When Pharoah RAISED Moses

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Cyril knows, okay, there's a sort of prophecy or whatever, that his kingdom is going to be usurped from somebody from Benny Australia.

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Okay, what does he do? He decides, well, I'm going to then wipe out all the male children, okay? finds out that that's not quite practical. And so he decides to do every other year or whatever.

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But it's still a reign of terror. And then he ends up by the will of Allah raising the very person who's going to overthrow his reign, or be the cause of the end of his reign. Right? We take means to control things and we don't realize that even the means that we take are part of a loss plan. We tried to resist the loss plan, but even our resistance to a loss plan as part of a loss plan. And so it always brings me back to the statement of Allah Mercado. La haka. Kadri. And said, well, they underestimated Allah. They didn't give Allah has do when they were thinking about what Allah could do. They imagined in their mind, that it was them working against Allah. So Allah had his plan, and

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we have our plan, and we're going to somehow try to outmaneuver what the Creator is going to do. And that's just, it's not apprehending the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and his knowledge and his all encompassing nature, everything that we can think of, and everything that we can plan and every sort of single course of action that we could take. He's already part of a loss plan. And if we submit to what Allah wants, then we'll find that allows plan is actually for us. That's actually going to help us and it's actually going to bring us to a successful end