Understanding al-Qadar in Times of Trial

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa, ala? First of all, why do sisters ask Allah to Allah, that you're all the best of you, man, and I asked a local Tyler, you know, to bring ease to all of you out there and you know, to bring ease to all about Walmart in shoreline. Remember that our ultimate goal is Gen nine Sharla. And this is what we're working for. And this is where you know inshallah and john now there'll be no more hardships, no more, you know, sadness, no more suffering, no more hearing bad news kind of losses, we're just aiming for that. And until then, you know, where we have to be patient and keep moving forward in

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our lives inshallah, right? But look, what I wanted to speak to you briefly about today is about the belief of a God that you will put up, right, and how having knowledge of this sixth pillar of Amen, can increase our mental resilience when facing any types of hardships in our lives, right? Um, you know, and also, I want to talk about, like, why understanding about other is actually very powerful in helping us reach a state of overall sukeena and tranquility in our lives, inshallah.

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So, first of all, for those of you who don't know, right, in a nutshell, believing in a pod, bite you one other is to believe that everything that happens to us, has already been, you know, predestined and pre ordained by a level Tyler. Right? So, in other words, everything that happens to me, that's already from the eternal knowledge of a level to Allah, Allah always knew that that thing was going to happen to me, right? And most of you would know that from a level dahlias, Beautiful Names are, you know, his name is like Li lien? The one who knows everything right? And hobby are the one who is aware of all things I love, please, the one who is knowledge reaches all of the subtle

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affairs. Okay, so when you know, just how an encompassing the knowledge of Allahu taala is, what that means for you is that whatever you're going through, you know that you're not alone. Right? And you know, that there is no one who knows more about what you're going through than Ally's origin.

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So, you know, because Yanni if, if, as long as and also like, as long as Allah knows what I'm going through, right, if we, if I know that Allah knows what I'm going through, then in other words, no matter what happens,

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that helps me to feel like inshallah, I'm going to be okay. You know, because Allah knows what I'm going through, it means he's with me, therefore, I can know I can get through this inshallah I've got Allah with me to get through this and I don't have to face this trial on my own. Okay, so this is something that really strengthens you. And if you think about the famous words that the prophet SAW, a lot of them seem to have a book when they were in the cave, right? And you know, when they were doing that he drugged to an Medina and they were in that cave together and the disbelievers were surrounding them from every direction at any moment. They could have been the end of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam that could have been the end of islam even right. What is the prophet SAW as some say to have a buck? He says, Let that Zen in Allah mana right? Do not be afraid, Do not be sad. very unlikely is with us.

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Right? So whoever knows that Allahu Allah knows all things right? And, and that when you know that, you know that Allahu taala knew that this trial was always going to be for you. Okay, he always knew this, this trial is going to be for you. This is from the greatest causes for a person to feel at peace with what they're going through. Because why because it allows you to hand your trial over to Allah. You don't have to feel that you have to carry this whole burden of this trial on your own.

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Okay, and that's very empowering for people to understand that.

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The other thing too is that one of the powerful things we learn as well from then 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and earth, okay, it was all written in a low and mouthfuls write the present tablet, so a lot of times it tells us instead of headed by that I would be like in a shutdown regime.

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Man, I saw the movie that you feel will be one Daffy forsaken. When Alfie Fujiko in fee Geeta beam orderly

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In deca and oh boy he has seen the Kayla that so other man fat kumada the floor who Bina at home one more hula you hit book we'll move down here.

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So these verses incident hygiene allowance Allah tells us that man or Saba mean, we'll see that in feet on the no calamity before someone in the earth or in yourselves except that it was already written in a low and my foot, right? That's the first part of this. Then after that, a lot tells us what is the benefit of knowing that what is the benefit of knowing benefit of knowing that Allahu Donna already wrote everything and Alo and my foot. Allah says Lee Kayla, that so I learned our first icon, that you will not grieve over those things you failed to get well at the frog will be mad at Taco and that you won't over rejoice with what Allah brings to you. Okay, because Allah does

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not love those who are prideful. boasters Okay, so what I'm trying to say here is that if you know that whatever happened to you, was always going to happen to you, then there's no use regretting and thinking that you should have done something else. Okay, because it means that there's nothing you could have done to make things turn out differently.

