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AI: Summary © The importance of loss or hesitation in Islam is discussed, as it is a core part of one's life. The host emphasizes the need to constantly update intentions and renew covenant with others, and to be mindful of one's actions. The use of the "has been a lie" category in Islam is discussed, and caution is given against promoting one's own brand and sharing it. The danger of false intentions is also emphasized, and individuals should be cautious when participating in activities such as praying or attending events.
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just recording so I will start over in sha Allah Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh spill out of Mannerheim Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he saw La La Jolla Salam will be surely Sabri or silly Emily wa lock that Amelia Sani of our colony super Hanukkah, la in Milan Mallanna, Elana lantana in Mecca until Ali Mahaki, my brothers and sisters in Islam everywhere. This is your brother wildbrain Once again, recording and going live for our daily video series titled lifestyle, a program for those who did not follow from day one, a program that we have started Alhamdulillah with the intention of reminding our Muslim brothers and sisters of concepts that are part and parcel

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of our being as believers. And so we started the first day as with an introduction to the entire topic and how important it is to follow the way of life intended by Allah subhanaw taala and introduced to us by the Prophet Muhammad SAW allah sallallahu sallam. Then we spoke about Taqwa we spoke about Zen in the first two episodes, and today in sha Allah Tala we are talking about another quality another important quality and that is loss or sincerity. Today in sha Allah, you will see me looking at this camera and then shifting to that camera as well because we are going live on two pages. One is while Ibrahim that's my personal page of Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen on Facebook as

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well as on live Deen Facebook page as well as requested by the Brothers in Pakistan. So inshallah we will be going live in sha Allah Tala every day on different times. And that's the problem. That's the challenge because Ramadan is a very, very tight time you need to always focus on other things, so I don't have a specific time to go live. Unfortunately, I'm also working full time, but inshallah keep watching these spaces while Ibrahim page as well as lived in and also if you wish to watch the same later on on YouTube channel, you may also look into the AWARE Academy in chat log on. Today I'm talking about the class as one of the lifestyle of believers, we as Muslims somehow while being we

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cannot do anything for anyone, other than Allah is fantastic, you cannot do any action. There are of course specific actions that you must do for the sake of Allah, there is no escape from doing some specific activities purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, seeking no praise nor recognition from anyone but Allah subhanaw taala. But in general, in general, this is the lifestyle of a Muslim that whenever you do anything, participate in any activity, whether it is worldly actions, or either all the activities must serve the hereafter must serve the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And this is the main topic of today's panel on one of the Hadith that is very popular, very popular is the hadith of our record, probably Allah Allah, who said that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah said I mentioned in Nana Arma lubomyr, that indeed actions, our activities, everything that we do or say will be rewarded or punished based on what had occurred deep in our heart based on our intention, whether you were sincere Wallace, whether you were a person who developed or demonstrated the quality of his last sincerity in your heart, or whether you were insincere, Allah will reward you, or where they will punish you, depending on your intention. So it's not the action itself that

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matters, rather what had occurred in your heart when you were performing that action. What was the main reason the main motive that drives you to participate in those activities? And that's why our machines are on our scores. And of course, based on the teaching of Islam, the teaching of the Quran, sunnah they advised us of something called soup Coniah ma Allah subhanaw taala did. You have to always be truthful, sincere with Allah in everything that you do. But not only that, but you must constantly renew that intention. And that's the challenge. Because you go to work for example, and you started working in a firm that you love that you like so much.

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But because going to work is habitual action you go every day you go every day. So you lose track of the motive, why you are actually working in that space or in that field. And once you lose that motive, once you lose your purpose, then you start working for the wrong reasons, similar

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We, when we worship Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly, sometimes we lose track and we forget why we are praying five times a day, why we are supposed to read the Quran on a daily basis. Why Ramadan, keep on you know, coming every year and why you have to leave that which is halal like water, food and drinks that Allah provide why we should leave the halal and fast from dawn to sunset. And so why we go to Hajj why we have to go, all of us together, the Pakistanis, the Arabs, the Chinese, the Indians from every corner of the globe at a specific particular time. So when we repeatedly do these habitual acts of worship, we lose sometimes we lose track of our intention, we lose track of why we

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did those activities in the first place. And that's why the Scholars advise us to be always truthful, and honest and sincere in whatever you do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. But not only that, that's not sufficient. What is more important is actually renewing this intention.

