Tom Facchine – How Muslims Conquered Indonesia

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and culture of Islam, including the spread of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia, the strong Islam majority in Indonesia, and the global reach of Islamic culture. They also touch upon the concept of globalism and the benefits it brings, including the ability to make profit and create a larger global economy. The speakers emphasize the importance of living in a capitalist society and following Islam's principles for integrity and honor.
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People will think that Islam was spread by the sword, you no need to look no further than the example of Indonesia, Indonesia has the most Muslims of any country in the world, and Malaysia is not too far off. And they also are a very, very solidly Muslim country, Muslim majority country and not a sword was lifted, right? Not not a bullet was fired, not a person was slain, literally, these people became Muslim. And this whole land became inhabited by Muslims just because of the just because of trade and contact with Yemeni traders. You know, the Indian Ocean trade was a very, very bustling sort of, you know, global market. We think of globalism as belonging to today. But you

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know, there were there have always been global networks of some sort. And the conduct of a Muslim, if they're actually practicing Islam, when they're in commerce is very dramatic and refreshing compared to what most people are used to. Most people are used to commerce and trade being cutthroat, right? You just want to make a profit. And we see this all the time today, we live in late capitalism, right, you have people who are willing to pollute the oceans and destroy the earth just to make a quick buck. Well, Islamic ethics and Islamic Guidance when it comes to business and commerce is the opposite, right? You have to actually act in the best interest of your customer and

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not just you, you have certain rules that you have to follow certain procedures that you have to follow, even for a commercial contract to be valid. And so if you have a group of people who adhere to this, it's very shocking and very convincing and very refreshing. And that's basically what happened when it when it came to Southeast Asia is that they encountered these traders from Yemen and they were conducting themselves according to how Allah revealed and in the Quran and the Sunnah when it comes to Islamic Guidance, and they were so taken over and not by conquest, but by the example that they saw the principles, the integrity and the honor that now the entire place is

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pretty much Muslim.

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