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The speaker discusses various issues that come up when people are praying in public, including discomfort, privacy, and the presence of Muslims. They also mention gifts and a "pritable" daily incident. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying in public to show one's true identity.

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I work in a school Yes. So every time whenever the time to pray the thing is this tab from is usually everyone's wearing shoes. Men woman walking around. So for me, I feel very uncomfortable to just put the gentleman's I don't mind training public Alhamdulillah but, you know, if I have to pray inside a room, it's so difficult is it okay to bring that aside? So let me take this question because that's a very practical daily issue. So I'm glad she has no problem praying in public. But she doesn't feel comfortable playing in the break room

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is all I'm going to straight answer is how shall punk comes to us is a beautiful book book called A rather to Latham and massage the shape one. It's a demand no pain to volume, how shape Vaughn has his tricks for every individual. So the system may Allah bless her. She has no problem praying in public. So the shaitaan says, I'm not going to come and tell how everybody is looking at you. Because not going to work.

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But it works on other people. So what is the what is the trick? The place is not clean.

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What is the answer? Former rasool Allah salatu salam.

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Join us to do for Hurrah. On Isola Sato Sam said the earth was made for me as pure. The only place we cannot pray for is in the bathroom. Or if there is an adjuster, even if there is an adjuster. You know, the famous Hadith of the Bedouin, who came to the masjid, please will give me an urinated. Absolutely, you pray, you put your giant amounts, we don't want you to pay anything. But don't you ever compromise your salah? Because that's one of the ways I hear it a lot from sisters, I can do what I do in the bathroom. That's the other thing. I don't have my hijab. I don't have my socks, all these I keep telling them. This is how shape art comes to you. I don't know about you. I had

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actually a long discussion one time with a brother. He said I just feel very uncomfortable doing Google in public. I was like, Why?

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Why learn how to do the widow of Roswaal he saw to some wood one cup. You have to do a flood zone as we always see it unfortunately. Unfortunately, right? In our masajid learn he used to do one cup. Do only they are can don't do this sooner. If it means that I'm going to do their combat, I'm going to keep my solid do it. Absolutely. I'll tell you one thing I there is, you know, when you have children, you raise children, I'm sure all of you you have these things in home. He said this is non negotiable, right? There's a lot of lines, you all have it. This is what you say to yourself. I'm going to share this with you everybody. Just to give you an idea, and I'm not praising myself, I

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will do.

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I just left my private practice two weeks ago, because we're going to be teaching full time as some of you know. So the staff made her you know, farewell party. Okay. hamdulillah Ramadan, and the only Muslim in the practice and we have total about 25. I'm talking about Midwest, I'm not talking about California. Everybody is either white, or

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no other. White or black. And nobody is a Muslim. They've never seen a Muslim. I got two gifts.

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I couldn't believe it. I mean, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. I got a lot of gifts. One gift. I actually took a picture and shared with everybody. This is where I want to put on every social media. Because that's what you want to show people. And this is from a nurse who has worked with me probably two or three months and most of my patients are also Muslim. It's basically something you put on your on your desk. It's it's like a glass and she puts in it she made it herself in it like a wire that has lights so far so good. What's written on the glass?

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when I opened it up, and I was like, what made you think of it?

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And she said, Because I hear it from you and from your patients. I said where did you find it? Dr. Yunus Google as how she said it

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will lie. And the second gift I got I couldn't believe this one. And this is actually the the agenda I carry with me. It is from the manager

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said Giada be blue. And

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like a bookmarker it has Islamic

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we are you know what when people ask me about Islam phobia, you know my answer. We have a sample

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is not done. We are scared. We're scared to say we are Muslims. Why? Why? What is the big deal?

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What is the big deal?

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As I always remember this statement of say now more or less now,

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he used to tell us what he saw today, aren't we on the truth? I'm not going to be bragging about a stamp in front of non Muslim. I'm saying this to myself, why I'm shy to say I'm a Muslim. Why you wear your hijab because that's how Allah told me. Why do you dress like this? This is my Islamic identity. What is the big deal? Why all the people who are not on the true disobeying Allah everywhere you find them and they are not shying to say it, why we are

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and that's part of the more you do this, the more you're connected