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For example, ask yourself why do we pray five times a day, every day we pray five times And subhanAllah between each of these prayers, there are a couple of hours so you pray Fajr and then wait for a couple of hours and then pray door and then from them to answer in between maybe you have done something then you come to us and then you ask Allah to forgive you and renew that are that covenant with Allah subhanaw taala then between us and relevant another renewal of intention, another renewal or renewal of covenant and promise that you will stick to your promises towards Allah subhanaw taala as much as possible, until I share and after I show you, you go back and rewind

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the day and ask yourself What have I done right? What have I done wrong to appreciate that which is right and ask Allah and to maintain it in your life and also to ask Allah to forgive you for whatever went on the negative side, may Allah subhanaw taala grant the sincerity the thing that also scares me the most is an ayah in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala said, pull in masala tea when also key or Mahayana tea relax being on V. Tell them Oh Muhammad, tell them or Muhammad Pol. Tell them convey this important message. Solidarity, my prayers the five daily prayers and any other act of worship that you you know dedicate for Allah subhanaw taala will Innosight one oh Sookie and my

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sacrifices in a ritualistic you know act of worship that Allah has introduced to us whether in Hajj or in our prayers, going to the masjid reading the Quran, all these are most of our ritualistic acts of worship, introduced by Allah through His Prophet Muhammad SAW center, why am I here, and my entire life, not only that woman, it and my death, the day of departure that day, which you will be standing before Allah, you will see the reality you see the angel of death, all of that lay on behind me, all of what has been mentioned your prayers, your act of worship, your sacrifices, your rituals, and so on your entire existence, and even your death for Allah subhanaw taala they must be

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dedicated for Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala we look at the righteous before us and we see some of the companions who used to even count the sins.

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He used to list down the sins or power the alarm or thought or law, it was reported that he said, Cebu flew second popular and Doha, Cebu put yourself into account. judge yourself basically, before you are put to judgment before an account is made against you on the Day of Judgment. You have to account for your sins by yourself before it is too late to pile on him. And they used to count those sins, worry about how Allah subhanaw taala would actually forgive them for all what they have done. And these are the people that Allah subhanaw taala revealed about them, who like Lavina Ubud Gill along with, say it team has, these are the people such people, that Allah will substitute the sins

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and convert them into good actions and good deeds. May Allah make us among those people, I mean, our blind. So the point is that loss or intention is something very, very tricky. You may start the action on a good note. And just by a flip of an intention, by a change of a heart, you may start doing the same activity, but for the sake of others, maybe you give charity and because you know, you have hidden your charity in the beginning, and then slowly, slowly people start praising you and worship and thanking you for your support. Then you start doing the same act, but for the sake of hearing those words of praise Allah Allah may Allah

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Protect us all. That's why there are three categories of people the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah mentioned three categories of people, Allah subhanaw taala decided that they will be the first to be thrown in hellfire.

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One of these categories is a Quran recited or a person who teach knowledge or I have to be law teach the Quran or teach down any imagine these, this person or this category of people will be thrown in hellfire, why? Another category of people are charitable people. Another category of people are those who fought in jihad or in the battlefield to make the religion of Allah subhanaw taala stand strong and stand firm against the haters against the disbelievers. Why such good actions why such people who have participated in these praiseworthy activities will be thrown in hellfire before anyone else because they have done these activities for the sake of the people, not for the sake of

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Allah subhanaw taala so Allah will bring them on the Day of Judgment. And he will ask the Quran reciter or the teacher? Why did you recite the Quran? Why did you teach people the knowledge and that person will say for your sake, because I wanted to, you know, I want to your your, your your appreciation, and your reward is a concept you have spoken and otter a lie. You did that so that people can appreciate your voice or appreciate your knowledge, you didn't see the launch for my sake, you saw that knowledge so that people can praise you and recognizing Subhanallah the the same people who will be given a will who will give charity and participate in charity for the sake of

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being called generous and unkind and so on. These people will be thrown in hellfire or if and when they plead, when they when they try to defend themselves on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will bring this reality to them isn't that you have done it so so that you can hear those words, you are so generous, you're so kind, you're so nice, and so on so forth, and the people have already appreciated you and the people have already recognized your goodness, recognize your generosity. So on the Day of Judgment, you have no space when there is no space for you because you have not done that work.

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For my sake, purely your intention wasn't pure enough. And as such, the person will be thrown in hellfire, the god the person who fought in jihad. He will also claim that he did it for the sake of Allah but Allah was saying you are a liar. You did it so that people can see you're brave, you're courageous and so on and so forth. So my brothers and sisters will lie this is one of the scariest Hadith that I came across. When I was preparing for this topic of intention, sincerity. Last Pamela Serato the floss Serato floss the chapter of the floss pinhole Allahu Allah Salman LEM yell it welcome. You will welcome yaku level Khufu on this beautiful surah the introduction about who Allah

