Finding Hope in the Israel Palestine Conflict

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Israelis speak about the nasty treatment, and how they were badly treated in Germany during the second world war before the war. And so they treated the Arabs the same way. We saddling the entire area of Gaza by Jews heart wrenching, but we have hope.

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Santa Monica. So we are all watching

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with great pain, the events unfolding in the Middle East currently. And recently, I came across a video a very old video

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probably 50 years and more BY JAMAL Abdel Nasser, the ones president of Egypt,

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talking about the same conflict, the Palestine Israeli conflict, and it was very eye opening for myself very enlightening, to see how far we have come in five decades and more in this conflict. So let's watch it together. It's just a couple of minutes. And then I'll comment on it Inshallah, about the rights of the Arabs of Palestine were expelled out of their country, we have about 1 million and half refugees, expelled completely, you know, the, the Israelis speak about the nasty treatment, and how they were badly treated in Germany during the Second World War and before the war. And so they treated the Arabs the same way. expel them, kill them, kill their children destroy their villages.

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And that was scaled from Palestine, to the

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dead on 40. There were Divina United Nations resolutions, the Security Council received resolution nothing was

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and then Israel took everything took the property of those people, everything and everything from it. What about the rise of the city? You are from Britain, you accept to give Manchester to some other people.

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And if you are American, I ask you do you accept to give California to some other people or to accept the status quo of occupying Manchester by some other people by the Chinese

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and then reach agreement

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after expelling the people of Manchester from their homes, depriving them from their property from everything. This is the question of Palestine. This question is not represented in Britain or in the West, because of the influence of the Jewish problem. The Arab Palestine wanted to return back to their homeland

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to regain their property.

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What what the answer of the Israelis? The answer of the Israelis was no, they will not permit single Arab to return. And they will not give them back their crops. But we can do it if you have right and nobody is

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ready to give it to you. So the only solution is folks. So just a couple of things to note from this video.

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Number one, Jamal Abdel Nasser was the president of Egypt. So in this clip, he has left Egypt as in he has come out of Egypt, out of his state and place of comfort, if you like,

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in his speaking in the English medium. So his comfort is where his oratory is best as is in the Arabic language. But he has lifted his language of comfort, and is coming to speak to a western audience through a Western medium through the Western media.

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All because he realizes that the message of the Arabs, the voice of the Arabs of the Palestinians, is being stonewalled to the ears of the West, the normal western population, the normal, the average Joe here in the West, does not get to hear the realities of what happens in Palestine and mass media.

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And it must have reached a high level of frustration for a sitting President to come out to engage deliberately a western audience so that he can attempt to break through the stonewalling that is around this topic so he can get to the ears and eyes and the hearts of the masses. Because the reality is as much as they try the goodness and the decency and the vast majority of the population in the Western world.

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Is is exceptional. Like if they were to know the truth, all these organizations and governments and lobbies that are trying to maintain the status quo of injustice would end overnight.

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So that's the first one. The second part, which is sad to see 50 years and more onwards, and this is this is from the time of Jamal, the Nasser, while he's speaking, it has already been going on for 70 for 20 years. So all together at this stage, 70 years and more, the Palestinian is living through this trauma, where his houses broken down, demolished, or just flat, outright taken by violence settlers who come in, state sponsored, push them out. And the man with his kids, a few belongings doesn't know what to do where to go. So all the way from the time,

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the deliberate disposition, the demolishing of the houses, the robbing of the land, the constant humiliation has been going on. And when you see what is happening today, we are in 2024, when this video is being recorded,

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and the other crisis is just here. We have had a whole city demolished to the ground. So at this stage 30,000 And more noncombatants, civilians, ordinary men, women and children going about their normal lives have been massacred, of which 70% and more are women and children. So every time they drop a bomb,

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the likelihood of civilians noncombatants and in that specifically women and children dying is a chance of 70%. And when a chance is that high, the logical question is is it deliberate or not deliberate.

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So that has been has been going on for

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70 years. And even now here in 2024. And the backdrop of all the talk of progress and different administrations that have come and gone, it seems like we haven't moved an inch ahead. And Jamala, the NASA talked about the massive problem of people being dispossessed from their homes, and now immigrants looking for refugees have a place to live. Here again, and as he talked about 1.5 million people at his time, right now almost 2 million, almost the entire population. 1.81 point 9 million people are homeless and their own city, their houses have been demolished, and they can't go back into it.

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And now winter is there. So in the midst of winter, they stand with a single shirt and pants on because all the clothing and belongings under the rubble.

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And tents are not available for everyone. They've got makeshift plastic bags here and they're freezing. And the world watches like this is not 50 years ago, where there wasn't adequate cameras. Every person has a camera, and every cameras uploading with all the restrictions. So everyone gets to see on social media.

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And the public sympathy and the public opinion as change in the West are being informed and they're moving away from the acceptance of this of this cruel status quo. And then amidst all of this, you get a demon like this.

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Watch this with me for a second. Who is the lady that is in in the settler community in Israel, who was fighting against aid being allowed to go in to us to this helpless people sitting out in the rain, freezing in the cold. She doesn't even want it to get to them and worse than that. She says Gaza should be flattened out and resettled by the settlers watch.

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Don't think that we will stop the war in Gaza before be put a total end to comers to the supporters of Hamas and

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resettling the entire area of Gaza by Jews.

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heart wrenching but

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we have hope and the decency of

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The general public and hope and the truth of this purpose and the rights of the Palestinians and hope and the mighty creator that has created everything that inshallah after these testing days are over, we will see some light on the horizon

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