Wael Ibrahim – Roaming Ramadan 2024 #05 Adaptability – Venice Italy

Wael Ibrahim
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers, my sisters in Islam Welcome to roaming Ramadan lessons on the road. And we are here Subhanallah where life exists above water in Venice, Italy mashallah tubercle, a beautiful, beautiful island. Small Island by definition, just for those who maybe don't know, means a solid land that is surrounded by water from all direction. And this is the literal definition of this beautiful town, this beautiful island, within his in Italy SubhanAllah. Wherever you look, there is water. Wherever you look between the buildings mode of transportation is just a boat. If you want to transport goods, this is what you write if you want to

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go from point A to point Z, you have to take a boat, you have to take a ride on waters. Pamela, we were coming by train from Rome, to Venice, this our first time here. And as we arrived to the last station, a lady approached us she noticed that we are carrying too much luggage for such an island. And she asked her where are you going? Where are you guys going? So we said we're going to finish this out first time. She's from here. She said that? How are you going to go to the hotel? We said we're going to order Uber. So she's laughing at us. And she told us the truth that actually there are no cars in Venice. And actually I tried I tried to order over upon arriving and it says there is

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no any right found there is no drivers found. Because there are no cars exist in Venice, can you imagine? And subhanAllah that remind me of something very interesting. The word adaptability or adjusting to situations where you have no choices. Subhan Allah Allah, the people here in this beautiful island, the residents by the way of 50 5000s, they are decreasing for certain difficulties like you know, as I mentioned, in order for you to really live live here, you need to learn the art of sailing, and writing boats and the like. But aside from that, also, sometimes they said in the past, flooding was a challenge. Now they resolve the problem of flooding, but it's not a new one,

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not everyone will be able to really adjust to such a climate and such environment. But the bottom line is there are people who live here very happily and they can't even imagine themselves living elsewhere. Adaptability is the condition in which you find yourself have no choices. In life, yet you adapt, you adjust, and you live and you accept and you become content. And you thank Allah subhanaw taala for for for the provision that he had given you. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Solomon, he was forced to migrate from Mecca to Medina, he left his beloved city and even talk to it if you remember when he leaves before leaving the city, he looked back and he said Wallahi if your people

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did not drive me out of it, I would have never left you I would have never left this beautiful city in my birthplace. But the Prophet SAW Selim then left to Medina and in Medina that was the hub. And the the turning point in Islamic history where Islam found its way to flourish, and found its way to almost everyone's heart until today until eternity in sha Allah, Allah. Medina was the place the Prophet SAW Selim adapted to in fact, he wanted to be buried. In Medina, that was his last week that he wanted to be buried with his brothers alongside the people who brought victory by Allah's permission to Islam, the people of Medina.

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So learn in life that when things become tough, adjust to it when I was injured, and my back was was nearly broken. And I suffered, you know, for a year on a wheelchair and so on. I was despondent in the beginning, I was actually at the verge of depression in the beginning, but Subhanallah even when I decided to live according to what I can handle, and that is operating my life and functioning on a wheelchair. Only then the pain subsided Believe it or not, only then things become easier. So learn this word today insha Allah and try to ask yourself what is it that I need to adjust to what is it that I need to adapt and live without looking at others who may be being granted something in from

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your perspective better than you and that's why the Prophet Muhammad wa salam reminded us to look at those who are less fortunate than ourselves and never look at those who will be given much more. Because once you look at those who have been given more than you, you will become depressed you will become sad about what you already have. So learn to be grateful because Allah subhanaw taala said Lane Shekhar Tom as either Netcom or the Inca Fortum in other RB Lucia deed, if you're grateful I will increase your provision. But if you are

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ungrateful then wait for the punishment of Allah because Allah punishment is so severe May Allah subhanaw taala protected or So learn from the people of Venice Masha Allah Baraka lock, learn the art of adaptability, acceptance and adjustment.

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And may Allah Subhana Allah grant us that heart that will always be content with whatever situation last part I will put us through Sam on a calm or LA here when it gets

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