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The importance of faith in Islam is highlighted, as it is crucial for all Muslims to support their work and help their children grow up in a safe and prosperous environment. The success of Islam in modernizing society and empowering people to speak up is also highlighted, along with the political and social dynamics behind recent politicians and groups. educating Muslims about their rights and responsibilities to change the world is also emphasized.

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So I

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a long

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way to go.

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I spent one

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In 100 174 it was it was one moment whatever about

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in the article felicito hybrid comedy

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was shamrock move does that well, definitely.

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I want

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to say that is not wanting to live your

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life remind the brothers and sisters and remind myself

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that it is much better for us.

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That will be into the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala we do two things. First filled the ranks.

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It is imparato almost 3% against the walls are sitting in prison, they like to say it's not your home's not the theater. This is the house of a loss of data and the message of a loss of loss and he did to this message.

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And one day he saw the people sitting as they like to sit, they will not having any differences or aggravation, but he did not like that. So he said to them, Why do you not enjoy yourself in rows as the melodica brought himself up in front of the throne the last outcome

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so please brothers and Shawn fill the roles so those who come after you, they don't step over your necks.

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The second thing, those who have phones, this is your technology and you have the responsibility of controlling it. So I suggest for you that you cut off your phones and know that they are cut off completely so they do not disturb and versatile was

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policy panel with allergy can tell you

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whether the ninja had to

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the nandina home. So moulana ye na na na na na mosinee

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Allah subhanaw taala he mentioned and those who strive struggled in our cause, will certainly aim to our paths firmly aligned with those who do good actions. So 269 I

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know lots of houses

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will take 21

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Well, gentlemen, nothing here absent in backup who

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lost, invite all the way in the last hour with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious, for your lawyer knows best who has strayed from his past and who receives guidance. So to now the 100 and 45th

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and Allah subhanaw taala says that he can jog naturally.

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These are who knows Shahada RNs. We are kulu brosseau. Our econ shahida.

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One marjana cumulative logic calm

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I think the

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man young,

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white in Canada,

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can allow me to video movie on demand.

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The law, the NASA

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says that's why we made you an alma mater was just rebalanced a mill,

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that you might be witnesses over the nation's, and that the best just all of a sudden be a witness over yourselves and we appointed that is we change the republic to which you were used to only to test those who follow the messenger of saliva saliva from those who turn on the heels from the faith. Indeed, it was a change momentous except to those guided by law. And number one, the laws of causality of faith have no effect for lawyers to offer people most surely for kindness, and mercy.

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So 243 is

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a comment from someone that I think is fairly well known to the Muslims in this country.

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Who was the past president of the Islamic Society of North America, good friend of mine, he said

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that getting down with proper trading and specialization is regarded as a key five. That is a collective obligation. That means in every community, some people must take the proper training, and should do this work in a systematic and methodical way on behalf of all other members of the community. If some people do this work, then there's no blame on others. But if no one does it, almost all communities are considered as sinners.

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If some people do this work, they absolve others from doing it. But others who don't do the work, is their responsibility to support the work is duty of all Muslims to support the work of Dell by providing facilities and funds so that it can be done in a proper manner?

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So exactly what is that what

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is that we're just talking is now printed out pamphlets in Java just teaching is that we're doing like the Jehovah Witnesses is that is?

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Absolutely not. That's the weakest form of

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the witness form of Dawa is to print something, to give out something to go knock on the doors of the people. That's the weakest form of doubt.

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So, let us talk about the strongest down, as we found exhibited in the life of the prophet SAW similar, Rashidi Matthew,

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it is calling for loss of power to the calendar with good and effective words call into the calendar whatsoever you are aware of a circumstance that you are calling your colleagues, your neighbors, your co workers to the gentleman last paliotta according to your capability of doing so. Number two, it is writing, researching and removing misconceptions and distortions about Islam and Muslims. It is behaving well then is having good character and the best character to others and exhibiting that character so others can see it.

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Number four, it is commanding people towards good morality and prevent me from corruption and evil is called and moved on.

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It has gone under my roof when Mancha enjoying what is right and forbidding what is wrong.

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It is joining others in protecting the environment and safeguarding the society from those who will undermine and exploit the environment for their own selfish benefit

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is providing high quality of goods and services, which will attract others to listen and consider our dialogue. It is competing with the non Muslims and building institutions and manifesting to them the value that Islam has in this society and the world

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is developing our power.

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developing our influence, to change the world from the wrong direction, to change our society from the wrong direction, to change our country from a wrong direction. And to join others in that endeavor

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is to promote and to live the Quran and the Sunnah, so that the people will taste and smell the reality of Islam.

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Finally, it is to make the investment of our time and money to support the assigned data and the people who are working in the field have

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brothers and sisters if we become complacent and the project and lazy and brittle

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Listening, certainly because we have built messages in schools for ourselves,

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then we are not doing the damage.