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Right. And in fact, there's a hadith from the Prophet so long on insulin, in which he

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Yanni in this hadith is read by even our best rhodiola, one hole, he says one Anima forca lamea, can you see back that no, that anything that I'm

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Yanni anything that be passed by you, it didn't come to you, it was never going to be for you. Without a saw Becca, lamb yakun you cap that anything that befalls you was never going to pass you by.

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Okay, so. So what we learn from this is that

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we shouldn't be leaving our lives, like prisoners to our past, like a lot of people, you know, they get trapped in their past.

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And unfortunately, they keep beating and beating themselves up for what happened to them, or like choices they made, or people did this to me people get to me, you know, but the reality is, my dear sisters, we have to realize that this was this was written for us, you know, and it was always going to happen, no matter what you said, no matter what you did, no matter what different thing could happen. It was written for you, it was always going to happen. Because if you look at that Hadees I just mentioned that, you know, whatever, before you was never going to miss you. Okay, so I think that this is one of the really powerful lessons that we take from this knowledge of al Qaeda because

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it helps you to be able to finally let go and move on.

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Right. And something else that Islam teaches us as well is is how we need to have a realistic look at the life of this world. Right and to realize that trials are from the reality of his life.

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You know, trials is something that a lot of data has written and destined to happen to us while we're in this life you know, in the life of this dunya. If you look at what Allah tala mentions in su baccara

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he tells us will another do when a combi Shea in mineral whole fuel jewelry, when that will see mean I am worthy well unfussy when Well, what's the morons? Well, that she's sobbing. Right? That very, we will test you with something from fi from hunger from, you know, loss in your wealth in yourselves in your you know, your is, your, your samurai, to your fruits, with Ashley sobbing, give good tidings to the patient.

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And one of the greatest benefits that we get, just from having a more realistic outlook towards life in general, you know, and coming to except that, you know, I'm being tested with trials is part and parcel of this life, is that it helps to be it helps you to be more resilient in facing those trials whenever they come back. Because you've already you already understand this is what life's about. Right? So that changes your whole perspective. The biggest one of the biggest challenges in facing trials is it's just changing your whole perspective to it in the first place. That's one of the biggest coping mechanisms right.

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Now another aspect we are believing you know, I thought you were positive is that you know, not only did Allah tala always know everything before it happened, and that he recorded all of that in a low head math was preserved. I bet that's been him, right. But also whatever happens

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From what He wills to happen as well, right it happened by his will. Now, I need to explain something here that you know, we should never think that Allah's view is just some random aim this wheel. Okay? What is that a lot of dollar wheels to happen. That's from his infinite wisdom.

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Right almost on a season shoot in San. This is where Matt to share owner illa ayisha Allah that you will not be able to do something and this Allah wills it. And then he says in Allah hi kana I lean in hekima Verily, Allahu taala is the all knowing and wife. So in other words, what I'm trying to say here, in this verse, Allah with Allah connected between his will and his hikma.

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Alright, so it shows that his will is connected to his hikma, therefore, nothing happens. Except there's a huge hikma a huge wisdom for why it has happened, even if we can't see the wisdom for that right now.

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Right? So it's not just some random event that has no meaning or purpose. That's what the atheists would like you to believe. Right? atheists in reality, they reduce our whole human existence to basically be nothing more than like a cluster of particles, which are, you know, randomly existing in the universe, like everything else, right? With no meaning, or purpose for our existence. No, anything we go through. Right? But what Allahu taala tells us instead thought, for example, he says, one hour while upon us sama, well, I will go on eBay now. Houma Valentina, that we did not create the heavens and the earth, and what's between them. belvilla but for nothing in Amos for Amos

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reason, right? What is almost an adverse Valley, Calvin new levina Kapha Panama, that's what the disbelievers think. I think Allah created all this for nothing with an aimless reason, right? For way to levena cafo in And now, we're to the disbelievers from the fire mouth ticked off. Alright, so, you know, you kind of begin to imagine what kind of mental distress that atheists and those who don't have any do any kind of region, get what they go through, like, when you've got no meaning or purpose for the trials of this life? You know, it's kind of what have you got to hold on to you, I mean, there's no meaning to it, right? Because you just, you're basically just, you know, a bunch of

