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Tom Facchine
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So Ramadan is a month. Okay, we have a religious calendar that follows the moon. Okay, so it's a month of that calendar. And in that month, Muslims who are meet certain requirements, they are close to pubescent right there, they've reached maturity. And they're able to they fast. Okay? It's a month long, fast 29 or 30 days, depending on the sighting of the moon. What does it mean to fast and slam? It's going to probably be a little bit different than other fasting traditions, no food, no water,

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no *.

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Okay. And someone would quickly say, Well, how do you survive from sunup to sundown? Or from dawn to dusk to be a little bit more precise, right? So at night, you eat and you drink and you can be with your spouse, et cetera, et cetera. But during the day, from the very, very first crack of dawn, to the minute that the sun sets, we refrain from all of those things for 30 days. So that's what fasting Ramadan is. And there's other things that we do within the month of Ramadan that are attended to it such as their special prayers at night we attempt to finish reciting the Quran,

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either individually or as a community throughout those 30 days. We'll have special congregational prayers. We'll meet in the mosque to break our fast together every night. And so it's an amazing community experience.

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