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Tom Facchine
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The season of Hajj is upon us

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is right around the corner. And so we are reminded of the prophets who brought us to Hajj rituals, who constructed the Kaaba and who is recognized worldwide as a symbol of Tawheed and that is Prophets he brought him

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in so it's a shot off Allah azza wa jal gives a detailed account of Ibrahim's stories. Allah azza wa jal says, let's do it and never happy when I walk in and recite to them the news of Abraham, Allah subhanaw taala does not use the word and never unless this news is very important. Let's see what important things Allah azza wa jal wants to teach us. It bothered me I beat you up on me, that's our goon. When he said to his father and his people, what do you worship? Oh, no, now I'm going to have some fun. I love Lulu. I mean, they said to him, we worship idols. We are devoted to them.

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Ebro our Hammadi set out shows us right away two lessons for how to give Dawa to other people. But before we look at those two lessons, it should not be lost on anyone. How important it is to give Dawa Dharma is a way of the prophets, Allah azza wa jal said, had he severely other we have a lot of CO men or women and tyranny or Subhana Allah wa and I mean I'm mostly keen, tell them this is my way. I call to Allah with insights me and those who follow me. Allah is Exalted, and I am Lucia keen. And Allah subhana hookah either told us that he raised up the soma specifically so that we could give Dawa to others was just I couldn't even come home to get around at that time anyway, I'm

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gonna get up, get him out. Okay, we're in * not even when we go, what would you go home and so that some of you would call others to good commanding that known good and forbidding the evil those are the successful ones. Dalla is the reason Allah azza wa jal brought us forth as a community and made us a spread all across the earth as Muslims. We were made for this. We were made for Dawa. Do you know how sad it is? To have something that is made for a certain purpose, but instead it's used for something else? Imagine you had a racecar souped up trick doubt the fastest race car around what would be the point if it stayed in the driveway? What wouldn't be the point if you use it to go to

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the laundromats? It was built to race and anything less than racing would be embarrassing. Islam was made to be spread and Allah azza wa jal gave Muslims honor as long as they were spreading Islam. That doesn't mean life was always easy. But we had armor as long as we were making Dawa. Now we have to understand, we have to understand what Dawa is. I don't mean standing on the street corner, handing out newspapers, I don't mean debating with everyone you come across. I don't mean diving into the comments section on social media. There might be a time and a place for those activities. But that's not the only way to do Downloader. That's not even the most important way to do our the

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most important way to do Dawa, especially in our time is through your example. The Prophet lady is set up to the center upset in the middle to legal tip number 30. Man,

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I was only sent to complete for two perfect, excellent manners. That doesn't mean that that smile is limited to smiling or saying hi in words, it means that when you fix your manners, all of them, your manners were below your manners with the creation. When everything is in its proper place. That's when you are a living example of the Sharia in action. A living example of what Allah wants from human beings. Can a sick Doctor heal his patients. If the doctor doesn't cure himself first, he might end up making his patients sick instead of healing them if we want to do our we need to fix ourselves. And this doesn't mean that

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You can't have a good impact until you're a saint. No, but it does mean that people are going to first look at how you act and how you behave before they decide whether you're worth listening to or not.

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Ebro Haynes example shows us that Dow up just as dow isn't only about debating the other extreme also isn't true.

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It's not only about fixing yourself, sometimes there is a time for correction. Sometimes false hood ma must be challenged, especially when falsehood is aggressive, especially when falsehood doesn't merely wants to be tolerated. But when falsehood wants to take over, and erase the truth entirely, or when falsehood wants to make it a crime to speak the truth, that time it's time for correction. It's time for courage, it's time to trust in Allah and call a spade a spade. And

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do you think Ibrahim it is to them? Dozens already know the answer to this question. He asks them, what are you worshiping?

