Wael Ibrahim – Roaming Ramadan 2024 #01 Lost and Found

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © A person is speaking on the phone with their daughter and they discuss a situation where they were supposed to go to a hotel to eat, but they arrived to the hotel and discovered they had to drop off their luggage. They realize they had a different plan than they had planned and ask if they will accept the surrender, submit, or not. They also mention that they have a different plan for the future because of a change in plans.
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So I said I want to call up the labor again to everyone. I'm actually sorry about the shaking of the of the camera. I'm here with my daughter, have you been Abrahim?

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We are in Barcelona. And

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when we arrived to the hotel, we are very excited because we have seen a few things down the streets, where we reside, that we were planning to go to one of them, for example, was lunch, like, you know, to eat something to enjoy something. But then when we arrived to the room, we discovered that she picked up her wrong luggage.

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So we call the airport and they told us we have to drop that back off, back again at the airport and then look for her luggage which delayed the process of eating and enjoying a couple of hours around our area. The lesson is upon law that sometimes we plan and plan and plan but Allah subhanaw taala said, You know what, I have a different plan for you. Are you going to accept it or not? May Allah Subhana Allah grant us that hardware, when things go wrong, we accept appreciate, we become content and never ruin everything just because of something seemingly went wrong. We all aspire to protect the soul. And if if you're watching this Ramadan that's another lesson for you because sometimes we

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get hungry during the day of Ramadan. It seems like Allah Ya Allah is doing this to us, you know, but actually this part of the test almost pantalla one month every year, it takes away the halal until you know what It's haram now from dawn to sunset, what you're going to do about it, are you going to accept surrender, submit? Are you going to become despondent and angry? That Allah subhanaw taala grant has the right understanding. Somebody called off the law

Barcelona Spain

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