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And we are not enjoying the ride and forbidding the wrong.

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And those who don't enjoy the ride, those who made the wrong and those who do not do the dour, the consequence is that we will lose our children. And we will be humiliated in many ways. And this is what is happening as we speak.

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In Toronto,

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la accepted Islam, European main.

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And she said, Islam in North America has to change and how it has to change. Women have to leave the salon. And she did.

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And Muslims just like yourselves, pray behind them.

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I want to let you know, every time the European people accepted a religion, they flipped it over. And they will do the same in this country. If Muslims do not speak.

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We're not speaking up all Europeans was thinking of them as a civilization, the people of Rome, the people of Rome, whenever they entered religion, they turned it upside down and they corrupted the view Muslims are silent, you will find it turned on your faces. I give you another example.

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two or three of the states in the United States of America, they have made a law to say that again, Muslims gathered together to talk about or to talk about Sharia, they will be locked up, they will be put in prison.

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This means soon other states will do the same. And how they will know that you brother sitting here today, or your wife sitting here today, or your sons and daughters sitting in the university today, that you're not just talking about Islam and the history of Islam, that they will lock you up and they will lock up your wives and your children only because they are talking about the slab because you are silent. This is a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala for the Muslims who are silent.

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And you have to think about that. What

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do Muslims 100 knows what was said Mr. Fuller.

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I want you to listen carefully

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to the words of our prophets a lot malleable sallam, he said

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Verily Allah subhanaw taala has shown me that eastern and western parts of the urges and everything that would come in and everything that would go out of it. And I saw the authority of my Luma that they would dominate all that I have seen. This is a Muslim. This is a production of a prophet sallallahu wasallam

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said,

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this matter and his lab and the demo of his lab will keep spreading as far as the night and day will reach until the last hour will not leave a house made of mud or hair or any other material, but he will make this religion into him while bringing mine to a mighty person and humiliation to a disgrace the person might damage a lot elevates his lab and his people and disgraced with with a lot of humiliation the disbelievers and their people

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referred to lie.

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So we have seen how Islam has penetrated the modern world, entering the hearts and penetrating minds.

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More than 3 million people have embraced Islam in the USA in the last 40 years and over half a million since that tragic events of September 11.

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Half a million without the support without the support of the Muslims without

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without your activity. Without your involvement since 911. During the witch hunt of the last 10 years ago, the war on terror. It's a war on Islam

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doing this which is happening to people that accepted Islam.

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More than 1 million people have embraced Islam and European the European Union.

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I spent 11 years in Europe, and I have witnessed this phenomenon taking place in Europe. I have witnessed this phenomenon taking place in America.

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More than 1 million people have embraced Islam in the European Union in the last in the same period and over 200,000 since September. That is 700,000 people just in western the Western world.

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Islam as the fastest growing religion in the world, there's no doubt about that. And all the mistress Ricky and all the people

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hoodoo demographics. They say that is the fastest religion in the world.

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And the conspiracies of the mainstream media is not able to stop its growth. Islam is like a tsunami. They can predict it. But you can't stop that. Right. So the Homeland Security attack, they stopped me when I come inside this country. I tell I want to remind you, I was born in this country. I'm a taxpayer in this country. I'm a citizen of this country, and I support the Constitution of this country. And you guys are wasting my time and you're wasting money on people to be stopping me. You guys just stop so pedophiles.

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I tell them you can't stop Islam.

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You can't stop the tsunami, you can predict it. You can't stop it. You need to understand it.

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Brothers and sisters this phenomenal growth, as well. The data is we have all the data has been organized. What do you think will be the case if we coordinate and collaborate our efforts and resources?

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The game peace Foundation was the local organization here in Chicago is leading the way and demonstrating what organized dot one outreach can do tomorrow night at Montes event bandwidth, there will be a chance for you to view the work that they have done and supported.

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I'm representing the purpose of life foundation here today.

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And by the principles

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as one organization, we have been instrumental in the last

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15 years.

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Former 64 36,000 persons embracing Islam in North America in Australia and, and the European Union,

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by the Commission and home philosopher with Allah. We invite you Muslims to share the idea with us and to contribute and continue this great work. And one of the ways you can please stop. Outside you will see you see our brothers who Tom is there. If you want to support this work, we don't ask you to do it inside the industry. We don't want to violate anybody's policy. But the policy of that was asking people for support whoever they are, wherever they are, if we're in the middle of the street on top of the roof, we're going to ask for support what wants to get that support. It's up to you. It's the benefit for you and anybody else

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allows all of us to fulfill our duty to use the Dow to change ourselves to change our society eventually to change the world. From it has an effect on your

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mental body yamaga homeright can build

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a wall in the lobby

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our young man in fact

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