Minute with a Muslim #025 – Is it PERMISSIBLE to make Dua after Salah

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Is it permissible to raise your hands and make dua after the Salah? Yes, it is. Bring me evidence that says that it's not okay do is unrestricted when it comes to the times and places in which you can make it that means that the burden of proof shifts, okay, you have something like liquor or you have something like do, which we are commanded and encouraged to perform, then when it comes to restricting that and saying that we can't do it at a certain time, or we can't do it at a certain place, and the burden of proof shifts upon the person who's trying to say that we can't do it. Okay, so is it permissible to make the raise your hands and make dua after the Salah? Yes, it is. Bring me

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evidence that says that it's not right. What some people have become sensitive to is the idea that if somebody has the belief, or the intention that to raise their hands in do at a specific time is something that the Prophet Mohammed slay, said, I'm actually instructed, okay, if you have the belief that the Prophet Mohammed slay Saddam did something in worship, and he didn't do it, right. And you're saying like, so let's say, for example, let's say that I have the belief that 7pm is a particularly blessed time, and that if I sit down at 7pm, to make dua that my do out are going to be accepted? Or my do i are more valuable, or more pious than do I made it 659 Or made it 701, I need

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evidence for that, okay. And if I don't have evidence for that, then this is something that is an innovation, right? Because this is something that is not communicated by divine guidance. However, however, if I specify 7pm, as a time when I make do, just because that's what fits best in my schedule, right? I'm working all day, and then at 630, and I have to pick up the kids and I've got, you know, to prepare dinner and all this other stuff, and 7pm is the most convenient time for me, okay, I have not ascribed to that practice, any sort of other worldly benefit that Allah subhanaw taala didn't communicate, right, you see the difference there. And so that type of thing is

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perfectly permissible. And people do this with the Koran, right? They say, Okay, after the after federal prayer, I'm going to sit and read Koran, or I'm going to read one Jews, or I'm going to read a half of a Jews or I'm going to read a page or whatever it is, or a lot of people have said, Okay, well, I'm trying to finish a certain amount of the Quran. And so I'm going to read a page before my prayers and a page after my prayers. You know, there's no scriptural evidence for this sort of thing, right? But it's not a bit of a it's not an innovation because the person is not ascribing an other worldly benefit to it that has not been communicated by Allah azza wa jal to the Prophet

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Muhammad. They are simply doing it out of making a schedule for themselves and trying to do based off of what is convenient