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His father makes those idols. Of course, he knows the answer to this question. However, it's an important process points that Ibrahim is teaching us to verify things, to get people to admit to things instead of hurling accusations at them. If you start with accusations, the natural human reaction is to deny them and to get defensive. You've already indicated through your accusation, which probably had an angry tone, that you think that they did something that you do not like, this is a great way to encourage lying. I'll give you an example.

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Those of us with children, okay?

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We see something valuable in our house, something that costs a lot of money, and it gets broken. And it's fairly obvious. That was one of our children who broke in.

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What do we do? Do we storm into the room screaming at them? Did you pray this?

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What do you expect them to say? Yes.

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When you're boiling with anger,

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afraid, they're going to find it too tempting to lie. Just to try to avoid your wrath. If you had been calm. If you had asked in an open ended sort of way,

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you will have given your child the opportunity to practice being truthful, even if that truth is difficult. But since you let out your anger, and you let your editor take control, now you've made it difficult for them. To be honest.

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This lesson has other applications for trickier situations. I'll give you an example. For those of you interested in r theta in theology, somebody says a law is above the creation.

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Another person says a love doesn't have any direction.

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Each of them become very upset with what the second one is saying. The second person says to the first you're making can seem that

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if you believe ALLAH has a direction, and you're saying he has a body and if you're saying he has a body that he's limited to the creation, this is cool. And you're a captain.

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The first person has a combat ready. Oh, well, what about you? You're making Thalia. If you believe Allah doesn't have a direction, that you're basically saying that Allah doesn't exist. And that also is cool.

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But if you ask the first person, do you really believe ALLAH is limited to a party? He would say no way. And if you ask person number two, are you really saying that Allah doesn't exist? He would say no way, as a scholar, say, Lazarus, and all these people don't put words in people's mouths. You might think well, you do. And this means that maybe they don't agree. Maybe they need to be educated. Maybe they need to be convinced that you're right. Or maybe you're wrong.

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Asking an open ended question like Ibrahim helps make sure everyone's on the same page. It bridges the gap. In case there's any misunderstanding, Ibrahim gives them a chance. He gives them a chance to clarify themselves, as if he's saying to them, are you guys really worshipping idols? And their reply is essentially Well, yes, in fact, that's exactly what we're doing. If they had denied it, then the situation would have call for a different approach entirely. Imagine if they had

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said, No, we're not actually worshipping them.

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We're doing this other thing and set them either either Oh, hang on a second, I'm asked to convince them that what they're doing is worship. Or he has to accept the fact that they're not really worshiping the idols at all. Once he brought me, my ladies asked them in an open ended way, what they were doing. And after they confess to doing what the revenue of a salon was concerned about, now, it's time to talk, or the healthiest man or woman at home is to their own. He said, do they hear you when you call out to them? Oh, yeah, they're gonna call, oh, you're alone? Or do they benefit you? Or do they harm you at all? Again? Notice he's our he's a coach, does he use threats?

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Does he tell them they're going to handle? Does he tell them that they had better believe because so and so said, so

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he brought him on, and he said on appeals to their reason. He appeals to their intellect. He complements their intelligence by assuming that if they think about it, that they're going to agree with him. And either he and his questions. They revolve around three essential defining qualities, three qualities that make worship make sense. If the thing that we are worshiping has these three qualities that our worship makes sense. And if it doesn't, our worship is absolutely worthless first, can get here.

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Second, can it help you? And third, can it hurt you?

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Anything that can't hear anything that can't tell you? Anything that can't harm you is a false stop.

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And that does not deserve to be worshipped? These are the lessons that Allah azza wa jal is trying to teach us through eavesdropping don't assume. ask for clarification, challenge falsehood, but with wisdom and ask people to think for themselves or politically How do I still feel a lot of

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the stuff in a hole a hole right?

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Happy selling what sugar level whatever topic if you want to, you know, anyone should wonder you know if a lot of whacker would actually get a job even on the chef and commercial and then the BNL. So you didn't know what happened. And I have to assume why. So what why the father that he was having the what climb, but suddenly he was asleep and you feel

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we left off with Hebrew schemata. You said I'm challenging the idol worship groups. He is implying the things that you worship cannot hear you. They cannot help you. They cannot hurt you. And therefore they do not deserve your worship. Let's see how they respond. Paul knew better than whatever.

