Minute with a Muslim #111 – This Is WHY Islam Is The Future

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Islam is natural. And that's why it appeals to so many people. Once they get through the propaganda, and they get through the misinformation and stuff like that. And they actually experienced it. You got a lot of people over in Qatar now, you know, Westerners that never been in a Muslim country before never seen Islam. A lot of people just get it, right. I mean, look at what the men have to deal with in the society. In the Western society, we have a crisis for men, right? They feel extremely, you know, pushed out of sort of education and employment. And they're kind of belittled. And they're all these sorts of things. And they feel resentful. They feel disempowered, right,

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what's the role for them? You've got women, okay, we've got all Tiktok, and Instagram and all these sorts of different social media. And yeah, you've got people making only fans and all these sorts of crazy things, selling their bodies, literally selling their bodies, and then you run into something like Islam. And it's like, men are supposed to be responsible. And women are supposed to be modest, and dignified. And men are supposed to be modest and dignified, and women are supposed to be responsible. And everybody's just like, hey, this makes sense. That makes a whole lot more sense than what is going on. Now. In mainstream culture. You know, you read crazy things, like somebody

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made it like an only fans for their mom, and they're making money off of it. Like let's say, a sickness is this and then somebody comes and if somebody were to do if somebody were even take a picture of somebody's mom, in a place like Qatar or Saudi Arabia, they be they get beaten up on the spot. There'll be a fight, honor, dignity, truth, things, that real things that people care about, right. And every place has its problems. We're not going to put anybody on the face of the earth right now upon a pedestal, right. Because we're, you know, as Muslims, we know that a lot of the Muslim societies are far from the Islamic ideal, but there's still something that shines through,

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there's still something that shines through, you got people in the West, they throw away their old folks into some sort of home, don't visit them for years, until they die, then they're just worried about the inheritance and how to split up the money. Well, that's considered a huge, huge faux pas in the Middle East. Like you couldn't do that without being talked about without being sort of punished in some sort of way. Okay, people get it. I kind of like yes, this is the way that human life is supposed to be that human life is supposed to have purpose. Everybody's supposed to have a role. Those roles aren't all the same. Let's come down to earth a little bit. Let's put our feet on

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the ground. And let's actually talk about real stuff and what makes a meaningful life and I think a lot of people realize that Islam is very, very compatible and facilitates towards a meaningful and dignified life.