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118 Eid ul Fitr 18 July 2015

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Brothers in Islam assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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After we thank our last panel tala

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to the best of our ability

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and after we put Salam Salam on our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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we thank Allah Spano tala.

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for the month of Ramadan

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and we think allows for Hannah with Allah

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for our presence here this morning in the house of allows panatela.

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To receive from allows for hunter Allah His blessings,

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and his forgiveness.

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And in Shaolin theater the gender of allows pinata

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the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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talks about the day of need, and he says

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that there is array of aid is a celebration

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which is being celebrated

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between the heaven and the earth.

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Those participating in this celebration

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are the angels of the highest order

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and those who are obedient to Allah subhanaw taala.

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It is a celebration celebrated

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by them,

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celebrating the fasting of those who fasted in the month of Ramadan.

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Those who worship allows for hunger sincerely in the month of Ramadan.

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When allowed 200 during the Ramadan blessed us and guided us

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for a profit out of the Navistar alternativeto salam says today there is celebration on the earth.

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There is celebration in the summer in the sky for either chatroom first me Oh, and then evisa salam says

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in a hadith

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by side in the house rondalla

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that the Navy so loud, I seldom said it to me aidilfitri when the deaf Eagle fitter arrives, walk over to America the angels stand along the roads that we used to walk to the masjid

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they stand as the God of honor for those who come to the masjid on the morning of need.

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Fernando and they call out to us oduya Mashallah Muslim Illa Robin Karim? Come on Muslims Illa Robin Karim to your generous load.

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Yamuna will save. He will bless you with all that is good. So mighty Bala zeal and he will reward you with a great and abundant reward nakatomi the TR milele if

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you were commanded to stand at night and pray and you prayed while Milton was laminar if

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you were commanded to force during the day and you fasted

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water to rob you obedient to your Lord. Chuck bdj is accom so today, take your reward from Allah subhanaw taala find our fellow nada monad and when you have completed your Salah, a call will come from the side of the heavens and the call will call out the corner will call out Allah in Arabic on the other half Allah Valley your Lord has forgiven you.

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For Jerome pharyngeal Rashid in ilari halochem

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Marisa Salam says, so Oh those who are rightly guided,

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returned to your homes.

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For yo mu j. Today is the day of reward, the day of joy, the day of celebration. Are you some Metallica, Leo Pfister? marionville Jason, and the name given to aidells Twitter in the summer is called yo moosejaw is the day of reward when allows to handle rewards those who did well in the month of Ramadan. So we thank our Lost Planet Allah

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and we ask Allah subhanaw taala

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To bless us with the beauty of Ramadan.

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And may this beauty accompany us through the rest of our lives until we meet allows.

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As I said yesterday,

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Allah subhanaw taala is not only the

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Allah of Ramadan,

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Allah is also the our love show world of al Qaeda of the hijab haram and the rest of the 12 months of the year.

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So whatever we did for our life in the month of Ramadan, we should try and carry through to the rest of the year

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may allow us to grant us the strength

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and the taqwa, inshallah, to continue to do good throughout the year.

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Because from all my reading

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through all my life,

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I've come to one conclusion about Islam.

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And what Islam requires of us.

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And that is that Islam requires of a Muslim to be a good person,

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to be a good Muslim, and a good human being.

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All the rest of it, we have to do Salah, aka fasting. But essentially, when evisa salam was a good human being,

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he was a good person.

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He was good to everybody, to be Jewish neighbor, to the Quraysh, the idol worshipers he was loving and forgiving to his brothers. And that is what Islam requires of us. And Islam requires of us as I said yesterday, to be conscious of the world in which we love to look after this planet, which allows what is given to us, if you have even a situation where you can

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save the world, do good to the world, then do so. Do not think in terms of I am a Muslim and the rest is not important. No, everything is important. As I said yesterday, our Eman is not just to say la ilaha illallah wa sallam said the man has got more than 70 parts. And most of the parts are not to say la ilaha illa Allah Most of the parts consists of what we do as human beings on the studio, how we deal with one another, how we love one another. how we treat our families, how we bring our families close to us. How we forgive them, no matter what they do to us, was always forgive them. Let me say Salaam forgave. You forgive everybody. He forgave his greatest and biggest enemies he

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forgave them. And so today is a day of forgiveness. Today is a day of family and their forgiveness.

