Throw your nets! Identify talent, then do something about it

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker shares amazing words from a person named Kunta, who said that individuals should use their minds to create something. The speaker also mentions a person named Halima who infamously shows signs of intelligence and is a potential reformer. The speaker believes that individuals who have a similar parentsage and friends will enjoy the reward of being a discoverer and sponsor.

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I want to share with you amazing words by the double, a dean, a blue Gemma, who said Kunta either Aina soybean or hashtag whenever we saw a young person exhibiting signs of intelligence. Alina Eileen, he she berkana fella Halima, we would quickly cast our nets over him. And so he would only ever leave after becoming a scholar of the religion, that potential reformers they exist in huge numbers just as they did in the past. The only difference is that those people who came before us they were blessed with parents and friends and passersby, who identified them, to guide them, who encouraged them, finance them. So be a discoverer and a sponsor of potential revivalist spot them

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when they cross paths with you and then enjoy the immense rewards thereafter.