Sexually Abused by Father? HOW! WHY!

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I have a situation My father has molested me sexually as a child, what do I do?

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I've heard this very often. In that case, what type of parent? Are you, my beloved father, we are supposed to be protecting your child from your own evil. What type of Paradise is there going to be serving a person like that?

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Who has abused the very trust that Allah has placed upon their shoulders? May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our children, may Allah grant us ease. These things are brushed under the carpet, a lot of the times they are swept under the carpet and no one wants to speak about them. If fathers or mothers are going to abuse their children, be it physically or any other way. They are guilty of not being exemplary parents abuse, sexually, etc. In that case, you can even report your own father to the police. There's no harm in that in order to protect yourself and your siblings and others from that type of misbehavior. It's not wrong.

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You must In fact, you should, if it persists, and if that's what actually happened, we cannot tell you that because you have to respect your father and be kind to your father, you cannot protect yourself and anyone else from the evil of that man. No, no, my beloved fathers there is a duty on your shoulder

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to protect your own children and if you are the criminal, unfortunately, you will have to be dealt with also with the full Wrath of the law. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all

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Sexually Abused by Father? HOW! WHY!
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