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And finally,

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Nagisa Salah mama message is now for those who can't be here.

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Those who, without them, we would not be

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our mothers,

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our wives,

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our daughters, our sisters.

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I want you to take a message home to them.

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And the message I want you to take home to them is

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that we grateful for what they do for us.

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We grateful for the food they put on the table every night.

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They clean up after us, because we can rush to the magic to make the rounds. And they still have to slog on this morning. Where are they? What are they doing? laying the table for us when we get home. In the summer Moses must be warmed, the pies must be warm. The Selfridges must be warm, the bread must be warm, they must do it in such a way that when we get there must still be warm.

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So heinola so we owe them

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we owe them so much. Subhan Allah, and if you've been married like me for a very long time, we realized so many years, so many years, they've been doing it. And so many years, you know, we just take things for granted. You know, we we just they then they make you know the last night it was worth the tongue and it was cooked and salt Rice was being boiled and people were bringing this and that one was bringing the cake and this one was bringing that for who was in the door with a smile You know, they do it so hard. And we need to appreciate that. We need to show appreciation for them. So my message to them to you is that take to the queens of our homes. queens of ourselves, of course

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will always remind them that we are the kings but

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where they the Queen's they the flowers, the roses of the home and we need to tell them chef sent this message to you that I should thank you and kiss

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Your wife and give her a big hug and say how much you appreciate and ask forgiveness for all the time if they say they were too much salt in the soup in the month of Ramadan and ways that when someone says you don't eat chickens or Moses you won't eat.

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And you got angry because there was no chicken sandwiches have mentioned was on the table. Go to and say, darling I'm sorry. You know, today we start a new life today we start a new year, new beginning. So pan Allah, may Allah bless them. Allah bless you, Allah bless the community may allows pantalla give joy even to those who are in the worst circumstances. I mean, we know that most of the online in the middle east of Havana la we can't even imagine how they might have celebrated yesterday and some of them maybe even today. They were asked a lot of time to make their lives easy for them. We asked a lot of time to open our hearts for them. That is more important. Make the offer

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them send food to them, send money to them. Whatever we can do is do for them may allow Swanton to keep the ball away from Muslims in Sharla. We allow Why not give Mecca strong? May Allah make our young people strong may they see the beauty of Islam and the beauty of the Koran. The beauty of amateur salam, the beauty of the Sunnah Mohammed Salah, the beauty of practicing this Deen and being a Muslim, and the great honor which Allah has bestowed upon us to be Muslim, the greatest honor, you can't imagine. If you read and you see in you, you listen, you will see how people who become Muslim arbitrations, St. How they Lexis harboe, when they went out into the world, when they conquered the

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world, people looked at them, and they saw how the Muslims honor them. And through them honoring them, they became Muslim, and the hold of the known world at the time, wanting to become Muslim. And that is why I say the objective of Islam is to create good human beings, good human beings.

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I always say no people fear death. You say oh, what about the punishment of the grave? And as Hera Johanna, he was in fear the punishment of the grave. He must feel your actions on the dounia because your actions in the dunya will allow us to give that your actions to the dunya you will bypass the punishment of the grave. You will bypass the punishment of the Ashura don't fear the Thea Yeah.

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These two like to fear too late when in the grave line need to fear the sphere now. If you feel lost, don't worry about that. Because Oh, you know, it's gonna press you and it's gonna be snakes and scorpions and you know, and it's gonna be cold in waterlogged You know? And you know, imagine how cold it is day to day you know don't walk does not cool. Mashallah shouldn't be too hot either of course.

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But if you live a good life here and you feel lost Wonderland you do what you have to do. A lot of startups most forgiving, Most Merciful ALLAH forgive you May Allah forgive me, Allah so Allah forgive our parents before us. We are lost relative forgive the Houma la stoneground to the general inshallah Allah Allah Allah wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.