Yahya Ibrahim – Tafseer Surat al Kauthar #1

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad sallal caused confusion among followers and was addressed by the royal family, including Mo[Sallal and Mo[Sallal. The actions of Allah, including his confirmation of actions and setting up a wall to protect his people, were important for his success. The importance of being aware of one's ability to achieve success and achieve what one wants in life is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of their ability to achieve success.
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Santa Monica. Allahu Allah cattle Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa Safi women were that Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh at mo slim Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina. Whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if it was only Allah He will actually know salli wa sallim wa barik Allah He will mala in Allah. Yeah or Hama Rahim Allah Allah Namah j nominal and with a kidnap inhuman Sina Allah Jalla Illumina with a herba whom Amina Amina, bit off medica of hamara mean

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and hamdulillah I want to begin ideally to seed a new one of solothurn CalHFA and Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the surah as a blessing to our neighbor human mental Allah while he was Selim. It was a sort of that was sent to him some Allahu alayhi wa sallam at a time of tiredness.

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weakness, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was under consistent attack by many of those who are around him, but in particular, those who were nearest to him from his own family, in particular, Abdullah Rosa, who is the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the brother of his father salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and who is famously referred to as Abu lahab. Man, you know, you can translate that loosely as the mayor of lab or jahannam, the mayor of Hellfire, that was a nickname that was given to him by a loss of Hannah home with the either in or an

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sawtell catheter is a makansutra. It's revealed in Mecca. And we'll cover on that. And you can know this from a number of distinctive features. First, small

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verses, and most of the suitors that were revealed in Mecca, there was almost as if an earnestness in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Wanting to get

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the message across succinctly quickly, the long verses that you find in sawtell, and fan that you find in sort of the match either that you find in those long, Talal chapters of the Koran do not feature in the same style in the soldiers in Mecca. Number two is that it's got a cliffhanger effect, meaning that it leads you to want to know what's coming next. So it immediately begins by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah calling you to attention by asking you something that seems ambiguous, something that you need to know more clarification in us about. So Allah says in a nutshell, CalHFA sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I am the one in Nam, it is Allah subhana wa to Allah and Allah uses the

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word in that meaning we and that's going to be the first place that we we come in our tip, see, whenever you hear Allah subhanaw taala, using the Royal we, I want you to understand this clearly. It's not more than one, it's referring to Allah subhana wa Tada. And there's a general rule that we have in our theology as Muslims, that when Allah speaks about his essence of who he is, of him as who he is, and what belongs to him, and what he has,

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at what represents him, suparna who went to either, as Allah, the only deity worthy of worship, he speaks of himself only in the singular, Anna

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in any annaleigh I am only I Allah subhana wa Tada. But when Allah speaks about his actions, or something that he's authorized or ordered to be fulfilled in his name, he will use the Royal we which is inclusive of those who he has instructed to fulfill a task. So Allah says, In Nana's in a deck we are the ones who brought down the reminder meaning I have spoken these words of the hold on and I've ordered you believe a roof will mean the Spirit who has been trusted with conveying this way to reveal it upon you, oh, Mohammed. So a lot joins the one that he has commissioned to fulfill his order and his action as a way of honoring himself that I have those who work for me that can't

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be separated for me by not doing my order. So Allah includes gibreel Allah includes the prophets, I send them to honor them, but to show that they are subservient to his instruction. So whenever you hear Allah subhanaw taala in Nepal and say in that or we, it's not that there's more than one who have given the command, unruly la vida, the command is only from Allah subhana wa Tada. But second to that is that the instruction is conveyed and followed by the one whom Allah has fulfilled, and therefore the exile of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah what Allah has ordered to be done in his name will be included in this royal we this royal pronouncement, and it's similar to what you see in

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common languages. Even in English, we've decided and it's only one person who's speaking but he's speaking or she's speaking as the Queen of England. For example. We the People, we've

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decided that this is going to occur. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he's the one who's making the decision. But he includes in it those who will fulfill that decision and carry it forward by his order and instruction, not by their discretion. And whenever Allah speaks about his that his essence, it is only in the affirmative of himself in his singularity in in him being aware hadn't had the one and only the unique and is one Mr. panneau to Allah. So Allah says in our pineapple katha on one metalized, lm and alpha BB is to the prophets, I send them the discussion is to the prophets, I send them I am the one and who has ordered that you be granted alcocer. And then Coco

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comes from a word, which means kassala plentifulness. And this is revealed to the prophets, I sell them at a time when everyone around them, especially those who knew him before the message was delivered to him, began to ridicule Him. May his firstborn sons would pass away, and every time he would have a son sallallahu it was seldom his son would be returned to Allah as though again. And this was something that in his people who are a patriarchal society, who valued the son or the daughter who used to bury their daughters alive out of fear of shame, that they would rejoice in the death of a son to the prophets, I send them and they would say, Hello, Tom, he's a person who's cut

