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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The importance of history and theology in the aftermath of Islam's actions is discussed, including the use of history and theology as a means of achieving guidance and personal and professional losses. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting Islam and finding one's own happiness, as well as the negative impact of fearing things happen and not knowing how to deal with them. forgiveness and preparation for the upcoming Day of Judgment are also emphasized.
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We're thinking about Libra hanging out at this hub season. And the lessons that Abraham's story has to teach us, particularly in sort of the shoe era.

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We learned last week, to not make assumptions, to ask for clarification, to challenge falsehood with wisdom, and to ask people to think, for themselves. We learned that traditions are important, but sometimes they need to be questioned. We've learned that the truth is true no matter who says it, and a falsehood is false, no matter who says it. And we learned that it's not enough to simply believe in the truth, we also have to stand up to falsehood, because porcelain doesn't rest. Next, Ibrahim alayhi salam gives us some lessons in theology and RP the Who is Allah? Who is the one who we submit to that we pray to five times a day, who is the one that we obey?

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You don't might seem very basic at first, well, that's easy. It's Allah. Who is

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how well you can answer that question will indicate how ready you are for hardship in this life, and how prepared you are for success in the next life. Because we think we know a lot. We think this is something very easy, but then something happens in our lives. We lose a loved one, we lose our job, we get injured, and then what happens? We say, why would a lot to me?

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This isn't fair, Allah must be angry with me, Allah must not love me. And all of a sudden, we begin to show how little we actually know about Allah. I was counseling someone this week. And their story was heartbreaking. And they were abandoned as a child. They grew up not knowing their parents. They were sexually abused as a young person. They started abusing drugs as a teenager. This person's family could not helped them.

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Or they weren't willing to. They just told her that she was going to * for the things that she did. Or that she was the victim of magic. She tried to fix things herself. She did the best that she could she read it long do I was not relate to native language, the language she couldn't understand. But in the end, she was able to make improvements to her life and she climbed out of addiction.

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But no matter how far she progressed, she couldn't shake this feeling that she was angry with the loss of animals.

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She told me, I don't feel like praying. Because I'm upset that Allah this is not a strange story. This sort of thing happens all the time in our community and outside our community. You don't think you need to know how long until it's too late? until you're left questioning Allah, why did he do this to me?

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He brought me in my lane so that was going to teach us

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he says under the hot opening for jolla de He Allah is the One who created me. So He guides me.

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Allah subhanaw taala creates and Allah guides. This is not an accident that these two occur together. They are related. They are inseparable, all creates. So he is the only one who can guide. What happens when we get into trouble.

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We ask for help. We ask for advice. We might talk to our friends, we might talk to our family we might even take to social media to try to figure out what to do next. But how much can all of those people help? When it comes to giving you true guidance? Maybe their advice is wrong. Maybe their advice is inappropriate to your situation. Maybe they don't know what they're talking about. But Allah subhana wa, he made you. He created you. He knows you inside and out. He can see through your excuses. And at the same time, he can appreciate things about you that nobody else can. And so if he's able to create you and he knows you better than anyone else, isn't he able to guide you to?

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Can't you trust His guidance?

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How do we go to allow for guidance? There's two ways one of them is

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for some of us, we wonder why we're struggling. But the reality is the poor man is on a shelf somewhere in our homes collecting dust,

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this core and was not given to us just to sound pretty. It was given to us to guide our lives. If you don't have that daily relationship with Allah guidance, you're like a soldier on the battlefield without a weapon. That's what we call a sitting duck. The other path to Allah's guidance is through the Select through prayer. Now, don't get me wrong, prayer does not guarantee that you will have a simple life. It does not guarantee that you will have a happy life, it does not guarantee that you will have an easy life No, but it means that no matter what happens, you can at least be sure that it's for your own good. It's not a punishment. It's meant to make you stronger. It's meant to help

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you down the road, Allah subhanaw taala is the One who created you. And so you have to trust that he can also guide you. As we say, if the Lord can bring you to us, then he can also bring you through next to the Rocky Mount as an app says, Well, who are you learning on the way a spin he is the one who feeds me and who quenches my thirst. Ibrahim alayhi salam is telling us that Allah azza wa jal has complete control over our provision, everything that comes to us, everything that's taken from us, Allah subhanho wa Taala gets set aside our bodies, our family, our health, our wealth, Allah azza wa jal decides when to increase it, and when to decrease it, when to give and when to take it

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away, when we realize that it should bring us some sort of peace, not because we're never going to experience loss know, Allah azza wa jal promises us in the Koran that we are going to experience loss, but without knowing who Allah is, we go insane, trying to control everything.

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Anybody who's into Bitcoin, or the stock market stock market right now, it's not an easy time. Some people have taken on huge losses, some people's entire savings, or their retirement funds have been wiped out completely, you can go insane, trying to learn as much as possible, and time your investments just right so that you never lose. But at the end of the day, there's always something you weren't aware of. There's always some factor that you forgot to consider. So a person who doesn't know Allah, they're going to fall into despair. They're going to fall into depression. They might even kill themselves when the market crashes. He saw this happen pretty recently. If you know

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who Allah is, and you know that in reality behind all the factors and causes that we can see, Allah azza wa jal is there controlling everything and we've got when he decides something, it's going to happen. There's no escaping hands. Again, it doesn't mean that this man promises you riches, no way. Not at all. But belief in Allah and knowing who Allah is, will help you focus on what you can control, which was pleasing your Creator. And if you know that you're doing what you can do to please your creator, you can lose everything. You can lose everything that you have, and you can handle it. Because you know that he doesn't hate you. You know that he's setting you up for

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something better down the road. This is why the Prophet Muhammad Ali, so that's what's called sadaqa. Charity, a proof culture will have of our faith. It's a test of our trust.

