Tom Facchine – Medina Stories #01 – Walking To Al Masjid an Nabawi

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their experience with the Cleveland Metro Metro Metro Realty Trust, where they worked as a student and learned to pronounce Koran Holika properly. They also discuss their experience as new students who had to learn the Koran curriculum in the evening and then went out to do it in the morning. They emphasize the importance of learning to pronounce Koran correctly and working hard to achieve goals.
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So when it came to when I got some of Deena, they didn't have room for us to stay on campus. So the university owned dormitories on the other side of the city. And so they would actually have buses and then bring us to campus every day. Now, my particular cohort when we came in, I started, I think I tested out of the first semester of work for the Arabic Institute. And so I started at level two. And again, I think they were out of space in the Arabic Institute. So we had night classes. So our mornings were free. And one of the pieces of advice that I got when I first got to Medina was go, you know, after you get acclimated a week, two weeks, go to the Haram go to the prophets, Masjid,

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and get yourself signed up to a Koran Holika. Because it's the only way to really learn the Koran. And not just memorization but to pronounce it correctly, and et cetera, et cetera. So I wanted to do that. And so I went around to some of my friends that were in the same situation like, hey, the Koran Holika, is that are going on or after fajr okay, we can't make the ones in the evening because we're at the university doing our classes. And so we're all new students are all students are generally not have means we don't have money. We didn't have transportation, knowing how to car. And even the people that we didn't know, that did have a car though, upperclassmen, they were at the

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university in the morning, you know, so we're on our own. So, me and a group of guys just got together and said, You know what, like, we want to go and take advantage of this. So let's just go. Let's just sign up. We were at the prophets machine in the evening, and we signed up for Koran class. And in the morning, we don't know how we're gonna get there. We're just going to start walking. And so we left the dorm talk about Allah, we started walking, and yeah, it's about where we, we're, we're in the neighborhood called Rob Wah. And it's about a 15 minute walk 50 to an hour depends on how I walk, walk fast, but it's about an hour walk from Rob wallet to the profits

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machine. And I kid you not every single morning, every single morning, somebody would pick us up and take us to the machine for free. Not a single day, did I actually make the entire hour walk all the way down there.

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I would have to make the hour walk back. Because people weren't coming out at the same time that we were. And people wanted the reward of bringing people to the MSG. And this is for free. They would not charge us ever. I think maybe in my entire time doing this, maybe one person one time asked for money. And then we're like, come on man. And he was like, Alright, just get in. You know, but that was something that started and it was every single day. You know, every single day, we just went out onto the street. We even got to know some of the people because they were the people that happen to be passing on that road at that time of day. You know, so you develop relationships with people. And

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I just thought it was a really good example of how you know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If you take one step towards Allah, He takes two steps towards you. You know, sometimes you don't know how something is going to happen. And that was a constant lesson over there in particular, that you knew what you had to do, and you had no idea how to get it done. But you just had to leave the house and say Bismillah and then put forth your effort, and then somehow Allah would intervene and you know, help you out in some way that you didn't expect.

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