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off, he will have no lineage, no one will carry on after him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's a very important statement. So Allah here is concerned for the heart and the feelings of I want to be Mohammed. So I sent him and a lot is consoling him and loving him and extolling him and honoring him and saying listen, yeah, Mohammed will not Canada Can I see Yeah, I will never forget you And you will never be cut off you will never be without want. You will always have me Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in your assistance and fulfilling what it is that you see in our clinical culture. Don't you know I've already given you plenty fulness and an abundance. And in that

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authentic hadith, the prophet is lm he says that will count up. And one of the interpretations of al Qaeda is that it is a river that is given to the prophets I seldom that extends out of Jenna and that fills his held fills his sister and pond on the Day of Judgment. It is a place that when you drink from it the privatized Selim says in the Hadith narrated by the mom and Bahati well Muslim, that the one who drinks from its liquid, its liquid is whiter than milk sweeter than honey, more fragrant than must the one who drinks from it. Men chatty but men who lemmya the idea whoever that they want to drink from it will never find thirst in their needs. Again, they will be sick, they

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will have society for the rest of their existence. And this is an honor to the prophets I send them prophets I send them also tells us in them or a document held on the day of judgment that we will find them and we will be called towards him to be at that place. And his pulpit that he used to stand on in Medina will be brought back to him brought for him by Allah He will stand on it and be able to see us the Hadith narrated by the BAM al Bukhari the prophets I seldom said on the Day of Judgment I will know you and I will see you with my eyes I will be able to identify you by your unique markings will run Magellan the unique markings is the markings of your will do our face. May

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Allah brighten our faces Yeomans will be able to do a home with us what do we do? May Allah give us brightness on that day of faces when other faces will be darkened will be on account of the brightness of the markings of our window and the profit will point to you. May Allah Subhana Allah make us from the favored and the fortunate. And say in the home in Almighty this man, this woman she's from my oma he's from my own. Bring them close to me sal Allahu Allahu Allah le or psyche or Selim.

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It's a major blessing in the Outliner calcofluor. I've given you an abundance, but equally I've given you an abundance in your life now on Mohammed and Allah speaking to us after him solo Lai Salim, I've given you an abundance in your lives are people who follow the prophets I send them that whenever the world seeks to push you down, know that you will ascend and whenever things get difficult, no, there's an opening. And whenever you put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and know that Allah is the one who will open to you and for you a gate from every difficulty. Well, maybe atop De La Jolla, Allahu Maharaja, that the one who has piety and consciousness of heart and

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awareness of their dealings with Allah, Allah will eventually open for them an exit from every difficulty, while also forming hatred as I said, and give them a sustenance and a blessing of risk from a place that they never thought would come to them. This is part of the that and that is given to you and I in this blessed life, that if you are conscious of Allah, Allah will always be your Victor. Allah subhanho wa Taala will always give you ascendancy in this life and in the next

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In Athena debut,

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Athena, in the language of the Arab, it means something that is given that you seek and desire, something that you could not attain without being extended to you. And therefore, when you say to someone, can you pass that over to me, it's something you want. And it's something you're incapable of getting something that you can't reach on your own, something that other people want to restrict you from, and hear Allah saying to the prophets, I seldom am going to give you what no one can give you. And all the things that other people have, that they can keep, and they can enjoy. They cannot give you what you have already received from me or Mohammed, what you have been blessed with in

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outline NACA, I'm the one who specified you chose you. And the greatest thing that was given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his awareness of his heart of his awareness of a law and the convenience of it to other people, so that we are all in his scale, on the day of judgment, look at the abundant abundance of blessing. Why does the prophets I seldom say that we will gather around him on that day of judgment, because you're going to be evidence for him, he's a witness over us, but we are a witness to him. And when you stand in front of the prophets, I sell me a lot allow us to visit and Medina over and over again, a lot of Miami, from the tradition of the Sahaba and those

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who came after them, is you say a sellout Monica Rasulullah. May the police Peace and blessings of God be upon your messenger of Allah, Ash, how do I bear witness and NECA that you have a data Amana have fulfilled the trust that was given to you

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as a temporary seller and conveyed the message that you had received? When I saw that, and that you have given the sincerest of advice to your nation for jazak Allah and omega higher agenda, which I had definitely hired, and you have fulfilled and defended the truth with the Jihad that was commissioned to you by Allah, may Allah make your own reward for you. And may Allah give you the reward, that none of us can give you a messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam we You and I are in abundance to the prophets I send them the billions of Muslims who have lived past and present even from those of the nations before him. Those who Jesus called them to them are also willing yet to

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embed this Mohammed there's going to be a man after me his name is Ahmed sallallahu. It was sell them all of them will be from those who will be an abundance to the prophets. I sell them because he has come with a message more humane and ally to complete whatever has been tarnished, corrupted or altered from the messages of the past. In offline NACA, I've given you what no one can give you and Kalfa that abundance will continue more with that theme and chat law again tomorrow with the daily tip See, sort of telehealth or APU, holy *, Sofitel La La The money will accomplish Sofitel in America for Rahim, salat, wa salam Ala Moana wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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