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No one's going to give charity unless they trust a lot because for a person who doesn't believe in Allah, charity is basically the same as letting your money on fire or flushing it down the drain. No, no, no, the believer knows better. You're going to get it back. And then some, maybe not right away. Maybe not even in the slides. But sooner or later, you will get back more than what you gave up with Oconee had overstepped the law he wasn't missing anything.

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handily learning

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was took a little while typically he wanted anyone

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to go low it would actually get a job even shinier than they'd be able to see their mind but did not do what I assumed was the idea of learning. So don't worry lottery while he was having with planning, we're certainly going to see McAfee a lot.

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Next, Ibraheem Alehissalaam says what either to the hallway or seen and when I become sick, it is he who heals me.

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There might not be anything more precious in this life than health.

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And there certainly isn't anything more precious that we take for granted more than our health. Just the other week I was playing soccer and I injured my toe.

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All of the sudden life changes. You're used to walking without even thinking about it. Now every single step that you take, you have to be careful to avoid the pain. Even praying is uncomfortable. It made me reluctant to make extra prayers.

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How much time has passed when I was in perfect health, and I didn't take advantage of that health to pray any extra. This is why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said if attending constant public comes in Shabaab a couple of 100 will say public septic. Well, we now call the fabric with a robic couple of sugar that were hieratic couple of demotech. Take advantage of five things before five other things happen. Take advantage of your youth before you become old. Take advantage of your health before you lose it. Take advantage of your wealth before you become poor. Take advantage of your spare time before you become busy and take advantage of your life before you die.

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Health is one of those things that we do not properly value until it's gone. And that's why people go to great lengths to stay healthy or to find a cure if they are sick. Hundreds of years ago, Chinese emperors used to exhaust the wealth of the entire kingdom trying to find some sort of secret potion that would let them live forever. These days, some people with too much money and not enough faith have themselves frozen after they die. hoping that one day scientists will be able to figure out how to stop us from dying or bring us back to life. This is a spiritual disease. Some people become so obsessed with controlling our health, that they stopped trusting allies or Joe Why do

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people turn to magic? One of the big reasons is health. They are afflicted with a trial in their health and instead of accepting it as part of the laws the creek, they have decided that they would rather get what they want out of life, even if it means disobeying Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal reminds us that he's in control. Allah azza wa jal has the unique ability to make us whole again, after we fall ill or injured and he wants us to turn to him.

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What are the units within don't buy your heating, and he who causes me to die, and then resurrection,

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if we're afraid of losing money, and if we're afraid of getting sick, then we are absolutely terrified of death, especially here in North America. Nobody wants to talk about it. When it comes to the end of life care, and you're talking with the nurses, usually the main priority people have in this part of the world is minimizing the pain. Once your loved one has passed away, one of the things people say to one another most often is, at least he wins without any pain. Of course nobody wants to see their loved one in any pain. But it's not a top priority.

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For a person of faith. Our priority has to be that second part that Ibrahim was talking about resurrection.

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How prepared are they for the date of judgment that has to be the top priority? Everything else comes second? Allah azza wa jal controls our depths and then brings us back to life. Does it make sense? Does it make sense to spend our lives running away from the inevitable does it make sense to spend our lives ignoring our fate or pretending it doesn't exist we know that this is going to happen. We need to start preparing from now. Finally, people are already set up says whether the UK or not or a Filipina probably at the old man's been and who I hope will forgive me my mistakes on the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala has the unique ability to forgive

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you're not going to get forgiveness from any other source from any other place, he is the only one who can do it. And the fact that he brought him I mean salaam closes his lesson talking about forgiveness. It's extremely, extremely important. Let's review the list of the things that he just said. It all revolved around what people fear the most. We fear being lost, we fear not having enough to eat, we fear losing money, we fear losing our health, we're afraid of dying, we might even be afraid of the resurrection. But the purpose of all these things is the forgiveness of Allah.

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Why would Allah

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have the most merciful and what dude, the most loving cause you to feel lost?

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Why would he try you and test you with pain, with hunger, with poverty with sickness? Why would he end your life in the first place? And then why would he bring you back

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to the person of faith for the sincere person who tries a lot of times at all for your forgiveness. The Prophet Muhammad Ali instead of us is upset now Nicholas I mean, we'll see what whatever model the map see well, in half below that we'll see at camera to help the shadow how to work. Any Muslim who suffers anything sickness or otherwise, Allah makes his sins fall away. Just like the leaves fall off the tree.

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How long are we going to run away from our own forgiveness? When are we going to embrace our own purification and our own forgiveness? The Prophet alayhi salam said either a lot a lot will be a PRT and Claire Arjuna who Liverpool's fifth dunya what is that Allah that they aren't the shots etc. It will be then be hacked UEFI video, the matter of activity. When Allah azza wa jal wants good for his servant, He punishes him here and in this life, he makes it hard. Whereas if Allah wants evil for a person, he withholds the consequences of his sins until he gets to the Day of Judgment.

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But we need to be ready. We need to be ready for that day by being writes with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. If we take care of our end of the deal, if we are faithful, if we are sincere, if we try our best, we have nothing to worry about. And we have everything to hope for. No matter what happens the Prophet Li said was that I've said that I took me under the moment in November who could level highly well they said Eric and he had an ill and immobile

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in a saw benzo Sabra Shepherd up I kind of hate Allah. When I saw that, the raw sobre la Fontana, Hydra, la Muslim. Strange is the situation of the believing person, because everything is good for him. And that's not true for anyone else, but a person of faith. If he is given ease in this life, that he is grateful, and that is good for his soul. And if he is given a hardship, then he is patient. And that too, is good for his soul.

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