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particles that's just randomly, you know, having these trials before you, okay, so, panel, this is the this piece, and sukeena that this belief about your father actually brings to your heart, right? Because, you know, when I know that whatever happens to me, was actually what allow real to happen. And, you know, whatever Allah will happen is only from his hikma. Right, he's perfect wisdom. And that means that when something happens to me, instead of me asking unhelpful questions like saying, you know, why me? You know, why did I, you know, what did I do to deserve this? You know, those questions are not helpful, all they do is create more distress. Okay? So instead, I'm able to ask

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questions, like, you know, what, can I learn from this trial? Right, because I know there's a meaning behind it. What can I learn from this trial, you know, how can I grow from this experience? Right? And in particular, to ask myself, how is Allah shaping me and developing me as a believer through this trial?

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Okay, there's, there's always so much we get out of our trials, whether it's forgiveness of sins, raising levels, and even just developing us and making us stronger as believers, purifying our hearts, purifying us, so that we will be will be ready to enter john that inshallah, right. Um, so, you know, like, as I said, Before, I know that what is happening to me,

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you know, was written for me, by Al Hakim.

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Right, the one who is most wise, right? Who is also the most who is a lot leaf like Allahu taala is a love beef to his servants. So he's the most gentle to his service. Right? So knowing that, I know that there must be a higher meaning behind this trial, even if I can't make sense of it right now.

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Now, before I finish, I just wanted to also speak about one of the common questions that a lot of people ask

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which is why does a long time that allow bad things to happen? A lot of people that are Christian

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So first of all sisters, we need to understand that

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just because a lot of dollar, you know, destined for something to happen, it doesn't mean that he loves that thing to happen. Right difference between what He wills and what he loves. Right? So, even though a lot done a wheel that to happen, but that but don't think that just because He willed it to happen, that he necessarily loves that thing to happen. Okay, so an example of that, if you're looking at this, how do you think it's a How do you could see how difficult it is when the Messenger of Allah so a lot of times told us something that Allah has said, right, and this is recorded by a party, right, bubble hooray rajula. One was a bit long, but I'm just gonna read the last bit. So the

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last bit of this hubby basically says that Allah said, the Messenger of Allah tells that Allah said that I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate from taking the soul of my abdomen movement, that from my faithful servant, right? Because why? Because Allah knows that his servant does not like this is something that, you know, no one likes death. Right. But Allahu taala says that I and I hate the harm of that for him, you know, I, this is something that a lot, you know, is the only thing that Pamela he a long time mentioned that

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the one thing that he really hesitates about is, you know, because of his gentleness towards his believing servant, that this is something that, you know, a lot of dollar does not like to do this. But at the same time, because a lot of wrote death for a believer, right? A lot of data wrote just for a believer.

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But it's not something that Allah loves for his believing servants, right?

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He does not love that he doesn't actually love any harm to come to us believing service at all, okay, but there's all a greater purpose and a greater reason for why he has willed for these different things to happen to us in this dunya. Right. And you have to, you know, even go with what the Messenger of Allah said,

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about the rasma. And the mercy that Allah has for his believing slave, right, it is more than a mother to her child.

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So if you've got to remember that when you're going through something, or you see people suffering,

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remember, if you feel mercy for them will lie, Allah has more mercy for them. So there's a huge reason, there's a huge reason why Allah is destined to happen, right? And that's why, you know, if we look at all the different trials affecting our Alma now, you know, whether it's COVID whether it's, you know, killing off innocent Muslims, you know, in Palestine, or Syria, Yemen, Burma, wherever, all the, you know, everywhere we look, right, but we have to keep on, you know, you have to console yourself, don't over, load yourself with what you are not like, you do what you can, but you don't overload yourself with all that because you can, you're only asked to do what you can

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right now you can leave Allahu nevsun illa husana Allah does not put a burden on Assad more than they can be right. So you have to come back to yourself and realize that there's a huge reason why huge wisdom behind what why Allah has written for these things to happen. And despite this, it's very bitter seeing these trials, you have to also look, there's a lot of higher that comes out of it even despite that, right.