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They said, but we found our father's doing this.

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Is Allah azza wa jal just telling us the next door?

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Or is he bringing this up for a reason? Didn't he know that 1400 years after the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, we would be here in beautiful New York thinking about his words, and thinking about this exact verse.

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This is a spiritual problem. This is a theological problem. This is a problem that affects every ethnic group, every nation, every group of people. The idea, the assumption that just because we did it this way yesterday, means that we have to do it the same way today. The idea that just because we've done things like this for the past 100 years, we have to keep on doing them the same way for the next 100 years. The idea that just because my ancestors did it this way. I have to do it this way to

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Allah subhanaw taala says, No,

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not automatically, not unconditionally, not uncritically. You don't get a free pass. Just because that's the way things have always been. You have to be smarter than that. You have to be more critical than that. By the way, why do we care what our ancestors did? What is the act of

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do with you and me? I'll tell you, we take pride in our ancestors, often, not always, but often, to feel good about ourselves. Even when we haven't done anything really that special. I can feel good about myself knowing that my ancestors were kings and queens and did this and that that, okay, great. What have I done?

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This is when it becomes dangerous. This is when it becomes an aesthetic, excuse and escape, and it takes our focus off of doing good with our lives.

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It's like a shortcut to feeling worthy without putting in the work. And so if you have not put in the work, if you haven't done anything yourselves, but your sense of self worth is all invested into your ancestors, it's going to be very, very difficult to change the harmful traditions that they had.

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Those traditions that they had will become the most sacred thing to you, because you put your ancestors up on such a high pedestal, that to suggest that they might have been wrong, will completely undermine your own sense of self worth.

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Entire communities fall under this delusion. This is how we get to the points where communities defend horrifying practices and traditions. This is how it happens.

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If we go through the Muslim world, we will find many traditions and practices that are harmful, that are sinful, but we cling to them. And we won't give them up. I had a good friend from Kosovo, who told me about one of these on the wedding night, they take the groom before he goes along with his bride, and they beat him up.

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They get the black eyes, they give him cut sadism and bruises ahead, they open the door to where the wife is waiting and they put them in there and shut the door.

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The idea behind it is that every day after the husband's gonna look better and better and better.

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Some of our brothers from Central Asia have a tradition where they kidnap women when they want to get married. No dowry, no consent, no Hawaii, this is completely against the sun. That's not even a valid marriage. And there are many, many other examples of these types of harmful tradition. Allah azza wa jal clarifies for us the proper role, the proper scope of tradition, and respect for our ancestors, yes, tradition can be good. Yes, tradition can be important and in line with the city. But Allah azza wa jal is telling us that we can't be on critical of it. We have to evaluate our traditions, every once in a while, do they continue to serve a purpose of the city? Do they continue

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to please Allah? If the answer is no, it has to go. And if we don't make this intervention, if we don't critique our own traditions, if we don't keep the good ones, and get rid of the bad ones, we run the risk of our children's growing up here in North America, rejecting all of it, the good and the bad.

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Back to the rocky, how does he respond to the confession of his people that they worship idols simply because that's their tradition? That's what they've always done father FLR, a tall man comes on top of him. He said to them, Do you see what you've been worshipping? And to what I love the moon, you and your ancient forefathers, for a number moment I do only ill.

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Indeed, they are enemies to me, except for the Lord of the Worlds Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam is saying, it doesn't matter who is doing the action. That doesn't make your right or wrong. We can apply this across the board just because the web UI just because the man just because the President of the United States does it doesn't mean you're right. Just because your ancestors did it doesn't make it right. As we said, the truth is not known by men. Rather, men are known by the truth.

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And nothing is on him. I mean, he shows us one final lesson for this week.

