Tom Facchine – Islam- The Last Thing Standing

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the "monster society" that exists in Western society, where people live in nursing homes and other conditions that make it difficult for people to work and stay at home. The "monster society" is designed to prevent people from being bogged down by their parents' age and eventually wanting to help those populations. The "monster society" is designed to create a culture of convenience and materialism, which is the cornerstone of Islam's overall appeal.
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Islam is the last viable force against materialism. For the last thing standing. When it comes to Western society, it's mostly built around materialism and convenience, right, you can put your kids in daycare so that you and your spouse can work and have an income. So you can live in a certain neighborhood in the suburbs and have a certain school system and have to cars and all this sort of situation you keep on living and living, you can't be bogged down by, for example, if your parents get old, and you need to take care of them, we'll put them up in nursing homes, where they maybe they get visited once a month, or a few times a month, right? Our society, our entire society is

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built around this type of convenience, and this type of cycle of materialism, work, make spend. And there's more to life than that. And Islam is one of the last remaining forces to oppose that. That's why when you go into the Muslim lands, you will find people shocked to learn that people in these parts of the world put their parents in nursing homes and similar sort of institutions. And I was told by many people when I was in Medina, that that would even be something that somebody would not marry into a family, if they knew that that was going on. For example, there was like a potential marriage about to happen. And the one of the spouses families did that to their parents, but their

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parents in a nursing home that they would potentially call off the marriage, because of what that would say what that would say about that priorities, what that would say about how they respect and honor their elderly, right, it should be a badge of honor, it should not be an inconvenience to us to have to stay home with the kids to have to stay home with the parents. That's how you worship your Creator. That's how you prove what you're made of. That's how you establish your worth in this world. And if the paycheck is too valuable to you to not stop what you're doing and go do that, then that shows your priorities. Of course, there's exceptional circumstances, there are circumstances

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where you can't provide the care, they need some sort of specialized medical attention, things like that. We're not talking about exceptional circumstances, we're talking about the general thrust of society, the general thrust of society is that it's constructed around convenience and materialism. And Islam is what stands in the way it's a way out. And there's some people that recognize that there's some people that look towards Muslims, and they see Islam and when the places when it's actually applied. And they're amazed. They're amazed by this sort of thing, right? Whether it's young or old, the weak, the poor, they're in our lives for a reason. We don't just, you know, build

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a suburb and put those people over there. So we never have to see about see them or think about them, no a lot put them there in our lives for a reason. That's actually the means by which we get in the Paradise. And if you don't believe in a paradise, and if you don't believe in an afterlife, and you don't believe in heaven and *, it's going to be extremely difficult for somebody to build up the motivation to want to help those people or take care of those people, Muslims, we believe we believe and so we're going to and we should live up to the challenge to throw ourselves into the service of those populations in order to obtain our own salvation and to prove to everybody that

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Islam is the truth.

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