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This is some of the height like it's from these trials that the oma wakes up. Right? Allah wakes up Alma, he reminds us all of the reality of this dunya You know, he shows us where our true concerns should be focused towards as employment, right. And we can also see how Allah tala unites us, he brings us together as an Alma through these trials. And he shows us who are the real traitors, and the enemies and hypocrites now protect us, right? It all comes apparent in these things, right? The other thing you notice that he gives us, modern day examples of true heroes, and true role models for us to emulate, what we become inspired by their level of patience and sacrifice for the sake of

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a lot, right.

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And, as for those suffering, all of these trials, you know, look at what Allah tells us, tells us instead, for example, fidelium, right, right, a lot of Dallas's

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whether yanam Allah will lead in that arm and all we are definitely there mean come, she had that explaining why a lot, you know, allows for these different trials to come down on on his believing servants. He said, in order to see you know, it's like a refining process right through it through the hidden income, she had that and he, he kind of lost so many get, you know, they get the position of Shahada. That's why my desist is you know, never think that anything happens except as you

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Huge wisdom behind it and never think that what any believer suffers in this dunya. Right. So this is why having this knowledge of other is very powerful.

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And if you look at what causes most people to suffer mental distress is through overthinking about one of two things, right? Either regretting the past, or worrying about the future. Right. So, if I know that everything was written 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth, then it means that there's nothing else that I could have done in order to prevent what's happened. So what's the use of missing here regretting the past? Right? The other thing is, if I know that all of my, my future fears are completely in the hands of a lie alone,

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this helps me to I you know, I work slowly towards my goals, but at the same time, I have to work on in Allah, you know, put my trust in Allah, that he's gonna take care of my future affairs, inshallah. So then why live, you know, in a constant state of worrying about the future,

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right, so you can see how that's very empowering.

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To the parliamentary system. This is how having this knowledge about your product, helps you to attain true inner peace and serenity, with whatever happens to you in this union.

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And it's this state of inner peace.

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That's the panel we find. So many non Muslims are now paying 1000s of dollars, and doing all kinds of strange and different practices and rituals, right? Just to try to find this inner peace, that Allahu taala has already shown us the way to attain it.

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You know, may Allah have done to make it easy for us to reach a state of having revoir with whatever befalls us in sha Allah. Because of course, you know, speaking about it is one thing, going through is another thing, but still having a knowledge it's something to hold on to and hopefully, you know, we're doing we're doing this recording, I'm hoping that inshallah will be there for sisters and maybe they're going through something they could just play it when they're going through that trial and remind himself of these words, inshallah even I can pay for myself when I'm going through a trauma. Right. But I just wanted to leave you all with some beautiful words by Emmanuel am Rahim

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Allah, to reflect upon where he says these words, right? Just listen closely and just reflect on this right? So he says, had Allah lifted the veil for his believing servant, right? And shown him how he handles his affairs for him. And how a level to honor is more key for the benefit of his slave than his own self. That believes his heart would have melted and a love for Allah

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Subhana Allah, right that believe his heart would have melted out of love for a lot if you knew how gentle and how much mercy helped, you know, a lot is more merciful to you than your own self. And you think something good for you along those what's better for you, is what you have to realize it's hard to understand that but that's the honest truth. Allah knows what's best for us even more than we know for our own source. So that's why we just asked a lot of dollar to help us all to have rebar, you know, to have contentment with what if Allah tala, you know, chooses for us in this dunya and asked Allahu taala to relieve the suffering of our Omar to relieve every person who's going

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through some sort of trial, you know, hold on to the hope of Jana. You know what I mean, as I said in the beginning of my talk, that this is our greatest hope we know that whatever as Muslims, whatever we're going through in this dunya Subhan Allah This is a temporary abode right. And in Jana, when you enter Jana, you know, she won't even remember like all of this you won't even you it will all be washed from your brain. Just one dip in Jana. Makes it person forget any suffering that we threw in this dunya right. And imagine in Jana no more hearing bad sad stories, stressful stories.

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You know, anything that makes you said, Yanni Subhanallah just bliss and happiness always my last partner help us all to reach this safely. And male all Tyler, you know, strengthen us and he never Amen. And you know, you're not asking genital photos from Sharla