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subhanaw taala truly is that he's one and no one else next to him. So Subhan Allah Allah, Allah Subhan Allah, the eternal, the absolute, he has no children and he was not himself born and there is none comparable to him. This surah was named last because Allah does not accept any act of worship to other than Him. So the moment you declared our head as your lifestyle that you worship numbers Allah spent on you seek help from Numbers Allah subhanaw taala this is by itself a declaration of your sincere heart Subhan Allah that's why the Prophets the apostles answered that Allah said Anna Elena Shura and Ana Shoraka on the ship. I am the ever rich the self sufficient the self sufficient

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person and so I do not look at any partners or I do not accept any partners

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manana Ramadan Ashura coffee, so whosoever does any action, and he associated partners with me in such an action, terracotta who worship I will leave that such such a person and I will leave his shirt Subhanallah on Hebrew, this is very, very important my brothers and sisters now when Allah declared that he's leaving you means that he's not going to guide you in there is no further guidance for you. Those who associate partners with Allah in any form or shape Subhan Allah, Allah does not want to have anything to do with Allah will leave you and will leave you your shirt as well you will leave your your your activity meaning ALLAH is not going to guide you further. So may Allah

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subhanaw taala protect us all. And when we say shirt many people think that shirt means worshipping other than Allah meaning praying to Gods of stones and wounds and maybe men and so on but actually share is broader than that. The Prophet Muhammad Salah Salah and for example, he said that one thing that I feel for you the most the thing that I

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fear for you the most, it's called a circle or a circle huffy, or the hidden church and that is what leads

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to actually participate in an act of worship, but for the sake of other than Allah subhanaw taala Can you imagine the prophets hustle and fear that type of shirt

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for us the most, because it is actually let us be honest, it is actually beautiful to hear words of praise and thanks, it is beautiful to be appreciated. It is sometimes we need to

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validate people's work and people's actions. So all all that is good if I created for you a design or a work or a building or designer, it's good to be appreciated. That's good, so long as you do not feel so good about yourself that you start even worshiping Allah subhanaw taala with the intention of receiving words of praise, praise and thanks and recognition from people, then you start worshiping Allah so that you hear those words will ever be law, so be careful, be vigilant, my brothers and sisters understand you may nullify your entire Eman as a result of being insincere when you do the work of you know the work of Allah Santa so be careful when you give charity. Be careful

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when you stand in prayers in congregation in the masjid. Be careful when you participate in Dawa activities going informing people about Allah subhanaw taala Be careful when people say somebody wanted to embrace Islam because of your effort. Be careful when you stand on the pulpit giving hope but be careful when you register for a course to study. Part of that Subhanallah the one of the scholars said that we sought knowledge for other than Allah subhanaw taala then knowledge itself refuses to be for other than Allah. Meaning it was very difficult. It was very difficult to gain knowledge and retain knowledge because it was done for other than Allah subhanaw taala there is no

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way any student of knowledge who will get into the deen of Allah subhanaw taala to study properly

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and retain that knowledge unless that person is absolutely sincere. So be careful. And yes, you might gain all the knowledge you wanted, based on that quality of being sincere and seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala alone, but in the middle, in the middle of that journey of life, you may flip your intention and do it for other than Allah subhanaw taala So may Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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protect us all, you may even be rewarded for something that you never even done Subhan Allah the Prophet Muhammad SAW Some said that if you have a good intention about doing something that you intended to give charity tomorrow, but you didn't do it, you forgot Allah right? That as a good action that you have participated in on the Day of Judgment, you will see in the scale of your good deeds Subhanallah but you didn't do it. Yeah, you didn't do it. But Allah subhanaw taala looked into your intention and realized and understood that you are absolutely serious about executing this activity. You didn't do it because maybe you forgot maybe it was not feasible and so on whatever the

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case may be, so long as your intention was pure Subhanallah even if you did not do it alone, write it as a good action. But if you knew that my brothers and sisters Islam, you you're at your good deed will be multiplied by 700 by even many more folds that you cannot even imagine. May Allah subhana wa Taala grant us a sincere heart

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and enable us to carry out our activities for the sake of Allah alone for no other sake but the sake of Allah, and advice to all organizations around the world who do our to be careful. Do not promote your brand's rather promote Islam, do not promote your style of Dawa rather promote the Quran and the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam do not highlight the speakers and the scholars in an exaggerated manner rather promote the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim so that we can live up to that standard standard that is expected by Allah and His Messenger on the day of judgment does happen allow higher my brothers and sisters and staff. One thing before leaving, whether you

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have attended the live session, or you will watch the recording later, if you could share the higher share the goodness with others that will be absolutely appreciated. So please share the page with your circles. And inshallah I'll see you tomorrow with another quality that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the Quran demonstrated very clearly, and the process and his companions and the early generations clearly practice them in their day to day activities as the lifestyle. We'll see tomorrow challah love highlights a panic alarm will be handed in the shadow you

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