Hasan Ali – The Art of the Quran

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of reading the Quran and how it brings people close to Islam. They encourage people to read it in slow and not stop at the beginning. The speaker also talks about the importance of having multiple gifts to increase one's chances of achieving their dream.
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You do Quran and if you enjoy it, you know the best thing about Quran is you can you can give your emotions to Allah azza wa jal

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Quran is an art. There's an art of recitation. Quran isn't just reading, cut them, cut them cut them no, cut them is good. Quran you need to stop. Abdullah bin Masuda Dylan says he says when you are reciting the Quran enjoy the meadows of the Quran. The Meadows that are beautiful meadows in the Quran. See, we haven't learned how to look from the basic thing I'm gonna tell you how to read the Quran enjoy it, make it something that brings you close to Allah how you need to and I need to all of us need to read the Quran with Tajweed first learn how to do it now some of you are adults you forgotten how to read the Quran. I know that you sitting there, you're not going to admit it you

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forgotten even when they take it to Quran Huttons and you sitting there use you prefer to read silently.

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Because you actually don't know how to read. You just

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what time is gonna finish. Look guys, there's no embarrassment if you've got a few forgotten 100 or no embossed no embarrassment. I'm telling how numbers me the only reason why embarrassing because everyone's thinking the same thing. If they will find out I don't know how to read the Quran, then the organ to basically say to me yalla couldn't use that.

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They're gonna jump on me.

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There's no shame. I tell how there's no shame.

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You come to the Imam so you can say I want to learn how to read the Quran. If you're embarrassed to learn Quran in your own Masjid with your own mouth, there are several muscles in Bradford you can learn from different Imams. If you're embarrassed with that, please go online and learn how to read the Quran. There are plenty of two tutors online. There's no excuse not to learn how to read the Quran. Now tell you when you start reading the Quran, the first thing you're going to say you're gonna read like this one in semaine cool, that's fine. Look, Allah is giving you double the reward for this.

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Allah Allah is not gonna Allah is not gonna make you get less he's gonna give you double the reward because you read in slow so don't stop this in the Hadith. Next thing is what next thing when you get proficient you learn it right next thing is you beautify your voice. Just whatever voice you got Beautify. Learn touch with you can beautify it every person could do this is the amount of time you spend with the Quran. When you beautify you know what you do? You spend time with you Allah, all your troubles, all your things in your whole life, bring them all together, sit with the Quran, your hunger, your poverty, your problems, everything and you sit with the Quran and you spend time with

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Allah you want Allah nobody else you and Allah you read for Allah sake no final Isaac. You said that I will do lecture

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one in Xiamen, uno.

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Ben uBiome will he be one wanna be more meanie? Are you recite? You put you motion for Allah sake and you know you do. Just now I'm gonna stop. Quick translation. Something quickly read what he does say to Allah. Now you can do the Arabic a lot of it first fine. Do 20 minutes of Arabic Do 10 minutes of Arabic but spend 10 minutes so there's a really nice translation Quran made easy by monana Absol Hussain Ilyas right is available in all your Bradford bookshops is only going to cost you I think just to 10 pounds or something like that. 1015 pounds is nothing if you have a 10 pound blob that's a kebab roll that you have you know I'm saying like wood chips and a drink 10 pounds

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gone by gone recite the Quran learn Tajweed this is when you're going to spend time with Allah. You give your moments to Allah you give you insight to Allah, Allah will give you your dunya and akhira Allah is waiting for us. All Allah wants his first recognize him. He gave us everything he gave me my whole life he gave everything that I have. I've only given you some upside of either. I only talked about the hearing the side and my heart and my mind and my consciousness Am I Am I my speaking abilities. That's what I spoke about. I've got so many gifts, Allah says oh human, we're in taro do NEERA Matang Gala, Su, all human. If you were to sit there and you tried to actually count

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how many gifts I have given you, you will never be able to count them ever. Never. You can spend your whole life counting the gifts Allah has given me we can never do that. Now tell me is my mother closer to me? Or Allah is more closer to me which one? God say God which one? Allah azza wa jal is closer to me. And if I haven't recognized that then that's my that's my failure. And the reason why I'm not close to Allah because I've never spent time with Allah. I've made the Salah, a mode of just robotic up and down. I've made the Quran

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think if people do Quran reading

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get to a mind is that their mind is that their dream is that their the the emotional there? You can put your your your beautiful voice for Allah sake Read It For Allah sake put your motive allottee to recognize it now the one is

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