah you will have to stand there he wants me to sign this right look he made the thing to say sign on my

00:35:55 --> 00:35:57

son sign on my RT

00:36:09 --> 00:36:22

now he's asking for a selfie you see? So I want to tell you something. Next time if someone comes with a similar image or picture or something putting it up, we are not going to choose them to come up Shall

00:36:23 --> 00:36:25

we do it once Allah share?

00:36:26 --> 00:36:27

You know what we say?

00:36:28 --> 00:36:38

We say one photo is courtesy two is trouble. You take one picture, it's okay. You take the second one you are troubling us. Now chef. You better

00:36:39 --> 00:37:03

Alright, now I took his picture now you you can take a picture with him Shala mashallah, may Allah bless you. Oh, so I want to do something I want another wireless camera or maybe she has more data you can give me a camera. I want to do a selfie similar to my brother you know this brother is gifted he's a very very good control of masses and public. You notice how he kept everyone quiet

00:37:07 --> 00:37:09

he said three to one

00:37:12 --> 00:37:13

mashallah, okay.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:17

Oh chef, I can't touch this.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:19

It's an apple.

00:37:21 --> 00:37:31

The apple is bitten. Have you noticed? Look at the logo it's a bitten apple yet. Anyway, let's go let's just a joke. Right here we are Mashallah. Tabata cola

00:37:37 --> 00:38:09

okay, we do a video from here, masha Allah, this is the pearl of Africa, Kampala, Uganda McCrary freedom in sha Allah McCrary freedom grounds. We have all our brothers and sisters have been standing here for hours on end. And I really would like to appreciate all of you and I love you for the sake of Allah. See there right at the back there are so many seated in the tents all at the back there Mashallah. Wallahi we've had some amazing beautiful time with you today. I appreciate your

00:38:09 --> 00:38:35

patience and I appreciate the fact that you stood here for hours. You know what the saying in English Come rain come sunshine. Today we have had both rain and sunshine. So here we are Mashallah. What beautiful, lovely people, Uganda we love you, Mashallah. Baraka Luffy? Come, may Allah bless you all, Josiah Kamala, here, we meet again, when would you like to meet again?

00:38:38 --> 00:38:44

In sha Allah, we will come back very soon. But I want to tell you one serious point.

00:38:46 --> 00:38:51

We will come back if you allow us to live respectfully. That's all. Is that fair?

00:38:52 --> 00:38:59

Is it fair? So can we create a gap here in sha Allah like this year, we have to move back move back here.

00:39:00 --> 00:39:17

And we create a gap up to there, if you allow us to leave with respect, we might even stay over who knows? Baraka Luffy May Allah bless you and grant you baraka and ease and goodness and grant forgiveness to all of us. We have our SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad

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