Medina Stories #02 – This Is WHY Medina Is My Favorite Place On Earth

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Yeah, I mean, there's no there's no place on earth like the, like the prophets messy, you know, so long. Honestly, it's my favorite place in the world face the earth, you know,

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if I could be any place, you know, or even if I and Allah, you know has prepared Jenna and Jenna is going to be better than anything we can imagine. But it's like, okay, we say, our happy place, my Happy Places, definitely the Prophet smushy.

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It's just

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everybody remarks about how tranquil it is, and how peaceful it feels.

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It's everything you need. I mean, we used to, for example,

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you can eat your dinner there, like we used to, because you know, students don't have a lot of money. So for example, like we would get

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you can get like a packet of like lentils and a piece of bread for I guess, in what's US currency, probably about 25 or 50 cents. And then you can take dinner at the prophets machine because they're feeding people at Maghrib prayer every single day. Right? They set out a sofa, which is the big, you know, the long sort of plastic sheet and they have dates and they have bread and they have whatever just in case anybody is fasting, but it's not just for fasting people, anybody who's who's there, you know, it's like, it's like a dinner party every single night.

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So you have food, you have Zamzam water, you have scholars, you have lessons you you know, there's you go outside, you go down, down underground, and there's the bathrooms, what else can you need? Really, I mean, you can spend all day every day day there if you want to. The first time I went, I was definitely very emotional about it, obviously. And

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you know, there's such a beautiful diversity that we have as Muslims, right, you see people from all different places, all different parts of the Muslim world.

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You know, with all different skin tones and all different types of dress, and there's a goodwill. You know, there's something it's not just like going to a mall, where you feel like everybody's just a stranger. And they're just there to get their thing. Like there's there's goodwill there. There's something that connects everybody. And so people will help each other out. People will talk to strangers, people will strike up conversation and it's just it, you know, all those little things that that make you feel safe and make you feel comfortable. You know, the profits machine has it so there's no doubt that it's probably my favorite, favorite place.