[Ep 3] Dua To Accumulate Enormous Amounts Of Good Deeds

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of a vicar during a prayer and how it can be a great investment. They also mention a vicar that gives four statements and can be given at any time. The speaker gives four statements and gives a recap of their experience with them.
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Do we need to make this dua every morning is one of the greatest investments we can do. Let me explain one time also Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam as he was leaving his house, he saw his wife who jewelry been till Harris in her place of worship, remembering Allah doing the vicar, etc. Eventually he states to pray Fudger at the masjid an hour or two until the whole time around the four noon approximately, he comes back home. When he comes back home, he sees his own wife in the same spot in which he had left her at. So he wants to ask her a question. Have you been in this position since I left for Fudger? Like a couple hours ago? She said yes, yeah Rasul Allah, I did not

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get up or anything I remain in this position the whole time doing vicar and a bad. So he tells her I said four statements three times I said four statements, three times if it were to equate with the hours of worship that you did, the statements which takes about 30 seconds will outweigh them and good deeds, Allah Allah, any 30 seconds of some vicar can give me more has an earth than several hours of worship. Yes, this is the smart dua wishes we use from Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is that vicar. He said Subhan Allah he will be hemmed in. Allah is free from every imperfection will be hemmed in All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa taala. Now he gives four

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statements about that one, to what extent Subhanallah will be handy when you tell someone I love you how much I love you as big as the sky as bright as the sun you explain how much you love them. Here we explain how much Subhan Allah will be handy how much reading statement number one out of four Subhanallah hemmed in by the Hulk and the number of Allah's creation, the number of the human beings and the jinn and the angels and the particles of sand in the desert and the drops of water in the ocean Subhan Allah Hamdi either the Hulka statement two out of four, what is law and if say, Oh Allah, I praise you, I glorify you, whatever enough said until you are happy and pleased and that's

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the peak reward. Number three was in better shape. I praise you glorify you as heavy as your throne. Yeah, Allah Allahu acqualina. How heavy Allah's throne is one of the angels that is carrying Allah's throne between the distance of their ear lobe and the shoulder how fast is this takes me a few seconds. The distance between the ear lobe and the shoulder of the angel carrying Allah's throne is 700 years long, Allahu Akbar. So you praise Allah as heavy as Allah's throne. That's three. Number four, what made the Kalamata year Allah I praise you glorify you as much ink as I need as many pens as required to write down your wisdom and knowledge which is infinite. That's how much we praise

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Allah. Let me say it one more time. Subhan Allah Allah will be handy. Either the holiday worried or NFC was in utter out of shape. Why me that Kalamata make a commitment to see this every morning to help you memorize it and to help others in sha Allah and sharing it. Write it down in the comment section. May Allah bless you was salam alaikum