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He doesn't just say, well, that's a lot of the traditional you have for yourself. I'll be doing my own tradition over here. Now, he says your idols, your traditions are enemies to me.

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Ibrahim alayhi salam teaches us that it's not enough.

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Just believing in Allah, or believing a certain part of that belief includes denying falsehood rejecting false gods should that rejection be done with wisdom and good manners and reason? Yes, of course. But there has to be a rejection nonetheless, we can get truth and falsehood, equal status, even if we respect everybody and the differences. We don't believe that religion is just a personal choice, a little bit more significant than whether you want to bury any or swarm or for dinner. No, this is about truth, and falsehood. And issues of truth and falsehood affect everybody. The truth helps everyone and falsehood hurts everyone. don't really see what's going on in our schools today.

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Especially when June rolls around. Someone from our community reached out to me justice, sweet, a good sister, a practicing Muslim. Her work asked her to change her zoom background to a rainbow flag for June.

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She told me this is against my feet, I don't want to do it. I told you that they can't force you to do it. Don't do it. When I'm in Appleton college or some of the other colleges around here doing Dalit, they asked me to give my pronouns I don't give them my pronouns. If I say my pronouns are heat and him, it assumes that I have the power to choose for myself. And that is not what happened.

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As a Muslim, I tell them, I don't believe I can choose my pronouns. I believe that my pronouns are given to me from the

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falsehood will not rest. When falsehood has power, it will try to impose itself it will try to wipe out the truth.

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That's why it's not enough to just love Islam, or just love Allah. Allah tells us that you also have to hate possibly a license that says that crack the deal. But to be in a rush to me, I leave that may yet caught up with our hormones while you're going to get it out. But it seems that we're better at what to do with following the song. Well, I personally, I mean, there is no compulsion when it comes to forcing someone to access religion. The right course has been distinguished clearly from the wrong course. So whoever rejects false gods and believes in Allah, they have grasped on to the most trustworthy handhold there's no great fans. And Allah azza wa jal is hearing and knowing.

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This is the verse just after I as I proceed. And this verse is miraculous, because it starts out saying there is no compulsion in religion. We do not force anybody to become a Muslim, I believe

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everyone has their free will to choose their faith, great. However, at the same time, we have a responsibility as Muslims, the people of faith, once we do believe, part of that belief is rejecting falsehood. And that doesn't mean persecution. And that doesn't mean violence. And that doesn't mean getting disrespectful or getting personal. But it does mean standing up with courage and saying this is wrong.

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This practice is wrong, this action is wrong, this belief is wrong, I reject it.

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And if we're afraid of losing status, or we're afraid of losing honor, from this society, or from other people, because of standing up for our beliefs that Allah azza wa jal wants you to know

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that he controls the honor. And then he controls the status, there is no status or honor, except that a law grandson to whom he wills

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taking that honor and status has to be based on pleasing Allah, not on pleasing the creation whom Allah might have given them a little bit of honor and status just for a short amount of time. obeying Allah azza wa jal and pleasing Him takes priority the prophet or hundreds of Allah while he was upset, many tenants are riddled along he'll be separate the naps throughout the Allahu Anhu were alone NASA will have one man in tennis, a little naps be some of the left side of the road while he was driving us who ever tries to please Allah with something that angers the people they will end up pleasing Allah as the people

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and whoever tries to please the people with something that angers Allah, Allah and the people will end up despising him. But most of that was certainly more than a year on command political progress on April 14, Allah

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After two weeks of doing nothing, yeah.

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Somebody was telling me a lot when I saw the wire that early mind cannot solve the job but he's been working in the rocking in the academy with Virgin America, Mohammed why that didn't happen. Kevin.

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Really rockin in the academy revision of America is a misnomer. What was the mean? Was it a shift from a machine? What's the word somebody that can move meaning what are the history

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of the human soul is one of the most or theoretically mecca of Mininova finances as well. We'll see Nina weather misty mountains.

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Wise. Yes.

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What is up an empty bear?

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